MUFC US Tour – Squad Announced

Manchester United confirm their squad for this summer’s tour of The United States.



Amos, Lindegaard and Johnstone with De Gea to follow later.


Evra, Vidic, Ferdinand, Evans, Rafael and Fabio with Smalling and Jones to follow later.


Giggs, Anderson, Obertan, Park, Nani, Carrick and Young with Cleverley to follow later.


Rooney, Machada, Berbatov, Owen and Diouf with Welbeck and Hernandez to follow later.


Asbsentees of note:

1. Morrison excluded either due to choice or possible Visa restrictions

2. Where’s Darren Fletcher?

3. Tomasz Kuszczak – transfer imminent?

4. Gibson – We know is Sunderland or Stoke City bound.


Also, Ashley Young confirmed as the new owner of squad number 18.




    • Must be of to sunderland as well. Get £10 on them to win the league. Brucie will win a domestic treble this season then take over at OT. Brucie bonus time

    • There is no eminent transfer of Berbatov in the works mate. Stop reading the tabloids. He is going nowhere unless a block buster trade is decided on at the last second. Fergie hasn’t been looking for his replacement so he isn’t going anywhere.

      • Grog, this will never happen so this is just fantasy time here, but do you think bayern would even possibly consider any offer such as berba plus £20-30+m for schweinsteiger. I know hes one of their boys and he signed a new contract an all, but from everything ive read about the lad, he seems like he’d be up for a move to united in particular, in the event bayern wanted rid. Infact isnt he a secret united fan, or someone in his family is anyway?
        I know its never gonna happen, but lets just say if somehow, we came in and offered berba and say £30m, do you think bayern would even consider it? I know schweinsteiger is a great player, and someone they wouldnt want to lose, but berba seems like a great fit for them, and dont they have that kroos guy waiting in the wings to take his place long term?
        I dont really watch a lot of bayern tbh, so i dont know how they use him, or what his situation is, so apologies if im talking shite here. I know gomez has come on leaps and bounds this year, and they do only use the 1 front man, so maybe a berba move might not even appeal to them.
        But for £30m and with a player like kroos waiting in the wings, do you think they’d even consider such an offer?
        Such a shame if not, as schweinsteiger would quite possibly be the best option for this midfield of ours, alongside fabregas, and i wouldnt hesitate for a minute paying up to £40m for him if he was available and money was no option.

  1. wheres Berba ??
    wheres gibbo ??

    this has to be fake cos fergie would defo take berba and gibbo !! and fletcher would also be in there, i can understand PIG

  2. Sorry chaps….Berbatovs omission was a typo.

    Gibson, Fletcher and Kuszczak all excluded though according to official sources at present.

    Apologies for the mistake.

  3. Seriously guys. Read the post more carefully. Berbatov is included in the squad. Gibson is the only notable absentee. Along with Brown and O’Shea. Clearly the trio are Sunderland bound.

    The absence of Morrison and Pogba indicates neither is likely to have much first team action next season.

    • Morrison would not get a visa and I feel that when the lad f*cks up again he will be out of the club. You can take the lad out of Wythenshaw but you can never take Wythenshaw out of the lad or words to that effect. Shame as well cos the kid is talent

      • Hang on a minute @RedTan, last week even the judge acknowledged his recently improved attitude and when he overturned the fine of £600 that was mistakenly handed out to Ravel for his criminal damage charge, he donated it straight to a local charity.

        This subject is a post of it’s own because the lad polarises opinion. I guess a lot of it is one man’s moral’s versus another man’s moral’s as to whether United are right to persist with Morrison.

        In my season review of the Academy, I talk in depth about his influence at the club (Academy) but left the personal stuff out as much as possible because it’s so subjective.

        There are so many fascinating pro’s and con’s to his upbringing. Some say….’he’s had it rough and grew up around gangs so it’s only natural he’s the way he is’ but then others argue that many kids have had the same and don’t act like Ravel. They also point to the chances Ravel has been given and the upbringing that he’s received at United because after all, he’s been there since he was 8 or 9.

        My own personal outlook on it is leave the kid alone. I know absolutely nothing about him privately other than what I read and I doubt many people who engage in these types of forums and blogs do either. Therefore, judge him on what you see on the pitch because that’s the only place that YOU actually see him.

        If anyone’s interested and wants to read my Academy Review from last season by all means let me know and I’ll either point you to it or re-post it on here for discussion.

      • I don’t have a go at the lad. He is talent and I am pretty sure he is on his last chance with the club. I dont think they want to see him in court again. If the penny has dropped with the lad then great If he does mess up again it will be a real shame as he has all the talent in the world

      • You’re suggesting it’s inevitable he’ll f**k up again and calling his home but “I don’t have a go at the lad” haha not much!

        He’s spent time in many areas not just Wythenshawe. Stretford and Gorton are others. I actually think he’s a very introverted and complex character who just wants to be left alone. He’s not interested in the outside world and he hates that the outside world’s interested in him.

        I’m not sure he is on last chance either, clubs are very patient with exceptionally talented kids/employees……I wonder why that is?


  4. Fergies’ got the duster out and is intent on some serious spring cleaning! Whats up with Fletcher?

  5. Flethcer is having VIrus problems… should have gotten a Mac 😀 😆

  6. When I look at the provisional list, I just cringe when I see our midfield choices. Just cringe. So incredibly inadequate and below par, I find it ridiculous that nobody has been bought for central midfield. And if somebody is bought eventually, I would think buying him early so that he has time to train and get used to his new team would be essential. Instead we have to sit on pins and needles until the deadline wondering if Fergie is going to pull the trigger on midfielder or two. Nah, what am I saying? In the end he will claim how much he likes our current squad and that he is done conducting transfer business. Just the same old same old denial BS. 🙄 🙄 😡

    • Grog, it is pathetically bad isnt it. Why the hell are we still persisting with players like diouf and obertan? Theyve had enough bloody chances, theyre not going to get games with the 1st team, so why bloody keep them. Surely pogba, morrison (ok i know hes possibly had visa problems), norwood etc would have been better bringing along. Afterall we know already what were going to get from diouf and obertan, and thats sod all. Some of the young hungry lads would offer a lot more than that im sure.

      Jay Canada, mate weve been waiting for 4 bloody years for some activity in the midfield mate, and were still sodding waiting. I would have thought after 2 total massacres at the hands of barca, midfield would have been the position we’d have gone for first and foremost. Dont get me wrong, i rate young and in jones i think weve got a quality CB who will go on to captain england and possibly us, but midfield is what we need first and foremost. Surely we would have had a short list of 4/5 players at the start of the season who were positive of getting. Realistic targets im talking about here too, not the likes of modric who we knew all along we would get done for by spurs who would want in excess of £40m+.
      Here we are though mate, 6 weeks on from our barca humiliation, about to set off for our pre season tour and still nothing. Fergie has always made a point about the importance of new players getting a good pre season, so what the hell is his excuse for not getting new midfielders in?

      • First off, regarding Schweinsteiger. Do we have a chance of getting him? No way in Hell? Bayern are a serious and big club and their ambitions are just as big as ours. If they were going to entertain such a thought it would have been a month or two ago so that they could have time to find a replacement. Schweinsteiger would be very hard to replace and they presently haven’t got anyone close to his skill to fill in. It’s not impossible but highly unlikely.

        As for our midfield, pathetic is a good word for it. I honestly do not know what the old man is waiting for. If he thinks he will be fine there he is due for a rude awakening. I absolutely loathe our midfield mate, just hate the lack of quality. The man is daft if he thinks we can win with that group minus Scholes and who know about Fletcher.

      • “so what the hell is his excuse for not getting new midfielders in?”

        Clubs not wanting to sell. clubs demanding silly money. Players choosing sunny nice places over manchester. players choosing silly money over united. I could go on

        Some of you “fans” think fegie is sat on his arse doing nothing and most of you bandwidth terrorists think you are a better man for the job of managing united than the great man Ferguson. The most successful manager of the lot

      • RedTan, thats the best we can come up with is it? 4 years without any activity in the midfield, and were going to put it down to the weather and players asking for silly money? Come off it, there are dozens of players out there we could have brought in, had we moved for them. We chose not to though, and thats why were left with this almighty mess that is our current midfield.
        Fergie may well be making moves for a new midfielder or 2 as we speak, and i hope to god he bloody well is, but i would have presumed a new midfielder would have been top of his list after our barca mauling, and his intentions would have been to bring him in quickly and get him a good pre season. Not happening though, and going by whats happened the last few summers, where by weve done precisely fuck all despite getting our hopes up, i think i’ll remain pessimistic until something actually happens, thank you very much.
        PS- As a born and bred manc, about 4th generation in a line of united supporters amongst my family, and someone who has supported this club for 15+ years, i really dont appreciate being classified as any less of a fan just because i have a go at the way weve neglected our midfield. I didnt realise being a united fan meant we had to praise grand master fergie for every decision he makes, right or wrong. My mistake, id better go and take the united loyalty oath once again to prove im worthy of supporting this great club 🙄

      • Red Tan: “Some of you “fans” think fegie is sat on his arse doing nothing and most of you bandwidth terrorists think you are a better man for the job of managing united than the great man Ferguson. The most successful manager of the lot.”

        Some of you fans? Just who the fuck do you think you are to be talking down to me and every other fan that wants something or desires something from the club they support? Who the fuck are you David Gill in disguise? Get the fuck off your high horse and start debating issues on here with people rather than running everyone down for their opinions. You haven’t offered on solitary football point other than run us down for what we want as fans, which last time I looked was every fans right and prerogative. We offer our opinions which is really the only other power we have other than our money. You sir are an asshole of the first order by sitting there and talking down to us like that because you seem to think you are wiser and more enlightened than the rest of us arm dragging apes. Go sod the fuck off. 😡 😡

      • The language, do you speak to your mum with that potty mouth. I gave a reason, well several as to why players had not been brought in. Pretty obvious reasons I know but……

        To be fair that midfield has done pretty well over the last few years or did I imagine those trophies. The boss will bring some one in or will pull a rabbit out of his hat. After all he has been doing it for years

        You moan and winge about this and about that, it takes the joy away. Enjoy the good times they do not last for ever and when they are gone they are gone. Cheer up and rain in your potty mouth after all we can all be hard men hiding behind a keyboard can we not

      • Don’t tell me how I should act or how I should follow the game. You are out of line and awfully rude with your personal attacks. Keep your comments to the game and not me and we will be fine.

      • Having read all of your replys I will just respond to this one as it is now very clear that having the last word is of vast importance to you. After all you say it your self.

        So the rules are this so we are all clear. You can call people what you want and we should just accept that. After all I am newb as you so eloquently put itAnd this is your playground as you have dedicated 6 years to gaining your standing through the distribution of your knowledge. Wow I wonder how many hours you have clocked up sitting behind that keyboard with you face looking slightly twisted as you vent you anger at the class of football you see and poster you read on this board. Never in my life have a wished to be some one so much.

        Your collective posts scream I am a cyber bully, I have a keyboard in one hand and a part of my anatomy in the other and I shall bash them until my heart gives way.

        bash on amigo bash on, just wash your hands from time to time.
        The internet bloody hell.

        back on topic you say and I quote “In the end he will claim how much he likes our current squad and that he is done conducting transfer”

        A bit like he did last year when we won the league, again. If he says it this summer and I get to run up deansgate singing my heart out again come May I for one will be a very very happy red.

        hang on so sorry Grog I defended some one you verbally attacked. This obviously makes me a terrible person and open to your abuse. So please, begin….

  7. @Grognard, relax mate. Trust in Sir Alex. To get a quality player fit to play or Man Utd takes time. Negotiations and contract talks are ongoing. Clubs don’t sell their best player easily, so this things take time. Just have faith bro

    • Bollocks mate. I have been waiting for three frakken years to see Fergie get off his ass and recognize the single most pressing problem with our team and that is central midfield. Procrastination is his middle name and need I go through the list of talent we have missed out on and continue to miss out while he pursues the 50th central defender and 80th winger he wants to add to the team?

      • Grognard epic fail of a post. Fergie knows his midfield was good enough to win trphies and would only bring in a top , top class player. One has not been available at a price that was keeping with the clubs budget and transfer policy. We got priced out of a few players last summer. If you are not happy with the amopunt of money spent you can do two things. One blame the yank c8nt that put us 500+ million in debt or you could turn your armchair in the direction of Manchester city as they spend sh*t loads of cash. Speaking of city that have just sold naming rights to a stadium they do not own. I ask every united fan to email manchester city council demanding they take a cut as the stadium is rented by city from manchester city council.

        MODS is it ok to post an email address and template e-amil for posters to use. My city is skint and this is a fraudulent act

      • Even after we lost the finals our man is got his head up his arse dunno wat the fuck is wrong with fergie mate!!!

    • Grog, fair enough mate, i didnt hold out much hope. Didnt mean to sound as if i was dissing bayern or anything, as i wouldnt do that, as they are one of the elite teams with a proud history, who go about things the right way and treated us very well after the munich disaster in 58, so theyre one of a few sides i do actually have some respect for.
      Im sure they’ll go on and have a very good season this year, as apart from their central defence, they look pretty solid elsewhere (saying that they should get shot of ribery as he looks finished to me).
      Its a shame schweingey is a no go, as i said he would have been absolutely perfect for us. I guess then that kroos lad isnt a direct replacement for bastian then? Havent seen anything of him really so just wondered if he was his heir apparent, and thus maybe made our chances of getting bastian, that bit closer.
      Ah well its all a pipe dream mate. Probably more carrick and anderson to look forward to for the forseeable future 🙁

      • The other thing to consider with Bayern is they are a team who make a lot of money and have no debt. They aren’t desperate for the cash and also, if they did sell Schweiny to us, they would probably have to spend the same kind of money and pry somebody like Modric from a team to replace him. So at the end of the day if you are Bayern you ask yourself what was the point in selling him in the first place. Now that van Gaal is gone I seriously doubt there is any serious interest at Bayern for Berbatov. I mean why? They have the Bundesliga’s leading goal scorer in Gomez, the world class Muller as CF and they just signed a real up and comer by the name of Nils Petersen who is more than qualified to be their third striker. They need Berbatov like they need a hole in the head.

      • “The other thing to consider with Bayern is they are a team who make a lot of money and have no debt”

        I liked it when we were like that b4 the yank c*nt put is in the red

    • Again I’ll kindly ask you to stop giving personal opinions of people’s posts on here and stick to the subject matter without being condescending or insulting. Just who the fuck do you think you are to say epic failure of a post to me? You can choose to disagree or agree but you do not have insult me ion the process. And further more, you have as much knowledge about what is going on in the boardroom as the rest of us so stop acting like you know everything. 🙄 😡

      • Personal opinions – thought the idea of a forum was so people can express personal opinions otherwise it would be a closed blog.

        You complain about some one being insulting while using offensive language towards them. After insulting me you then invite me to give an opinion after you asked me not to give opinions.

        by the way i do not claim to have any knowledge and besides your post has nothing to do with the subject matter.

        D- must try harder


      • My language and behavior was a retaliation to something you started mate. Trust me when it comes to arguments on here, I never start them but I damned well finish them.

  8. Apparently ashley young has been given the number 18 shirt. Now maybe im reading into this a bit too much, but does anyone think that means that were not gonna be buying a midfielder. As i say, could be talking shite, but if we were looking for a new midfielder, and thus a scholes replacement, wouldnt we have given him said number?
    I dont know, i know its just a number and all, but im becoming a bit of a paranoid bastard these days, and our lack of activity for a midfielder, frankly worries me.
    To hell with nasri, that is if we are even seriously interested in him, hes taken too long to make his mind up, and isnt my cup of tea tbh. Would much rather spend time and the money on a true great like sneijder or look towards any of the likes of rodwell, vidal, defour, gotze, that japanese guy (name escapes me) etc who are all better fits.
    Come on fergie pull your bloody finger out, that list of midfielders weve taking on this tour is just shocking.

    • Don’t forget we also have the No 4 and No 6 shirts freed up, so hopefully that’s a midfield enforcer and a playmaker respectively 😉

      Really, there isn’t much to be said before August. We’ve made 3 transfers already, and I say let’s keep tight, watch the reliable transfer spec, and pray. The likes of Anderson and Gibson will also be praying, but instead for United not to make any midfield acquisitions, as they probably feel their lazy and useless assclown selves are under threat. Oh how I despise our poor midfield 👿

      • Moscow, as i said mate, i probably am looking into it too much. Just got it into my head though if we were looking for a scholes replacement, we’d give him the number 18. Now that its gone to young just got me thinking that might be it.
        I dont know mate, i probably am just chatting shite, but i guess with us leaving for pre season next week, we get it straight from the horses mouth, and fergie will reveal to us whether were done or not.
        I get the feeling were done tbh, but ive been proven wrong before. I bloody hope i am this time though, as another season with this current midfield, minus scholesy from last year, would just be plain bloody stupid imo. Would also be 4 years without a CM addition to the side which i find staggering.

      • Tony

        I should know better than to trust Fergie in the transfer window. We’ve been lied to more often than we’d like, but I’m prepared to take the risk of having my trust betrayed yet again. I’m counting on Fergie’s hurt pride and ego after the Barca humiliation to motivate top class CM acquisitions. So far the old man has almost mocked us by making signings everywhere on the pitch bar the midfield. Next he’ll drive us insane by signing a midget striker like Kevin Doyle 🙂

      • Moscow: The problem with Fergie is that hurt and pride is drowned out by his stubborn and thick sense of denial and his inability to bargain for players because United is unwilling to pay the kind of wages that other clubs are willing to spend. The only reason Sneijder and Nasri are not with us now is because of wages, not transfer fee. The team’s policy is so strict and backward, that they need to alter it if they want to compete with Barca, Madrid, City and Chelsea.

      • Grognard, Not exactly Fergies fault the fact united will not pay big wages. You need to look at the yank c**t that owns the club, you know the guy that put us over 500 million in the red and thats £’s not those sh*tty $’s

      • Perhaps you haven’t been around long enough to realize that if anyone on here knows exactly what the Glazer’s are about it is I. So stop your lecturing to me mate because I’m not the one with his head up his ass.

      • Who are you to tell me to speak more sense? I have been writing on this blog going on six years and have written hundreds of long posts on the Glazer’s. You just showed up and you are going to lecture me or tell me to make sense? For a newbie you have a lot of balls mate and maybe they need to be kicked Cantona style.

  9. Arsenal are letting go/selling: Clichy, Almunia, Bendtner, Nasri (it seems), and Fabregas (maybe)…. the first three are not major stars, but they still provide semi-decent backup/depth when Arsenal’s annual injury crisis hits…

    If they sell EITHER Fabregas or Nasri, I see Arsenal drop out of the top 4…. maybe even below Liverpool (top 5).

    Tottenham (if they don’t sell modric or sandro)

    • surely they will be spending some of the money they get for all those players or have the glazers taken over their club as well? 😈

    • I think he is recovering from a near season ending injury when on duty with Ecuador at Copa America. Hope we get to see Nani more often 8)

  10. I have to say, frankly Red Rants has become RoM 2.0. Articles galore. I hope we can slow down a bit and allow discussions to flow a bit more. Updates imo are unnecessary because ppl still post links of new developments in the comments and if it were up to me, which it isn’t, I’d have a max of 2 articles per week. Just my opinion, no harm intended.

    On topic. The absence of Gibson, is interesting. I’m not one for factless speculation, but maybe the reports of his courting with Sunderland have some basis. At the same time, some absentees make for some interesting speculation. Mostly the young players. Last summer, Cleverly featured heavily in pre-season and Ferguson(a practising falsehood artist) vowed that he was definitely not sending him out on loan. He declared that he would be featuring in the 1st team. Of course that didn’t happen, and perhaps as a Thank you card for releasing Valencia, Tom was loaned out to Wigan. But the point is he was clearly at the door of the first team and was thus included in pre-season plans. The worrying thing for me now, is the fact that some of our best youngsters, have not been included for pre-season tours. Does this mean they are still not good enough for 1st team football or maybe they’re being sheltered?

    I’ve personally watched Paul Pogba and have to say, I’m frankly disappointed by his absence. This kid is the real deal. A good blend of Yaya Toure and Patrick Viera. I’m not one to be excited about physical players, because muscle football is nearly extinct(thank goodness), but this boy’s physique is really outstanding and should have him comfortable in the exaggerated rigors of English football. But his strengths are all technical and thats all I need to know. Excellent ball control and I’d have only Berbatov ahead. Positional awareness and reading of the game is perfect. Defensively he’s smart and very skilled. No red card worries there. Offensively,he is very much like Toure and packs a mean and accurate shot. Excellent visionary passing and range. I see “midfield solution” written all over him. At least long term. But he’s not included. Give him a shot. We can be too cautious at times with these young players and we always wait for some alert, Spanish teams to completely nullify our excellent scouts’ work.

    And we seem so detached from central midfield, because no central midfield player has come from the reserves and Academy in a very long time. Anyone who has watched Eikrem will tell you, he at least deserved a look in. Petrucci,I can understand because of his fitnes issues, but Paul Pogba is a bit disappointing. It’s like we hate playing our players in their natural roles. Cleverely is not a natural central midfielder but he’ll probably be used as one. Anderson is not a natural CMF,let alone DMF,yet those are the only roles assigned to him.yet we have in our ranks a player the French are declaring their new VIEIRA, a natural born central midfielder, who is equally comfortable as a holding midfielder. I don’t get it.

    At least include him in pre-season plans and give him an opportunity to be motivated for the 1st team. I’d be suprised if he flops, but at least we’ll know. What’s the point of converting wingers into strikers if you have an excellent strike force and limited wingers? Same question applies to central midfield. Right now the only natural central midfielder on that list is Carrick. It’s regressive to get players only for us not to use them and when we do use them, we give them unnatural roles. We clearly need central midfield players, that were born central midfield players. And if we have any promise in our ranks, let’s give that potential a chance. I want to see if Anderson fails as an attacking midfielder. Partner him with a natural CM like Pogba and let him attack and we’ll see if he fails.

    Here’s the list of midfielders with roles they play for United, and in brackets, the roles natural to them.

    Ryan Giggs- CMF,LW,CAM (LW)

    Anderson- LCM,DMF (CAM,LAM)

    Obertan- RW,LW,RF (LW,SS)

    Park- LMF,LAM,LDMF(yes, I just coined it) (LW,LM)

    Nani- RW,LW,RS (RW)

    Carrick – DMF,CMF (CMF)

    • I think Obertan played the role of CAUR (Complete And Utter Reject) pretty well against Crawley Town, so let’s not disrupt his progress in that role and instead keep him at his best position in the Carrington toilet cleaning team under the leadership and supervision of Anderson 😀 😉 😛

    • Cleverly was left out due to his participation in U21 Euros… (IMO)

      Gibson will be sold

      Pogba will probably gain more from training at Carrington than going glitz-and-glamour in USA.

      • True, true, I think Pogba is best in Manchester. Most dont realize that the tour is an opportunity for the 1st team to get fit and first and foremost the tour is a chance for united to cash in.
        I am sure if Sir Alex had his way we would not be touring around the USA

  11. In other news, I believe the women’s France team wouldn’t have needed penalties to beat England had they picked Samir Nasri for the tournament. She had a great season 😛

    • Glad you laughed at your own joke as i fear nobody else will. On a serious note. England go out in a 1/4 final on pens. What is it with England. I am so glad i am mancunian and not english

    • Do you get the feeling that Red Tan is only here to poke fun and ridicule all of us for what he sees as our lack of humor and lack of intellect? Personally I just have two words for him and they start and end with Piss off. By the way mate, you Nasri bit was funny in the same manner we poke fun at Torres for being female super model. 😀

  12. Wesley Sneijder will be a Man Utd Player for 2011-2012 and AN OTHER in midfield. Because Fergie/United wants a player, that doesn’t mean that we click our fingers and it happens! I think they call it negotiations!! 🙄 Some of you really want to take a chill pill and let the Greatest Manager that English football has ever seen sort things out. We are in talks with Inter and Sneijders agent so be patient and it will happen. I’m sure that Fergie’s in for another midfielder aswell. No disrespect to the Americans on here, but missing a shirt selling US Tour is no biggie! A couple of weeks in Carrington will aclimatise any new recruit.

    • Agree that USA tour is not meant to polish anyone’s skills… it’s all about selling $50-$100 tickets and full stadiums for 4 games + shirts + commercial events = Glazer money

      I think Fergie is multi-processing potential targets. That is, he is negotiating on multiple fronts: Arsenal (Nasri), Tottenham (Modric), Inter (Sneijder), and maybe even other clubs for the MF positions.

      NO WAY, is Fergie leaving a stone unturned in getting the RIGHT (<— important word, here) midfielder!

      • I hear it is more like $400 to see the boys play at a snails pace. I will carry out my pre season tradition. Stay up late, get very drunk, stream the game and fall unconscious through booze and bordem

  13. Nobody fucking reply to this comment, because I don’t want to start a discussion or put his name to shame. But I’ve just got to say this.

    Manchester United’s number 8, Anderson Abreu De Luis Oliveira, will be the PFA Player of the year of 2011/12!

    It’s like spicy food. Some love it, others hate it, and some just get sick of getting close to it. 😆

  14. Just saw Young got the number 18 shirt, with Jones and De Gea getting 4 and 1 respectivly. I think that’s great! But I’m also a little surprised, we now have number 2, 6, 22, 28 and 29 up for grabs. I can see either Fabio or Rafael getting the number 2, Evans or Smelling get number 6, and Cleverley/Morrison/New Midfielder getting number 20, 21 or 12/23/28.

  15. “Darren will remain at Carrington to undergo an individualised conditioning programme, given he missed a large proportion of last season.

    “This will help him catch up fitness-wise with the rest of the squad. We tried to accelerate things but we want to give him the best opportunity to be fully fit for the new season. We feel a reduction in the amount of time Darren spends travelling will help him achieve this.”


  16. Gibson is going to Stoke, Newcastle, or Sunderland… contract negotiations are taking some time because of the choices he has available.


      Inter Milan’s board will meet on Tuesday to sanction the sale of Wesley Sneijder to Manchester United.

      And Inter boss Gian Piero Gasperini said: “I try not to be worried about Sneijder. He is one of the best players in Europe. But I am convinced we can find a new player when he goes.”

      Main problem now: Wage negotiations (currently earns around 170,000 / week at Inter and Rooney is making 220,000, but tax difference are an issue).

      I am surprised is he earns more than Rooney but we have room for 200K (INSANE!!!) for a Sneijder.

      • Do you have a source and i dont mean that brown stuff you put on a bacon butty

  17. “when he goes” -> 😯

    I don’t think there would be any issue with room in our wages to accommodate him.

    It looks like the transfer is on

    • So United are going to ignore their transfer policy of no 27+ players?

      bollocks, WS is a great player, but i don’t think United are going to get him.

      of course, I’d be happier to eat my words about this than Groggy would if Anderson ever panned out 😈

      • Anderson will pan out and prove to all that groggy is a man with a keyboard. A KEYBOARD!!!!!!

    • Yet again another insult directed at me. It’s not enough to say that you would just like to prove me wrong (which I am fine with). Instead it has to be a personal dig or insult. Way to make yourself liked on this blog ass wipe. 🙄

      • Does this mean you do not have a keyboard or that you are not man. Either way I apologies for my assumption. Back on topic though, I think this could be an interesting year for Anderson. He has a real chance to prove him self this year I thought he was looking a lot better over the later part of the season. Hopefully a good preseason will do him good

  18. Fair comment WHERE IS DARREN FLETCHER. I for one do not buy the “virus” he had last season. A virus that took him out of the game for over 3 months and where the hell is he now.

    Just looking at the midfield for the tour just screams out that we need a couple of players buying

    • have you ever had a virus? it weakens your body. you lose speed, strength AND stamina. he’s going to stay at carrington working his ass off to get all three of those things back.

      i’m not worried about where he is

      • It’s got to be viewed as a bit strange though surely, he started back on the road to fitness approx 15th May. that’s 8 weeks ago.

        If he’s not regained enough fitness, weight, strength or stamina by now then maybe it’s still an issue or it’s more serious than ‘just’ a virus.

      • I am just getting the feeling he will take over from Nev and Hargreaves as the Mr 3 weeks man. The club has to have one due to a contract they hold with a watch company

      • Viruses range from minor to very serious. they are very difficult to detect sometimes and can remain in your system for long periods of time. I am sure docs are on top it for Fletch. Wouldnt read too much into it right now.

      • agree with ‘zilla, its not just about training, his body’s got to be healthy enough to begin training, and then he’s got to make up for lost time.

        if he’d broken a leg, his body would be healthy and we’d be able to make a fairly accurate estimate of how long he should be out. with a virus, he needs to get his body healthy before he can even begin training to regain his speed, power, agility etc, not to mention the rustiness of being out of the game for so long.

        So, rimmers i don’t think it’s too strange that he’s been on the road to recovery for two months. it does leave us awfully short in the middle, but thats what the transfer market/youngsters are for

  19. I’m aware it probably wont happen, but if we line up with a midfield three of Sneijder Carrick Nasri we’ll be laughing our way to not only title 20, but 21. It’ll take years of buying for others to catch up.

    Giggs Anderson Fletcher as back up. Smalling Jones backup for Vida & Ferdinand. Evans for Rafael. Fabio for Evra. Hernandez, Berbatov and Owen as options upfront. Any two from Valencia Young Nani Park on the wings. No other squad in the Premiership could match it. No amount of spending Chelsea of City could do this year would be enough.

    • USA USA 😈 poor brazil they couldnt dive their way out of that.

      any team that lets the us men or women get them into a shootout have themselves to blame. US has keepers for days thats the one position we have class at. 8) congrats to our girls

      • “any team that lets the us men or women get them into a shootout have themselves to blame.” Especially the ones in Afghanistan or Iraq. Congrats to the ladies from America

    • That midfield three is inbalanced. There is no box-to-box player there and the defensive responsibilty on both Nasri and Sneijder would hinder their performances. Replace one of them with Fletcher and that becomes a more competent midfield despite the individual quality taking a hit. I would love to see Nasri on the left and Sneijder as an advanced central player, with Nani on the right and Rooney up front. Then next year actually look to improve central midfield – buy two deeper midfield players to replace Carrick and Fletcher. Neither Nasri nor Sneijder address the real problem with this team.

  20. @RedTan:

    I replied to your reply that’s hidden up around comment No10 Re Morrison.

    • Read it, sorry if you think i was having a dig at the lad, good write up on the kids by the way you know your stuff, enjoyed reading it

  21. @Everyone

    I’m trying to get replies that are posted since your last visit to be highlighted. If we’re all the same and don’t want to miss any replies then we all have to time consumingly scroll through and hope to notice new replies. I presume no one’s happy with that despite being happy about the reply option returning.

    If anyone’s got any ideas let me know.


    • Highlighting ‘new comments since last visit’ would be a truly excellent feature! Light yellow, red, or blue would nice colors…

    • Tricky one that. You need some kind of log in and some one to create a php script that would highlight or red flag posts while logged in.

      • I think they do this on without a log-in…

      • @RedTan

        We don’t mind logging in do we? We’ve all kinda registered anyway the first time we post.

        As for the script I’m looking into it, although I’m looking at running it using IP addresses rather than a user to identify last visit/new posts.

        Maybe @TRAVERSE can help me ❓

      • I would suggest having to log in to view posts is not in line with your new get all one billion (or however many) United fans on the red rants policy!

    • Yes its little troublesome to find new posts, Highlight would be great, but difficult to determine which was the last view 🙁 🙁

    • I have a great suggesion, can we have a tool like Twitter that if we use ‘@’ it gives the name of the guys registered here, so that we can select it, there by making it clear who the response is meant to.

      Its just a cosmetic one though.. not necessary. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    • Also say someone is not interested in some comments and subsequent discussion, can we some form of clubbing of comments in form of tree like we have in left navigation bar with + and – signs, therebe we can club those comments and move on.. 😉 😉 Just a suggestion.. not sure its feasible.

  22. Thread = a comment with replies

    Currently threads are arranged by the date and time of the original comment.

    Keep it same but take the greatest date from thread while arranging. So it will move the thread to the bottom automatically.

    So if I reply to say 1st comment, that comment with replies would move to the bottom.

    I don’t know if it’s possible with current CMS being used!

    • But that would mix up the comments to a totally unfathomable order, surely?

  23. Have you seen Modric’ statement about his intent to leave and his disagreements with Levy [Tottenham’s owner]…. pretty bad stuff!

    Supposedly, Modric was promised to be allowed to leave if a bigger club showed interested and a fee was agreed… [Chelsea bid 22 million, which started this public fight] … United ANYONE?

    • I was thinking that we should hang back and let Chelsea piss off Levy, then swoop in with a offer. Levy would accept our bid out of spite and to show that he wont be pushed around by players. its a longshot but worth a try imo.

      • Does the London-derby not fit into Modric’ transfer? Why would Tottenham sell to their Top 2 rivals… we don’t sell to City (Tevez was not owned by us) or Liverpool nor do we buy from them…

        Yes, I agree… wait until Modric and Chelsea piss off Levy…

  24. I love all the drama with Argentina over Messi the choke artist. I’ve said all along that he is only as good as what Iniesta and Xavi make him. But what really worries me here is that he may get so angry and fed up with the treatment he is getting from his native country and teammates that by the next EUROS Messi may be a full fledged member of Spain. GOD THE HORROR!

    • I can’t agree with that mate. Messi depends on service from Xavi and Iniesta, or any other midfield player, to get involved in any game but that is natural given his position. It is far easier for Xavi and Iniesta to get on the ball as they play deeper, especially Xavi who usually has the play infront of him. Neither can match Messi’s ability. He could play in the roles that Xavi and especially Iniesta have and equal or surpass their performances but not vice versa.

      With Argentina, they have been a joke trying to emulate Barcelona without anywhere near the midfield to do so and with a player who’s left wing role is alien to him and against his natural tendencies, both of which ironically hinder the player for whom the system is designed.

      • Boo Hoo Hoo for poor Lio. Just proves to me and the world about what I have said for ages now, Ronaldo is the superior player and can play both right or left as well as center. And he never has needed a Xavi or an Iniesta to make him great.

      • Actually Grognard, the same applies to Ronaldo or any advanced player. Messi does not need Xavi and Iniesta, he needs the ball and operates high up the pitch so he needs the midfield players – any midfield players – to provide him with it. That’s all. This need is a result of the position in which he plays and is not indicative of ability. Also, Messi can play down either wing, up front or in the hole between the lines just as Ronaldo can, but Messi could also play deeper in central midfield where Ronaldo can’t.

    • Someone should tell Lio to prove himself outside ‘BARCA’, then we can see it..

  25. OFF TOPIC: 😳

    How’s my £20 @ 11/1 on Chile to win the Copa America looking? 😀

  26. This will be the first time since Anderson arrived that he will have a full pre-season with us. In 2007 he was injured, in 2008 he had that Olympic Games thingy, in 2009 he didn’t join until we left Asia, and last season he was out injured again. Hope this will help the lad.

    Must be the first time in years that Rio also get a full pre-season! Wazza is in as well this year, and we probably have the most full squad we have had for some time! I’m really looking forward to these games, not only because we get to see all our players for once, but also because of the youngesters and new signings! Make us proud lads! :mrgreen:

    • Eddy, your patience on Anderson is awesome. you still have hopes of he consistently becoming United class? :mrgreen:

      • I’ve still got faith he will be more than just United class, hopefully an all time great! :mrgreen: And if you think my patience with Ando is great, you should’ve known what I do for girls! 😆 😆

        I know Grog is gonna get me on that!!! 😆

      • I too believe he will show his skills this season.. Unless injury strikes again.. 🙁 🙁

  27. Beckham has been picked for the MLS all-star game against United, we’ve overtaken Barcelona in the UEFA rankings, Sneijder has turned down Malaga as Inter and United are supposedly sorting this transfer out as we speak, and Owen Hargreaves could be signing for West Brom.

    • Your sources are never accurate but today i hope you are right.I hope by the time i post this,they have agreed everything.Good dayys being a United fan.Finally we are linked to big names.

      • Never accurate? I’m pretty certain I called De Gea, Jones and Young transfers way before they happened. And I put out the list of players who would be off (including Brown O’Shea) before the season even ended!

        Infact, we’re getting this many squad players off the wage bill to be able to give Sneijder near enough what we give Rooney. That’s still a paycut for him, but he wants this move. If it’s going to happen, it’ll be in the next week or so.

        I expect any deal for Nasri to be done on the last day of the window. Wenger doesn’t want to make it easy for him or give him a preseason at his new club, but will cash in rather than for a 1/4 the price in Jan. I have a sneaky feeling Fergie might not mind waiting till January!

      • Rimmers,

        i thought we could have 4 sub-comments in all? cant add to traverse’s response below. We might want to allow 1 or 2 sub-comments more?

      • @traverse: yes I agree, Nasri will be a luxury, he is just a flair player with no defensive side to his game, Also still not world class as sneider. So i feel he wont be a priority for fergie.

  28. I like Eddy have a feeling Anderson will stake his claim among the best midfielders in the world.Every player needs consistency in the team and that means a good run of games which Anderson has never had.A prime example is Liverpool’s Lucas.He is far inferior to Anderson talent wise but a run of games has made him a regular both for club and country.Fletcher in his earlier days! easily the worst player i had ever seen,worse than Djemba Djemba people used to think Fergie was banging his mom thats why he was at United.A good run of games,and Fegie blamed our loss to Barca in Rome on his absence.Alex Song,Lassana Diarra,who Mourinho and Wenger thought was not good enough went to Madrid and became their best player for that season. These are some of the midfielders that have grown due to consistent game time.Not coming on for 15 minutes or a game every month.

    I know fans here want a Roy Keane-Scholes-Beckham-Giggs kind of midfield but forget that they were only dominant in the then poor premier league and bar the miraculous ’99 final,were mediocre in Europe at best.The game changes and today’s player has got to have more tools to work with than mere work rate.

    • Very sensible post.. lets hope he stays fit. Fergie might be offering him a good run so that he can show what he has to offer without worrying about the shadow of scholes on the bench..

    • Till he loses weight and learns to make some use of his right foot, he can never be united or world class. But i agree that if Fergie has to test him once and for all, he has to give him a good run of games before he or any one of us arrive at a conclusion. TIll then he will be a part player and a target for many on RR to make fun of 😀

  29. In truth I think Anderson and Nani were Quieroz inspired signings. In all his four years at the club Anderson has been consistently below Giggs and Scholes in Fergie’s pecking order. And despite Nani’s obvious talent he still doesn’t play every game the way Ronaldo and Rooney and other Ferguson favourites do.

    Nani to his credit has done enough in his appearances for the club to force his way into Fergie’s thinking, even if Fergie’s risk averse attitude means Nani rarely makes it into the team in the big games.

    But Anderson sadly hasn’t taken his limited chances. I feel he could still turn into a good player. But not at this club.

    And signing Sneijder will limit his chances even more.

  30. Guys who do we have as left/right-back cover? Currently It seems we are short to me. I only see Evra, Fabio, Rafael. So young blooding to be considered?

    • Thats why JOS might not turn out to be a smart sale. But since Evans is hanging on and with Jones in, Evans will act as backup to Evra like we saw in a couple of games last season. No way will Evans be ahead of Smalling and Jones in CB position. Similarly Fabio will be backup for Rafael as well as Evra as needed or vice versa with Rafael. I think thats the reason Fergie also wanted Varane as backup to RB + added flexibility.

  31. Tevez you are right in a sense. An attacking midfielder is not a real priority as we have plenty of play down the wings. A box to box midfielder who can win possession and keep possession is a real need. However Sneijder can do that. At Inter he didn’t have to because he had players like Cambiasso to do that for him. At Real Madrid he played primarily as a right midfielder. But just as Scholes was an integral part of our midfield without necessarily being the best tackler out there, so too can Sneijder.

    • It’s not about their tackling ability. Scholes always wanted the play infront of him, he looked to be on the ball and start moves off and then get on the end of them through timed runs into the box. He didn’t operate high up the pitch looking to find space between the lines. Sneijder is the opposite, he doesn’t need to be involved in the game from a deep position. Instead, he maintains an advanced position and is always trying to get into space in the hole. To get the world class Sneijder, you have to afford him the freedom to go and look for those spaces. So playing him as part of the central midfield pairing is a mistake. Play him infront of a deeper midfield pair and you free him up to do what he does best. With Scholes it was different. Being part of the midfield pair was what came naturally to him.

    • That’s a mighty presumption based on nothing than your intuition mate. I love Sneijder and have pushed for his signing for three years now but I am also not fooling myself in thinking he is anywhere near a box to box midfielder. He wouldn’t know a tackle if it dressed itself up to look like Lady Gaga and his defensive skills are very weak and have been going as far back to his days with Ajax. He is strictly an attacking player who can play the role of AMF like nobody else and who can also slot right or left if need be. That makes him ideal for our attacking needs but still, United need to find a box to box guy and need to stop looking at Nasri because he has even less defensive skill than Sneijder. It’s time to seriously test Spurs about Modric or go out and lookk for another defensive minded midfielder who can keep up with the best of Barca and beyond.

  32. I hope the latest news about Wesleys move to United doesnt pan out, I feel he will bring much more problems to United than he will solve as he just would not fit us unless we had a system overhaul, 35 million for a 27 year old is also too much, though well have consolation in that I can see him playing on till 32, 33 at this level as he isnt a pacey type player who would lose something as he ages. If we were to sign him and a box to box midfielder that would make sense but alone I just feel it wouldnt be right

    • he is well worth is 35 million. Worlds best play in 2009-2010 (Inter treble and World Cup)… even if Ballon d’Or says otherwise.

    • Well after what Barcelona has done to us perhaps a system overhaul is exactly what Fergie is contemplating and I for one would applaud that decision if it were to happen.

    • As far as the midfield is concerned, we do need a complete overhaul!

    • I loved it.. thanks a lot for the insight, being not from uk we get to see highlights put up only. Great to read such posts.

      Looking forward to your next posts mate.

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