Pundit doubts De Gea quality


De Gea Jan 13Former Liverpool centre back, Alan Hansen, questioned Manchester United keeper David De Gea’s credentials on BBC’s Match of the Day last night after he flapped at the cross which ultimately led to Spurs snatching a late late equaliser in good old ‘Fergie Time’.

There’s been much wrote about De Gea recently on RedRants and many believe he should be given full backing while he develops and he gains that all important ingredient, experience.

In my opinion, highlighting a weakness in a players game or in a team doesn’t mean you’re not backing him or it, it just means the jury’s still out and you have your doubts. I don’t see what’s so bad about that.

Here’s what Hansen had to say in his Daily Telegraph piece…..

Sir Alex must make decision on De Gea

Manchester United’s hopes of regaining the Premier League title will always be in jeopardy if David de Gea keeps making mistakes like the one against Spurs and he must surely be on his last chance now. Without a doubt he cost them three points and this is a crucial stage of the season where Sir Alex Ferguson needs to decide whether to stick with him or take him out the firing line. The result at White Hart Lane could prove a season defining moment and United cannot afford to be drawing games when they should be winning them. david-de-gea_2456985bI’m sure they would have taken a point before kick-off but the fact they have tossed away two points in the game through a goalkeeping mistake could be massive. Manchester United would have been seven points clear of Manchester City if they had managed to keep a clean sheet, but the goalkeeper has flapped at the end and it has punished them after a very good away performance. A win at Tottenham Hotspur could have sent out a real message. Sir Alex will be loath to drop him but he has got to make a decision now because this is crunch time and they are playing for big prizes. When your team is in the last 16 of the Champions League and competing for the title, the last position you want to be in is chopping and changing the goalkeeper.

Many of today’s papers focus on Sir Alex’s post-match comments bemoaning Chris Foy’s decision not to award United a second-half penalty when Wayne Rooney was felled inside the area. The Sun suggests the boss could be disciplined by the FA, although former official Graham Poll agrees it was a foul and says the Reds were hard done by at White Hart Lane.

Personally I think De Gea made a string of great saves to keep United in it yesterday. But unfortunately, when a keeper makes a mistake, we all know it’s often costly and the incident he’s remembered for in a game. Yesterday is no different. 78th minute a simple ball to catch, under no pressure, De Gea opts to punch it. You’re asking for criticism when you do that if you ask me. Just catch it.

You can’t blame people for breaking a goal down and looking for faults, it’s what ‘pause live TV’ was made for! Criticism is a modern day attitude towards most things, football included. ‘Where there’s blame’ and all that, plus everyone’s an expert….didn’t you know?!!

How come Rafael and Valencia have got away with their mix up relatively scot free. They colluded to allow the cross in in the first place despite both being favourite to win a loose ball to remove the danger in the build up on the edge of the box. If they switch on and do their jobs De Gea grabs all the headlines for a fantastic match-winning performance.

Fine margins, but that’s life as we know it today I’m afraid.



  1. Da Gea is a very good young goal keeper but people seem to have discovered his area of weakness. Most goals they score Da Gea this season came from re bounce because he so much believe in punching ball.

  2. Everybody is being too harsh on DeGea. Look at the photo, if DeGa dos nothing Caulker has a free header. Vidic prevented him from getting a proper fist to the ball. Where was United’s marking at that time, why no one picked up Dempsey? Earlier in that move Valencia could have closed Spurs player down and probably prevent the cross.

    So if people want scapegoats, there are quite a few too choose from. But for DeGea, United could have lost the match. Pundits should leave him alone. I believe GNev was probably speaking with his heart rather than his head, ABU media do not really matter!

    Personally, I blame attackers, for not killing the match off in the first place! After all football is about scoring goals, at least one more than the opposition, not trying to keep clan sheets.

  3. Teams target us with high balls into the PA all the time now. His lack of command in the air is strikingly obvious and, I’m sad to say, it’s not getting any better at all.
    I say plop him in the Championship for seasons long loan, have him toughen up, get some confidence and learn some English. If he can’t do any of that then sell him to a Spanish club (which he craves anyway).

    • @Redrich: “which he craves anyways” — reeks of a personal bias there Redrich… give the kid a break.

      If by next season he is not in the top 10 GKs in the world, I will hold your hand as we march in unison against the Evil De Gea 😀

      • @Opti: Nope, no bias other than I don’t rate him as highly as you.
        He craves the move because it’s widely reported that the boy is homesick.
        Unlike you, I have no emotional attachment to him or any other player – just one with the club.

  4. As an aside I thought we played great at Spurs. A great defensive display that we almost pulled off. Rio and Vidic – huge. Carrick and Jones – big time. Welbeck an engine, RVP an absolute gem and Evra finding old defensive form.
    I thought Rooney took the pot off the boil and that Valencia seemed like he needed a good nights sleep (wake up your reflexes, dude).
    DDG was almost great – superb saves but he let himself down with a lack of aggression and a true mis-perception of what a Goalkeeper needs to do when a high ball comes into the Penalty Area.

    If we play this well for the rest of the season we should have no worries at all, mates.

  5. Very well said. Valencia and Rafael are culpable.

    Rafael more so. In youthful exuberance he lost his head. instead of chasing the ball down and killing the threat he decided to go on a run up the field assuming that Valencia was gonna push the ball up to him.

    But he was wrong Valencia was waiting for him to clear the ball.

    Rafael was thinking ‘the best form of defense is attack’ and Valencia was just too tired to play along.

    Rafael should have known better. At that point in the game all you wanna do is shut shop and see the game out. There just a few seconds on the clock. Experience would have told him that he should just protect his goal.

    Its a very similar mistake to the one Nani made the night we got kicked out of the Capital Cup to allow Chelsea back into the game. In the dying seconds instead of get the ball as for up the pitch as possible he was trying to beat a man. Ferguson was furious and publically vented his displeasure at Nani’s poor decision.

    David De Gea isn’t totaly innocent though either. The guy needs to learn to deal with that kind of ball. Yes sure he can pull off some of the most breathe taking reflex saves but he can’t punch a ball to save his life (or our league points).

    He needs to learn to punch balls. Bottom line. And he needs to improve his ability in the air. End of.

  6. Well if you consider all the factors, I am not sure if this is a long term player in england. his GF is in Madrid, he has had a bad start, his confidence isnt growing, he is still only 22, young, in a foreign country, language problems, bad weather. Things dont look too good. Spanish choice was always going to be a big risk for United!

  7. I personally does not like the idea of punching the ball to deflect the shot. It is obvious that the fist is not the flat and has many angles unless you could see from the distance on how fast the ball spins then your more likely to have more chances but still have the chance to fail.

    • @Juan: De Gea must go and play volley ball every other week night to improve his punching of the ball.

  8. Transfer Market:

    I say lets keep David De Gea at all costs.

    Sell Ashley Young and buy Wilfried Zaha along with James Rodriguez.

    Or at least thats my wish list.

  9. Valencia has been shit all season. He cant beat his marker. Heck he cant even defend anymore…

    • @Darth Red Diablo: He has been the worst player in the squad this season. I’m afraid he will never get back his form because without his pace he is completely useless and he is not getting any younger.

    • @slowshow: @Darth Red Diablo: Completely agree. However, he has not lost his pace… this one is 100% mental. Possible reasons for Valencia poor form:
      1) Family or personal troubles? Wife or daughter health problems? Pending divorce? I couldn’t find anything on this but his awful tackle against Newcastle’s Anita was very much unlike Valencia… seemed rash and foolish…

      2) Team troubles? Any infighting with players? Anderson, De Gea, Nani, Rafael all speak spanish-ish… but they are younger than him. Does he feel alone in the team? I cannot find any rumors of infighting.

      3) Mental troubles? Has the Curse of #7 come? Expectations too great? Is he afraid of re-injuring? I don’t think so. After his big injury he came back without a blip. Literally, hit the ground running.

      4) Has he actually lost the magic touch. Is he too 1-Dimensional and opponents have figured him out? I don’t think so, because he still gets in good positions and speeds past others… but his crossing is awful. His passing is poor. His defending awful. You don’t go from near-world class to Championship in 1 year… unless you cost 50 million quid 😀 😆

      • @Opti: He’s just out of form right now. Not unusual for players to fall in and out. Hopefully he’ll regain it in time for the run-in.

  10. Sell Ashley Young!

    Buy: Wilfried Zaha, James Rodriguez, Victor Wanyama and Mats Hummels then we’re done with the transfer market for a good couple years.

  11. The stick that DDG has been getting is shameful. Atleast he makes saves, world class ones at that!

    Play DDG against madrid, he might win us the game but play valencia at his crappy level and we’ll be playing with 10 men!

    • @Darth Red Diablo: You make it sound as if one has something to do with the other. 😯

      Both will probably play because they’re what we’ve got at their respective positions. If, however we had a better Goalie and a better Winger, I’d say play them instead, but until then we can still criticize if we see fault or failure.

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