Rumoured new contract a contradiction in terms?


David Moyes says Wayne Rooney a chance to return  for Manchester United against West Ham - videoThere have been reports of Rooney agreeing a four and a half year deal on £300,000 a week, despite no official confirmation from the club itself, many reports suggest he is set to sign the deal in the next few days.

Wayne Rooney is set to be the Premier League’s highest paid player. My view on this is that partly this is a good deal.

The deal is a good one in my view because it’s vital we keep our best players from other clubs who will be sniffing around, also because it’s vital we keep our best players providing us with a better chance of attracting bigger players thus giving us a better chance to win games and challenge for trophies again. It’s a knock effect.

However, another part of me thinks this deal is a bad one, why? Because I think, to an extent, the club are compromising. Why are we compromising? Is it because of the reasons listed above? Let’s hope so. Because how many times have we heard the saying “No one is bigger than Manchester United”? Does making Wayne Rooney the League’s highest paid player contradict this statement?

Despite the incredible passion and work ethic he displays on the pitch, I personally would not give Wayne Rooney such a salary. In the history of our club, great players have come and gone and we have consistently stayed on top.

What is more worrying is that David Moyes has appeared to go back on his word.

In June 2013, Moyes said “

It’s a chance for me to get Wayne right back to where he was, but I’ve also got to make sure we don’t just concentrate on him. Manchester United aren’t about Wayne Rooney. Manchester United are about the team, the club. We are talking about him now, and rightly so, but what I won’t allow is Wayne to become more important than the football club and the football team”.

Giving Wayne Rooney the privilege of becoming the country’s highest paid player does suggest otherwise.

Of course this deal has its pros and its cons, I personally don’t know what to make of it. Are we showing ambition by keeping our players while demonstrating to the rest of Europe that we are able to afford the top players’ wages? Or are we compromising, are we contradicting everything this club stands for; no ego is bigger than the club? Let me know what you think.



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