Aug 05 2012

The Ex-Season Ticket Holder – The Final Chapter

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For those of you following the story of Paul McGeady; our ex-season ticket holder, here’s the final chapter in what’s been a long drawn out process made more lengthy by the clubs ability to swerve questions and disguise facts.

Paul’s quest for answers has ended here with one final emailed correspondence to the club who, in return, have replied for one final time.

What follows are the emails sent to me by Paul, firstly his to the club, then [sadly] his reflection and summary of what happens now. Please leave your comments. This story has come at a time when many people (including me) have little doubt will one day be looked back upon with great sadness, possibly some shame and definitely considered the period of transition from football club to ruthless (underhanded, deceitful, secretive) business regardless of any successes the team achieve during it.

Jul 23 2012

Public Relations Masterclass with our Ex-Season Ticket Holder

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I received an update from our Ex-Season Ticket Holder, Paul McGeady. In it, Paul informed me that United had finally contacted him via a phone call and he explained how it went.

With Paul’s permission, here’s the email word-for-word and a few of Paul’s thoughts. It also includes a follow-up email from the club after the conversation took place.

Have a read of it and leave your thoughts below.

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Jun 27 2012

United promise to phone our Ex-Season Ticket Holder

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Perhaps Paul spoke to soon, perhaps there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

Just days after contacting the club for what Paul thought would be the last time, he received a reply to his final correspondence in which he humbly apologised before heavily criticising the club’s latest statements and decisions surrounding club membership and season ticketing.

Read the clubs latest reply here.

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Jun 25 2012

Is this the final chapter for our Ex-Season Ticket Holder?

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RedRants has supported Paul McGeady throughout his ongoing complaint with the club about their tactics and their treatment of its fans, in particular its season ticket holders and members.

If you haven’t been following the dispute or the correspondence they’re all under The Features tab.

In the latest letter to the club Paul responds to NOT receving any reply despite being informed his complaint was now ‘Official’, seems it’s the final straw, I wonder how many other fans there are like Paul, his brother and his Dad, I certainly no from experience he’s not the only one. Read his latest letter here.

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May 17 2012

MUFC finally acknowledge ‘Official Complaint’

After last weeks reply Paul has received further correspondence regarding his complaint letter sent way back in February of this year and the club have finally escalated the complaint to ‘an official complaint’, it’s only taken them three months!

Read on to find out what the club’s latest response is.

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May 11 2012

Club choose to ignore (ex) loyal season ticket holder

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The latest chapter in ex-season ticket holder Paul McGeady’s ongoing attempts to get some answers of the club regarding their ticketing strategy and treatment of it’s fans, or as they see it, customers; see’s the club choose not to reply to Paul’s latest correspondence much to Paul’s disdain.

Are you a membership holder or a Tier 3 ST holder? Read on as Paul outlines why you are the latest ‘customer’ to suffer ill treatment.

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Mar 03 2012

** UPDATE ** The Demise of a Season Ticket Holder

Paul McGeady, the despondent face behind the Demise of the United Season Ticket Holder, has finally received a response to the letter he sent the club requesting answers to his ticketing issues. (if you haven’t read the original article I strongly advise you do before reading on)

Paul’s story resonated with fans for days after his heartfelt article first hit the blog, it’s clearly an all-too familiar tale for many fans not just those who began supporting their club during much leaner, less comfortable, more affordable times. It would appear that a sponsors right to seats is more valued than the wishes and support of a loyal, match-going fan.

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Feb 10 2012

The demise of the United Season Ticket holder

Thanks to Deltrem on Flickr for the picture, hopefully you don't mind me using this.In the pub on a Tuesday night watching United v Stoke when one of us mentions “5 years ago, we’d have all been there tonight.” A moment’s reflection and it’s with a sadness that this truth is realised.

Sure we didn’t all get to sit with each other – and not all of us were season ticket holders, but it’s true – we would have all been there.

The obvious demise of the season ticket began with the Automatic cup scheme.

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