Jan 12 2012

The Scope 1.4 – The Telescope – January 2012

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1. Life in technicolor

I’ve discovered that the word “vintage” is a polite synonym for irrelevant. Any studio that releases a motion picture in technicolor, in this age, is deliberately looking to be bankrupt. The 3-D, IMAX, CGI monstrosities, released in this day, will destroy you at the box office. Any football team, employing tactics that make people like Steve Bruce or John Barnes, nostalgic, in 21st century European football, is desperate for an early exit in the Champions League. Or a severe hiding from noisy neighbors. Manchester United seems to be currently free falling on the technical standard meter.

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Jan 09 2012

The Scope 1.3 – The Microscope – January 2012

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Things we lost in the center:

The centre has always been the source of direction and control since the beginning of ages. Isaac Newton will tell you, your movement and indeed of any other object, is based on it’s centre of gravity(which makes it clear that Park Ji-Sung’s is somewhere in between his butt cheeks). The direction and control of the World Police in Langley, Virginia has the first name Central. It is therefore clear that if your objective, whether falling on your butt everytime you receive the ball,or expiring inconvenient dictators, is to establish control and direction, you need to find the centre. And solve it.

Central midfield is the most revered role and zone in all of football. It is still however debatable, whether such reverence is applied at the protestant Theatre of Dreams. And in this belated edition(there’s an apology hidden in there) of The Scope,we’re exploring the months of October, November and December with a focus on the central midfield.

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Sep 22 2011

The Scope 1.2 – September 2011

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Welcome to September’s issue of The Scope, RedRants’ retrospective evaluation of a months events in the life of Manchester United.




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Aug 21 2011

Welcome to The Scope 1.1 – August 2011

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The Scope – “Welcome To English football”

David may not speak much English, but his probable shaking of the head as Sir Alex said those words, must have reflected complete comprehension. He understood what those words meant and he’ll be the first to chorus this line when potential ‘Manchester Whoever’ signing Wesley Sneijder’s knee cap is “high twelved” and smashed by the two flying feet of official Premier League thug and part time footballer, Kevin Davies. Wait till you meet the politically untouchable, Stevie G.

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