Jul 23 2012

Public Relations Masterclass with our Ex-Season Ticket Holder

Tag: The Paul McGeady Story @ 5:41 am

I received an update from our Ex-Season Ticket Holder, Paul McGeady. In it, Paul informed me that United had finally contacted him via a phone call and he explained how it went.

With Paul’s permission, here’s the email word-for-word and a few of Paul’s thoughts. It also includes a follow-up email from the club after the conversation took place.

Have a read of it and leave your thoughts below.

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Jul 22 2012

Can Nick Powell be the Central Midfielder United fans Crave?

Tag: Manchester United Players @ 7:23 pm

When Nick Powell put pen to paper and signed for Manchester United, many were puzzled by Sir Alex Ferguson’s decision to invest on an unproven, albeit highly talented, youngster rather than splashing the cash on a central midfielder of proven quality.

The jury is and will be out for some time but the former Crewe player won’t be fazed one bit by it, as he prepares to make the huge leap from League Two to the Premier League and the Champions League.

Powell joined Crewe’s academy as a five-year old and developed into one of the most promising young midfielders in the country, making his full debut in 2010, when he was only 16.

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Jul 21 2012

Three Legends in United’s New Away Strip – Wallpaper

Tag: Wallpapers @ 11:32 am

How many years ago was it when United committed to only changing their kits every two years?

Maybe that did only include the home shirt but even that gets changed every year now, tradition and continuity has gone out of the window to satisfy the insatiable modern day consumer of football and all its paraphernalia. Once upon a few years ago there would be uproar from parents at the constant renewing of a T-Shirt that costs a whopping £45.00.

To be fair to the designers though, on this occassion (unlike the occassion when they made a total mess of the new home shirt) they’ve come up trumps in my opinion. This new away shirt ticks all the boxes for me, what do you think?

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Jul 19 2012

RVP a “done deal”?

Tag: Classic Posts,Paper Round-up @ 8:50 am

Reports on the Mirror suggest that Sir Alex Ferguson is confident Robin Van Persie will join United.

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Jul 13 2012

The Tactics Board- Nine and a half

Wayne Rooney had a good season for Manchester United, but it’s hard to define what role he plays for the team. Playing in the deep-lying forward role in United 4-4-1-1 system, he functions as both the main creator and a dangerous goal scorer, but that hasn’t always been his role. In 2011/2012, he was responsible for 35 goals and 4 assists. With these stats, many people think he’s a more dangerous goal scoring threat than creating, but that’d be a mistake. In 2010/2011, he struggled in the early half of the season, before making a good partnership playing behind Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez. In that season, he managed to score 11 goals and contributed another 11 assists, proving that he is as dangerous setting up goals for others as he is scoring them himself. In 2009/2010, he played a different role. He was the main goal scoring threat, scoring 26 goals as his club just missed out on the title. Continue reading

Jul 10 2012

Football odds available at William Hill on any match in any league

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Where do you start to look to find the most attractive football odds out there?

Results now and later

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Jul 05 2012

That sinking feeling…of a Brazilian wonderkid

Tag: Paper Round-up @ 9:25 am

Following a quiet couple of weeks, everything seems to have exploded into action, with United now occupying every back page in the country.

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Jul 04 2012

Eight years of lies

Tag: Manchester United News @ 10:09 am

“Our indebtedness could adversely affect our financial health and competitive position.”

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