Moyes unleashes the hairdryer

David Moyes Manchester UnitedDavid Moyes has admitted he had to unleash the hairdryer on his players at half-time yesterday, after United produced a shambolic first 45 minutes at home against Shakthar Donetsk and looked in serious danger of slipping up at home against the Ukrainian outfit.

After two consecutive defeats at home, United simply could not afford another mistake and Moyes had harsh words for his players at halftime, which obviously had the desired effect, as United delivered a much improved performance in the second half and secured a crucial 1-0 win thanks to Phil Jones’ goal.

The result means United have finished top of Group A, picking up 14 points out of a possible 18 and conceding just three goals in six games, none in the last three.

“We need to win matches and the players responded well to that encouragement,” Moyes told said in his press conference after the game.

“We passed the ball much better after we had given it away terribly in the first-half and that’s not like us.

“I thought there wasn’t much difference to the Everton and Newcastle games. Tonight we got the goal. In those other games, Everton and Newcastle got the goal.”

“We finished top of the group and that’s what we wanted. We knew we’d already qualified but we wanted to win the group.”

The United manager said that while topping the group and avoiding a potentially tough draw in the round of 16 was pleasing, United must improve dramatically if they’re to have any chance to go the distance in the Champions League

“I think the club itself needs to be classed as one of the favourites, but I think we all know we as a team have to improve if we are to keep progressing in the competition,” said Moyes.

“Hopefully we’ve given ourselves the best chance by winning the group. For a club like Manchester United, you always have to try to win the trophy. That’s the job.

“I think the teams in this competition are very, very good as everyone knows. But you need to try and get better as the tournament goes on.

Meanwhile, on ITV, Roy Keane said the players should be blamed for this season’s struggles, rather than Moyes, given they had not delivered the required response.

“There’s been no reaction from the United players from the disappointment of last week,” said Keane. “They don’t look like a team, just a collection of individuals running around.

“You can defend players for making mistakes but you cannot defend players for not tackling and not getting close to people.

“David Moyes took the heat off the players before the game by saying it’s his responsibility but we’re talking about experienced players.

“As we said before the game, there are big question marks over the manager and the players. That for Manchester United is certainly not good enough.”

Good old Keano.




  1. Not often I agree with Keane, but the points he made are well ans truly valid.Moyes has took an incredible amount of stick (and ritely so for what’s been evolving) but in this case the spotlight has got to be focused well and truly on the players.The defending in the first half beggared belief from players of this standard.I know they’re struggling for confidence but just can’t believe how they lose their sense of awareness, positioning and virtually nearly everything else to the art of defending, overnight.Once again it just confirms certain facts.Rio neads to wrap up (some of his performances are starting to put a massive blemish on a super career), evans is just a good squad player, buttner just isn’t utd quality and rafael neads to be taught that there’s more to defending than trying to bomb forward at every opportunity. Like our midfield just highlights how limited are options are, our squad in general is just to weak.What moyes must of said at half time is only what any other manager worth his salt would of done, but credit to him for managing to get some sort of response out of the players for the second half.Doesnt bare thinking about how much it’s gonna cost to rebuild this squad because any outgoing transfers (apart from rvp, hope to god not) wouldnt even make a dent in the sum required.Never mind focusing on commercial client recruitment, January’s transfer market neads to be the sole focus, fact.

  2. I hope this isn’t the beginning of some romantic revival.

    Moyes needs to go. I don’t want us to be fooled into giving him more time just cause he finally got something right.

    He isn’t United quality. He needs to go. . .

    • @The_Philosopher: I think you have got to realise that Moyes ain’t going anywhere. Its going to take the best part of two seasons for United to even start thinking about replacing him. All the while we are going to hear, over and over again, that “he needs time”. We are going to hear that, “its the players’ fault not the manager” when everyone knows it is entirely down to the manager who he selects for the team and how well it plays. We’re in for a very difficult period if the first 5 months are anything to go by. On the other hand, I suppose all we can hope for is some sort of miracle to save us.

    • @The_Philosopher: I agree, moyes isn’t utd standard and should vacate the hot seat but these players have got a lot to answer for getting us on this situation. Wouldn’t make any difference if we had moyes, pep, klopp, whoever you want managing the club. If players don’t do the common basics correct, we’ll still be going backwards quickly.Do think fergie would accept that sort of defending if he was still in charge? He’d go absolutely ballistic.The players nead also to stand up and start taking responsibility for some of these atrocious performances.

  3. Why does he need time? We won the title by 11 points last season. He is on £5.5m a year. With that he shouldn’t need or deserve time. He knew he was the next manager in May and panic bought a player from his previous employers £5m over his buyout when everyone was telling buy a quality midfielder. This is of his own making, thanks Fergie pity Pep wasn’t born in Glasgow.

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