Scholes boost for United

scholes_2341506bManchester United are set to receive a timely boost for their run-in as Paul Scholes is set to make his return to first team football after the international break, when United face Sunderland away 48 hours before traveling south for the FA Cup quarter final replay against Chelsea.

Scholesy has missed the last 10 games, since appearing as a sub against Fulham in the FA Cup on January 26 and his return will be a welcome news for Sir Alex Ferguson who had previously stressed the 38-year-old will be part of his plans for the final, crucial, weeks of the season.

While Scholes hasn’t reached the heights he had touched last year after returning from retirement, his experience could prove to be a valuable asset for United particularly as Sir Alex has the difficult task to keep his players focused until the title is mathematically sealed.

Michael Carrick and Tom Cleverley have developed an excellent partnership in United’s engine room this season and it’s difficult to see them being displaced as first choice combination in midfield, but Scholes is definitely likely to feature at some stage, considering that Fergie will be looking at rotating his squad with two games within three days.

As for Scholes’ future, Sir Alex has maintained he’s prepared to wait until the end of the season before sitting down to discuss whether to offer the midfielder a contract extension that would see him playing on for a further year, or whether Scholes will decide to retire for a second, and this time definitive, time.

Meanwhile, Michael Carrick could be deployed in defence by Roy Hodgson against San Marino after Rio Ferdinand pulled out of the England squad (well played Rio, by the way). Obviously Hodgson hasn’t been listening to the Stretford End in recent times…”It’s Carrick, you know, hard to believe it’s not Scholes!”


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  1. Would be nice to see some more of Powell as well with the cushion we’ve built in the league – at least some sub appearances. Could help bring some more energy to our play that’s looked laboured of late…

    • @ForeverRed: It would be nice to do that once things are all sewn up – which could be sooner than later if the only thing we have left is the league.
      We need to establish some momentum again going into the “push”.
      The league, alone, is not good enough for me, the “double” has to be our goal and if the peripheral players can help, that’s well and good.
      Chances are your idea will not see the light of day mate, he’ll have to prove his worth in the pre-season and if he’s worth anything, he will.

      No fairy tales left for this season.

    • @ForeverRed: Yeah I’m also itching to see Nick Powell.

      Would love to see him put in the pressure cooker 15min left in the game if we are leading against Sunderland we should give him a run alongside Michael Carrick. And put Giggs on the left for experience.

      I’m not saying we must be casual about the run in. But I think we have a good enough advantage for us to start taking some risks that will invest in our future.

      The more experience Nick Powell can get now the better. Don’t wait for him to grow up before you give him a shot. Let him cut his teeth now.

      You must leverage an advantage. We have a big advantage. lets leverage it to help build future generations of United stars.

  2. Talking of Scholes, we have to savor the few games we see him in now. I’m pretty sure his body is telling his desire to play “don’t be dumb, quit while you’re ahead”.
    He has been the greatest MF’er we have had in the modern era, but his day is over. In all honesty, PS has been below what we expect and for most of the season. He has, as they say, “lost a step” (and perhaps two) and I’m sure he knows it too.

    He came back last season to help us out and it earned him another year with the club. I cannot see that happening again.

    Amen, and please let him be the beacon for future MF signings.

  3. Getting back to the Rio Vs England thing. Does anyone here expect England to do well in Brazil.
    OK, this is nothing personal, in fact I’m English too and to do what we did 48 years previously would be amazing.
    I remember ’66 as a boy and it seems now like a dream, a very good dream, but so far removed from what the nation has become as a Football power. The magic of yesteryear is now replaced by the financial power of the BPL and, of course, that kind of power snuffs out magic like two fingers on a candle wick.
    There is no question that Footy is as vital as it’s always been, but as a native the fondness for the national game has been tempered by the style of the continentals.
    Guts and glory has been replaced by trickery and deceit and the desire to eke out the big contract with whatever club will pay the price. Playing for the future is way more important than loyalty to team and country, and the politics of doing such is as glib as those that commentate upon it.

    We, the English, should not expect anything else. Instead of trying to emulate the financial gains of the European superstars, we should try a lot harder in emulating their quality of play.
    How can David Beckham be so popular and wealthy, having such a mediocre playing career? I think everyone wants to know that answer, including almost every English professional player.

    Reality needs to do some face slapping and England needs to do some accounting in it’s humility. Face facts, face failure, admit it, move on and SOLVE A 48 YEAR OLD PROBLEM!!

  4. Rich, No one in their right mind actually expects England to win anything. The other home nations hang their hat on “arrogant” England, which emulates form our sewer press. The average fan on the street, holds no hope of us winning anything, ever.
    The press in this Country are awful. They all now want to be “celebrities” in their own right. They are on Talksport, Sky News, Sky Sports News, various other radio shows and now have there own show on Sky Sports one. They constantly live in the now, all having their own agendas. The Rio debate as it has now been tagged is a prime example of this. He has now been criticised for withdrawing form the England squad. This is a man who was banned for months for missing a drug test, which he did later and was cleared. He was stripped of the captaincy and dropped because the manager preferred the player who racially abused his brother, logical eh?
    On a separate note, England actually aren’t that bad. We have all the ability in the World, but we simply do not have a winning mentality. Our players are over paid, over pampered and have no mental strength.

    • @Stephen: Stephen; Remember the next “David Beckham”, one Mr. David Bentley, who had the looks and the hair (he prob spent more on that than a personal trainer,) and played on the wing. He, to me is the poster boy for what is wrong with the English player.
      Not blessed with a whole lot of talent but a good target for the camera and the talking heads who were waiting to crown the next Starlet.
      Ask Mr. Bentley and his agent how things are going right now and the answer will be “we’re talking to other clubs right now”. As if he has any marketable talent at all, he seems to think that the talent pool in England is like a cattle call in Hollywood.
      No clubs care about that alone, and if players are to achieve anything at all, they need to put the emphasis on improving the way way they look playing the game and not just how they look in the mirror.

      Call me old fashioned, but I hate style over substance!

  5. Chicharito just keeps scoring goals.

    He scored 2 on Friday for Mexico.

    The kid is a goal machine.

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