Sep 29 2012

Fergie Blames Added Time, I blame Fergie.

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Manchester United suffered their first home defeat at Old Trafford after a shambolic first half performance against Tottenham Hotspur costed them dearly.

If ever the Premier League decided to produce a DVD to market the league abroad, they could do worse things than put together a collection of encounters between United and Spurs as this fixture has produced incredible drama over the years and today’s match was no different.

Mind you, the footage from today’s game could also be used in a clinic focussing on non-existing midfields and overly exposed defences.

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Sep 12 2012

D10S: The Story of a God

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Diego Armando Maradona, arguably the greatest player to play the beautiful game but less arguably the most flawed.

The little Argentinian was a football genius, of that there can be no doubt, a man who shared legendary status in his homeland with the likes of Che Guevara and Evita, a man who was known simply as, D10S….God.

Maradona’s life story and the thoughts of many of the games most respected figures are enthrallingly compiled in a film length documentary entitled ‘D10S: The Story of Diego Armando Maradona which is now available from Amazon.

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Feb 07 2012

Substitutions Prove Pivotal in Classic United Comeback

What. A. Game! If there ever was a marque game for the Premier League it was this one. Great goals, drama, penalties, a wonderful comeback, and horrible refereeing. A lot of people are of the opinion that Howard Webb was Uniteds best player of the day, but the “best referee in the world” had an off day for both sides. United and Chelsea got crucial decisions against them, some more obvious than the other, but as most great United games go the ABU fanbase quickly came out with refereeing decisions to try and overshadow a wonderful comeback. Who can forget the 5-2 comeback win against Spurs in 2009, the first goal coming from a penalty that was given “only because it was at Old Trafford”? Or the 3-2 comeback at Blackpool last season, with literally everybody trying to point out how Rafael should have had a penalty awarded against him rather than look at Fergie’s brave, and decisive decision to take Rooney off for Hernandez with 30 minutes to go?

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Dec 10 2011

The Chatroom Experiment

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An open question to all the regulars:

Over the last few months I’ve learnt that you guys need somewhere to camp up for a few hours or a day or so. When new content is published in quick succession it makes it really hard to stick together in one place and chat away. With that in mind and the ‘brick-wall’ that is; getting a forum installed. I had an idea that you might like and find useful, me included.

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