The Real deal?

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailAfter a day of bizarre speculation which saw Reds across the world debate over the wisdom of a possible offer for Juan Mata, United and a major force in Spanish football are linked yet again.

However, today United are the part set to receive an offer, rather than the one submitting it, as Real Madrid are reportedly set to present an offer for Wayne Rooney this summer, having decided that the United number 10 is an infinitely easier target to secure than Sergio Aguero.

Aguero has been on Madrid’s radar for a while now, but City have no intention to sell one of their main assets (losing Aguero might lead to them scoring less than four goals a game, you know) not to mention that the Argentine has recently extended his contract with City until 2017.

Likewise, neither Luis Suarez nor Radamel Falcao, two of Real’s other targets, look easily attainable, given that the first has signed a new four-year deal at Liverpool (expect Scouse imploding all over Merseyside, were he to demand a move if Liverpool fail to finish in the top 4), while Falcao is too expensive even for Florentino Perez’s pockets.

And so, to Rooney who, according to the Telegraph, has emerged as Real Madrid’s main target given that he’s a) available for around £25m – half the amount that would be required to sign Falcao, for example – b) out of contract in 18 months and, crucially, c) playing for a team seemingly in decline and, as things stand, unable to guarantee him a bright future.

Rooney is widely expected to assess his options this summer, particularly if United fail to qualify for the Champions League – which is an increasingly realistic possibility – and even though Chelsea are though to be ready to submit another offer for the striker at the end of the season, Real Madrid might want to have a say in the matter.

United, in typically misjudged fashion, have made clear that they are happy to let Rooney run down his contract, thus allowing him to leave for free in 2015, rather than accept an offer for the striker as he enters the last 18 months of his current deal.

While United’s stance of not wanting to sell to a direct rival is admirable, choosing to allow Rooney to let his deal expire before leaving for free would be suicidal and not only because United would deprive themselves of a decent transfer fee, but because it’d mean that next season United could be pinning their hopes on a player whose future is already been sealed.





  1. If reports are correct,I really don’t know why United have to tell all and sundry they will let Rooney’s contract run down if necessary. Why comment at all? The Rooney situation must be resolved in the summer – one way or the other. If United fail to qualify for the ECL and show little real ambition in the transfer market, I don’t blame Rooney one bit for wanting out. At his age he is reaching his peak and needs to be with a side which has true pretentions at greatness – well success at least – on the big stage. On the other hand for him to stay at United, Moyes will have to demonstrate clearly his vision of the future and try and persuade Rooney to stay. That, of course, would be greatly helped by a fourth place say and a few top quality signings. However, I do not see any long term advantage in forcing Rooney to stay by running his contract down, except for having him around for one more season.

    • @Julian: Rooney has been playing some really good football this season, he seems to be very motivated. This might be because he wants to do his best for Utd, it might also be because of the forthcoming world cup and making himself attractive to would be suitors. If he wants to go, then keeping him for another season against his will is pointless as I suspect he will be far less than effective.

  2. I would want Rooney to go Chelsea personally.

    I think he would be happy there.

    I have heard a lot of talk about Rooney and his family and how he couldn’t leave England so I doubt Real will get him.

    If we can hang onto RVP then I would say we’ve done good.

    Not getting rid of David Moyes is going to kill us.

    I repeat.

    Not getting rid of David Moyes is going to kill us.

    With a striker like RVP in your arsenal you should be able to win the league.

    David Moyes has no business at an elite club like ours.

      • @The_Philosopher: Buying Mata would be great, especially if it involved some kind of exchange with Rooney, but it still wouldn’t solve the problem of adding steel to the midfield.

      • @The_Philosopher: While we are on possible exchanges, I would be really happy if Utd could manage a part exchange of Nani for Pogba or Carvalho and as much as I hate to say this, Kagawa for Gundogan.

  3. What hasn’t been mentioned is the very real possibility that Rooney could nuy out the remaining 12months of his contract (if I’m not mistaken) im the summer. If no common ground is found over contract talks I think for Rooney and Stretford this could be a viable option, considering Rooney would then be a free agent to be able to demand a kings ransom in botj signing on fee and wages.Im sure this scenario has already been discussed at boardroom level, hence all the talk about saf going to paris to discuss a summer swoop for cavani.I just get the feeling, whatever our final league position or whatever terms rooney is offered, he’ll still push for a summer move.I think he’s just looking for a different challenge now after being ao long at utd.I just can’t see the Rooney clan settling for life in madrid, however it may appeal to him from a footballing point of view. His wife amd family appear to have a big influence on his career so I think that’s something that would be thought about. Whether we like it or not, got a sneaking feeling he’ll be playing his football in London next season, more than likely chelsea, possibly even arsenal, just not at old Trafford.

  4. Rooney would be sensible to jump ship. And don’t hold any hope of RVP saving us. Moyes is incapable of keeping him fit. Expect Welbeck to be our number one striker next season after failed bids for Falcao, Cavani, Messi, Ronaldo, Ibrahimovich and every other striker Moyes has heard of.

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