Jun 08 2012

United chase Modric, sign “special talent”

Tag: Paper Round-up @ 8:43 am

If Manchester United fans still had any doubts, a quick look at today’s backpages will have confirmed that we are well and truly in the silly seas, as far as transfer rumours are concerned.

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Jun 07 2012

United’s ‘Brand’ New Crest

During a time when the media ponder England Glory, we here at RedRants focus on a real United Icon…..The Manchester United Crest

The Manchester United Crest has become one of the most instantly recognisable ‘Sports Brand’ Icons of the modern global game. It’s become synonymous with success on and off the field. Yet this only tells part of the story, since for much of the reported 659million followers Our Crest means so much more than a Brand…..

It represents Pride… Joy… Tears… Pain… Love… Belief… Sweet and Bitter Memories… It represents Our Passion…

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Jun 06 2012

Win 50 Classic European Matches DVD

Tag: RedRants Feature @ 4:39 pm

In our final DVD giveaway and countdown to Euro 2012 in Poland & Ukraine, RedRants has undoubtedly saved the best for last.

Just days before the tournament starts I sense the mood and the atmosphere throughout the country is changing, football glorious football is about to return, hopefully with a bang! It doesn’t matter what nationality you are or who you’re supporting. Fingers crossed this summers ‘Carnival of Football’ (if you can have such a thing in the Ukraine!) will produce football of the highest calibre and create hero’s & villains in equal measure, with luck we could witness the production of classic matches to rival those before it.

Spread over 10 (TEN!) discs, the UEFA Euro: 50 Classic Matches DVD is a chance to relive some of the greatest moments the tournament has produced in it’s fifty year history.

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Jun 06 2012

Kagawa not here to sell shirts while Napoli enters race for Baines

Tag: Paper Round-up @ 10:17 am

Despite the fact that England’s first game at Euro 2012 is only five days away, the back pages have little time for line-ups and strategies as they continue to focus on the week’s big story – Rio Ferdinand’s omission from the England squad.

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Jun 05 2012

Euro 2012 preview – Keep an eye on…

Tag: Transfer Rumours @ 11:37 am

With last season’s heartbreak only three weeks old, watching football over the summer could be seen as slightly masochist by the vast majority of United fans.

Sure, the buzz when watching England is nowhere near as big as when watching our club from August to May (in some cases it is virtually non existent) and the summer is seen by most of us a chance to regroup our social lives, after girlfriends and wives have been neglected for almost every weekend of the last nine months.

But, with the transfer window rapidly approaching, Euro 2012 will provide the perfect opportunity to look at talents from around the continent, as Europe’s top clubs’ scouts will move en-masse to Poland and Ukraine.

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Jun 04 2012

You don’t have to be great to be a Fans Favourite, but it helps.

It’s a debate that will never end, no doubt, it can’t end, how could it with so many players, characters and club legends having passed through the doors of Old Trafford leaving families, friends and foes alike idolising or begrudging the talents they’ve witnessed?

Definitely a subject heavily swung by the year you’re born in and/or the era you grew up in, choosing your favourite players for each position based on popularity rather than ability stroke success, is a challenge. Many factors go into making a ‘Fans Favourite’ from scoring winners to simply signing for United! There’s been a lot more than eleven over the years so here’s my attempt at producing a ‘Fans Favourite XI’ from the players I’ve seen personally grace the Old Trafford pitch.

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Jun 01 2012

Euro 2012 preview – Reds watch

Tag: Manchester United @ 9:41 pm

Euro 2012 is only a week away and when the continental tournament kicks off in Poland and Ukraine next Friday, United fans will have a very small contingent of players to look at, the smallest in a big tournament in recent years.

England face a tough task in a group including one the host nations (Ukraine), a country against whom England have a terrible record (Sweden) and a team whose golden generation, unlike England’s, delivered results and whose young guns promise to be a stern test for Roy Hodgson’s team as the betting for Euro 2012 suggests.

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May 31 2012

The Dream Team

Tag: Manchester United @ 3:30 pm

Ok, so this is England and we’re Manchester United fans. Apparently, by default that should make us despise England’s National team and poke fun at it, but for me that’s just way too stereotypical so, having been asked by Bwin to give them my England Dream Team, that’s exactly what I’m about to do.

In my opinion Roy Hodgson was appallingly treated by the sham of a newspaper that is (I’m not even going to name it, we know which one it is that has the lowest standard of all newspapers….and that’s saying something!). With the FA (yes I know we’re supposed to hate the FA too but I’m sorry, I’ll hate the things they do to United that I feel were unfair but I’m not reverting to type and hating them per se) promoting Respect and Anti this-and-that campaigns, it was important to hire an England manager that fit in with their ‘vision’ and their future preachings.

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