Jan 25 2014

Mata can be United’s Special Juan

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Juan MataJuan Mata’s transfer from Chelsea to Manchester United has been met with a mixed reaction, somewhat surprisingly. A substantial proportion of United fans are more than a little skeptical about the move, citing the hefty reported transfer fee of £37million and more pressing concerns in other areas of the side. However, David Moyes has been presented with the rare opportunity to purchase a world-class operator in the mid-season window and has rightly taken it.

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Jul 10 2013

Pellegrini quickly into the bitter swing of things

Tag: Opinion Piece,Random Rant @ 2:54 pm

PelllegriniYou really couldn’t make up some of the stories gifted to us by Manchester City Football Club or by their bitter fans.

The latest Bertie to make us laugh is newly appointed Manuel Pellegrini who openly admitted today that “I know that the most important thing for all the (City) fans is to beat Manchester United

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Jan 16 2013

Suarez makes stunning United claim

Tag: Random Rant @ 6:05 pm

Evra SuarezIn an amazing interview aired in Argentina today, Luis Suarez claims the English media are ‘controlled by Man United’.

Suarez went on to accuse the English media of unfairly treating him and his South American compatriots differently to native players.

He said: ‘When someone comes and says to me something bad about being a South American, I don’t cry, because that happens inside the pitch.

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Oct 29 2012

Surely this John Terry prankster is a Red?

Tag: Random Rant @ 10:20 am

Great work by Larflaith Davoran of Irish Premier League side Sligo Rovers at the weekend.

After winning the league title on Friday Davoran sported a Chelsea kit complete with John Terry mask to celebrate with the trophy! Genius, well done that man.

Does anyone know Larflaith? Can anyone confirm he’s a United fan? Let us know!

What a great picture!

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May 15 2012

Tevez sign reveals City obsession

Tag: Manchester United,Random Rant @ 9:37 am

It was suppose to be a celebration, a joyous moment to forget 44 years of hurt and, more importantly, the entity responsible for that half a century of disappointment and bitterness.

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Apr 30 2012

Derby view of a glory hunter

Tag: Random Rant @ 11:04 am

Lets start this with the admission that under current football fanatical thinking – “I am a Glory Hunting B…………!”

I started supporting United in 1979, despite being from Walsall and a happy midlander born and bred. My local team was Walsall FC and I do have fond memories of the old Fellows Park that I use to go to as a child for my regular football fix. It was good, but more the atmosphere than the quality of football!!

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Apr 28 2012

Pep’s the best? Not quite.

Tag: Random Rant @ 10:45 am

Following Guardiola’s decision to step down, and the knee-jerk reaction from a large section of the media, I decided it was time to bring down the myth about Guardiola being the greatest manager in the world. As we know, a Gowan-born lad has been at the helm for 25 years and shows no sign of letting go…

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Apr 11 2012

City’s money can’t compete with Fergie’s management

Tag: Manchester United,Random Rant @ 8:55 am

It is one of the most common, overused and tediously boring football clichés, yet a true one: football is a team sport.

We are constantly reminded that “individuals win games” while “teams win trophies” or, to describe it in a way that would make David Cameron proud, “the team is in this together” and “we win together and lose together”.

Boring and predictable as it might sound, there’s some truth to it, as exemplified by the latest outcomes of the title race.

All year we’ve been treated to a battle between the noveau riche of Manchester City – a collection of egos that would rival the backstage of a Hollywood premiere – with literally too much money on their hands for their own good and Manchester United, a team managed by the son of a working class area of Glasgow.

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