Pompey 1-1 Reds: So, Is It Time to Panic?

Don’t PanicI suffered a severe writer’s block while starting to write this post. That probably explains why I started writing this post mentioning my writer’s block. For me it was bad enough when I couldn’t get any of the streams to work. Looking at, and furiously refreshing my browser, for the text commentary on Sky/Soccernet and some forums made me think up new insults to hurl at the darned pirates who couldn’t get a United stream working. I discovered TV Ants way too late to bother turning it up. Hopefully the weekend would be better, stream-wise at least.

So while it was bad enough for me to be missing Tevez’s debut, after having looked forward to it for months, and having Some Bloke from Skysports.com for company (a kind word of advice for Mr. Some Bloke from Sky: updating every five minutes with just a couple of lines of text doesn’t quite cut it. You might consider hiring a better typist.), the least I would have wanted to have happened was for Benjani Mwaruwari creating havoc and Ronaldo seeing a straight red for an alleged headbutt. I mean, what are the chances? But as our South coast hoodoo continues, it seemed like the only way things could have turned out.

And you (and some ‘pundits’) draw comparisons with the Treble year, where we drew the first two games? Bollocks I say. Wake up people. Teams have improved by miles since then. Even City have started playing like a well oiled machine – one touch football and all that jazz – and under Eriksson for heaven’s sake!

So do we, as fans, push the panic button as yet?

As this is a match report, from someone who hasn’t seen the game, allow me the slight freedom of digression and around-the-bush-beating to labour my point through. If you’ve read Douglas Adams’ Hitch-hiker’s Guide, you might have learned a valuable life lesson: ‘Don’t Panic’. But a fan’s universe is way too absurd to maintain a semblance of sanity. So what is my point? Don’t panic just as yet. The season has got a long way to go and we need to keep the faith. That said, there are still certain things I would want to say despite not having watched the match.

Most glaring of all is the absence of a striker on the bench. I mentioned it in an earlier post a couple of days back too. Anderson did in fact have match practice although not to SAF’s satisfaction but surely he could have been a better option than O’Shea? Well, if Tevez could have started after ‘surprising everyone in training’ (according to SAF) then Anderson could have played the last 15 minutes or so. Or even Dong ‘I know he’s not exactly brilliant but he still is a striker’ Fangzhou? And if they are too young and inexperienced then where is Ole? And if none of them, then at least Eagles could have been brought on purely as another attacking option earlier than his token introduction at 90′.

Another player conspicuous by his absence was Hargreaves. There seems to be something really wrong with his injury situation that we don’t seem to know about. Surprisingly the press haven’t started speculating. He may not be a goal scorer, but he frees up the role for Paul Scholes who could certainly be a better bet in the hole than Giggs. From what I’ve heard and read, Tevez impressed but couldn’t do much because he was on his own. It was only when Scholes drove forward, with a pass from Tevez, that we got a goal. AB on Soccerlens talked about Carrick and Scholes getting in the way of each other more often this season in his match report. I think I do agree with that. While last season Carrick knew pretty well that he had a much more defensive role in the team with a slight intent to attack. This time he has been groomed to take a much more attacking role as Hargreaves would be expected to shield the defence. The result – we have two midfielders now who may seem uncertain while chasing a game and that does not bode well for the game against the Citeh. Someone get Hargreaves to play this weekend, or I would be forced to bring up the dreaded question: Is he made of glass, like Saha?

Ronaldo’s head-butt? Well, even reports say Ronaldo was sent off for an ‘apparent’ head butt, which means it wasn’t conclusive. But if it was even an intended headbutt there will be no excuses. Ronaldo would be an absolute twat to be doing that. (He may have been frustrated today, but headbutting doesn’t help, does it?) So now things are even better. Our two most potent attacking threats are out for the next three games at least. That’s brilliant news!

I have read good stuff and bad stuff about Nani, but I don’t think he can change a game, yet. The lad’s just learning his ropes and an ideal situation for him would have been when the team were winning. But hopefully these ‘defeats’ would steel him for battles that lay ahead.

I heard Giggs was awful, but I am the least bit surprised. If you must play him, then play him on the left. Certainly not in the hole. He may have some good vision with all the experience, but we’d rather have the Ninja there. Tevez needs support and Scholes could do that better in the hole than Giggsy.

So what now? Back to our question. Do we panic as yet? Well, to be Champions these are the kind of games we should be winning. The draws should have been wins and the losses if any should be draws/wins. I am not saying this in the sense of us being entitled to wins. But our team should show ruthlessness in finishing if we have to avoid being potless at the end of the season. Chelsea came back from the brink against Reading and Birmingham. They may (or may not) have been playing shite, but they got the wins. That’s what will define us as a team this season from now on, just as every season.

So as a fan, I’d say there is more to come. I am still feeling positive about our chances. What choice do we have really, as fans, other than some chest-thumping and chin-upping (if that’s even a word!)? We have tough fixtures, no doubt. But so do the others. Everton, Newcastle, Man City and plenty others have also improved. Trust me lads, while it is not necessarily a good thing relying on other clubs to drop points, this season will see each of the ‘Big Four’ drop more points along the way than we’ve seen in recent times.

So come on you Reds. Show us that you own your shirts!


  1. Well, Tevez played quite a decent game, setting up Paul Schole’s goal and running at the Pompey defence. Still, it sickens me to see them controlling the midfield at most times and yet still lack the finishing. So damn f***ing frustrating.


  2. Tevez- good touch,energetic ,pacy & threatening ;nani- good runs,lacking end product ; ronaldo-patchy at best ;gigs- very light, easy pick for defence ;scoles- nothing of note after the goal ;had it not been a draw -could easily have lost 2-1 ;silverlining- chelski were shit too, much worse than utd ;reason for the draw- clearly lacking sharpness in front of goal, no counter attack when given the chance ; future perdiction- will come back with a bang, leading chelski by the start of oct.

  3. We seriously need a forward who can get his head at the end of all those crosses! Putting O’Shea as a forward – to head the high balls – for the Reading game is indicative of the problems we are going to have when we have problems unlocking a tight defence

    And it happened again against Portsmouth, we did not have anyone that could trouble the central defenders with crosses… so much so Ferdinand started going up the park to add more height to the attack

    Rooney and Tevez aren’t exactly the best headers of the ball…they are gifted with the ball at their feet. So our attacks are “limited” without an aerial threat.

    I say, try Berbatov again…or Anelka…or even Kevin Davies! They’ll complement our attack perfectly.

  4. HI COme on!! its just 2 games on the board and time to panic ???
    and to make it clear we gained a point there whe compared to last season..remember we lost least season !!! so the out of 2 points lost against reading,one is compensated..now roll on derby..we will thrash them…they were not dat impressive against derby yesterday…and its was a bad day for west ham last sunday !!!!!though they have a good team they will need time to gel so de we can do it…..i wud say thats a must win!

  5. Panic, hell yeah! While I do agree that it takes time to integrate new players, the old guard should at least get in there and display the winning spirit that we have shown in the past. unfortunately this is lacking! Its games like these that determine the best from the rest. Chelski beat Reading in their own backyard, so we all need to cut out the excuses and assess where its going wrong, reverting back to 4-4-2 could be a start! SAF needs to give the young players a chance, look at what’s happening at Arsenal!
    Come on you Reds!

  6. I don’t know what SAF was thinking last night..he could atleast let anderson make his debut and show the fans that he is worth the money ManU splashed on him..I’m really disappointed! If SAF dont make any changes ahead of the derby game this sunday..im afraid the final results is nothing more than a draw..and the worst, it could be is our first lost of the season..

  7. from an encouraging point of view..totally agree with you bond there..no need to panic..last season we only got 3 points from portsmouth(H & A),,we already got 1 from the with a home match comin.we managed for out of reading last season,we already got 1 and am sure by the time the return matches come the team will be more settled and new players will have gelled in,players will be mo sharp and matchfit,saha,rooney, and all injured will be back,so am looking forward for a roller coaster season. so tighten yo seatbelts,,and i dont think arsenal and westham will do a double on us this season,

  8. but from a reality perspective,,we are losing points ali in the campain while our biggest challenger to the season(chelsea) are squeezing results out of rteams with a half fit squad. we should not be like arsenal last season, only known for good,attractive football but no points to show of it. we need wins and we need them quickly,,looking forward for the derby.

  9. I’m not gonna comment on the game, ’cause it’s unbelievable that we don’t have 6 point by now with the ammount of chances, we’ve had.

    What I do want to comment on is Ronaldo’s red card. I found an interesting photo in The Sun.
    Here’s the link to the article. The picture in the article isn’t the best, but if you go to number 8 in the slideshow, you’ll see what I mean – which is this: If you headbutt someone, your own eyes will be closed… there’s no way, you can keep your eyes open. Ronaldo’s eyes are open, which indicates, he meant nothing but a staredown (if that’s a word). What do you guys think of this… am I completely wrong?

    I know, Ronaldo will get his 3-match ban no matter what, but I think the ref (who allowed so much rough play during the game) went over board with his sending off of Ronaldo.

    Oh and here’s the link:


  10. But the question is how long can Saha stays fit…remeber we had Saha ft for first 6 motnhs and then larson for next 3 and then Smith for last two…unfortunately we dont have it this time…fergie must go for a backup striker who can hold the ball upfront…sorry Ole is not of dat sort !! cheaper options wud be Koler,trezegue,Zigic….Zigic wud cost 8+..but koller

  11. Yes its gonna be big tough season and the domination of last year wont be there
    Newcastle coty everton are playing really nice and sunderlands got all the luck in the world two late goal in two matches bloody hell we’re at 12 th place on the table playing the catch -up game fucking hell whats going on

  12. Its still too early to start panicking. To be honest, I don’t think ‘the fans’ are really panicking. I think it is more a case of frustration. We expected so much from this team and it does not seam that the team is delivering. On top of that, our star players are out, our expensive signings are not playing, our only hope for a striker is still injured, our ‘experienced’ striker seems to be ‘over-experienced’ because when we need him most, his injury takes longer to heal than the people in an old age home.
    To sum it up, Pre-season, we were extatic, now we’re frustrated. The jump between the 2 extremes have taken its toll on the fans and now we seem to ‘panic’.

  13. no its not time to panic, but its time to take a look at where the fault lies 😛

  14. I agree with you red ranter that more points will be dropped this season than last and the best two teams so far have been (though it pains me to say it) Citeh and Everton they are the only teams who have won both of theie matches convincingly niether chelsea or arsenal or liverpool won convincingly chelsea having been behind in both games, arsenal behind 83 odd minutes and liverpool only won cause of some magic from Stevie G. Liverpool Chelsea on the weekend and if liverpool win we will only be a point behind Chelsea (that is if we win!)

  15. It’s not quite the time to panic yet, but anything less than a victory vs. City will put us right there. I’m curious to see what SAF does to the lineup. Obviously, changes must be made. For the last two games, we’ve essentially played with 5 midfielders and one striker. The way we won the title last season was by constantly attacking and by leaving Rooney/Tevez up top by himself to take on the defense, we might as well have 6 midfielders because he will be ineffective due to lack of support. I truly believe that the problems we have been encountering stem from a personnel problem, rather than a tactical problem. Many of our players are injured. Outside of Rooney, the most troubling injury is Neville because a significant portion of our attack last season came from his runs up the right and God knows Brown can’t provide the same support. Also, I’m not sure Giggs and Scholes are 100% match fit. As far as Hargreaves is concerned, I think the main reason SAF brought him in was for the CL and SAF wants to make sure that he is fully healthy for when those games come around. I am not sure when Saha and Ole will be back, but when they are, I’m sure we’ll see the 4-4-2 again, at least in league. Also, I would not be surprised if Anderson is rushed to match fitness this week, at least for an attacking option on the bench. As for Sunday, if we are going to be forced back into a 5 midfielder set-up, but I would make it like this:

    Brown Rio Vidic Evra
    Nani Fletcher Carrick Scholes Giggs

    Hopefully this will allow Scholes and Carrick to move up more and support Tevez, while Fletcher can drop back as the defensive midfielder.

  16. im not sure y SAF hasnt played hargreaves yet cause he has been in our squad but thankfully there are some england games and he can get his match fitness inn them!

  17. I watched the match yesterday in a bar showing it on Italian Sky.
    It’s definitely not panic stations but Chelski are already 4 pts
    ahead! We can’t afford not to win on Sunday, not winning in any of
    the 3 1st games of the season for Man U is unthinkable.
    As for the game itself. Tevez did well and those 90 mins will set
    him in good stead for the rest of the season. He had 2 goal chances
    1 he made himself and the 2nd from a save from Ronaldo’s shot which
    had he went with his left he would have scored.
    Giggs was pretty bad as was Brown who in my opinion was most to
    blame for their goal.
    Carrick had an awful 2nd half.
    We brought off Giggs it the 83rd min. which was 20 mins too late
    (typical Fergie) for O’Shea, which fair enough with our injury
    situation until after Ronaldo got sent off we brought on Eagles?!
    Why the f*ck wasn’t he brought on earlier for Giggs when we were
    pushing for a goal with 10 mins left?!
    4 mins of added time was bull as well, with 2 injuries for
    Portsmouth, 2 sendings off substitutions and a goal, 4 mins!
    As for the Ronaldo’s headbutt, its clear from the replay that he
    went to go head to head with the player who turned his head at the
    right time and made a meal out of it, anyone can tell that was not
    an aggressive headbutt esp. the Ref. who was right beside it.
    However he had no need to move his head towards the player at all
    and the officials will not be sensible they will be by the book.

  18. Goddddamnit.I hate this what happened to the free flowing goals last season???Nani sucked,and with Ronnie gone,we are dead.So much for the hype.I dont think Chelsea are ever going to relinquish this lead,especially now they have Alves. D:COME ON UNITED!!

  19. Time to panic, my rear end!!!!

    This is one worse starts we could have dreamed up, but its long season and there will be more twists and turns than ever before. I think tevez did well, he will also get better and i actually thought nani was impressive. Its time to bring Hargreaves and Anderson in too, its not about slowly bedding them in anymore, the team needs all its best players. Also get Saha on the fuckin pitch, don’t give a shit if he is injured.

    Also its quite clear that fergie does not rate Dong highly enough even take a place on the bench, he is just a shirt seller. I wish we still had rossi.

    Anyway to be a bit optimistic, if we beat citeh, chelski and looserpool draw, we are only two points behind chelski.

    Ronaldo will miss games against Citeh, spurs and sunderland. Saha we need you.

    Come on god, give us some luck.

  20. Giggs had real bad game. I think he is running real low on confidence and need a couple of goals to get the confidence souring again.
    You could see in the game that there is nothing wrong with his vision. He actually reads the game brilliantly. It’s just when it comes to the execution of his passes that he sorely comes short lately.
    None of his passes came off. Just one headed pass to Tevez, but then he messed the return ball up. The return ball was placed on his feet, and if he could control it, he would have had a clear-cut goal. Pity.
    Why couldn’t Fergie throw Cambell in? We have no-one else, and I belive that having Tevez in the hole and Campbel up front is at current much, much better than Giggs in the hole and Tevez up front.

  21. @Harry
    “Also get Saha on the fuckin pitch, don’t give a shit if he is injured.

    This one had me lol. Very funny the way you put it. 🙂

  22. I am just calculating when we can catch up with others,
    Liverpool anyhow once Benitez starts rotation, they will lose points,
    as for Arsenal away games has to start.
    but my concern is chelsea, last year we had a good start Chelsea had to do all the catch up,
    i hope pool will win against Chelsea, once the African cup starts, in the mid season i hope they will falter.
    As of other teams, Usually we will be more comfortable starting mid season, considering the past year performances except the last year.so we dont have to worry about other team.

    What do you guys think?

  23. Wow, the amount of pressure on our lads is just crazy. We are being frustrated time and again and though we do not have more than 1 fit striker and other players not playing up to their standards, I do believe, that once we get that one win, things will start flowing. That being said I am really frustrated and disappointed and anything less than a win at Citeh will force me to push the panic button. Nani was not supposed to start games so early, so give that kid some time. And how long will Gary take? We just have to play with what we have and not complain about the injuries like chelski.
    I think our major problem is our midfield. Scholes and Carrick are no longer able to co-ordidate like last season. They need to be on top of their game for us to do well. I guess Hargreaves and others are still injured and SAF cannot be blamed for not putting them in the squad. He has been there for 20 years. Giggs also was quite bad and I simply do not understand why he wasn’t replaced earlier. I was impressed by Pique and probably he could be brought on for Evra to push up. Brown should have also closed down on the cross made by Davis(?), but these are the simple things which stops him from being a good defender, as opposed to his surrent rating, i.e., decent. That being said, Scholes needs to continue his great passes (did you see the one he made to Tevez and James had to come out of his box) and gel better with Carrick. That is it. Everything will fall into place and we will be back.

  24. fuck giggs.the guy is a waste of space.no mo going to asia too.it makes saf think giggs can play in the hole .’lets start with a bang’yeah right giggs

  25. yeah this bullshit pre season made us flying in the air we need to go at competitive places now gigs stick at the wings plz and anderson scholes take the strikers backup roles hargo and carrick play back box 2 box and saha nad ole take SOME DRUGS AND GET READY

  26. There is really no need to panic…Its a integration step which is going on now..When Rooney went out we are left with a hell lot of midfielders and a sole striker with no real threat who can play in the hole…My question to Fergie will be this..where the hell is Hargreaves and Anderson..Give them a chance…Abt the lack of aerial threats, we do have Saha in our ranks who is very much better than anelka or Koller and dead slow Zigic…Let us give them some time.. and certainly Rooney and Tevez are not good headers..but they are atheltic and agile enuf to be at the end of the crosses and long balls..Let us be patient and hit the panic button if we are no where by the end of month!!

  27. One of the most overrated statistics in all sport is that of time of possession. In todays game of footy too much is made of it. In leagues that have 17 or 18 teams only three or or four of them are going to be truly rich in money and talent. The rest have to play a counter attacking, 11 men in the 18 yard box kind of game which is hard to watch, a disgrace to the beauty of the game. Unfortunately, under the current rules and financial restrictions of world football today it is very necessary whichalways shows a distorted view of time of possession. Man Utd may have had 70% of the possession but in reality folks, what did they ever really create? One goal struck from outside the 18 yard box and three or four half chances at best. A team needs at least 8-10 quality chances to turn out 2 or 3 goals. It annoys me to read that Fergie felt that they played beautiful football but lacked good finishing. Fergie is making me pull my hair out. I love the bloke but please, are he and I watching the same bloody match? The lack of a true goal poacher inside the box is evident. Why oh why did you ever feel it necessary to sell Ruud van Nistelrooy? And why oh why did you feel it was necessary to keep Louis Saha? Was it necessary to completely ignore the improvement and possible contributions of one Giuseppe Rossi? In todays game a team has to have at least two backups for every position. As we usually should be playing with two strikers up front, then as a team that means we should have two strikers in reserve. Not two cripples. From everything I have read Anderson is capable of playing striker. Then bloody well use him. Fergie in all his wisdom shelters young players like it’s their first day in the trenches at the Somme. It’s only bloody football and Anderson’s contribution up front isn’t exactly going to bring the whole United house of cards coming down. If the lad is good enough to actually play for Dunga’s Brazilian side at the Copa, then for crying out loud, he should be able to play against a bunch of tossers like Pompey and Reading. They are not AC Milan or Barcelona. And please, start using Tevez and Hargreaves for free kicks. I love Ronny but his free kicks have a aura of predictability as all he is able to do is strike them with pace and no rotation. You will only beat a team that has poor goalkeeping like that. Giggsy was once pretty good at the skill but only from just outside the box and only from the right side. Owen is excellent at it as I have noticed over the years having watched my other favorite team Bayern Munich (Boy what I would give for the tandem of Klose and Toni up front). Pleae start playing faster more flowing football. If they play the style that dismantled Roma then they would be almost unbeatable. I realize that you cannot play like that always and that fatigue would rule it out, but I do not and will not believe that their are not methods and tactics available to Fergie in order to break down these walls crappy opponents put up. Yesterday Chelsea started with a very defensive and cautious approach against Reading as it cost them an early goal. Not only did Jose read the squad the riot act at half time, but he made tactical changes and offensive substitutions that brought about 180 degree turn in style of play which brought about two quick goals buy Lampard and Drogba. Thus we are now 4 points down already. WARNING! Chelsea are amongst the greatest front runners of all time. When they smell blood, they go for the jugular. They spent their money on players who will help them now and for the next few years. Half of the money United spent will hopefully benefit the team long after Fergie has retired. NEWS FLASH!!! Fergie, are United not the defending champs? Then why not fill your needs with veteran player who have 5 or 6 good years left, rather than kids who may take an eternity to mature. This club should not be rebuilding, it should be reloading. I think the maturation of Ronaldo has blinded us all on this youth movement. He and Messi are literally two in a million. Honestly, they don’t all turn out like that so quickly. Personally I would have preferred Ribery, Malouda, Klose or Toni to Anderson and Nani. The ultimate signing would have been Riquelme. Just what the doctor ordered. A midfield general and maestro who has the vision and passing ability to dissect defense like the ones put up against us this past week.

  28. [Grognard]

    Why oh why did you ever feel it necessary to sell Ruud van Nistelrooy?

    So where were you last season when we were steamrolling teams. We created about the same chances last time round but took them then. Oh yeah, we had Saha who scored for us. Some fans can be really fickle at times. I understand your frustration, but you need to be less bitter about all this.

    And while Ribery may not be exactly veterans at the age of 24, buying your veterans may not necessarily be enough to fix the problem. Ask Shevchenko. Veron was the best midfielder before he came to the Prem. Riquelme might even struggle in a star studded team like ours. (That was the reason he was sold from Barcelona.) And he might not even get the time on the ball with all the flying tackles.

    When we bought these youth players, we certainly didn’t expect such a start to the season. When your team is winning, these players are easy to blood into the team. And we fielded pretty much the same side that won us the title minus Saha/Neville. So we need to be fair on the team. Losing Rooney itself was a big enough blow.

  29. as i said in the other forum ronaldo has to be more of a team player. Fergie should talk to him about it otherwise we really need tevez to be match fit(has he added on weight?)and also include another sriker on the bench- anderson. whether prolific or not we need a striker on the bench. carrrick should go back to the holding midfield role so as to stop confusion between him and scholes
    About panicking, not yet but we all know how hard it is to catch up with chelsea

  30. Its sad to see people crying to bring back Nistelrooy!!!…what the hell!!..Last season we needed replacements for Giggs and scholes and more squad strength…we got both in Anderson and Nani..then there was a cry for striker…and when we heard we are behind Tevez we were on cloud nine and proclaimed that we gonna plunder goals..Fergie expects Nani and Ronaldo and may be scholes and giggs to come up with goals..while Tevez and rooney will still be the main goal scorers atleast for this season,by the time the new signings gel into the team…Let us give some time as we waited patiently for Ronaldo or Vidic..and mind every signing cant be Ronaldo or Messi..but what Fergie is trying is to create a superb Manutd team which is defending steadily and attacking fluently…

  31. @Grognard,

    Disagree with many of your points! Eyes hurt just reading it, you should put some paragraphs in. I dont mean to be rude.

    Rooney and ronaldo would not be the players they are today for united if they hadnt been here 3/4yrs. The same will happen to nani and anderson, and they will be groomed to play the united way

    I got a funny feeling we will win against citeh, why? Because against reading and pompey we came across good experienced keepers. Citeh have kasper schmeichel who maybe there weak point. Even though I like the kid, he is of course the son of our greatest goalkeeper, i think our attack will be too much.

    United will come good!!!

  32. We certainly need a target man…A stiker who can just bang in the goals and be in the box for crosses…

  33. Why is every1 talkin bout the hole?fuck the hole!just play 2 strikers two wingers and two midfielders which adds up two 4 4 2 no need for the hole.i really get the feeling that hargreaves is another saha.even at bayern he was always injured.we need saha now more than ever.funny how strong we thought the squad was

  34. look lads no worries.
    we gotta forget bout playing well on sunday and just make sure we get the 3 points.
    i highly doubt chelsea are gonna win on sunday, we can hope for a draw between them two, and provided we get 3 pts the gap’s back down to 2.

    we need to stop worrying bout formations n all tht jazz, the bottom line is the 11 players fergie puts out should be good enough to win us the game.
    hopefully this works out, and this so called ‘crises’ will be done.

  35. come on Guys we are the fan of red devils so that we need alittle paticent from now on Freige knows what to do eventhough we lose Rooney and Ronaldo on the next big game our man knows what to do leave it to him man,forever be manunited.by the way scholes do abest performance last night and it was Tevez who helped him to have one goal any way we are waiting miracle that is all.

  36. hey everyone, im still very pissed about the start of the season, but we got to beleive somehow well get max points in the next couple of games. i dont know how without rooney and ronnie, but we have to be positive. Another negative is that ronaldo will also be missing fot the first champions league game as he is suspended. Other players must step up big time (tevez, nani, scholes, HARGO where is he??, Giggs, evra…..) i hope that ill be happier on sunday…
    sorry, i forgot to include an interesting link where u see ronnie givng a small head butt.
    This is the best view that ive seen!! http://super-goal.info/vdo_clips.php?catid=20&id=2025 Cool site also, a you tube only for footie!!!

  37. It should be said, it was a point at Fratton Park which we’ve failed to get in the last 2 seasons. Its only the Reading game that has made this look worse.

  38. I see no need for United fans to panic. Don’t forget that the African Cup of Nations is being held this year & that quite a few teams will lose players for the duration of that competition. You’re not getting relegated, you’re in the Champions League & you’ve still got a team that is capable of beating any in the country … the season finishes in May – if you aren’t in the Top 5 by then … panic!!

  39. According to MUTV and most of the press it is the first time Manchester United have not won in any of their opening first two games in a Premiership season.

    Infact United did the exact same sequence of a draw at home and then a draw away to start the 1998/1999 season and we all know how that season ended… United winning the treble. The first two games were as follows…

    15th August 1998 – Man Utd 2-2 Leicester City
    22nd August 1998 – West Ham United 0-0 Man Utd

    Also United should not be panicking just yet as they drew with Reading last season (albeit away) so they have not done any worse than last season in that respect (and United still won the league…) and also United ended up losing the game at Fratton Park to Portsmouth 2-1 last season and ended up getting a 1-1 draw down on the South Coast last night. So you could view it as a point more than what they got last season. I would rather have Wayne Rooney injured now with 36 league games still to be played than during the run-in. Things are not as bad as they are being made out to be. United dominated Reading and on another day would have beaten them by three or four goals. United also owned Portsmouth for the whole of the first-half last night. Tevez looked quite impressive yesterday considering it was his debut and he is still not 100%. We have still not seen Anderson make his competitive debut for the club and Nani was not too bad last night. Also we still have Gary Neville to return. Although Chelsea are currently four points clear they have not been too impressive. They have won both games only by a single goal.

    I feel United will still win the league this year and how fitting would it be coming in the 50th anniversary of Munich and the 100th year since the first title win.

    Keep the faith!

  40. Let’s keep our heads up.
    This is another challenge for the team.

    I am very depressed by the 2 draws, but still,
    I’m interested how Ronaldo and Tevez will step up.
    It is a hard time, and I hope they will prove themselves once again.

  41. Why PANIC??? First of all, Chelsea play Liverpool on Sunday so at least either or both of these ‘big 4’ will also drop the points this early. This is going to be a more tougher EPL than last season but I cannot rule out United just because we have drawn 2 matches. What w eneed to do is to recollect ourselves from now on and string some good run. We should also aim to defeat all the 3 Big 4 opponents whenever we meet them. The only sad part is the ejection of Ronaldo and it is like the referee was waiting for the slightest reaction from Ronaldo in order to show him Red.


  42. Unleash DOng!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  43. Can some1 answer this.where is hargreaves?is he injured?is he unfit because he did play two preseason games.

  44. hey y’all I cannot wait to see united getting back to face all the team and it is from now on love to see Tevez Nani scholes ,donnot forget that Gigs is very important in such kind of Game sorry for Ronaldo he was getting sad at the time being but it eas good if he were calm down any way we shall win

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