Jun 12 2007

The Official Word on Heinze | Rooting for Real

The first part of this post will have a lot of gloating. Be Afraid. Very, very afraid!

Manutd.com has finally broken its silence on the Heinze situation. In fact, Gaby Heinze has himself broken the silence over the situation. More on that and a little bit on Real Madrid today.

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Jun 11 2007

The Scholes-Sunderland connection is BS

Tag: Manchester United News @ 3:18 pm

Let me start this off by saying that the headline does nothing to convey my sympathies for the lady who gave birth to the cunt who dreamt of this rumour. Madam, I truly feel sorry for you.

Oh yes, where were we?

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Jun 09 2007

United to Sign Another Striker

It’s official now. Looks like Gill and Ferguson are a bit bored with such quick activity in the transfer market that they now feel the need to sign someone else to keep the place buzzing with activity. You know, even I’ve been in such situations when I wrapped up my transfer dealings for Bristol City (in Football Manager) in 3 days flat. The rest of the pre-season then becomes an ordeal of emptiness that prompts some more spending just for the heck of it.

Anyway, I am sure that’s not the same with Gill and Fergie.

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Jun 08 2007

The 07/08 Manchester United Kit Leaked?

While we see a lot of kits being revealed these days, our club has been relatively silent about the dates of their release. Plenty of sites and forums have popped up posting pictures of kits and most prominent of them have been the one showing Rooney apparently on a Nike commercial for Sky Sports.

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Jun 08 2007

Manchester United Pre-Season Fixture List

Manchester United have declared their pre-season fixture list for the 07/08 season.

The fixtures can be seen as having two stages as we have seen for the past season. The first will be the unavoidable outside-Europe commitments that the club will have to fulfill. They will undertake the grueling tour far east this time and even if the tour might be tiring, it brings in the moolah.

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Jun 07 2007

Heinze Rumours (Again) and Foster’s Injury

There are a some more bits of news that wasn’t talked about in the last post but well, I am not going to be covering everything in this post too, and a few more posts may even follow after this.

As some regular readers may have noticed, our daily “Man Utd Headlines of the Day” post isn’t quite daily enough. I think it has more to do with the rather bad post headline it creates, especially if you want to dig through our archives. So while we will still continue to cover club related news daily, the Headlines of the Day type of a post title will be used less often.

Anyway. Back to the news.

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Jun 07 2007

Nani’s Medical | Rossi’s Loan | Anderson’s Permit

Quite a few things have been simmering around over the last few days. So let’s have a look at some of them and dwell on a few of the stories that we feel dwelling upon.

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Jun 05 2007

The Defensive Dilemma

Jonny Evans has returned to United after a successful loan stint at Sunderland. Reports have it that the reasoning behind that move would be to fight for a place for himself at the centre of defence during the course of the next season and the season after that.

All this comes with the possibility (if not already confirmed) of Pique also returning to OT next season to fight for a place in the centre of defence.

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