Rooney the Looney or misunderstood?

Wayne RooneyFor those of you who are not aware that I’m Canadian, let start off this article by stating that in my home country, like America our currency is based on the dollar. While one dollar in America is issued in bill form, Canada issues it’s dollar in coin form. We have even gone further by giving it a nickname, the “ Looney”. Looney of course also is slang for crazy or nuts in English therefore, I feel it’s apt and apropos to connect the “Looney” and it’s multiple meanings with one Wayne Rooney and his multiple personalities.

What can I add to the soap opera that has become Wayne Rooney other than my take on the man and how his motivations for doing what he does are rubbing my rhubarb the wrong way. The messages coming out of Old Trafford are mixed and confusing. In fact they don’t make an ounce of sense. One minute David Moyes states that “Wayne Rooney is not for sale”. Then he alters that statement slightly and proclaims that he “will not be sold this summer but could be off-loaded next year if he does not regain his best form”. Well Dave you either want him or you don’t. You can’t half want a player and then expect him to give your club his heart and 100% effort.

While trying to repair the damage caused by the angry fallout that Wayne had with the departing Sir Alex Ferguson, Moyes has tried to smooth over the frayed edges with comments like no one “is bigger than the club” and that Wayne will be on a twelve month probationary period to assess if he still has value to the club. ARE YOU BLEEPING KIDDING ME? If my employer made statements and demands like that regarding my position in the company I’d not only demand a release from my contract, I’d stick a hockey stick up his backside so high he could use the blade to floss his teeth.

Don’t get me wrong. I presently have no love for Rooney. I think he is a dim-witted idiot who is easily swayed and seduced by friends. He’s a simpleton who jumps at bright and shiny objects and who is easily manipulated by his agent and Twitter mates. He’s allowed himself to get fat and lazy and while he spent a mint to add 23 hairs to his receding scalp, he has done nothing to improve his diminishing skills and depressingly obvious poor attitude towards the club and manager that made him a star. Ask yourself one question. Would you fly to Greece and have a very expensive hair transplant and then shave your head? That boy isn’t playing with a full deck.

Now regarding his manager and mentor Sir Alex Ferguson. Fergie was not perfect. OK, he was close but he didn’t always treat star players right. His exit policy for aging players I felt was a bit harsh and showed a great lack of respect and appreciation for the effort those lads gave to the club he managed. Sparky Hughes, Dwight Yorke, Andy Cole, Roy Keane, David Beckham, Jaap Stam and Ruud van Nistelrooy are just the cream of the crop of players that were shown Old Trafford’s exit turnstiles when Fergie believed their expiry date had passed.

Ferguson rages at RooneyFor various reasons these players were shown no mercy and herded out of Dodge. Well it seems to me that just before the end of this past season Fergie felt it was time to say goodbye to a long career but as he was departing his plan was to take the moody malcontent Wayne Rooney with him. Lets face it, Fergie could see as clear as day that Rooney no longer showed the hunger or desire and that his focus was elsewhere. Add to that some inconsistent passing and finishing as well as a decreasing first touch and it was obvious that now was the time to unload the player before he became relatively worthless in the transfer market.

Oh sure Wayne being the Looney that he is may have gone off in Fergie’s office or on the training pitch and he may have claimed he wanted to go, but I firmly believe that had Fergie not retired, Wayne would be already gone. Fergie hated disrespect but above all, he loathed disloyalty. Over the years he kept many a player a lot longer than he should have due to their devotion, loyalty and ability to be team guys and keep their pie holes shut. Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs were quintessential Fergie boys. They did as he said with no questions asked. Both lasted more years than they should have or would have elsewhere. Players like Anderson, Evans and Nani under perform but remain with the club simply because they keep their mouths shut and put the team first. And what about players like Ole Gunnar Solksjaer and Darren Fletcher who lost so much time due to injury or illness? Fergie stuck by Ole until the lad was forced to retire and he stuck by Fletch to the end. That’s a manager’s devotion for good and loyal service.

Wayne Rooney however, is another breed. He is of the greedy, Looney wanker variety who spends to much time at parties, nightclubs smoking cigarettes, flirting and God knows what else, while also having time to go on Twitter comparing stats with his buddies on England and other clubs around Europe. For him all that matters is having his cake and eating it too. He wants all the trophies but he also wants to be top dog, starting every game and getting the ball in the box enough times to score many goals. He clearly was fed up with the lack of service, being moved around and losing his striker position to the better and more team oriented Robin van Persie. Wayne, shame on you mate. You have me showing love and praising a former Gooner instead of you.

The bottom line is Wayne wanted United to spend lots of money on players, just not strikers. He wanted Fergie to do whatever it takes to win, just make sure you don’t move him around and you are sure to right him as striker in the starting sheet every game. A couple of years ago the same soap opera occurred but back then good old greed and the good old dollar (Looney) shut him up. Now I do not believe the problem is money. Greed is still the issue but it’s not monetary. It’s about playing time and team focus.

To be completely honest, I actually felt for Wayne two years ago. His reason for wanting out back then was his reluctance to stay with the club if they were not going to be serious about buying more high priced talent. I can relate to that and at the time I agreed with him. However unlike me, Wayne the Looney often gets teased and gets jealous of his Barcelona buddies and his good chums at Chelsea who always blow him sweet kisses and tell him how great their lives and respective clubs are. Is it possible for clubs to use players to tap up players? You bet it is because Barcelona, Real Madrid and Chelsea have used their players and those tactics through the media and Twitter to get into Wayne’s head but good.

It’s hard for a manager like Fergie to compete with other clubs for one of his own player’s affections and loyalty when those other clubs are sabotaging him by poisoning the player’s mind. Two years ago Ronaldo was used to convince Rooney that life in Madrid was wonderful. Lampard and Ashley Cole always say they would love their buddy Wayne to wear Chelsea blue and Barcelona are presently using their new signing Neymar to coax Rooney to jump ship for Catalan country. It’s all just so sleazy and off-putting.

I want Wayne Rooney gone from Manchester United. For years he was one of my favourite players and I personally used to refer to him as the Electric Roonaroo. Now I refer to him as the Pathetic Lonneytoon. I am sick of the sight of him. Fat ugly, big eared Shreck. Be gone you moody, selfish clown. The final straw for me was the look of disinterest and disrespect he showed Fergie when he walked up to the Champions podium after the last game of the season. As a fan, I always had issues with Fergie but had that been me, I’d have given the man a giant bear hug and big wet Greek kiss while thanking him. But not Wayne nope, Rooney just stuck out a wet clammy hand and half heartedly offered limp wrist handshake and probably whispered good riddance to Fergie under his breath.

And now finally to you David Moyes I say, make your first months at Old Trafford memorable by showing us all that you are a proactive, no nonsense manager that does not tolerate selfish and counterproductive displays and disloyalty. Keeping Wayne Rooney is the last thing you should do. He has become a cancer like the Glazers. He will eat away at the insides of the club by disrupting team unity and harmony. His selfish desires will manifest themselves in the dressing room and on the pitch and you want to keep him until he gets fatter, older and his value drops even further? Moyes has been working hard to fix the rift caused between Rooney and Fergie but personally, that effort should be going to the improvement of the rest of the team and trying to buy more quality players. Unload this malodorous rump and let us all feel relief. We are all United supporters and we demand loyalty from one another as well as from the players we support on Manchester United. I for one do not want a player on my team who would prefer to be elsewhere.

To Wayne Rooney I say….don’t let the door hit you on the way out.




  1. Love dis article; and to moyes I say don’t sign any of your former team players; they are loser; fabregas and marchiosio

  2. Rooney was great the one season. I think it was the season before City won the title when he scored a lot with his head.

    Rooney should have cemented his place in the side as an out and out striker. Allowing himself to be played deep has cost him.

    But we have RVP now, who in my opinion is a better striker. And we have Shinji Kagawa as well, who in my opinion is a better no.10. So that leaves no room for Rooney’s ego.

    Either he takes a seat on the bench or he gets the hell out of Dodge.

    Arsenal would be a great destination for him. I say we need to give Wenger something for letting us have RVP.

    Chelsea would be the best move for Rooney from a playing perspective. He would have a world class manager and be playing for a team that shows lots of “ambition” in the transfer market. And he would also probably get his astronomical (total rip off) wages.

    But we can’t let him go to Chelsea that would be suicidal. Arsenal is safer.

    Or maybe Barca if he can be convinced to move to Spain.

    I’m tired of Wayne Rooney and I think he needs to go.

    Thanks Grog for yet another well written article. Rooney is losing his mojo for sure.

    Why are we spending so much time and effort trying repair the rift between Fergie and Rooney. Why don’t we spend all of that effort on the team and its unity instead of on Wayne Rooney?

    His time at United should be up now. We don’t need him.

  3. He is one of our few world class players alongside RVP, Carrick and Vidic and therefore indispensable given that our new manager has won nothing. Promisingly however, even the new man recognizes that we have to play 3 across the middle to have any chance of competing next season, so we will need to operate with a lone striker. I’m not sure how clever his public comments were about Rooney being good back-up for RVP but that is exactly what we must to do, and rotate these two strikers in the starting XI according to form and fitness.

    Against suitable opposition, we can pair Rooney with RVP, with Hernandez being the perfect sub, a role which was carried out with excellence by Solkjaer and which the Mexican has so far been very successful with.

    If Rooney is sold and RVP is injured, we will have to play Welbeck. That alone is enough reason to keep Rooney around, since I can’t see how we are going to sell a striker who can’t score?

    • @Moscow: We don’t need Rooney for anything. End of.

      Chicha can play when RVP is out. Or Even Angelo Henriquez.

      Welbeck out!

      Rooney out!

    • @Moscow: Totally agree, Rooney is our second best player. People are specualting what was said between Rooney and Fergie. If Rooney stays and I hope he does as I have no faith in Welbeck. Chicharito is good off the bench and with all Kagawa’s ability he is stuggled last season.
      We need him, these are the facts.

        • @The_Philosopher: Selling Rooney for £25m to Chelsea is madness, we might as well give the title to Chelsea now.
          With Rooney we know what we have got, he wasn’t great last season and was played all over the park, but still was effective. To replace him, we would have to spend £40m plus.
          For me people are just jumping on the ant Rooney bandwagon. Yes he has asked for one transfer, but he certainly did not put another request in. Fergie got him back and well done to him.
          With Moyes finding his way, we need to keep continuity and he may give Rooney a fresh start.

  4. No offense, Grognard, I mean it, but you should seriously abstain from posting on this site. You are a Canadian that is a self-proclaimed hardcore/die-hard Bayern Munich supporter.

    Your verbal outbursts in the Thiago nonsense were extremely embarrassing, amazing how you made insane and ridicolous claims about our transfer policy when Thiago NEVER WAS A TARGET. The article above is even worse. It obviously went above your head, but Rooney will stay, so what are you trying to discuss here exactly?

    You are not a Manchester United supporter. You are just a fan, watching our game on a stream in Canada, while switching over to the Bayern games. You are bad representation of our club and it shows that you do not understand our traditions and our culture of how we do things.
    Stick with Bayern or jpin City/Chelsea, their business model seems to be more muczh more to your liking. There are reasons why we aren’t like them. These reasons make me proud to be a United supporter. You aren’t, so much is clear.

    Leave it be, please.

    • @Phil Anderson: One thing about me from past years has changed, my temperament. Therefore I will not dignify that comment with the reply it deserves.

    • @Phil Anderson: Actually I will reply regarding my dual love of both Bayern and Man Utd. I equate it to having two wives. There are regions in the world where this is allowed. I can only say that for all those who have only one wife (Man Utd), that’s fine but I’ve got one more and it makes for a wild threesome, especially back in May of 1999.

      The great thing about having two wives is that in my case, as devoted as I am to both, my second wife gives me more pleasure in bed and makes me proud when we go out. She looks prettier and spends money on herself to look as sexy as ever. For her, price is no object as she tries to make herself as fit and as attractive as she can for me. My first wife however has lost the plot. After so many years of love and passion, she has gone a bit bipolar. She has gained weight and no longer tries to look good. She feels she won me a long time ago and now she is just going through the motions. She still looks better than most but hardly compares to my second wife. She lies to me, is dishonest as I give her money for self improvement and instead she spends it on junk food and drugs. When we go out or travel, she is not presentable anymore while acting down and negative. My second wife however, is the toast of the town wherever she goes with her attractive style and walk. My first wife used to be my trophy wife, but she no longer cares to make the effort. My second wife has given new meaning to trophy wife as she won three in one season like my first wife did back in 1999.

      I love both my wives and would never ever leave them or betray them. But there are days when I truly would love to bitch slap my first wife and scare her straight. She has taken me for granted. She uses me to supply her habits but gives me very little in return. Yet the memories of a wonderful past life and romance remain, despite my disenchantment. Wife number 2 is there often to pick up the pieces and make me feel good and positive again. She supplies me with everything I want yet, I still think of wife number one as we are soul mates despite her lack of effort anymore. Perhaps one day she will find her senses again and come back to me. Problem is I keep finding disturbing correspondence between her and some Floridian bloke named Glazer. I think I might have lost her to him. That breaks my heart. Oh well, at least I can play tiki taka and hide the wiener schnitzel with wife two.

    • @Phil Anderson: come now lets not start with the real fans are from manchester rhetoric. that’s just as embarrassing a position to take today as saying a real doctor is a man.

      As a fellow Canadian/far off supporter of United, I get that there are certain elements of supporting United (like actually getting to go to games and the atmosphere and rivalries that go on with that) that aren’t available to us, but to separate us based on geography or the amount of money we invest in the team (in tickets and merchandise or what have you) is a hollow argument.

      I can see a little bit more your argument about supporting two clubs, but even then that’s no reason to bash the man. you seem to be equating his love of bayern to a love of City/Chelsea – teams that league rivals of United. apples and oranges if you ask me.

      It also seems you have absolute faith in the public posturing of the club: “Thiago was never a target” “Rooney is not for sale”. I think Groggy here can be a United supporter and still suspect that the club is not telling the 100% truth about these two issues.

      Leave it be, please.

  5. “Would you fly to Greece and have a very expensive hair transplant and then shave your head? 😆 😆 😆 That is a classic Grog 😆 😆 😆

  6. The way I see it Rooney has a massive sense of entitlement and believes he is undroppable and must be played as a striker. Buying Van Persie and playing him in Rooney’s position and using Rooney as a utility man and dropping him from the big games threw Rooney’s nose out of joint. Ferguson’s legendary cold shoulder probably didn’t help. And now Moyes is playing the big man and is talking tough with Rooney.

    If we want to keep Rooney we have to guarantee him a starting place and play him if not as a number 9 then at least as a number 10 and meanwhile let Hernandez and Kagaya rot despite their vast potential.

    He simply isn’t mature enough or selfless enough to be part of a team.

    Personally I think Ferguson should have sold him the second we signed Van Persie and Kagaya and lined up a replacement for this summer if Kagaya didn’t thrive in the number 10 role behind Van Persie.

    Instead he vacillated rotating Rooney and playing Kagaya out of position so we can’t tell for sure if Kagaya is a viable replacement for Rooney while also letting Rooney’s market value plummet as his performances “wayned” (pun intended) and his unhappiness became unknown.

    Thanks for nothing Ferguson is how I would feel in Moyes’ position

    • @colver: This is the unfortunate reality. Rooney is 1A as both striker and as a deeper player. He would still get a minimum of 15 starts, and a whole lot of 25-35 minute cameos, if things stay the same.

      It seems Rooney didn’t seem to mind when Berbatov was being shunted from the team, but now that he’s been dropped from a few games he’s crying wolf.

      I want him to turn it around. A rooney with his full touch/drive/fitness is undoubtedly better than Kagawa and would not be dropped for any match.

      That seems like a pipe dream at this moment though

      • @Jonny: There comes a time in most players careers where it’s time to say goodbye and time for a new challenge to get the blood pumping. Fergie was infamous for showing the door to many a legend when he felt he had gotten the most from them, but mostly when he thought they were becoming selfish and a distraction. That is the case now with Rooney. He is thinking of himself and he has become a massively negative distraction. He needs to be moved for the sake of both parties.

    • @colver: Also, to be fair to rooney, he’s already put in years of playing out of position on the wing for united (not every game, but consistently) so once he made his favoured strikers position his own, i can see how hard it would be to give that up willingly

      I don’t condone his attitude or behaviour, just understand a bit where he’s coming from

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