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_72327646_vpmoyesreutersRobin Van Persie is the latest Manchester United player to publicly back David Moyes, with the Dutchman admitting that while United have been caught by surprise this season, the former Everton manager remains the right man to lead the club forward and out of the doldrums.

Van Persie has been sidelined for over a month now and has seen his team being knocked out at in the third round of the FA Cup by Swansea and losing the first leg of the Capital One Cup semifinal at Sunderland, but the Dutchman insisted that coaching staff and players are united in a bid to turn things around.

A lot has been made of whether the United striker, whose 30 goals in all competitions last season proved crucial as United clinched their 20th title, enjoys working with David Moyes, as reports claimed that the former Arsenal man was disappointed at Moyes’ training regime and not sold on the Scotsman’s football philosophy.

Van Persie, however, was resolute in defending his manager.

“Moyes needs time, he’s new,” he said. “The manager is our leading man and he will change things around.”

“We lost too many points this year, but we are doing everything we can to change that,” continued RVP, who said he’s confident United’s fortunes will turn around “sooner rather than later”.

Van Persie admitted that Moyes was rather surprised when the United players treated the 2-0 win over Wigan in the Community Shield like a routine game, with minimum fuss afterwards, let alone celebrations.

“We are used to winning,” said the Dutchman. “If you win, it’s a normal day at the office. After the Community Shield win, none of the players really celebrated, or played music, as it was the way things were.”

Meanwhile, Anderson has finally flown to Italy to seal his loan deal on Fiorentina.



  1. Standard press response from RVP, he can hardly say anything negative can he?

    Waiting for Robin to get back to full health and help this team – just like he did last year.

  2. If it’s true that Anderson is off, one might think that a new and better MF’er is on the way. Probably not though ’cause we have Fletcher back and he will “just do” for now.

    When the day comes that we actually sign a decent MF player, the City of Manchester should declare a public holiday just to celebrate a once-in-a-millenium occurrence. Kinda like a full Solar Eclipse or the Queens diamond jubilee. In fact neighborhoods should throw spontaneous street parties and a full confetti parade should be staged for the new arrival.

    I doubt that I will ever see that day!

    • @Redrich: I said it a few weeks ago that we won’t sign anyone this month. The Glazers don’t give a monkey’s about the football side of things and the club response at the end of the transfer window will be something along the lines of “We tried to sign some players, but we thought it’d be better not to make any rush decisions and we’ll therefore focus on having a strategy in place for the summer.”

      Broken. Record.

      • @Dan: Its more a case of who’s available and could they be enticed to United under the present circumstances. I do not agree that the Glazers do not give “a
        monkeys about the football side of things”. They’ve just seen their share price drop like a stone in the last month purely as a result of the football side. They must realise that everything stems from success on the pitch. Failure on that side will lead to a drop off on the commercial side ultimately. They have no option but to splash some significant cash but on whom is the question. Because of the botched summer window, Moyes now has an unenviable task in seeking and acquiring some quality which could make a difference.

        • @Julian:

          Yes, but Glazers are prone to shorttermism and penny-pinching. The short term response to boost share prices is saving, not investing-Glazers are going to do exactly that.

          And yes, they do not give a monkey about footballing side of things. You know why? Because they didn’t give a penny of their own money to buy this club. Therefore, whatever they do, they gain. Their logic is: why invest money (read risk) to potentially earn more, when we can earn a huge sum without investing a penny.

          For us, it’s the club we all love and cherish, for them-it’s just an asset.

      • @Dan: Totally agree mate.What annoys me though, they just think the fans are totally naieve and believe everything that comes out of the mufc pr bullshit machine.

  3. @Andrija Djuranovic
    For them it is asset… Agreed. But the fact is Assets also needs maintainence keep it running efficiently. Further, United by NO Means is a Real Asset i.e. Tangible Asset. The value of United is more in the Intagible Assets such as Brand and the catch is value of such assets can drop drastically just like that.

    So, if that starts to happen Glaziars will not have any option but to either Invest of or to Strip Club of whatever assets left ala Sell of Players (Ronaldo) for Profit which are accounted for as assets in the Books of the Club. And honestly I fear for second option. Having said that this will lead to drastic fall in the value of club and they may not ever be able to get the valuation that Club is commmanding today.

    Also the Problem with the Brand theory is it will only pinch United’s earnings may be two to three years from now when contracts are up for renewal. Till then it wont hurt United’s financials much(Chevrolet contract in which the Brand United is already Leveraged comes to mind).

    The only question here is how long Glaziers see themselves staying invested in United, if they are looking at very long terms then they cant risk of Brand getting Hit in Bad Way irrespctive of when it will translate in the Finacials. And they are here for 5 odd years then they can just simply strip our club of all the assets and suck out the whole cashflow and leave our club dry to die.

    What they will do is anybodies GUESS…

    • @Onkar:

      Naturally. They already sold Ronaldo, they’ll sell Rooney, RVP, De Gea and in two years Januzaj for, let’s say, 150 million together, and after the sponsorship contracts are up they’ll sell the club for moderately good price and walk away with BILLION in cash.

      I simply don’t see them investing. Why would they? Every single thing they did (even the purchase of RVP and/or Berbatov) was short-term. Why should they switch to long term now? They have no reason.

      • @Andrija Djuranovic: Fergie chose Berbatov and RvP for 56M, not the Glazers. If there is short termism in these selections it was on Fergie’s shoulders. Money was spent on players – 200M in the last 6 years – but seemingly not with a view for conquering Europe again.

  4. @Andrija Djuranovic:
    We both are essentially saying the same thing. I only said that they are here for almost 10 years now and if they see themselve going for considerable of future as owner then they cant run the risk of loosing brand value and will have no option but to Invest… but unfortunately even i dont see that happening. I also feel they may end striping club of all the assets possible and then running away from it.
    So though i just tried to rationalise the whole investment arguement i am on same page with u that we may probably never see the kind of investment we are hoping to see.
    And as far Rooney goes they can virtually sell itvat any price that might come there way as his 28 purchase price is definitely already written off in first 5 years… there might little bit left over but mainly towards exps incured towards contract extension. So whatever hey can get for Rooney is Profit available for approriation.

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