Sir Alex – “We have a stronger squad now”

Sir Alex with clenched fistsIt would appear Sir Alex Ferguson also believes we have a stronger squad now than we did in 1999.

In a interview posted by, Sir Alex outlines how the options available to him today far outweigh those available to him back then.

Here’s the full story.

Sir Alex Ferguson is convinced Manchester United have a stronger squad now than their 1999 Treble-winning campaign.

Twelve points clear in the Premier League title race, following Wednesday’s draw at the Bernabeu, United are still on course to repeat that historic feat.

Monday offers a chance to clinch a place in the FA Cup quarter-finals.

And such is the strength of Ferguson’s squad, United could field a completely different side to the one that started against Madrid.

That fact alone leads the Red Devils chief to conclude he has more options at his disposal that he did 14 years ago.

“We have a stronger squad now,” Ferguson said.

“When we went to the (Champions League) final, Keane and Scholes were suspended but Henning Berg was the only injury.

“I still had to pull in a player (Jonathan Greening) who had only played once or twice in the first-team.

“He got a medal for being on the bench. That gives you an idea of the strength of the squad.”

The momentum for that magnificent achievement came from an unbeaten run that began following a defeat against Middlesbrough on December 19, which eventually reached 33 games.

It is now 15 matches since United were beaten on home soil by Romanian champions CFR Cluj in a dead Champions League game at the end of December.

And with QPR and Norwich to follow the meeting with Reading, there is no sign of that record ending soon.

“It is nice to look back on these things and think how it was done at that particular time,” said Ferguson.

“But the reality is that we should not get carried away, particularly in the FA Cup when anything can happen. You don’t want to be a shock.

“In many people’s eyes Monday would be, ‘yes, it’s Reading, we have just been to Madrid, it was a great night, Monday will take care of itself’.

“Monday can’t take care of itself. We have to take care of that.

“We must get a performance off the players that respects our opponents and also the fact the FA Cup can produce shocks.”

It has been repeated fairly frequently that of Ferguson’s present squad, only Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Darren Fletcher, who will miss the remainder of the season, have won the FA Cup with United.

Most have appeared in semi-finals though, with United losing their past two, against Everton and Manchester City.

Full-back Rafael was amongst those who featured in the 2009 last-four encounter with Everton at Wembley, which the Red Devils lost in a penalty shoot-out.

The Brazilian’s career has not always been straightforward since.

Indeed, his performance in the Bernabeu on Wednesday almost summed up his entire career, given the difficulties he endured during the first-half before rediscovering top form after the interval.

“Rafael had an horrendous first half,” said Ferguson.

“He was impetuous. He tried to win the war right away, diving in at players, but he settled down in the second half.

“His game calmed down and he had absolutely no problems. That is a measure of the success he has had this year. He has matured terrifically well.”

Have you read my thoughts on this years squad compared to 1999’s?


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  1. Notice Ferguson said stronger SQUAD.

    I do believe our attack is better than in 1999.

    But our midfield and defence unfortunately are not. We are incredibly top heavy. And while it is true the famous foursome of Cole Yorke Sheringham and Solkjaer got all the plaudits in 1999 that team was incredibly well balanced with one of the best midfields in the world and a very solid defence. Also the 1999 first team was at its peak-a culmination of the coming of age of the Fergie Fledglings and with players like Stam, Keane, Yorke and Cole at the top of their games.

    I do think this team has a lot of potential though.

    We have a lot of youngsters who can only get better. I think Ferguson is being sensible in his use of Vidic and Rio to ensure there is some experience in our defence while also giving lots of first team opportunities to their eventual successors.

    Zaha looks like an exciting signing although incredibly raw and I also feel that we never really got the best out of Nani. Valencia is off form lately but he should get back to his best.

    The two main issues for me that prevent us from being the best are:

    1) We need a Fletcher replacement. Cleverley is a nice player but a bit lightweight and very much a jack of all trades. In five years time he may well be the next Gerrard or Lampard. But at the moment for me he rarely rises above average performances.

    2) We are too reliant on Van Persie. A good deal of that is because our defence is so leaky so we need to score two or three goals a game. Although there are signs our defence is tightening up. But there is a dangerous precedent for us in our recent history of needing a talisman. We lost something when Ronaldo left the club. And with Van Persie’s signing we have regained something of what we lost. But his star will fade. What I liked so much about the 1999 team is that it was such a balanced team. The 2008 team was great but Ronaldo was the catalyst that made it into a world class team. Our defence and midfield need to improve so that we are less reliant on Robin.

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