“Players want out of United”

PA_SOCCER-Man-Utd-155647_6832471-6108523Showing a remarkable lack of self-awareness, not to mention a grasp of the basic laws of irony and sarcasm, Anderson has revealed that “lots of players want out” of Manchester United and not just those who, like him, have never been in contention for a starting spot this season.

United might be enduring a torrid season having fallen to their eighth defeat of the campaign on Saturday against Stoke, but being lectured by a man who completed 90 minutes just 19 times in 96 league games for the club is nothing short of ludicrous, as well as being unacceptable.

Having declared at the start of the season that he was “happy to be at the club” even if that meant be on the bench – or terrorising a nearby buffet, presumably – it has taken Anderson less than a week to fire upon his club, after he joined Fiorentina on loan in the January transfer window.

“I’m sure that lots of players want out, especially players like myself and Nani who have been in Manchester for seven or eight years,” Anderson said in an interview with the Manchester Evening News.

“Manchester United is a huge club, a club that does everything for its players but sometimes a footballer wants to leave just to experience a different way to play football, to learn something as well.”

By “learning something” we can safely assume Anderson meant “I fancied a bit of pizza, after devouring Nando’s for seven years and thought I might have a crack at stealing as a footballer in a different country” The Brazilian also admitted he hopes to make his switch to Italy permanent in the summer – hopes which are undoubtedly shared by every Red in the country.

“I am grateful to be here to try and win as many titles as I have in Manchester. Definitely I want to stay here [in Florence],” said Anderson.

“Playing in Manchester was great, it’s a prestigious club with a lot of history but I’ve been there 7 or 8 years and I’m grateful to be here to show Fiorentina what I can do and fight for a spot in the starting lineup.”

You do that, Ando, and good riddance.




  1. I don’t know whether to laugh at Anderson, or cry for our current state. These are surreal times.

  2. Just read this article from Gary Pallister, who was singing Moyes’praises.As good a player as you were Gary,you are not in reality here.You quoted that when you were at United ‘”The senior professionals, Bryan Robson and Mal Donaghy, told the young lads to keep doing their jobs and it would come right”.Unfortunately Moyes has undermined the senior professionals such as Evra, Ferdinand, Vidic,&RVP.He has over trained Rio & Vida, tried unsuccessfully to sign 3 left backs behind Evra’s back.He has crocked RVP and others with his stupid 1960’s training methods.Has overplayed Giggs.Has played Kagawa, Wellbeck, Smalling, Rooney,out of position and then wonders why we are not winning.Zaha was NOT given a chance.Regarding ”Keep doing their jobs”.They have been in jobs that they were not coached or trained for.Now who made all of those ‘Bizarre decisions’

  3. I don’t see anything wrong with Anderson’s statements.

    I’m glad he left, but because I believe he still has a chance to live up to some of his potential.

    I’m pretty sure that he is right about a number of players wanting to leave. Nani’s made no secret of it. The twins issued a public statement. Rooney…well he’s Rooney. Kagawa will be stupid if he stays (he does not seem like the stupid type). Rio’s definitely leaving, as is Vidic. I don’t see how Chicarito can be happy with his role? Wonder what Januzaj will do if Real comes in with a serious and strong offer? Zaha does not seem like he will stay on. It’s anyone’s guess what RVP’s plans are (50/50 I think). DDG is not doing his career and reputation any favours by gaurding against a leaky defense and non-existent midfield.

    Did I leave anyone of significance out?

    • @Karl: With Valdes confirming his departure at the end of the season, it will be the perfect time for Barcelona to capitalize on our current state of affairs and swoop in for De Gea. The direction we’re headed under Moyes aside, every Spanish lad dreams of playing for Real/Barca, and it will be heartbreaking to see him go as we had something special there.

      If we finish outside the top 4, Rooney will leave for his last big paycheck, so I strongly suspect that any contract with United is pending on our position in May. In my opinion, Mourinho not signing a striker in January was a telling sign of his intentions.

      I do not see any future for Kagawa, Zaha or Chicharito under Moyes. Ironically, I think RVP’s age may be a factor for him to stay. Januzaj is one of Moyes’ achievements (?) to date so he will be kept no matter what.

      Really, we can speculate about pretty much any player on our squad list such is the uncertainty of our future under this disastrous regime.

      • @Moscow: Based on how De Gea has played this season and the fact I cannot for the life of me remember the last time he made a game saving save, I am willing to buy his air fare to Barcelona. In fairness to him however, I think the loss of Luke Steele has really hurt him. Yet another dumb ass move by Moyes. Moyes needed coaches that made him feel comfortable instead of coaches that made the players comfortable and perform better. 🙄

        • @Grognard: That’s very harsh on De Gea considering some of the howlers the likes of Cech and Lloris have made this season, Hart suffered a complete meltdown at City. Difference is that those sides are able to field consistent backlines which are also shielded by a solid midfield. However this only excuses DDG and not Moyes. I agree that sacking Steele was a despicable act which has unfortunately been eclipsed by even more spectacularly incompetent decisions.

        • @Grognard: And just to add, keepers are usually the heroes of relegation teams, if we are reduced to DDG pulling rabbits out of the bag every game then woe is us. He has saved our bacon the past two seasons and deserves more than some leniency given that he is just a kid in GK terms.

        • @Grognard: Moscow, every keeper makes a howler here there. My complaint with De Gea is that he is just not making enough big and timely saves. Last year he was, this year his focus isn’t there. As poor as we are, we do not actually give up that many shots on our goal, especially at OT. Therefore it is of paramount importance that De Gea be awake and focused for those few chances that occur. He hasn’t been. The ability is there. It’s his head that isn’t. I think he is dreaming of Barcelona to be honest.

      • @Grognard: 😆 😆 😆

        Jokes aside, it’s almost a human tragedy that people in Manchester are scraping the barrel for a living under the coalition government while we fed Anderson’s pocket (and belly) for years with millions despite car-crashes, orgy scandals and instagram photos of cake in mid-season. All this while he couldn’t complete 90 minutes to earn a living, I guess some people really are born lucky 😡

        • @Moscow: ….. or you could get picked up by United as a Summer bargain.
          I just can’t think of a good bargain buy that we have picked up.
          You usually get what you pay for, and diddly squat only gets you a diddly talent.

        • @Moscow: Anderson was a bloody disgrace and my biggest pet peeve about him is that whenever we won a trophy, he would make it his mission to be at the center of every picture or video celebration mugging for attention and acting like he was the savior that won the cup for us. A number of players over the years have rubbed my rhubarb but none like fatso Andy and his gut that at always arrived at Old Trafford five minutes before the rest of his body. I’m fat myself but I don’t go around masquerading as a footballer.

  4. With Anderson it is a case of sour grapes but other players would be more than justified if they wanted out.

    Professional footballers have a very limited shelf life and none of them owe any real loyalty to the club.

    Van Persie joined expecting the chance to work with Rene Meulesteen and Sir Alex and win trophies. A lot can change in little more than a year.

    Hernandez was happy with Ferguson knowing he was an integral part of a successful team and used effectively to make a big impact. Under Moyes he continues to sit on the bench watching in disbelief as Moyes brings on another defender to turn around a 2-1 deficit.

    Evra has had to put up with Moyes very publicly pursuing other left backs.

    Jones may have put up with playing midfield under Ferguson but with Vidic and Rio on their last legs what does he have to do to get a game in central defence? Ditto Smalling shunted out to right back all the time.

    Januzaj may be grateful to Moyes for giving him his big break but why on earth is he not starting every game? Ronaldo was starting every game at the same age and he is miles better than Young and Valencia. And if he wants to reach the same heights as Ronaldo he needs to be competing for titles every season and playing in the Champions League.

    Mata may think he is lucky to escape his Chelsea hell. But with our possession usually well under 50% and his likely position on the left wing he isn’t going to be getting much more of the ball than he did as a Chelsea substitute.

    Nani hasn’t done himself any favours but I truly believe had Moyes stuck with him he would have rediscovered his form. It makes no sense to offer a player a new contract then bench him after a few bad games

    As for Kagawa unless he enjoys sitting on the bench with Fellaini he should jump ship as well.

    The only players that have good reason to feel happy under Moyes are Cleverley, Young, Valencia, Evans and Welbeck. Average hard working players who don’t ever have to worry about being replaced and get way more than their fair share of games.

    And if Rooney decides to extend his contract he will be revealing his true colours as an insecure mercenary who would rather be a big fish in a rapidly shrinking pond than spending his 30s competing for titles and playing Champions League football.

    • @colver: United players remind of a bunch of brats who got used to one babysitter and then decide to turn the house upside down when the babysitter is replaced. Fergie knew how to push their buttons and get the very best they could possibly offer. Moyes pushes all their negative buttons which has forced them all to turn off and tune him out. It’s hard to respect a small timer like Moyes after it becomes clear that his approach and his tactical IQ isn’t good enough for the second division. They miss Fergie’s reign of terror because footballers get the best out of themselves when the manager imposes discipline and expectations while not tolerating second best. Moyes is just over matched managing a club that has expectations that are so much higher than what he was used to

  5. For me Anderson is not just one of the worst signings ever under the Ferguson regime, but he has got to go down for me at least as the biggest dud to have ever played for United. What a colossal waste of time and space. What a bum!!! I absolutely hated him and was calling for his head for 7 years. I could tell from day one he was rubbish and I ask myself how in God’s name could the supposed experts in charge of this club not see what I could see? Bebe and some others might have been worse but at least we never had to endure them for as many games and seasons as this pile of trash. To Anderson I just have one thing to say. GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH! And to Fiorentina I say. MY SYMPATHIES.

    • @Grognard: Good Pizza pies in Florence I hear. Lard-butt will now be Mozzarella-butt.
      Goodbye, and enjoy your anonymity (and your Pizza)

      Typical mentality of Fergusons signings of late (don’t get me started on Wilfred).

      • @Redrich: You know Red, sometimes I worry that a player who leaves us does really well where he goes and makes us look foolish for letting him go. I have no such worries when it comes Anderson. 😀

        • @Grognard: Check…

          There was Ronaldo of course. Strange how we sloughed him off like a commodity rather than a company asset.
          The 80mil was banked and used for Glazer benefit, but now, if you add up the bits and pieces of what we spent on Bebe, Valencia, Kagawa, Zaha, Obertan, Young, Hernandez, etc., etc,, and now, what we’re spending on any live body (although that’s probably cruel on Mata), it clearly means that the club is being kicked down the road like a tin can and not run like a professional football club.

          I don’t care about how we rebuild – as long as we rebuild, but that process will always be in doubt when the hierarchy have yet to admit there’s a problem.

          When Charlton and Gill and Ferguson pose with long faces and sneers of disapproval, you have to wonder whether they are worrying about the future or, perhaps, covering the tracks of their influence on the recent past.

  6. Whether Anderson is Wright or not is open for debate. The way things are paning out at the moment though, leads me to think it’s not going to be long before moyes starts losing the dressing room (if he already hasn’t).I just can’t see the likes of rvp, evra, rooney etc keeping quite while the team are being crucified daily in the national press.These are players with big ego’s and seem to have plenty to say, so to think they’re gonna stand by while moyes and his joke of a coaching staff slowly drain whatever confidence is left in this team with his mind numbing tactics and decisions, just doesn’t seem realistic.For me, that could be the whole turning point, something the glazer clan simply couldn’t ignore.Messrs Charlton and ferguson can preach as much as much as they want about giving moyes time etc, but the fact of the matter is in today’s modern game its all about player power.Just look at how terry, cole..etc underminded avb at chelsea with continual conversations with abramovich behind avb’s back, basically destroying his credibility at the club. I’m not saying that would happen at utd, just get the feeling though a tipping point is not far off the way things are going, be interesting to see how this is going to develop over the coming weeks.

  7. Anderson out, Vidic out, Rio out, Nani out, Evra out, Zaha out, Cleverly out, Smalling out, Evans out, Jones out, Welbeck out, Hernandez out, Giggs out (shocked I said that), Young out, Valencia out and of course, Glazer’s out.
    I could give a rats arse about the manager because the total embodiment of history’s greatest and present day’s A-lister managers, will fail to turn anyone of the above mentioned into anything other than a mid-table hack who can’t even control the ball at their feet long enough to retain or excite possession.

    Defcon 5 is what I call for, nuke the lot of them. They should all hang their heads in shame – they play for United FFS, where is their credentials???

    • @Redrich: Holy Christ Red, you sound like me…….but on steroids. 😆 😆 😆

      I have to agree with you for the most part. I would keep Jones because I think he is a hard worker and has value as a utility player. I also love Chicharito because he never complains and has been given a bum deal by both Fergie and now Moyes. I’d throw Welbeck off the sinking ship well before Chicharito. Who cares if has scored a handful of goals of late. He soft, lazy and has no grit or true finishing sense. Hernandez at least is capable of scoring big goals when we need them and with a smile and grace to boot.

      I’d get rid of the following lot. Lindegaard, Rafael, Evans, Smalling, Rio, Evra, Cleverley, Fellaini, Young, Welbeck and Rooney. I ask Giggsy and Fletch to retire as I haven’t got the heart to cut them and Nani and Valencia stay as backups. I would call back Zaha and actually give him a chance to prove what he can do. As for Rooney. He’s still a good player but he no longer is great and I am just so sick and tired of his threats to leave that I am willing to accommodate him. I think his attitude has been part of the problem with the club as Moyes has bent over backwards to please him and for me that is unforgivable.

      Now I realize this is just fantasy Football Manager stuff but the truth is none of these players are worth shite and United could do better. Fabio and Anderson are gone and we need to keep the door open and hasten the exodus. The club needs a massive makeover in not just talent but playing philosophy and style. I love Mourinho’s quote after the West Ham draw last weekend. “West Ham play football from the 19th century”. Well United aren’t that archaic. At least their football is like the 20th century.

      • @Grognard: If is there was any doubt. I have watched the quality of players being diluted more than a drink in a Las Vegas casino. I have consistently been critical of play because the players involved have not been capable of competing, one-on-one with their counterparts and when new recruits are finally brought in, they do not threaten the position of their peers either. they are but a scant shadow of their peers.

        Honestly, what professional sports team on this planet, would allow themselves to fall so far.
        Who is watching the watchers, who is questioning the hierarchy, who is in charge of the youth system (and why haven’t they been run out of town already) and why is the troll called Woodward, not standing up to criticism and doing what ever he can to protect his manager??

        This is not an organized organization. It seems like it’s an Old Boys Club that are, currently, covering their own arses for their own sorry futures.
        The club, the players, the supporters, you & I, are the furthest thing in their minds.

        • @Redrich: Although the players suck, the number one indicator that the biggest problem is Moyes and his coaching staff is how we have gone from being a club that has 60% possession in games under Fergie to a club that often has 40% or less under Moyes. Regardless of what we think of the players, they are the same crew that have played for both managers. Moyes for me is the biggest culprit who is guilty for our demise and failure this season.

    • @Redrich: Not disagreeing that this squad needs a damn good shake up, and more than a few players need showing the door, but Zaha, Hernandez, Jones, and Smalling really?
      All I’ll say is look at Chelski and the Mourinho factor.
      He’s got John Terry reborn again and having quite possibly his best season since 2007.
      He’s got Gary fucking Cahill playing like Vidic of 2008 (he was huge yesterday) and the likes of Ivanovic, Ramires, Luiz, Hazard and Willian playing out of their skins.
      My point being, top managers get the best out of their players and can get even average ones capable of playing to a high level if under the right guidance, confidence and system.
      The fact that all but maybe Rooney, Januzaj and De Gea are playing like shite, suggests that maybe the way to remedy this disaster isn’t to just gut the squad of 20 players (which is impractical anyway), but to start with the man at the top, the manager, the guy supposed to be getting said players playing to their potential, filling them with confidence and figuring out a system they can play under that will get the best out of them.
      Not everyone is a Mourinho and can do that to the standards he sets, but fuck me, I really have a hard time believing that with the likes of RVP, Rooney, Mata, Januzaj, Mata, Kagawa, Carrick, Rafael, De Gea, Hernandez etc we can’t see something better than this.

      • @tonymontanna4united: I don’t like our squad but Fergie has already shown that as a group, they are all more capable of doing well than what we have seen this year under Dave and his stooges.

        • @Grognard: Nobody else would ever get as much out of this squad as Fergie did, but then nobody that I can remember ever had us down at winning the title this season once we knew of his departure.

          As far as I’m concerned though, De Gea, Rafael, Jones, Smalling/Evans/Vidic, Evra, Carrick/Fellaini, Fletcher, Mata, Januzaj/Kagawa, Rooney, RVP, whilst certainly lacking in certain areas (most notably LB and CM), is more than good enough to atleast challenge for a top 4 spot, and it takes an absolute fucking idiot with limited management skills not to be able to achieve that (I give you David Moyes, our idiot).

          Mignolet, Johnson, Toure, Skrtel, Enrique, Lucas, Gerrard, Henderson, Coutinho, Sturridge, Suarez

          Howard, Coleman, Distin, Jagielka, Baines, McCarthy, Barry, Barkley, Pienaar, Mirallas, Lukaku.

          I genuinely don’t look at those 2 squads and think that they are superior to ours.
          Playing better than ours yes, but then whose in charge in getting the best out of the players every week?
          Whose in charge of coming up with a system to get the best out of our players?

          Sacking Moyes won’t turn our fortunes around overnight and won’t make us the best side in the league once again, because let’s face it- this side does need some serious work still, but bringing in a competent manager who inspires some confidence, has some sort of winning pedigree, and can get us playing something half way resembling decent, progressive football would be more than a decent start.

      • @tonymontanna4united: The drop off was clearly when RVP and then Rooney went down. It exposed the squad to its soft underbelly and, believe me, it’s a baby’s bottom. You cannot include Mata into the equation either FFS, he has just come aboard and we all know that Rooney needs a few games under his belt to get his mojo back, too.

        I want to believe that the simple firing of Moyes would ease our pain, but I’m fearful that the Glazer administration will only do that to defer the inevitability of parting with the mountain of cash it’ll take to rebuild this team. That’s why I don’t understand this rush to replace Moyes, who in fact, is responsible for exposing this side for what it really is. However, I don’t believe that replacing Moyes will solve anything unless this squad is summarily gutted and rebuilt from the ground up.
        There was always going to be a drop off when SAF left – no one could imagine quite how much, and that, right there, is the at the core of why the finger is pointing at him.

        I don’t think Moyes has the experience that a lot of other Managers would have brought to the table, and yes JoMo would have done a better job of this season. But that would be more of the same band-aid job that SAF did over the past 5 years.

        If I could guess as to why Ferguson left when did, it was probably because he had no appetite at all to oversee the Holocaust that rebuilding this team would turn into.

        England won the WC in 1966 and despite 5 decades of countless new managers, (some better than others) they are getting worse and not better. The clear reason is that English players are no longer competitive with their counterparts, but in England’s defense, they can’t simply go and buy new players, can they? United have allowed the squad to become noncompetitive, without any other excuse except that they didn’t spend the money on new players and they have not nurtured there Youth system well enough. They have themselves to blame and until they overcome those issues, replacing the manager with a sexier version, will do nothing at all, except, perhaps, giving you lot what you’re crying out for.

        • @Redrich: Not disputing any of that mate.
          I’ve been one of the Glazers biggest dissenters over the years, berating them for their lack of ambition and penny pinching ways one too many times, and still do view them as a cancer and a bunch of leeching so and so’s.
          But hard as it is to admit, we can’t dispute the fact that so far they have backed Moyes to the tune of nearly £70m, and that figure will probably exceed or atleast reach the £100m mark by the summer.
          £100m in the space of 12 months to maybe have Moyes pushing us for a top 4 spot 🙄
          It’s just not good enough.

          I can’t help but cast envious glances at the likes of Klopp, Simeone, and Potecchino who are all getting their sides massively exceeding on expectations with exciting, swashbuckling sides that have barely cost them a penny, and wonder what they could be achieving with our squad, plus a £100m budget (oh and quite possibly one if if not THE most talented youngsters in world football who has come out of nowehere and had a gigantic impact this season).
          I just can’t help but think those names would have got us setting our sights alot higher than 7th, maybe 4th by next season, all whilst playing some beautiful football, and making some of the changes that fans have been calling for for many years.

          Basically what I’m saying is, we don’t have money pouring out of our arse, the Glazers have more than seen to that.
          So it’s important that what we do get, especially now during this time of change and a need for restructure, we spend wisely.
          If we don’t, we really will find ourselves in the crapper and we put ourselves in a position where it may well takes decades to build ourselves back to where we once were.

        • @Redrich: @tonymontanna4united
          Mate, we haven’t played “beautiful” football since Ronaldo read the wall and got the hell out. We are wallowing in a bog of mediocrity and no Manager on the face of this earth will turn that bog into a fertile meadow – and saying stuff like “its just not good enough” doesn’t go to the core issue, which is, the squad of players we have right now are not capable of playing decent, solid football, let alone “beautiful”.

          If I was an A-List manager looking for a new challenge, I wouldn’t touch this team with a barge pole – huge fan expectations, stingy ownership, and a base core of players assembled from the bargain basement.
          We got Moyes for a reason and if that is for a rebuilding the “Glazer way”, then expect many years of barren and trophy-less seasons.

          Just saying.

        • @Redrich: Southampton, Swansea, Everton, Liverpool, Sunderland, Spurs, hell even the likes of Hull, Stoke and Cardiff are playing far better stuff than us, and I don’t think anyone can claim we are massively inferior to any of them.
          It’s not a stick to beat Moyes with, it’s just a fact that our football has gotten even worse than anything we had seen under Fergie, and far more reliant on the old get it out wide and whip a cross in philosophy that Moyes has built his career around and that most of us hoped we might move away from.
          That’s not going to change overnight sure, but the signs should atleast be there that things are changing and we have a long term philosophy we want to adhere to after 7 months in charge surely?

          I think overall though I’m agreeing with the majority of what your saying.
          We have a set up from top to bottom that is rotten and needs shifting, and nothing would give me more happiness than to see the Glazers sell up and bugger off back across the atlantic.
          I also agree that the squad has been left in a lousy state (albeit not the level that you are suggesting) and that there are indeed many players, as we will see this summer, who will take one look at us and say “no thanks”.
          Where we differ however is on Moyes and just how negative an impact he has had on the squad since his arrival.
          As far as I’m concerned, the man just doesn’t have the credentials, the winning mentality, and the balls to do what is necessary to keep us successful.
          I’m sorry but I just don’t. And all I’ll say is why stick with someone whose just not right for the job, just because other factors at the club are even more rotten than Moyes’ performance as manager?
          Moyes’ departure won’t change the fact that we’ve got a bunch of leeching c**ts owning the club, it won’t change the club politics and arrogance of adhering to the “united way” that is keeping us in the dark ages, and it won’t, initially atleast, change our perception as a team on the decline not as attractive as some of the other options out there.
          But it will gut us of one negative factor in the set up, and whilst it still won’t be enough, it’d be a start to have a manager whose atleast competent, can get us playing like something half way resembling a football team, and might be able to manage his money better than spunking £30m on Fellaini.
          But I suppose we’ll just have to agree to disagree here.

  8. Anderson is not tellin us something we don’t already know. We know a minimum 6 players will due to age and like in Anderson’s case incompetence.
    I wish to blame the fans for the current state of affairs for not speaking out on the substandard signings towards Fergies last years.
    I tried severally to rally support in a popular United blog but they stopped publishing me and booted my arse for daring to question god Fergie

  9. Well we are 2\3 through David Moyes reign. We have broken more records than I care to remember, for the wrong reasons. The club is a laughing stock. We have never been in the top 4 all season, out of the FA and League Cup. 7th in the table, spend £70m on players. One being our current managers old playing staff who cannot get a game over a 40 year old winger. Welcome to the revolution! Oh and Moyes has picked up nearly £4m in the terms of his salary.

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