Neville: “Moyes would be in a lot more trouble at another club”

Olympiacos-v-Manchester-United-David-Moyes_3090344Gary Neville insisted that United players are more at risk of facing the chop than David Moyes after a dismal campaign reached its nadir against Olympiacos on Tuesday night, leaving United on the brink of being knocked out of the Champions League, the only competition which could rescue their shambolic season.

Neville remains confident that the United hierarchy will stand by their manager for the remainder of the season and will also back him financially in the transfer window, but while he insisted that a few players could see their United careers coming to an abrupt end, Neville conceded that at another club “Moyes would be in a lot more trouble”.

“Managers are getting sacked after 70 days but to even think of sacking a manager after seven months is nonsense, so I think [United] will support Moyes,” Neville told Sky Sports.

“You look at the people on the board, and we’re talking about the Glazer family and whether they’ve ever been put in this position before.

“But you look at the likes of David Gill, Sir Bobby Charlton, Sir Alex Ferguson – who are obviously the main football people at Manchester United – and I don’t think for one second it will be crossing their minds at this moment in time.

“The players will be more at threat and feeling nervous about whether they are part of the future.”

United looked utterly deflated on Tuesday night and showed nothing of the fighting spirit that’s embodied in the club’s ethos, but Neville admitted that while the players’ future is on the line, David Moyes could have been in a lot of trouble himself had he been employed by a different club.

“The people who are there believe in the philosophy around the club and have been at United for many, many years and that’s why they’ve given David Moyes a six-year contract,” continued G-Nev.

“I have to say at another football club, whether it be Chelsea – we saw with Andre Villas-Boas who was sacked – or Tottenham, Moyes would be in a lot more trouble.

“But he’s at the club that you’d say he was probably safest, where the club will stand by him – think about Sir Alex Ferguson, he’s public on his philosophy around giving people time.

“It probably jars against what most clubs are doing these days but, that’s the Manchester United way and always has been and they would have to change that philosophy.”



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