May 20 2007

It hurts like hell

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That hurt.

Robben couldn’t do it, Joe Cole couldn’t do it, Rooney and Ronaldo couldn’t do it. Even Giggs – the FA Cup hero – couldn’t do it.

Ok, so maybe Giggsy got the goal but if the linesman and the ref don’t see it (and Cech sure as hell wasn’t going to tell them), it doesn’t count. That sucks, but what sucks more is that after Smith’s tackle on Mikel we switched off for a bit and Chelsea got the goal by moving quickly off the free kick.

A moment of inspiration from Drogba, sheer class by Lampard and then the harder-than-steel determination to finish it off – Drogba may not be the best finisher but this season he’s got them when it counted the most and he made it count again this time.

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May 19 2007

Thoughts on the FA Cup Final

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I’ve already done the official Chelsea – United final preview, but that page’s a bit cluttered and I wanted to be more biased about it, so here’s my unofficial, fkn biased, preview.

I see two scenarios – one says that United will be embarrassed, and the ghosts of 29th April 2006 (Stamford Bridge) will come back to haunt us. With Vidic and Carrick that seems unlikely but Joe Cole and Drogba cannot be discounted, and I feel that Joe Cole is a frighteningly good player who hasn’t had the team or the stage (yet) to bring out the best from him consistently (except last season at Chelsea).

He can still improve, so yes, I’m a tad bit worried about him.

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May 19 2007

Globally Red

There are a lot of complications associated with being a part of the global village. I mean, for one, there’s no place you can run to when you’ve just gone and called someone some names. Look ma! They’re in here too…

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May 19 2007

Has Nani Penned New Deal?

This new ‘development’ has been gnawing away at my brain for the past day and a half. So let’s get rid of it right away once and for all.

Apparently, going by some papers, Nani has penned a new contract that will see him at Sporting Lisbon till 2013 with his get out clause now raised to around £20 million from the earlier £7 million.

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May 18 2007

What is your formation?


This season, Manchester United has tried to play quite a few formations. No prizes for guessing the man masterminding these formations – Carlos Queiroz. Sometimes the change in formation was awful (negative 4-5-1 in Europe), but sometimes they left us with some sweet memories (4-2-3-1 in Europe).

Lets have a look at these formations, and which would suit the team more depending on the signings Manchester United make this summer.

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May 18 2007

Can Rooney replace Scholes?

Note: The following was sent in by one of our readers, Karan.

So we’ve won the premiership. No time to gloat, we have figure out how to get better and how to improve the squad. We want to win the title again next year, and our squad is fragile. Lets face it, the most cover we had was in defense and it’s lucky thats where we got most of our injuries. Our midfield is talented but there’s no depth. If one of scholes, ronaldo or giggs gets a long term injury, how do we cope with that. We saw how badly we fared in 2005 when scholes was not there.

So, thinking along these lines, what’s a good lineup for manchester united? Who should we buy and where should everyone play?

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May 17 2007

Edwin Van der Sar and Ben Foster can happily coexist

EVDS was the solution for Manchester United’s goalkeeping problems after the departure of the legendary Peter Schmeichel. He has been very instrumental in the success of Manchester United this season. It makes me wonder why Sir Alex hasn’t bid earlier for this excellent shotstopper.

However, he has become old and might start making mistakes if his weary legs are not given enough rest.

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May 16 2007

Man Utd Stories of the Day

Folks, we must admit we’ve just come back from possibly the longest break since this blog started. In case you’re wondering, no. We haven’t lost interest. Just that now, that the season is over there is really precious little to write about. Even the media has gone relatively quite. Unless of course, if you are reading TribalFootball. They are blessed with a sixth sense that we mortals do not possess. So let’s get on with the mere scraps of news that we get to read, shall we?

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