May 10 2012

“We are the Scoreboard, the Scoreboard Paddock”

Tag: Manchester United @ 6:04 pm

Fans United is a supporters consortium consisting of Manchester United fans groups, fanzines and supporters. We have been in talks with Manchester United officials about introducing a singing section, to improve the atmosphere at Old Trafford.

Manchester United have offered us the current away section at Old Trafford for use as a singing section next season (Subject to confirmation of the away fans move) and we aim to bring back the atmosphere and colour of the old Scoreboard Paddock, making this section a fans area and raising the volume at Old Trafford. Manchester United are allowing us to promote and have this area as our section and have welcomed our ideas and vision for this section.

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May 10 2012

Manchester: a tale of two owners

Tag: Manchester United @ 3:42 pm

Actions, we are often told, speak louder than words. The ugly scenes that unfolded on Monday night at Ewood Park offered a kind of twisted backing to the statement as for the first time it became apparent how much inept owners can ruin a football club.

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May 09 2012

Bayern and United to fight for Baines, Hazard is a blue and Pogba says goodbye

Tag: Paper Round-up @ 10:35 am

With four days left until Sunday’s title decider, Fleet Street has taken its eyes off the title race for a day and concentrated them on the transfer gossip. United fans might wish to look away now as the news aren’t exactly exciting.

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May 08 2012

United go Scottish with new kit

The title might have slipped through United’s fingers, the strategy regarding this summer’s transfers might still be unknown (and it will, perhaps, remain so for a few months) but at least United have their new kit for the 2012-2013 season.

At 4pm today, the club’s official facebook page published a picture of the shirt United will be wearing next season.

Truth be told, the picture only reveals a small detail below the collar, a curious tartan-like pattern that rumours have described as a tribute to Sir Alex Ferguson’s 25-year-long reign at the helm.

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May 08 2012

The Tactics Board- Missed chances United’s Swan song?

This game started out slow, as United appeared to be deflated after the derby loss and City winning against Newcastle 30 minutes before this game kicked off. Swansea played with little passion or pace, which allowed United to take control of the game as they eventually stirred to life. United’s front 4 played some very strong attacking football, moving between Swansea’s lines and getting the ball into dangerous spots. United created numerous scoring opportunities to narrow the goal differential with Manchester City, but they were let down repeatedly by poor finishing. Swansea ended up sitting back deep on defense, and tried to counter with Dyer into the space behind Evra, but he received little support from his teammates and United’s defense responded well. With 2 first half goals, United’s attack looked dangerous throughout the second half, keeping Swansea pined deep in their own zone, but again the Red Devils struggled to turn chances into goals.

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May 07 2012

Central Midfield. Important or not?

Tag: Manchester United @ 12:13 pm

I remember Steve McClaren being a guest on Super Sunday one weekend last season, during his time on the show he gave away one or two little snippets of how Sir Alex Ferguson ticks and shared them with the world quite innocently. The first was about how Sir Alex would know his team upto 6 (six) weeks in advance. The second however was a far more eyebrow raising statement.

‘Sir Alex’ McClaren said ‘puts a huge onus on three positions within his teams. The goalkeeper, a central defence partnership and a goalscorer’.

Surely his former No2 wasn’t suggesting Sir Alex Ferguson didn’t feel central midfielders were as important as them, was he?

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May 06 2012

United’s slim title hopes hanging by a thread.

Tag: Manchester United,Match Reports @ 8:37 pm

Manchester United waved goodbye to Old Trafford for this season with a comfortable 2-0 over Swansea.

Goals from Paul Scholes and Ashley Young secured three points for the Reds, meaning that the title will now be decided on the last game of the season.

United took the field after bad news had filtered in from Newcastle, where City had secured three points and, perhaps, secured their first title since 1968.

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May 06 2012

Destination Kiev – A Travellers Guide

Tag: RedRants Feature @ 7:58 pm

This years European Championships are set to be one the most fiercely contested finals of all time with great players and great managers gathering to provide us with an exhibition of football never to be forgotten.

Poland & Ukraine are ready and set to host the championships from the 8th June all the way to the final on Sunday 1st July.

This 3 disc box set chronicles each of the 16 teams journey to the final stages and provides you with an insight into what’s been happening behind the scenes to prepare each venue to host the event. Watch as relatively unknown cities such as Wroclaw in Southern Poland and Opalenica in the west transform into the impressive stadia they are today.

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