One more year for Giggsy?


ryan-giggs-manchester-united-swansea-city-premier-league_3004741David Moyes has admitted that Ryan Giggs could be offered a new contract, which would take the Welshman past his 41st birthday with him still a professional football player at the very highest level.

Giggsy will turn 40 on Friday, but the United manager that there’s no reason as to why United’s most capped player shouldn’t be offered a new deal if he felt he could continue for a further 12 months, even though Giggs has already joined David Moyes’ staff this season.

“He doesn’t look like someone who is going to drop considerably,” Moyes told the Telegraph.

“He has made the first step into coaching and management and sometimes when you do that you say: ‘Actually I have had enough of playing now’.

“He doesn’t look as if he is at that point yet, so who knows? And it’s only these sort of decisions you would make right at the end. At his age you don’t consider it six months before.”

While the prospect of Giggs extending his incredible run of 22 seasons at the club and adding to the 952 appearances he’s already notched is obviously appealing for sentimental reasons and it’s a tribute to Giggsy’s fitness and professionalism, were United to renew a 40-year-old’s contract without strengthening their squad, questions would have to be asked.

United’s wafer-thin midfield has been in desperate need of an injection of quality and physicality for over three or four seasons now and the injuries that have sidelined Michael Carrick and Phil Jones could amplify United’s malaise in the middle third of the pitch, with Marouane Fellaini, Giggs and Tom Cleverley the only options left at David Moyes’ disposal.

The United manager, however, has admitted that he’ll be looking to recruit more midfielders in the future.

“We felt in the summer we would have like to have got a couple in to midfield and we only added one so it is an area we need to look at,” said Moyes.

Hope, the saying goes, springs eternal.



  1. “While the prospect of Giggs extending his incredible run of 22 seasons at the club and adding to the 952 appearances he’s already notched is obviously appealing for sentimental reasons and it’s a tribute to Giggsy’s fitness and professionalism, were United to renew a 40-year-old’s contract without strengthening their squad, questions would have to be asked”

    Here’s a question:

    At what point will MUFC, the management of MUFC and Giggs himself finally realise the quest for ‘personal history recognition’ is to the detriment of MUFC on a more general basis?

    Just hang up the playing boots Ryan


    • @mike_macca:

      Same goes for Rio. They should hang their boots. And Carrick’s next season should be the last. IMO we should have already converted him into a rotation player. He is old and slow. He make mistakes not because of his technique or his positioning (he is great at these two) but because he is slow. And sometimes, the opposition midfield is consisted of Ozils and Hazards and Oscars, especially in the CHL. That’s when we need powerful and quick CMs. Even Modric was a threat last year, and he did it. He beat Carrick and scored against De Gea. If only we had a powerful, young good passer.

  2. For me it’s Gigg’s presence on the training ground and in the dressing room that is important.Think Moyes and Giggs realizes that he can’t go the full 90 mins but he’s done ok when called upon.So it’s more of his influence that is invaluable don’t have a issue with it a slow transition into coaching.

    • @wayne:

      “For me it’s Gigg’s presence on the training ground and in the dressing room that is important”


      City score 3 after 45mins…… Munich hit 3 in 45mins…. Liverpool score 3 away from home and Arsenal march on as do Chelsea……

      Anyone else see a pattern that MUFC have to copy?


  3. Hang ’em up Giggsy, hang ’em up.
    He can still be the influence on the team that we want from his position as coach. Absolutely no need for him to continue playing. His standards have dropped quite considerably and picking him to play ahead of Kagawa, Januzaj and next season hopefully Lingard will just be embarassing.
    United should not have 40 year olds playing in the first team. He just isn’t good enough anymore.
    Legend, no question, but to continue picking him does smack of a quest to achieve personal milestones/records.
    Call it a day with some dignity. Don’t want to see his slow legs getting turned inside out by better players week in week out.
    Enough is enough.

    • @BigRed:

      Hello BR…

      “United should not have 40 year olds playing in the first team”

      Makes us look like a Sunday pub team.


  4. I think Giggs can have a massive impact on this Utd team, just not on the pitch. He’s been a brilliant player and now it’s time for him to focus on becoming a brilliant coach. If he can achieve half as much as a coach as he did as a player for Utd, then maybe we have a lot to look forward to. Time to hang up the boots? No, he’ll still need them for the training ground.

  5. City hit 3 in the first 45 mins…… and 3 in the second 45 mins…..

    Let’s see what the ‘Pensioners’ can do against Cardiff City 🙂

    I expect 3 points and a ‘proper’ performance with lots of effort.


  6. With RVP injured, I was hoping we’d play with Rooney up top and Kagawa in the hole. Hernandez is rarely a good starter and when he’s constantly falling over/offside, Welbeck the goal machine isn’t exactly what you’re looking for when you’re trying to grab a goal in the decisive stages.

  7. If the club mascot’s hero is Wayne Rooney………. Why not let him walk out with Roo… and

    Evra….. any chance you could have a few words with the kid?


  8. Januzaj : Some people say the new Giggs, I say the new ballerina. He is even finer than Ronaldo. STOP DIVING YOU BITCH!

    • @Warzycha: He’s the only player in a United shirt I enjoyed watching in that 1st half. Maybe your abuse should be better directed at Hernandez who has the first touch of a rapist and his uninspiring team-mates.

    • @Warzycha: the kid is young and is singled out by opposition for kicks.

      He was fouled 6 times today according to the stats board.

      thats twice what any player from Cardiff suffered today

      and 2 more than valincia suffered at 4.

      there is a pattern here and its kick out at united on the counter and count on the ref being sparse with the cards when teams play united

    • @Warzycha:

      This kid is a diver. What a talent! In both football and diving. Diving makes his football lesser.

      Improve football + decrease diving. That’s what he should do. (plus gain weight)

  9. 45 minutes in and we have got something we haven’t really deserved….

    Scrappy football.
    No effort
    No pace
    No service to Chico or Roo…
    Midfield being over-run.
    Where is Cleverley and Valencia?


    City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Munich must be terrified……. 🙂


  10. We’re winning but to be honest I’d rather watch daytime TV. I don’t get thrills looking at scorelines. We’re now the new Everton, it is astonishing how much our level of play has dropped in even the most fundamental basics of football. First touch, quality of pass, direction of play, all non-existent.

  11. Still 10 minutes to go and if I scored the starting X1 MUFC players out of 10 for performance, would I make the magic figure of 50…… I don’t think so.

    Standard decision making from DM …… 15 mins to go…. send on ‘Stats Boy’ and shore it up.


    • @mike_macca: I love it. Moyes takes a striker off, again. Throws Giggs on to shore things up, again. We concede an equaliser, again.
      Patterns and the things they tell you.
      Brilliant management.

  12. Give him to Christmas they said.
    He needs time they said.
    Turning a corner they said……

    DM GO…… AND GO NOW!!!


  13. No more than we deserve, cowardly tactics, Felliani is absolute garbage, Rooney is our best player by a mile and he shouldn’t have been on the pitch. Moyes fuck off, taking strikers off and sitting on results maybe Ok at Everton but we are United.

  14. how the fek does punching someone in the face get your team another crack at a corner???

  15. To win titles you have to be brave and be able to pass the ball, we are and can do neither. Watching Chris Woods sitting on the bench with his little ear piece is embarrassing.

  16. The Campbell goal against was pure class…..

    The ball headed to well inside the Cardiff half… controlled and played square…. then the most brilliant ball played through to Campbell……….. and the finish from Campbell…. QUALITY……

    The sort of quality usually associated with MUFC and the type of goal that was scored week after week when the front two were Roo and Ronnie.
    Need any more evidence DM?

    DM GO…….. AND GO NOW


  17. Utd could, perhaps should have won it, but in the end a draw was a fair result. Not the most inspiring performance from Utd, but we’ll play worse and win and play better and lose throughout the season. Considering we were without RVP, Carrick and Vidic it was probably a good result. The PL title is, I think, now beyond Utd, if it was ever really in reach and a CL spot is the best we can hope for. Too many players in the Utd team are just not good enough when it really counts. DM needs to spend wisely in January, but he does need to spend. I have to admit, I’m a bit worried about the Leverkusen game this week.

      • @mike_macca: I don’t think Baines is the answer, but on todays performance, neither is Evra. The big problem is still in midfield, we need a decent DM to protect the defense and that might just get us to the end of the season when there will be more choice to find an Evra replacement. Of course, if Moyes is basing his tactics on defense we need one quickly,but Baines, no, I have my doubts.

        • @red astair:

          R.A. I was being rhetorical but you are correct Evra along with a coach load of others are not up to the standards expected….

          My gripe with MUFC the company…. is that they wait until they lose prime factors and then run around like headless chickens in a effort to replace….. and what are the replacements like?….. one word…. useless.

          Remember the madness to find a replacement for Schmeichel or Keane or van Nist, not to mention £80million for Ronnie and we got who?….. useless lumps that’s who.

          MUFC are still a great club (footballing and history perspective not from a management perspective) and they are always going to be there or thereabouts when it comes to titles……. but that’s not what MUFC is nor what their supporters want.

          We don’t want 2nd in the premiership and a cup final appearance.
          Abramovich is so right when he demands Chelsea should always be pushing to win CL.
          He never talks about the PL with the same passion.

          CL is now the domestic ‘World Cup’ and that’s where we need to be….. but with the current crop of crap we are watching, making strides in the CL is something for other teams and not, sadly, MUFC.

          In conclusion…..
          I muted a while back that I would prefer to forgo trying to win the PL this season if it meant coming back next year with a team capable of ‘crucifying’ the opposition and winning the PL in style… the MUFC way…. I wonder how many now think, after witnessing today’s display, that we now need a serious re-vamp to just compete for a title that only 4 teams can win regularly, let alone win the thing.


  18. Hmm, impressive.
    We are just another team now. No threat, no tempo, no skill, no balls.
    Cheers Dave.
    Too annoyed to find the right words right now.
    I’ll vent my spleen later. 🙂

  19. We were asking for them to equalise there really. No less than they deserved either I’ll add.
    2nd half I don’t think we managed to string 3 passes together, and the number of mindless hoofs we played was just embarrassing.
    Just no urgency, or pressing at all until surprise surprise, the last 2 minutes just after they’d equalised, and we’ve thrown away the points.
    Why oh why does anyone think sitting back and inviting pressure on for the final 30+ minutes is a good idea in this game?
    It’s just stupid, and reeks of cowardice and a small team mentality.

    So far most weeks we just look like a side with 11 players who’ve literally just met, have been thrown in together struggling to produce anything fluid or decent to watch for the majority of the game, with a set piece or a bit of individual brilliance bailing us out most weeks.
    Are we really asking too much for even just a single half of decent football most weeks?
    All we’ve seen on the whole with Moyes so far has been an increase in the number of hoofs per match, and a negative attitude in setting up for the result with a 2nd half of football still to come.
    The changes most of us hoped to see, we’re never going to be easy or come quickly, but after 6 months in charge, I’d have hoped we’d atleast be seeing signs of them coming through.
    So far there’s just been nothing, and that for me concerns me a whole lot more than the 2 dropped points.

    • @tonymontanna4united: The biggest frustration is this sense that Moyes has learnt absolutely nothing since coming here. He’s embroiled himself in a mess where his only focus is on how to survive the next weekend and damage limitation to an already demoralised squad and uninspiring tactics. I’d take being 10 points worse off than our current position granted we at least evolved our football and playing discipline to cope with the demands of the modern game.

      In theory is nothing worse than playing cowardly football AND not getting results, but for me the problem is far greater. Moyes is out of his depth and we are not an academy for hard working managers who want to improve their understanding of the game. We are the biggest club in the world, we demand success. Those who provide it get to stay on the gravy train, not the other way around. The very fact that Moyes supporters are ‘apologists’ rather than ‘debaters’ underlines this. One of the best comments I’ve ever read on here was your saying, ‘Longevity is the result of success, not the cause.’

      I rooted for Mourinho to get the job not because he is an insufferable tosser, but because he had the guts, charisma and above all ‘been there done that’ expertise at the top level. However, even I wouldn’t have given him a 6 year contract from the start. Mind boggling.

  20. I was willing to give Moyes time and hoped we had turned the corner, but today we showed that we are essentially Everton, with slightly better players. Football today was as bad as I can remember. Cowards take strikers off when you should try and turn sides around and get the ball forward. He is simply entrenched in negative work hard football with 90 mins of “effort”.
    United are going backwards at rate of nots, Fellaini is a useless lump. One minute he fouls like a clumsy ouf, the next is too scared to make a tackle. I am feZ

      • @red drew: sadly agree… he showed up with some nice 1 2s here ant there but was largely disappointing. had high hopes for him… we will see what happens in jan midfield needs help bad.

  21. The EPL is a truly rubbish league in my opinion. I don’t care how popular it is,it’s still poor. I have to say the refereeing standards are appalling. Rooney openly kicks a player the least that should have been done was a straight red. The most should have been jail. Similarly,Fellaini gets punched in the face as a free kick is taken. Again at the very least that’s a red card and possibly jail time too. But no,the referee who has clearly seen what has decides to stop play and explain to the culprit that it’s not cool to punch fellow players in the face. Ok,retake. Are you kidding me. For his second game in a row, Januzaj was kicked off the park

    • @Jay Wire: agree the refs need help technology watching the lines/offside so they can concentrate on the players…

      so will the fa charge the guy that hit fellaini? i expected to see felle respond in kind on the replay judging by the refs talk… but nope fellaini takes it on the kisser and the ref gifts them a goal…

  22. Something I would like to say about Moyes and his tactis.
    He can’t really be judged for a team he built, cause this team is Fergie’s team. But as a manager of a squad that won the EPL champions title, he is not good. He doesn’t fit to our plans. We always play attacking football, passes and possession are priority. Even when we didn’t play possession football, we were really capable of beautiful counter-attacks (roo-ron-tevez era).

    + All I can see now is NO midfield. Our presence in this area is unbelievably non-championesque.

    + And if we are to play as we do play, sitting back in the last 30 minutes, then we should never bench Phil Jones and Vidic. We need muscle in this team.

    + Either we play attacking football or defensive football, we do need muscle, and Fellaini has shown no balls, muscle or winner mentality till now.

    (Hazard, Pogba, Strootamn and even Wanyama!!!!! Any of them would have made us a better team. Congratulations for letting them leave from inside our hands)

    • @Warzycha: our counter attacking has been found out and teams are fouling us when we counter. with the ref not giving yellows to their players till the second half they were able to kick us on our counters all they like.

      in fact Theopile committed no less than 6 F@king fouls in the match but was only shown a card in the 93rd minute. the ref needs to stop you after 2 in the same half and warn you.

      the guy was committing professional fouls that are supposed to get you yellowed like roonys professional foul did for him.

      now if i had my way we would have bruisers in our own squad that would let his opponents know that this is not proper, and kindly show their kankles some attention as well as their backsides. but we have cameras watching it all now and retrospective punishment being handed out.

      if mendel isnt given a ban for that, as it gave away 2 points in the league for us as well, then ill be pissed. that was a total ref blunder.

  23. Baines, jeez let’s have Tony Hibbert as well. If we were to sell Fellaini, would we get 10m for him!? We might as well call ourselves the Toffemen

  24. Not learning is the main issue. Doing things his way, rather than the United way is where he is going wrong. Fellaini looks like an Everton player, playing for United. The main reason for hiring Moyes was his stability over his trophy haul. Well Chelsea have had no stability, but how many trophies have they won?

  25. Giggs should retire forthwith. Its utterly absurd that he still features. He has been part of a papering over the cracks policy for a few seasons now and also part of the reason Fergie did not strengthen the midfield – Scholes’s come back was another. Scholes eventually saw the light so why not Giggs? Moyes needs to sign a couple of decent midfielers and say goodbye to a bygone era.

  26. On the bright side, we’re 10 games unbeaten.

    Wonder if anyone, Moyes included, still thinks we have momentum.

    We look like a side that’s just met each other. Some of them look like they’ve never played football before. Can’t help wondering what Moyes is aiming for.
    5 months in and nothing.

  27. I am not a DM fan for the reasons I have documented over the last few months but I would have more respect if he said, at his NEXT press conference or interview, when asked what’s gone wrong at MUFC, something along these lines…..

    We are going back to the drawing board and we are going to build a team that has the pedigree of MUFC stamped throughout it. Those who aren’t good enough will be asked to leave and those players who are available elsewhere and who are better, will be invited to join.

    Will it happen….. not in a month of Sundays.

    But it would be interesting if he did say something like that, instead of the BS about fixture lists, and his experience and banging on about his previous clubs.

    Macca (Bitterly disappointed that MUFC have now become ORDINARY)

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