Feb 06 2016

Clayton Blackmore interview part two: “Rooney remains United main man”

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Manchester-United-v-Stoke-CityWayne Rooney remains Manchester United’s main man who would not have looked out of place in some of United’s best sides of yesteryear, according to former Wales and United defender Clayton Blackmore.
Speaking to Stretty News’ Dale O’Donnell at a Play With a Legend Event last week, Blackmore lifted the lid on what it was like to play under Fergie and on what to make of the transfer rumours surrounding fellow Welshman Gareth Bale.
The publication of this interview’s extract has been authorised by Stretty News, to read the interview in its entirety click here.

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Feb 06 2016

Clayton Blackmore interview part one: “Gomes could play for United tomorrow”

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Liverpool v Manchester United: U18 Premier LeagueManchester United’s academy is still producing talents who could break into the first team, according to former United defender Clayton Blackmore.
United’s youth system has come under scrutiny this season for a perceived lack of talent but Blackmore, who spoke to Stretty News’ Dale O’Donnell at a Play With a Legend Event last week, added United fans should be get very excited about Angel Gomes, who could soon break into the first team.

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Aug 09 2013

The RedRants Premier League 2013/14 Prediction Pot

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Thinking ManWe all think we know football, we all think our opinion is far greater than the next mans and we all think we know what’s going to happen between now and the end of the Premier League season (well I do anyway!).

So, here’s you chance to show us what you’re made of and I’ll find a decent prize for the winner come the end of the season.

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Jun 28 2013

Red Alert, he’s back!

Hide your wives or girlfriends, children and treasure and most of all, increase your intake of pain medications and Valium, because I’m back baby YEAH! Yes tis I the one and only Grognard (Groggy to his friends) reporting once again on the world of Manchester United and footy in general.

After a long absence and self imposed exile I have returned to offer up my take on what has been happening and what is going to happen to our beloved Red Devils. For those of you who are not familiar with me and for those of you who just don’t give a crap let me just say that I used to be a regular contributor on this site for a number of years.

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Feb 06 2013

The Flowers of English Football, the Flowers of Manchester

The 6th of February.is a sad day for United fans. Thousands of words have been written and spoken, therefore to avoid the risk of becoming tedious, we have decided to re-publish an article that appeared on Red Rants 12 months ago. If you didn’t read then, we hope it’ll be a fitting tribute to the Babes, if you had already read it hopefully you’ll still find it poignant.

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Aug 22 2012

What’s your greatest ever European match?

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As a United fan old enough to remember the much fabled and often talked-about United v Barcelona match at Old Trafford in 1984, it’s difficult to offer any other game to challenge it as the greatest ever European match especially as I was there to witness it and be part of the electric atmosphere that will arguably never be replicated.

Older Reds will surely have other matches in mind like Wembley ’68 or the home leg of the semi-final versus Real Madrid in the same year.

Younger Reds could suggest Rooney’s debut, the Roma demolition or more recently Scholes’ volleyed winner against Barcelona in ’08 to send United to a Moscow final with Chelsea. What’s yours?

This collection (available to buy via Amazon) of UEFA Great Matches of European Football doesn’t solely concentrate on United unfortunately, but it does start with us and the greatest, probably most memorable comeback of all-time……you know it, Barcelona ’99.

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Jun 06 2012

Win 50 Classic European Matches DVD

Tag: RedRants Feature @ 4:39 pm

In our final DVD giveaway and countdown to Euro 2012 in Poland & Ukraine, RedRants has undoubtedly saved the best for last.

Just days before the tournament starts I sense the mood and the atmosphere throughout the country is changing, football glorious football is about to return, hopefully with a bang! It doesn’t matter what nationality you are or who you’re supporting. Fingers crossed this summers ‘Carnival of Football’ (if you can have such a thing in the Ukraine!) will produce football of the highest calibre and create hero’s & villains in equal measure, with luck we could witness the production of classic matches to rival those before it.

Spread over 10 (TEN!) discs, the UEFA Euro: 50 Classic Matches DVD is a chance to relive some of the greatest moments the tournament has produced in it’s fifty year history.

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May 06 2012

Destination Kiev – A Travellers Guide

Tag: RedRants Feature @ 7:58 pm

This years European Championships are set to be one the most fiercely contested finals of all time with great players and great managers gathering to provide us with an exhibition of football never to be forgotten.

Poland & Ukraine are ready and set to host the championships from the 8th June all the way to the final on Sunday 1st July.

This 3 disc box set chronicles each of the 16 teams journey to the final stages and provides you with an insight into what’s been happening behind the scenes to prepare each venue to host the event. Watch as relatively unknown cities such as Wroclaw in Southern Poland and Opalenica in the west transform into the impressive stadia they are today.

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