Sep 22 2012

Betting Strategies and Predictions

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We all know how popular football betting is these days and also how influential bookmakers are within football finances and sponsorship, but do we punters spend enough time really studying the form and coming up with a strategy to beat the odds?

2 years ago I began to create an¬†algorithm which would find me the best team to lay* at ‘odds-on favourite’. It began well but I lost my way with it after making a few alterations each time the system threw up a result that was wrong, from there the algorithm got skewed and I lost faith in it. Lesson learned, next time I’ll save it before each alteration.

I was convinced I could produce a piece of software that would, over a season, throw up more winners than losers and therefore, at odds-on, would lead to a profit.

That leads me to talking about a little known site called At Betegy they’re attempting to produce a similar algorithm, but rather than attempting to find one result to make money from, Betegy attempts to predict the result and the scoreline for every game in the Premier League and games in Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

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