Moyes: “We won’t give up”

Phil Jones and Michael CarrickFor a man tasked with arguably the hardest job in football and pressure mounting on him by the day, David Moyes does an admirable job when it comes to remain defiant in spite of the many adversities he’s faced so far this season.

Perhaps it really is staunch belief that his team will, at some point, turn the corner or perhaps the United manager is simply trying to desperately rally his troops, but Moyes’ determination in insisting that United are still in the title race is beginning to look like a desperate and pointless exercise.

Having been humbled 3-1 by Chelsea yesterday, United remain seventh, 14 points adrift of league leaders Arsenal and six points away from Liverpool and Spurs, currently occupying that much coveted fourth place – never thought it’d come to this, did we? – but Everton could leapfrog both of them with a win at West Brom tonight.

Moyes, however, insisted that United are still focused on retaining the Premier League title rather than merely clinching a top four spot – an arduous task in itself as things stand.

“What we won’t do is throw the towel in until we can’t get there. The job is to try and finish first. There are no clever answers: the next game,” said the United manager.

“We’d lost one in six before today in the league, and I didn’t think there was a big difference between the teams today. The difference was our defending to set-pieces.

“I thought Vidic wasn’t a sending off, but I’ve seen Rafa’s and I think that could have been one.”

Asked whether United were in crisis, Moyes’ response was much sharper than United’s defending at Stamford Bridge : “Crisis is your word, not my word. The priority is to win the next game, a cup game in midweek. I’ll try and do what we can there.”

Jose Mourinho, meanwhile, has other ideas – or perhaps is simply more in touch with reality – and declared that United’s title challenge – if there ever was one – is as good as over.

“I don’t think David will be upset if I say the reality: 14 points difference, and 13 and 12 (to the others),” said the Chelsea manager

“Can they recover to one of these teams? They can.

“But to three of them? It needs three teams to have almost a collapse. What I hope they do is to beat all of them to finish top four.”

On that, we can all agree, Jose.




  1. So,Moyes thinks Utd are still in with a chance of the title, but Vidic says even getting 4th spot isn’t going to be easy. Here’s the problem in a nutshell, the manager and players are on a different wavelength, with different objectives. They are just not working together. Someone has to go, my money is on Moyes being shown the exit before the end of the season.

  2. I don’t think Moyes is delusional.

    Poor guy is just trying to stay strong in the face of grievous adversity.

    What he is saying is “we cannot give up”

    He is not saying “we have not given up”

    The fight is over but we can not give up.

    What Moyes is trying to say is if this was a boxing match and we have been knocked down a hundred times and we’re in the last round and the points total is completely beyond us we can’t lie there and just wait to be counted out.

    We need to get up and throw a few more punches.

    We can’t throw in the towel.

    The fight is over but we need to keep fighting.

    We can’t do the judges job for them and count the points and say whether we’re in it or not.

    As long as there is another game on the calendar we just need to show up and throw some punches and try not to get knocked down again.

    • @The_Philosopher: On the surface Moyes’ attitude of never give up, his indomitable spirit, might seem admirable, after all, it was another Scot, Robert the Bruce who said, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. However, there is another, more apt saying, if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got. If this is applied to winning, well ok, but if you’re losing it seems ridiculous to carry on in a similar vein. Unfortunately, Moyes doesn’t seem to have a plan B, so I suppose he’s got little choice.

  3. Yeah… what moyes actually means is We Wont Give Hitting New Lows everytime we get on the pitch… 😡

  4. Not only has Moyes stuffed up 26 years of Ferguson’s hard work – in less than 6 months, he is too stupid to realize that under his management, United have F/all chance of ever winning a trophy.

    Useless tosser.

  5. Moyes is breaking our hearts, even his wired and twisted optimism is enough to tell us why he has performed so abysmally. His assessment of the situation is just wrong. Still in title contention? Mourinho’s assessment is more realistic…… Perhaps a recognition of the failures will be the starting point of a great revival.

  6. the man (moyes) cannot win! if he came out and said we haven’t got a chance of winning the league he would be slaughtered by his detractors. a lot of the responsibility is down to the players they are not performing full stop. I watched Chelsea players yesterday and everytime they were touched down they went not nice I admit but clever they know how to play and manipulate the game we don’t!! we are too nice, too soft, too weak no natural leader no natural fighter to take up the mantel and lead by example.. remember whose squad this is?? “the best since 1999”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @Craig Doherty: If Moyes can’t motivate the players and get them performing then what chance do we stand? His continued reliance on wing play will win nothing, as soon as we come up against top class opposition in the CL we are going to get battered, City will bury us in the COC final if we get there and the league was lost months ago.

      From top to bottom the club fucked up majorly with the transition from Fergie/Gill to Moyes/Fuckwood, the Glazers won’t back the manager with the money needed to buy the quality we desperately need and the players for one reason or another just haven’t turned up this season.

      Its a nightmare…

      • @Chris: That mysterious reason could be David Moyes and his dubious training methods and non-existant tactical know how.

        Just a suggestion. . .

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