May 25 2007

Manchester United Season Review | Part II | The Engine Room

This is in continuation of our series (not yet decided on the number of parts in it) where we review the 2006-07 season and players’ performance. Good to see your responses for the first part. I do admit, Wes Brown somehow slipped my fingers although it was in my mind. Anyway I added my view on his performance in Part I. Do read it and get back to this.

Today we will be taking a look at the midfield. The center of the park, also dubbed the ‘Engine room’. While we will be taking a look at our central midfielders, we’ll review our wingers along with the strikers in the next part, so hang on.
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May 24 2007

Manchester United Season Review | Part I | The Defence

Now that the season is truly over from both the domestic and European perspective for all English clubs, it is a time worth spending on taking a look at the season gone by. Yes, before that, a mention about the Champions’ League final where Milan beat Liverpool 2-1, although to be fair, the scoreline flattered the Rossoneri. The Scousers would have had every right to kick themselves for not taking the opportunity to beat a below-par Milan team. Anyway, we are not complaining. The last thing you want to hear is some drunk Scouser screaming about winning it for the 6th time through the night.

Back to the post, this is the first of a three part series, (oh wait, it could also be extended to four or five depending on what I feel might have gotten left out in the three parts), on our 2006-07 season where we take a look at the performance of our team, players and how they fared in general. So in addition to my opinions, I will also be objective about their performances by rating them on a scale of 10. So kindly grant me that luxury.

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May 22 2007

Dear Sir Alex Ferguson

Another contribution from an old Soccerlens reader, this time it’s Karl.

Dear Sir Alex Ferguson…

(I’m hoping that you run a Google search on you name and come across this letter).

Thank you for this wonderful 2006/2007 season of football that you made possible for so many of us. Many people wrote this team off in the beginning of this season. Yet, You Believed! Your belief made the team achieve the most impossible and un-thinkable. You brought back pride to Old Trafford once again. I now once again enter bars proudly with my AIG replica shirt (not that I were ever really ashamed, I now just walk a bit more proud). Thank you!

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May 21 2007

Did Fergie Bottle It?

This was written by one of our contributors (Ashley Keet) over at Soccerlens, but I thought it would be a better fit here. Enjoy!

It’s been a couple of days now since the final and despite attempting to stay away from as much post match reaction as possible i havent been able to escape the usual finger pointing and “what if” statements that follow a bad result. What if Giggs’ goal was given? and who actually was the better side? In truth both sides were poor and neither really deserved it but i couldnt help but come away feeling let down, not by the players but by Fergie…

He has done a cracking job in winning the premiership back this season and i can’t wait to see this team progress under his management over the next few years but i can’t help but wave that finger of blame in his direction for Saturdays result. I just think that he bottled it!

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May 21 2007

Man Utd Headlines: 21 May 2007

Another day dawns. The gut still feels a bit sore after the FA Cup loss, but it has mostly healed to a great degree, thanks to the Premiership crown. But with lack of inactivity football-wise, the head now seems to feel sore. Long summer beckons. Maybe watching a second string Brazil side play the Copa America might help, but I digress.

Anyway here are the Man Utd stories of the day. The stories that I felt worth discussing that is.

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May 21 2007

Craig Gordon to Manchester United?

Tag: Manchester United News @ 6:44 am

Just when you think that the Beeb is playing it straight with you, they throw you a wicked curveball that throws you off-balance. A friendly reminder that you can’t trust anyone in football.

With shades of TribalFootball and Daily Mail, BBC Sport starts off with a statement that reads:

Manchester United are considering an £8m summer transfer bid for Hearts and Scotland goalkeeper Craig Gordon, BBC Sport understands.

And after a brief mention about Martin O’Neill watching the Hearts-Kilmarnock game and scouting players, it breaks into a re-hashing of old material.

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May 20 2007

Manchester United 2006/2007 Season Review

Tag: Manchester United News @ 9:54 pm

Update: Red Ranter is doing the season review here on Red Rants, while I’m doing my bit over at SL.

If you’re an old (relatively) reader of Soccerlens, you’ll remember that back before the season started, I did a week-long preview for the club, looking at the squad from different aspects and at SAF’s future.

Now that the season is over and with news that Owen Hargreaves is set to leave Bayern Munich, it’s also time to put the previous season to rest with a detailed season review.

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May 20 2007

It’s Owen Hargreaves…again

Tag: Manchester United News @ 2:01 pm

Reports coming out of Germany suggest that Bayern Munich had agreed a 17m deal with Manchester United for Owen Hargreaves and now all that remains to be done is for the player to agree to a 4-year contract.

You can expect both parties to stay quiet about it until it’s done, but a few things about the timing make sense.

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