Southampton v Man Utd FA Cup Match Thread


This will be short — and will serve more like a place holder for match related talk.

Southampton will be interesting opposition as — correct me if I’m wrong — it’s the first time we meet them after relegating them to the Championship for the first time in their Premier League history.

It’s a four o’clock kick off, UK time, which is a few hours from now and I can’t really say much about our opposition. I could make the stock statement here, about this being their cup final and them parking their bus in front of their goal. But I think we know all that already.

For us though, it’s not exactly a chance for us to find our attacking groove because Fergie will look to rest the stars ahead of next week’s clash against Chelsea. But then we also have a Carling Cup fixture in midweek against Derby County. It is quite possible that the manager plays some stars for this and some for midweek — but then again, we can play this guessing game all week. So I can’t really bring an informed analysis ahead of today’s game. I don’t know why I am not too excited by the prospect of today’s game.

Oh well…

What I want to talk about briefly, before leaving you to discuss about the match, is regarding media speculation on Tevez possibly moving. I see no quotes where Fergie actually says that he’ll leave so I’ll not jump the gun. However, what Fergie says in reality is this:

“We will just work our way through it and that’s all we can do. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, we will just have to move on. It’s unfortunate, but that’s life. Carlos wants to stay. He’s happy here. I think he’s actually said that to the players.”

While there is a non-committal tone to his words it’s not an admission. It’s quite similar to the Wes Brown situation where the player wanted to stay. I’m sure, if Tevez were to demand £125,000, he wouldn’t be getting it. [Something in the 90k region is as far as I would go — considering the apparent value Fergie has placed on him; in terms of appearances he’s made this season.]

I’m sure asking this question — should Tevez be allowed to leave? — will divide opinion equally among fans. And would love to hear your response. I’d want him as long as we don’t over pay. Even 32 million is steep in my opinion. As a player he’s a wonderful asset to the club, needless to say.

Right, I’m out. Over to you…



  1. @Stephen: Whose a bit rough Stephen 😆 . I don’t know who you are talking about!

    I agree with your comment on Fergie mate, except that although he cannot be blamed for the players poor showings, he can be blamed for contributing to those poor showings by selecting an unbalanced team, playing players out of position, and not doing anything about FIXING things tactically and formation wise, when he ADMITS we were taking some flak from Derby and they were lucky not to be 4 goals up.

  2. Surprised no one here had given the news that Ronaldo nearly died this morning. 😐 He was in a really bad carcrash, pictures from his ruined Ferrari can be seen in MEN. I am surprised he survived, he has an angel looking for him for sure. Agter watching his car, I honestly cant believe my eyes he s alive. But I hope that wont disturb him before the Chelski match, but rather sharpen him up to realise that a bad free kick may be his last kick on a football. 😛 He wont ant that, right?

  3. @Craig Mc: I personally think that Mercedes girl on Hollyoaks is a bit rough, I don’t watch the shite but the GF does!
    I agree, Gibson isn’t a right midfielder, and to be honest at thhe moment he doesn’t look United quality, the lack of a left footer on the left side of midfield has been a real issue I believe with the lack of good delivery into the box, not soley but part of the goal draught. Hoperfully Tosic with help to solve that issue, but to blame Fergie for Anderson’s poor form is harsh, I can understand people giving him stick for Tevez, but nobody really knows what is being said to Carlos and we are still very well placed this season.
    Sundays game is massive, a win could really spring board our season and quash the rent boys, but if we loose then we are really in trouble and all the questions will be asked again.
    Fergie will play no doubt.

    G Red Vida Rio(hopefully) Evra
    Park Fletch Carrick Ronnie
    Berba Rooney

  4. Craig Mc, where did you hear that Nadine and Sarah are Man United fans. Well just makes them more perfect if they are. Gotta say tho that cheryl is my favourite out of them, even if she is married to a twat.

  5. @Craig Mc: And you are telling me to watch out what I write because your GF might read it? Playing with fire Bro. 😆

  6. @Matthew: Matthew the girls were asked in a TV interview, and Nadine said her family were brought up on Manchester United and Celtic, and these are who she supports. Sarah was brought up in Manchester (Stockport) and she said that she supports Minnows Stockport, but in the big boys Man UNited 😀 . Also she dated Alan Smith for a while when he was at United. Kimberley supports her home town Bradford, but also Leeds who used to be the big boys in Yorkshire. Nicola has always been an Everton fan, and used to stand on the terraces with her dad etc. Cheryl Cole is Geordie thru and thru, and mate she hates Man United 🙁 , probably due to that numbnuts useless excuse for a husband of hers. She is Newcastle mad, and supports them over Ashley’s clubs Arsenal and Chelski.

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