Real Madrid and Chelsea target to be United’s record signing?

Edinson-Cavani-Napoli_2962856Manchester United have emerged as a surprise contender to secure the services of Napoli striker Edinson Cavani, who had so far been subject of a tussle between City, Chelsea and Real Madrid, today’s papers report.

The Mirror claims David Moyes is ready to trigger Cavani’s £54m release clause as he sees the Uruguayan as the perfect partner for Robin Van Persie, but the new United manager will have to fend off serious competition from the three clubs mentioned above.

Over the last two years Cavani, 26, has developed into one of Europe’s deadliest striker scoring 71 goals in 93 games for Napoli in all competitions but has made clear his desire to leave Rafael Benitez’s new club, with Real Madrid and Chelsea thought to be the likeliest destinations. Indeed the Blues, according to the Daily Mail, have secured a £49.3m deal for the Uruguayan.

The Mirror, however, claims that the race is still open and that David Moyes could break the bank and make Cavani United’s record signing and his pursue of Cavani won’t affect the rest of this summer’s deals as, the paper claims, the Glazers are happy to back Moyes’ spending spree.

Why the Glazer would decide to suddenly throw money at the club is anyone’s guess, particularly considering that signing a midfielder – or two – is a much more pressing issue for David Moyes, who is still to finalise a deal for Barcelona youngster Thiago Alcantara.

Certainly, Cavani’s signature would obviously cast further clouds over Wayne Rooney’s future, with the Sun claiming that the United striker could find himself in the middle of a bidding war involving Chelsea and, rather more surprisingly, Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Rooney is due to meet David Moyes this week and reports earlier this week seemed to suggest the United striker was going to be offered a new contract to remain at Old Trafford but the Sun’s obligatory insider is quoted saying:

“Rooney is precisely the type of attacker that would fit perfectly into the system.

“Defence starts from the front at Barca and Rooney works harder than anyone.

“His first touch, movement, control and vision are phenomenal and if he comes on the market then the club are certain to try to sign him.”

Meanwhile, Spurs’ manager Andre Villas-Boas believes United have lost their fear factor without Sir Alex Ferguson, the Mirror reports.

“The aura Sir Alex had, David Moyes does not have. This could influence the players,” said AVB.




  1. This is rubbish. Cavani will not go to Man Utd as Van Perise is there He is going to Chelsea and will be announced within the next 1-2 weeks. So stop with all the BS

    • @Chris: I’m not sure who Van Perise is, anyway if you want the bullshit to stop I suggest you contact the Mirror pal, as they broke the story. We simply reported it.

  2. We have lost our fear factor without Sir Alex

    Thats why Moyes needs to buy big players.

    Edison Cavani might not be where we need to start spending. But if it means the exit of Rooney then I’m all for it.

    I tend to view Shinji Kagawa as a supporting striker. So I would hope that the purchasing of another striker doesn’t limit his game time.

    The obvious response to such a report about Cavani is ‘Thats rubbish we’re not going spend that much for a sriker. We have bigger needs’

    True. But Cavani looks like a game changer. I would welcome him before or after Alcantara.

  3. But if we’re going to spend 54 mil wouldn’t it be better spent on Gareth Bale?

  4. If Chelsea want Cavani for 54m please let them spend away. As already stated by Phil, Bale would bring much more to the club than he would, and besides, if you were prepared to spend that much on strikers you could have your pick of 2 WC selections.
    What United need is 2 MF’er, 1 ball winner and 1 creative genius to link up with Kagawa and RVP. They also need to replace Rooney with a big 2nd option to RVP. Lewy would fill that spot perfectly.

  5. DM-Day -6

    With less than a week before the “official” start of Moyes’ contract with United and it’s all quiet on the western front.
    Not a dickey bird from him on anything United nor any clear sign of were he’s leaning (toward new signings). It’s been a guessing game in the press and so has it been with us. Does he make friends with Rooney and concentrate on the MF, or does he make a clean break of things and splash cash all over the pitch.
    It would be risky for him make too many changes in his first season and so my sense is that he will try to extend Rooney’s contract and show that he wants to make an olive branch approach to those mired in Ferguson’s dog-house.
    That said messing around in the engine room has it’s perils too, and probably the real reason why SAF shied away from any risky MF acquisitions himself. Moyes can be forgiven for giving Rooney another chance but spending 35-40m on MF’ers that don’t work out will doom his future with us lot and, perhaps the United board.

    • @Redrich: I agree that spending 35-40M on MF’ers that don’t work out would not be good for Moyes. That said, doing nothing with the MF would be even worse.

      However, Fergie’s track record of signings in the MF department has not exactly been stellar in the last 5-10 years; the team has succeeded in the PL in spite of the MF rather than because of it. It’s sad to think what he might have achieved in the Champions League had he not failed to bring in the right personnel. In fairness he tried with Anderson & Hargreaves (& Kleberson & Djemba x2 before them) but appeared to give up after these serial failures.

      I can’t see Moyes putting square pegs in round holes like Fergie, because he knows he doesn’t have the capital to risk the fan’s wrath. Plus it makes no sense. What does surprise me a bit is that we haven’t seen any departures yet (other than coaching staff). I realize that Moyes hasn’t officially started yet, but this could make for an interesting 2-3 weeks. Let’s hope so.

      • @ForeverRed: Yep interesting indeed.
        His every move, press conference, and facial expression will be analyzed to death. I say, lets wait and see what shakes down between now and August, and hope to hell that our ship still has an even keel.

      • @ForeverRed: Moyes is a new man. And I’m glad that we have a fresh set of eyes in the dug out that will see different things in the players.

        Moyes definately won’t be able to cash in on any capital because he has none with the fans just yet.

        But he will make some good decisions. I have a hunch he might be better than he looks on paper.

    • @Redrich: Red I think getting rid of Rooney would be a risk. But its a risk I think we need to take.

      We must not hold on to Rooney because he is our only hope. Thats bull.

      If Rooney stays it must be because he wants to stay and he is gonna give everything he’s got to the cause.

      Not because we might need him. Thats nonsense. And I reject that notion thouroughly!

      • @The_Philosopher: Rooney wants to stay, i have no doubt of that, also he is still our MVP when he is on form. I look forward to next season with Rooney still a Red Devil, so much BS in the papers these days.

      • @The_Philosopher: and i reject the idea of FM fans tinkering with the engine of United, all good on paper but when it comes down to brass tacks, this whole situation was engineered by Fergie so that Moyes could start his tenure with a victory, no matter how this pans out. Rooney will stay and be an integral part of Uniteds defence of the Premiership next season

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