Nov 11 2009

Hargreaves — so excited that he might pass out

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Owen Hargreaves seems quite keen on making his return to the United first team — desperate, even, but in a good way — so much that he thinks he’ll probably pass out when he returns.

“It will be an amazing feeling to run out at Old Trafford again. I’ll be so excited I’ll probably pass out. I just want to be part of it again, to be available and healthy. I can’t wait to be involved. I want to be able to pull on the shirt and have an effect on games. I just want to compete in matches, work with the coaches to improve my game and become a better player. I want a good season to repay the faith shown in me by the United fans.”

Love the player, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed till I see him get a run of matches.

Nov 10 2009

Reads of the day

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The Republik of Mancunia picks out what City fans think of Carlos Tevez. Priceless read.

The Run of Play unmasks the “toothbrushing man”.

Those of you not aware of the toothbrushing man, here’s the reference (happened during the Chelsea match)

Nov 02 2009

United sign new Rooney…

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… we are of course talking of Wayne Rooney’s newborn son — who we haven’t really signed but we imagine will be tearing up the pitch in about two decades from now — Kai Rooney, born at Liverpool Women’s hospital.

According to the spokesman, “Mother and baby are both absolutely fine. Wayne and Coleen are thrilled with the wonderful addition to their family life.” We wish Rooney all the best as a daddy.

Also, the baby must have broken record of sorts as he gets his first fake twitter account within minutes of birth. So far, it’s funny as hell!

Oct 26 2009

Obertan to make United debut

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Defeats to Liverpool makes me sick. But looking forward to exciting young talents making their first team debuts helps lift the gloom. The official site reports Gabriel Obertan is expected to start on the left wing against Barnsley tomorrow.

Sir Alex Ferguson confirmed to on Monday, “He’ll play tomorrow against Barnsley, it’s a good start for him.”

Oct 26 2009

Interview with Phillippe Auclair

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RoM has an exclusive interview with Phillippe Auclair, the author of Cantona: the rebel who would be king. Worth a read.

Oct 20 2009

The United footballers who stood up to the FA

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The Guardian has an interesting piece on a forgotten tale involving United players, 100 years ago. Here’s an extract:

The first meeting of the Association Football Players Union in 1907 was chaired by United player Billy Meredith – the “Welsh Wizard”, who was one of the first footballing superstars. The union campaigned against FA rules such as the £4 ceiling on wages and the lack of compensation for injured players. In 1909, the FA withdrew its recognition of the union because it didn’t like its authority questioned; players were ordered to resign from the union or have their registration cancelled. Many players did resign, but not all. Heroically, the whole of the Manchester United team refused.

Read the whole piece. Well worth your time.

Oct 19 2009

FA charge Ferguson over conduct

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It’s been what, two weeks now since the Sunderland game? In the intervening period we had an international break, during which tortoises completed two marathons. The normally proud Ferguson tended two apologies and, as the anticipation over the FA’s inevitable punishment grew, the officials came crawling out of their secret chamber and announced that Ferguson will be charged of ‘improper conduct’.

The Premier League fraternity were stunned. And out of their collective mouths escaped the words: ‘No shit, Sherlock!’

But it didn’t stop there. Apparently, Ferguson has another two weeks to respond. This is after tending two apologies (one in public and one to the FA).

Great work, FA!

At this rate they’ll take until next summer to decide to punish Ferguson with a fine/touchline ban/being forced to read Jeff Winter’s columns for a week etc.

Not that I’m complaining…

Oct 16 2009

We’re on the Telegraph’s Top 10 Man Utd Websites

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“A site with real potential that landed a Nemanja Vidic exclusive earlier this season. The news services is often off the pace, though, so that needs sharpening up.”

Well, we just sneaked in at number 10. Potential? For a blog that’s been around for a while, I thought we were through with the potential part, going on to a plateau of mediocrity. But then, it’s hard to argue with the second part of their statement. The news services bit has been off the pace for a long time, which we should hope to improve upon. Anyway, a big thanks to all our readers.

Whilst all of the sites mentioned on the list are excellent, A Kick in the Grass, United Youth, and United Rant were some that, in my opinion, deserved to be on it.

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