Aug 16 2011

All Time Best XI Series: Right Fullback

When writing about the best players in any one position, your perspective is obviously biased towards recent memories and those players you have actually seen play. However, it is relatively easy to get a historical perspective on most players these days regardless of how long ago someone featured in the Manchester United first eleven.

The more difficult task is to compare and contrast player’s abilities and styles when tactics have changed so considerably over the last century.  It was only during the 1960’s that over-lapping fullbacks became ‘de rigueur’ and in the modern game it is a necessity. However, there was once a time when fullbacks simply gave the ball to the halfbacks and rarely ventured into the opponents half.

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Aug 12 2011

All Time Best XI Series: Central Midfield

The Midfield – The Engine Room of MUFC Success – Written by Rob B.

It’s without doubt the most common game MUFC fans get to play over their lifetime.

It’s your typical ‘Who Is Your Favourite Player’ debate. Who would you play where? At a team like United it’s an utter minefield. We all have our own recommendations for such debates.

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Jul 31 2011

All Time Best XI Series: Centre Forward

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United Centre Forwards – God Amongst Real Men:

When one sits back to construct lists of the best players on a team or the best players of all time, obviously the position has to be taken into account. And let’s face it, one position that comes with players who showed true skill, pedigree and a touch of class is that of the center forward. Manchester United has been blessed throughout its history with extraordinary center forwards who transcended their position, redefined the duties of that position and above all either created or scored plenty of goals or both.

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