Only one title rival for United


Ole-Gunnar-Solskjaer-1875227Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has claimed that, despite Arsenal’s impressive start to the season and Manchester City’s summer spending spree, only Chelsea can deny Manchester United a second consecutive Premier League title.

Despite United’s slow start to the season, the man whose goal sealed the 1999 Treble, now manager at Molde in the Norwegian’s first division, has been extremely impressed with United’s recent progress, which has seen David Moyes’ men pick up 13 points in their last five league games and winning the last three Premier League matches in a row.

“David’s started slowly, then the machinery has started to work now so I’m pleased with the progress they’ve made.

“Everyone’s talking about a bad, bad start but if you look at the other championship contenders, they’re not very far ahead,” said Solksjaer.

The former United striker was adamant that, despite the many doubts that have been casted over Moyes’ appointment and the quality of his squad, the Reds can go on and retain the title, adding that Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea – themselves not enjoying the best of forms – are the only credible rivals.

“Man United and Chelsea, those two for me are the main contenders. Of course Man United can win it, absolutely no problem.

“They’ve got the players to do it, they’ve got the history to do it. Now when David is getting to know the players, I’m sure we’ll improve. I’m still saying ‘we’. After almost 15 years you still feel a part.”

Having rejected the opportunity to take charge of Aston Villa two seasons ago, Solskjaer hasn’t given up his dream of managing in the Premier League one day and told Sky Sports News: “I said it when I came back here that I just want to see if I can manage and if I enjoy it.

“If I do and there’s offers coming, then I’d like to see myself in the Premier League one day.”





  1. Well you know when MUFC are worried about the current state of play.
    They drag up every body ever associated with the club to shout from the rooftops just how pleased they are with the start MUFC have made….

    The phrase ‘Singing from the same hymn book’ comes to mind.

    On a lighter note Ole is seen quite often at the Apple store in the Trafford Centre.


    • @mike_macca: Steady on Macca. You’ll have the LMA’s in uproar.

      Here’s a manger who knows how to have an impact. Back to back titles in his first two years, with a team that had never won the league, ever.

      Would love to see him at the reigns at OT one day. A great footballing mind, with a liking for open attacking football. A man can dream, eh.

      • @BigRed:

        Hello BR…
        What I liked about Ole was not just that he was a wonderful talent…… but that he was modest.
        He wasn’t showy at all. He pulled on his boots and had a go….. sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t but I never ever thought….. ‘Ole can’t be bothered’.

        I agree BR, back to back wins in ANY league is a proud boast.


        • @mike_macca: Couldn’t agree more Macca.
          Fergie said many years ago that Ole would make a top manager because he saw everything that happens on the pitch. He has an excellent analytical mind and thats one of the key aspects of why he was such a super sub. He’d sit on the bench analysing the game and identifying weaknesses with the oposition. By the time he came on in the 50th or 60th minute, he knew straight away how to hurt the opponent.
          And like you say, a rel down to earth, modest fella too. Top class all round.
          He will be a great manager one day and i hope we get to see him back at OT sooner rather than later.

      • @BigRed: You are a dreamer, mate. Fantasy is your realm and misconception is your specialty.
        Like a benign cyst, you’re opinion is but an itch to the reality of the situation.
        Moyes has all it takes to propel THIS team forward, the Glazers will be what it takes to decide whether we will be just part of our recent status-quo, or propelled forward to greatness again.

        Moyes is but a catalyst in the equation. He is part of, nor end of the future. His relevance to our next 10 years is minimal at best. Not a mover or shaker, nor the money spender.
        A solid club manager that wont let the shop go dark. But, really, how can he be blamed for what he walked into.

        I think Moyes can be a good caretaker for United. He’s solid, good character, fine pedigree, AND HE WONT SPEND MUCH OF THE GLAZER MONEY.

        If you are really worried about the future, you should look st the ownership package and how they have intertwined themselves in the core financial matters of this club, and how impossible it seems to rid ourselves of them.

        • @Redrich: So you concede that Moyes isn’t a world class, top draw, best of the best type manager?

          He’s more of an average Joe then?

        • @Redrich:

          “Fantasy is your realm and misconception is your specialty. Like a benign cyst, you’re opinion is but an itch to the reality of the situation.”

          Sweet Mother Teresa….. The Sun newspaper has changed it’s copy…. Still have page 3?


        • @Redrich: You wanna lay off the acid lad, it’s messing with your mind.
          United do not need a caretaker, we need a top draw manager with an in depth knowledge of the game, and the club.
          I’m not opening that can of worms again. You love mediocrity, i don’t. Let’s leave it that shall we.

        • @Redrich: @BigRed
          No acid and don’t call me lad, by the sound of your tune, I’m old enough to be your father.
          Your monotonic drone about Moyes is what contributes to the mediocrity of this blog. My support of a rational waiting period before we decide Moyes “is the problem” is real and sensible given the circumstances and does, in no way represent mediocrity.
          With only 4 months since his start date and with growing improvement, week by week, why do you still find the need to keep supporting a point of view that is fading by the minute and has no logical basis in fact nor is proven by anything that he has tried to do or achieve.
          You are hell bent on trying to support a position you have taken and it seems your stubbornness will take you down the rabbit hole screaming and shouting about a topic you have no foothold in and no apparent chance of championing.
          I’ve been on this blog long enough to see this nonsense before. You want to take a stand don’t you? Regardless of facts, results and opinion, you are an island and a desolate one at that.

        • @Redrich: @Philosopher
          Where did I ever say Moyes is a World Class manager??
          When he was hired I was about as nonplussed as anyone. It seemed like a convenient way to pass the torch to someone who could be controlled by the Glazers.
          To an extent I still believe that. However, Moyes deserves the chance to prove himself and the chance to make a reputation as someone taking on the biggest club in the world and making it his.
          He was always going to have a tough start, and believe me, when the Summer TW ended up the way it did, I really had no hope for him at all.
          But truth be told, he is making a run at it and is slowly putting his stamp on the team. Whether he can be successful remains to be seen, but he deserves the chance to give it his all – we, as United supporters, need to give him our… errr…. Support and not nonsensical bashing about stuff that makes no sense.

        • @Redrich: I only call you lad because you come across as something of a child.
          Let’s see now..

          “You are hell bent on trying to support a position you have taken..” Yes, that’s called an opinion and yes, i’m sticking to it. How very astute of you lad.

          “With only 4 months since his start date and with growing improvement, week by week,…” Well, if you think we’re improving “week by week” then you appreciation of mediocrity is greater than i thought.

          “You want to take a stand don’t you? Regardless of facts, results…” Other than the fact Moyes has no clue about stylish, attacking football? Results like stumbling through matches with barely a flicker of consistency or ability, yes?

          “My support of a rational waiting period before we decide Moyes “is the problem”….” Let’s see now, he’s taken the current league champions and turned them into a “can’t pass or retain possession team”, a side that look for the most part as though they’ve never played together and who teams now regualarly outplay. Who else is “the problem” if not Moyes?

          “screaming and shouting about a topic you have no foothold in and no apparent chance of championing…” My foothold is just fine, thanks. As supported by our lack of fluidity, lack of threat and lack of dominance. As for championing the topic at hand, i appear to be doing just fine thanks, again. And i am by no means in the minority in case you didn’t notice.

          I’m hardly changing my tune am i? Ole has won back to back titles with a side that has never (ever) won the league before. He has more of a proven track record than Moyes, wouldn’t you say. He, essentially knows how to win titles. And given that he was schooled by the greatest manager the game has ever known, i again stand by my assertion that he has a better track record than Moyes.

          I think it’s logical than any United fan with any appreciation of the club would be entitled to specualte as to whether Ole could be our manager. Only a man with no imagination could argue otherwise. The kind of weak minded fool that is happy to be told what to think, Mr Redrich.

      • @BigRed: Would love to see Ole at the helm myself.

        If Moyes is worth a shot Ole is DEFINITELY worth a shot. He was won 2 more titles than Moyes has.

        • @The_Philosopher: Spot on. It would have been a real breath of fresh air to see the United board take a punt on a hungry young manager like Ole. Two years a manager and already head and shoulders above Moyes.
          You never know, one day we might get our wish and have the Baby Faced Assasin running the rule over us.
          Aah, if only….

        • You’ve changed your tune…..only a few days ago you said a manager must have a proven track record to join Manchester United.

  2. Nice of him to think that but let’s face it, Arsenal, Liverpool and indeed City may have something to say about that. Aren’t we getting just a little carried away by the Arsenal result. Maybe we are. As for Ole being a longer term management possibility at United, it could happen but first he has to prove himself in a top league. That could take a few seasons – so what happens in the interim if Moyes doesn’t work out? Of course the time taken to conclude if Moyes is going to be a success or not could be a few seasons too – so who knows?

    • @Julian: If Moyes can build a team, he will succeed. I wonder, however, if the penny pinching continues, how far he can go with this lot.
      Ole was a great goal scorer but we have no right to speculate on whether or not he could be our manager. Many names ahead of him, in my opinion.

  3. @Jos:

    Totally agree.

    Solskjaer and Giigs would be the perfect partnership.

    Next season I would like to see Ole managing in the Prem.

    After a couple good season in the prem we will see just how good he is. And if it turns out that he is the business as I suspect he is then he only needs a few good seasons in the prem before we can install him and get rid of that mug Moyes.

  4. The Glazers’ entire business model is based on us playing regular Champions League football and retaining a fan base at least half of which are probably glory hunters.

    Look at what happened with Liverpool in the 90s. Their older players retired and the replacements weren’t good enough.

    In three years time Giggs, Carrick, Evra, Rio, Vidic, and Van Persie will probably be gone. All of the above were or are world class talents. That represents a significant re-investment risk and with limited funds we cannot afford to make mistakes.

    Ferguson had a mixed record in the transfer market and benefited a lot from luck in terms of the golden generation of Beckham, Scholes, Butt and the Nevilles. But also he benefited in the early 90s from having a monopoly over Premier League talent much the way that Bayern Munich enjoy in the German league.

    Under the Glazers he wasted around £100M on players like Berbatov, Anderson, Hargreaves, Young, and Bebe.

    But he also got some very good value splashing the equivalent amount on Tevez, Kagawa, De Gea, Van Persie, Hernandez, Valencia (before he turned bad).

    He also benefited from a £80M windfall from the Ronaldo sale which prevented the need for any further player sales.

    But in general Ferguson had a 50% success rate and managed to keep most of his signings under £20M in line with our economics. In addition as we already had a strong squad the best that can be said for his failures are that they were wasted opportunities to turn us into world beaters.

    Moyes is under more pressure as his success or failure in the transfer market is very much going to determine whether we stay in the top four or not and once out of the top four it is difficult to get back in and an extended absence from Champions League football weakens our European competitiveness as well.

    Moyes is better than he is given credit for and if given time will turn us into a well organized team that is difficult to beat. But we have definitely lost the Ferguson magic which resulted in us punching above our weight even though we’ve been in a steady decline since 2008.

    Moyes needs to develop his game. Signing Fellaini was a weak move that betrayed his unfamiliarity with the higher end of the transfer market as did his scattergun approach of making bids for every single well known midfielder. If Moyes wants to succeed he needs to be able to identify up-and-coming talent before Real Madrid or Barcelona or Munich pounce. If he does not feel capable of doing so himself he needs to hire a technical director familiar with the European game.

    • @colver: Wow, what happened to the “Moyes will never be able to attract good talent” opinion??

      What Moyes needs is some cred and more support from the fans. One goes hand in hand with other, me suspects.

      • @Redrich: Surely he should already have credibility before he got the biggest job in club football, no? If he did, he would no doubt have more support from the fans.
        Instead we have a Y.T.S. manager who wants to learn on the job.

  5. @mike_macca
    Sorry you have to read the Sun mate. Doesn’t give much perspective on the world, does it.
    Won’t say much more – don’t want to confuse you.

    • @Redrich:

      “Sorry you have to read the Sun mate. Doesn’t give much perspective on the world, does it. Won’t say much more – don’t want to confuse you.”

      Much more!…. Not saying anything would be a step in the right direction.

      However, this is confusing …..

      “your stubbornness will take you down the rabbit hole screaming and shouting about a topic you have no foothold in and no apparent chance of championing.”

      I’d sell the movie rights


  6. @Ian:

    Yes sure I did agree that it would be best to have a manager with solid credentials behind him.

    All I’m saying with Ole is that he is a better option than David Moyes.

    If we’re gonna be going for no-name-taken-from-the-bottom-of-the-bargain-bin managers (like we did by hiring Moyes) anyways, then Ole is a far better option than David Moyes. That is all I’m saying.

  7. I know some,people are tired of Moyes this Moyes that,but unfortunately that’s what’s there to,talk about. You can’t avoid it. It is a real concern and sometimes we fail to understand different opinions. If we did however,this site would be closed by the first day of launching. So I will add to this miserable topic.

    I think it’s safe to say,Moyes is not on the same level tactically as the following:

    1. Jose Mourinho
    2. Carlo Ancelotti
    3. Jurgen Klopp
    4. Pep Gaurdiola
    5. Gerard Martino
    6. Antonio Conte
    7. Almost every other top club manager/coach in Europe. In fact make that all other.

    We can also establish that as a top class,world class level manager,he is at best average. In this case I’m talking about,motivational skills,oratory attributes,handling the media,appeasing the fans,planning a transfer season strategy and policy,implementing it and intimidating opponents. In fact he is quite mediocre at this. But he is good at creating a hard working team and has also brought the best out of Rooney individually,which was something SAF was starting to struggle with. He has also utilised Patrice Evra’s attacking attributes particularly to RvP’s direct benefit. And in his reign we have Adnan Januzaj signing up for 5 years. I’m almost certain he would have found life exponentially more difficult under Ferguson and it would have been Pogba once again.

    So the questions begin from: is this enough to justify a job at Manchester United? I know we all like to point out how SAF struggled in his first 3 years and how we should give Moyes a similar break. That’s all well and fine,but we need to realise that the dynamics have shifted in a cataclysmic way. This is not 1987 anymore. This is 2013. Football is now worth several billions annually. Players are being paid substantial amounts of money and no football club can survive in the first and second tiers of the top 6 leagues in Europe without significant commercial security. It’s simply impossible. Look at Valencia. Once a European powerhouse and now reduced to a midtable club with no hope in sight. Each year they have to sell whichever big star they have just to survive. Look at AC Milan. In fact the ailing Serie A for that matter. There is no money and therefore no hope of competing at the biggest stage. And what do they say about money and time?

    Point is exactly that. Money=time and vice versa. You lose one,you lose the other. Each year or season(time),is worth a lot of financial resources(money). We can’t afford not to compete for any given period of time. Staying on top is no longer just a quality but an absolute necessity for survival. If we have any hope of attracting the world’s best players and keeping them,then we ought to understand that United has to be an attraction. The simple test is this. World’s best say midfielders. Arturo Vidal is given 3 options. Barcelona,Madrid and Manchester United,right now. Where do you see him going objectively? I don’t know where he would go but I’m almost certain I can rule out Manchester United. Why? Several reasons but the most relevant one right now is the attraction of the manager. A player coming from the tutelage of Conte or Pep or Klopp will not easily overlook the step down to David Moyes. Unless of course we start throwing around the kind of money PSG and Monaco throw around. But we all know that will never happen. Point is this. You want world class players to want to come tto United. This means everything has to be attractive. The history,the manager,the vision,the level and style of football. The minute a player is linked with Barcelona,they start acting irrationally,and short selling themselves just to get signed. If they are linked with United they act very sober and politely avoiding the link. There is no attraction.

    If you can’t attract world class players in the short term you need a capable manager that can work tactical and motivational wonders to keep you at the top. That’s what Juventus did. A very cheaply but efficiently assembled squad that has now become one of the best in Europe solely because of a super talented manager. They will remain above water for a while as the Italian ship sinks because of Conte’s exceptional talents. If you talk of Juve, then a player thinks,well Conte is an attraction. Same as Dortmund. Managerial talent. How talented then is Moyes? There is no evidence of any exceptional talent from past and present times. Tactically he has a whole lot to learn at the highest level and is really a textbook Premier League manager. No innovation,no philosophy. Just pass, pass,width,cross and defend heroically. AvB would not have been a choice for me at all on any level,but he has more innovation and ideas. You need that.

    So essentially what we have here is a very average manager and coach,whom we need to give time,which will cost us considerably in terms of money, which we apparently don’t have already. And status,which is still plunging to this day. Which will leave us in a vicious cycle. More time lost accepting mediocrity means a loss of money and status which diminishes United’s attractions to both potential signings and new fans whom we need for commercial reasons. The lack of appeal reduces commercial revenue and limits funds available for top players which makes it even more difficult to win things. Repeat cycle and and greater dose of severity.

    • @Jay Wire: Again Jay. With the sobering, incisive and elucidating analysis.

      Thank you.

      I wonder how good things can get under Moyes? Lets say everything just goes his way. In the best case scenario can Moyes keep pace with Mourinho, Pelegrini (who will have fresh funds for re-arming next season), Wenger (who’s the most experienced and longest serving prem manager) and Rodgers (who is doing a fantastic job at Anfield) over the long haul?

      Or will the quality and caliber of manager Mourinho, Wenger, Pelegrini and Rodgers are out do him in the long run?

  8. @BigRed

    Hello BR…. You are wasting your time trying to reason with the LMA’s.

    Their defence rests solely on the following:

    ‘He’s only been doing the job for 4 months give him time’

    The LMA’s seem to think the months since August are somewhat a trial period for the premiership and that the season ‘proper’ starts in January.
    Chelsea, City and Arsenal must be kicking themselves that they didn’t make more of MUFC’s dreadful start and really put us to the sword.

    Loved this line from an LMA:
    “I think Moyes can be a good caretaker for United”

    They don’t even see the error of their ways, even when they are the authors.

    This is MUFC…. we don’t want a caretaker manager, like some geriatric geezer who mends the plumbing and sweeps the car park at the local school.

    But my favourite bit from Mrs President was this gem:

    “He’s solid, good character, fine pedigree”

    Like an advertisement from the local dog’s home.

    Remember LMA’s…. A DM isn’t just for Christmas.


    • @mike_macca: Hi Macca, yes i think you may be right. I hope for some enlightened discussion on the topics that concern, or at least should concern, United fans, but instead im greeted with illogical arguments, confusing statements and non sensical witterings.
      I think ANY United fan is fully entitled to be concerned with the current state of play at United. Our apparent slide into mediocrity is being greeted with cheers of support from some sections of our fansbase. Who appear to think that having a manger that needs time to learn on the job is an acceptable position for a great club like United.

      The Prem and Europe are littered with coaches that display are far greater understanding of the game than Moyes, managers who have competed and won under tight financial constraints and done it playing the right kind of football.

      Moyes is far too old school to ever deliver the kind of thrills and excitment, and importantly the kind of results United will need to continue to compete at the very top. If you look at the situation and analyse it thoroughly, Fergie’s decision to appoint Moyes becomes more and more baffling. And smacks of a kind of self servicing decision. Not what was best for United but a decision that was best for Fergie and the Glazers.

      But to reason with this brigade of fans that are fine being told what to think is pointless, like you say. Fergie has spoken and all else matters not. Not even what they see with their own eyes is enough to shake the Fergie implanted opinion that they have given.

      The longer he is given, the further away we will be from where Fergie left us, namely at the top. A success for Moyes would be to win the Shit Cup every couple of years. A roaring succes actually given his previous when it comes to winning. Is that enough for United? I sincerely hope not.

  9. I honestly don’t think we should kill each other over this. I don’t think there is anything productive in it. I have presented some views of why I think Moyes is not good enough and so have many others. It’s more edifying if those who wholeheartedly support Moyes explained why they do. What kind of future do they see with Moyes in charge. Back it up with one or two facts. And hopefully one of those facts won’t be ” because SAF told us to support him”. We need to look at this issue from every angle. What direction has the club taken? What visible and tangible skills can be seen in Moyes? Hopefully we can also look into things like the value of tactical quality and whether attacking football is a necessity or a luxury. I think we are at a most critical time in the history of Manchester United and it’s high time we all got to understand the concerns people are sharing, in their own aggressive and non aggressive ways are still very valid concerns. There are some people who can’t accept mediocrity for whatever reason. Some who believe in placing faith in the future no matter how dim things are. But regardless,let’s not pretend that things have been rosy and all these issues are insignificant transitional effects

  10. @Philosopher

    I for one would also have taken Ole over Moyes. I really believe he has a high technical grasp of the game. His Reserve team,whenever I saw them,played a very continental 4-3-3 and I believe at least from a technical level he would have improved the team. I’m not so sure hiw he would have handled the managerial side of things. But if Pep could do it,if AVBcan do it,then maybe age is no longer such a big deal. The past 3-4 years there has been a growing emphasis on technical standards. The Mourinho way of mind games is getting less relevant by the day and most clubs are looking to upgrade themselves technically. Even when you look at the kind of players making waves today. Most of them are early twenties and below. Which shows that even on the pitch experience is becoming a luxury attribute. I watch Pogba at Juventus a lot and I’m always amazed when the commentators remind us of his age. You look at Januzaj or Townsend or Draxler you realise players are becoming more focused technical attributes. Managers motivated by the mercurial rise of Pep are getting younger all the time. So maybe experience is overrated these days. Football is increasingly becoming a young man’s game.

    It is also becoming a game for the sophisticated. The innovative and dynamic. The rate of adaption has increased exponentially,compared to the days of Arrigo Sacchi and Johan Cryuff’s respective Dream Teams. These days,we have had at least 3 evolutions I can think of over the past 6 years. We had the Barca of Rikjaard playing a highly skilled form of pass and move. More like dribble and move with Ronaldinho,Deco and to a small extent Messi moving with the ball. It was the real beginning of possession football but with a big emphasis on movement with the ball. Then you had the 06-08 Manchester United team playing a complete front four with two midfield pivots. Particularly with Tevez,Rooney and Ronaldo.No centre forward. Just a highly dynamic quartet or trio of attackers. Then the tiki taka dominators of Pep. Now we have the “speed on the ball” short spaces techniques introduced on the big stage last season in dramatic fashion by the Germans. Trumping tiki taka and tearing it apart. Spain also got a severe knock to their technical dominance by the sheer vibrancy and directness of Brazil. The thing is technical adaptability is taking place at a very high pace. It doesn’t natter how experienced you are,if you are good at mind games or whatever. The requirement these days is how innovative are you tactical strategies. So hopefully Ole can,keep developing and improving his skills and maybe someday when the time is right and some people at OT develop balls,he could be hired

  11. Naturally we all are concerned. With Ferguson he was definitely worth 15 points a season. He was a force of nature and would not accept losing. He bullied other managers and referee alike, Moyes to a degree is a poor mans Fergie. Truthfully I think Moyes is a decent guy but he is old school. The club should have looked to go in a different direction in the summer. You were never going to get another Alex Ferguson. A European style manager would have showed progression, rather than going backwards. The decisions of taking off strikers for defenders is not United and over training finesse players also raises eyebrows. The signing of Fellaini showed panic and desperation.
    I am in the camp though of giving him time. We are sort of stuck with him as he is on a ridiculous contract at £5.5m a season, bizarrely. But he did do a decent job at Everton and the club was run well. He is also 9 games unbeaten and outwitted Wenger, which he deserves credit for. I hope for the best, maybe I am kidding myself, but the Christmas period with be the acid test, make or break, lets see.
    Ole managing United would be a dream, I would like to see him in the Premiership first, but he is a true legend and doing a very good job at the moment.

    • @Stephen: I love how you’ve been arguing the toss with those of us that dare criticise Moyes, and then you go and state your concerns about the very same criticisms. Amazing.
      Flip flop flip flop.

      Or do you just like to argue for the sake of arguing?

  12. Amazing…..

    The President of LMA speaks out on why we were all wrong about DM……..

    “Naturally we all are concerned”

    “Moyes is a poor mans Fergie”

    “Moyes is a decent guy but he is old school”

    “The club should have looked to go in a different direction in the summer”

    “The decisions of taking off strikers for defenders is not United”

    “he is on a ridiculous contract at £5.5m a season, bizarrely”

    Then he caught himself on and went back to the usual rant:

    “I am in the camp though of giving him time”

    You couldn’t make it up


  13. Grow up you little boy.
    Is life black and white or is there always an element of grey? Go back to your Nuts magazine.

    • @Stephen:

      Good idea for a badge…..

      ‘DM isn’t just for Christmas’

      14 months tops…. before he’s tin-tacked


      • @mike_macca: 14 months? Our Dave is looking at a long term plan, Macca.
        Have you seen this quote from today?

        “”I am thinking how are we going to have a side that is going to be competing in the Champions League and right at the top end of the Premier League in four or five years.”

        FOur or five years? Are you serious Dave? He wants 4 or 5 years before we are “challenging” in Europe and, wait for it, “right at the top end of the Premier League”…!

        Notice the word that’s missing in there? Clue: It’s the opposite to losing.

        Serious lack of ambition. And belief.

        • @BigRed:

          Hello BR…..

          Here’s a quote from a DM press conference in October….

          “You always want to be around the top of the table”….

          Seriously, what did he say at his job interview that was SO impressive to get the contract he got?


      • @mike_macca: Macca, aye, it does make you wonder.
        This is exactly the kind of lowering of expectations that i find disturbing.
        But, what would we expect from a a guy who does not know how to win. To do that, you must instill a winning mentality in your team, and that’s something Moyes clearly has no idea how to go about. He finds it difficult to use the word “win”.

  14. Maybe and under the Glazers who knows. I just don’t want us to be another Chelsea, hire, fire. But, following Fergie is the poisoned chalice. I am older and have had stability for years, I have stood up to the rhetoric against Fergie and he proved many wrong. Am I convinced on Moyes, no, will I give him some time, hope so.

    • @Stephen:

      “I am older and have had stability for years”

      Those ‘Zimmer frames’ are made to last.

      “Am I convinced on Moyes, no, will I give him some time, hope so”

      “Hope so”…….. Mr President you will never get a second term with comments like that


  15. What are you on about? You just read what you want? How long have you been on here? 2 months? I don’t even know who you are. I have had these concerns since he was appointed and nothing has changed. Unlike you, I am willing to give him time. You are just a blunt instrument, Moyes is either crap or he is brilliant. You seem to want to pick fights with people and want a row. He has been in the job for 4 months taking over from the greatest manager in our history. But questions have to be raised. Also who would you replace him with, if your wish to sack came to realisation? Klopp has just signed a new contract. Mourinho is a Chelsea, Pep is at Bayern. Flip flop, no I am willing to give him time, but he needs to produce.
    Facts are:
    He has won nothing
    He has no European pedigree
    Fergie appointed him
    We are 9 games unbeaten, a point behind Chelsea, above City
    The style of football is more pragmatic
    He takes forward players off to protect leads
    He signed Fellaini for stupid money and he isn’t working out.

    Footbal isn’t black and white, I am neither a Moyes fan or a hater. I am trying to be balanced.

    • @Stephen: Fair enough Stephen, fair enough.
      I’m not picking fights, i was just confused by your apparent contradictions, which actually gave me the impression you just wanted to pick fights.
      Given the concerns you do have, does the idea of Moyes getting loads of time to implement his “more pragmatic” style not bother you? The idea that he is working towards what will essentially be a very dull, restrictive style of play? It bothers me greatly.
      There’s been plently of new managers recently who have hit the ground running and banged out a stylish type of football in no time, with apparently inferior, unfancied teams. Moyes seems to be struggling to do that with an already good team, a team of champions.
      I think if his vision of football was more paletable, fans and players would have piccked up on it by now.
      We shouldn’t be faced with a situation that might mean we fall off the perch Fergie put us on, while Moyes gets his shit together. I really don’t think that’s right.

    • @Stephen:

      I could use one of your well used quotes and say………. Boll**….. but yet again you have given me another opportunity to poke fun at you Mr President.

      “How long have you been on here? 2 months? I don’t even know who you are”
      Welcome to dating dot com.

      “You seem to want to pick fights with people and want a row”
      Hey Travis Bickle…….. looking in the mirror when you wrote that line?

      “Footbal isn’t black and white”
      Try telling that to Newcastle Utd fans.


  16. I do think he deserves time. We were blessed under Ferguson because he was a leader of men. The belief on here is Moyes is a novice, never managed at any level. This clearly isn’t true, but is he capable of managing a beast like United, only God knows. I have always said that he would not have been my choice. With Fergie deciding to retire in December, Guadiola was the progressive choice. He would have taken the club on another course. Moyes was Fergie’s job for the boys option, he is another Jock like me and Sir Matt. But he is here, on a massive contract and is going nowhere. So far he has dealt with Rooney and Januzaj well. He failed miserably against City and in the transfer market, Fellaini is shite. We are above City, beat Arsenal and are 9 games unbeaten, although that flatters us. Under Fergie people would say that is the mark of champions. I am not comfortable under Moyes, but he is here and let’s see how he does. If that is flip flopping then so be it, but I am staying open minded with an element of caution.

    • @Stephen: That’s sound comment. The biggest issue I have with Moyes is that he seems to have brought his whole Everton infrastructure with him. He was unable to cut the ties with his former club in order to step up to a far bigger environment in every way. It would be fine if they had been all part of a highly successful outfit but they all appear to be novices to me. I think, given half a chance, DM would have also brought half the Everton team with him. So far its only Fellaini but I expect Baines isn’t far behind and many, including me, don’t think we need him. Having said that its far too early to cast total judgement on Moyes. It will take time but not an endless amount of it as the commercial demands of the business and the emotional demands of the fans won’t allow it. However, I don’t subscribe to the notion that Moyes is just “an average PL manager”. He wouldn’t have even been considered if he was. He has qualities and so far his handling of Rooney and securing Januzaj’s future have been outstanding successes. The transfer window, including the Fellaini signing, have been major negatives as well as some indifferent performances. But he needs to take it step by step. Get some solid results against the top sides – not perfect, but the Arsenal result was a start – get into the top four and start challenging for the title. I don’t think we can expect much more than that this season.

      • @Julian: This is also one of my main concerns.
        His need for familiarity and his inablilty to sever his Everton links and style are deeply troubling and, in my opinion, have come about due to fear on Moyes’ part. He seems frightened to get stuck into something new, something much much bigger and more demanding than Everton. But he seems to think he can make “Everton” work for United. Which i don’t want, at all.

    • @Stephen:

      “We were blessed under Ferguson because he was a leader of men. The belief on here is Moyes is a novice, never managed at any level. This clearly isn’t true, but is he capable of managing a beast like United, only God knows”

      It’s like being at a Billy Graham service.


  17. Big Red, trust me I am not here to pick fights, I only react when people dig me out. Fergie when for Moyes because for me his Nationality. I know this seems odd, but it is what I feel. Fergie is a die hard Scot and follows Andy Murray like his own son. What credentials did he actually have? No trophies, no European experience and Evertons football was simply long ball, remember us away last season. The flip side is he was stable, showed longevity and could work on a budget and would be a Glazer yes man. I will give more time and hopefully he will adapt, but he has surrounded himself with his own cronies, which doesn’t bode well. I will tip my cap to him for his dealings with Rooney and Januzaj. But Fellaini was a comfort signing. But we are above City and a point behind Chelsea, with momentum building. He is a decent guy I am sure of that. He needs to stop being the old Everton manager and become the new Manchester United manager, understand the club, fans expectations, the style of the football and the culture. I couldn’t care less what he says at press conferences, but I care about my club. I am born and bred United and will allow him time. But I am like a father who’s daughter has a new boyfriend, I will give him a chance, but if he fucks up he is out.

    • @Stephen: Fairly harsh comment but not misplaced. Moyes has to step up a few gears and grow into this job. That’s why we cant expect miracles all of a sudden. However, time is not an endless commodity and he’s going to have to show that he has the wherewithal to cut it, sooner rather than later.

    • @Stephen:

      “But I am like a father who’s daughter has a new boyfriend, I will give him a chance, but if he fucks up he is out”

      Does he take the new born and your daughter with him?

      With relevance to DM….. when he is finally shown the door, we (MUFC) are left to pick up the pieces and if the damage is, as could be, so severe, it could take quite a few years to put right.


  18. That is true, but he might succeed nobody knows. The abuse he has been given on this site in my opinion is unfair. He has made mistakes but as long as he learns from them he can go forward. The issue is if he doesn’t then we will be in trouble.

  19. You poke funa me? Can you post anything other can cutting and pasting others? Grow up little boy, you are a total child. You clearly have no friends, go away you annoying little twat. You are obessed with me, its getting a bit creepy, are you gay?

    • @Stephen:

      “Grow up little boy, you are a total child. You clearly have no friends, go away you annoying little twat”

      Another quality post from Mr President


  20. Sorry I can’t stop laughing at you obsession with me! 😆 Maccamug. You think you are being clever, but you are clearly not very well educated, I suppose that’s schools in Croydon for you.

  21. @Mr President

    “Sorry I can’t stop laughing at you obsession with me……you are clearly not very well educated, I suppose that’s schools in Croydon for you”

    ‘You obsession’….
    Every school kid will tell you it’s ‘YOUR’ and not ‘you’….
    Time for you to attend a school in Croydon Mr President.


    • @Stephen:

      Homophobic attacks now……

      First it was race, then the ‘council homes’ people and now the gay community.

      Is there any moral fibre in you whatsoever?


  22. Ha ha go away you knob 😆 You give it out but can’t take it back. No friends tonight? Not suprised, I love how you get on a moral crusade when it suits you, thick and stupid! 😀 enjoy you night faggot.

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