Two creative midfielders, a centre back and a left back.


imageNobody ever said it would be easy, but David Moyes’ first half a season in charge at Old Trafford has been nothing short of disastrous. However relieving the Scot of his duties is not the answer although it has become obvious that the Red Devils need to bring in some new faces and offload some deadwood.

Firstly United need to clear out a number of players who do not look up to the high standard of the champions any longer. Anderson, Young, Buttner, Lindegaard all need to go as well as beginning the process of phasing the likes of Evra and Ferdinand out in spite of the great servants they have been to the club. The next stage would be acquiring the right players and spending some money to go with it in the remaining weeks of the transfer window. Two creative midfielders, a centre-back and a left-back would do.

Furthermore Moyes needs to stop being so polite and respectful to the players and the club. His honey moon period at United is well and truly over and he needs to put his foot down and really lay into his under performing squad and if they are not prepared to evolve from Sir Alex Ferguson then he must show them the door. This is no longer Ferguson’s Manchester United, it’s his!

marouane-fellaini-manchester-united-crystal-palace-premier-league_3004759Also Moyes may need to start playing Fellaini behind Rooney upfront to reap the big Belgians full rewards. United have put in a great deal of crosses but without any aerial threat so far this season and it would seem that Moyes clearly wishes to maintain these tactics so may as well give himself the best chance of them working as Fellaini may well not be the best technically but has superb heading ability and has at least 10-15 goals in him a term if gets in the box and receives quality service. In addition he could lay-off or knock the ball down or on to others to score with his height and strength combined with the vision of a midfielder!



  1. Oh heavens no! If we play Fellaini behind Rooney we really will turn into Moyes’ Everton. I’d like to see Rooney and Welbeck strike up a partnership.

    Moyes’ mistake was buying a player who was suited to his limited and negative tactics at Everton failing to consider whether Fellaini would be able to hack it at a more sophisticated club. In all his appearances he has been far too static and clearly lacks the ability to play in a two man centre midfield.

    I’d agree with you on the need for a centre back although surprisingly few Red Ranters see the need for one. And a left back is a given.

    But we only need one creative midfielder as a Scholes replacement. After that we’d need a defensive midfielder who can eventually take over from Carrick and allow us to move Jones back into defence. Fernando is out of contract this summer and would be a cheap option.

    But don’t get your hopes up. Moyes has zero knowledge of European football and only seems to have realized this now as he jets off every weekend to a different European league to watch games. And even then he is so unoriginal he will only ever bid for the star players that clubs have no intention of releasing.

    • @colver: I agree wholeheartedly that we need a central defender. In fact, we need help at almost every position, except perhaps, striker.
      The message of the author is pure, but perhaps not that refined.

      I hear you mate!!

  2. I think Moyes should convert Rooney to midfield. He look good there. At least better than Anderson and Cleverley. Let Kagawa play behind RvP (if he’s fit)or Welbeck. Januzaj will give us the creative spark, though we might need another one.
    A left back should be a priority since Evra is less reliable these days. Other than that we look ok.
    It’s not easy to bring quality players as clubs no longer want to sell their valuable asset. Some may look at what happened at Liverpool and Spurs. Liverpool fight to keep Suarez and now benefiting from that. Spurs sold Bale for 86 million and struggle to replace him, even with seven players.

  3. Not a dickey-bird of transfer activety yet. I assume what I’ve assumed for the last 4 years “no value in the transfer market” – same team, different men doing the bidding. What does that tell ya!! 👿 👿

  4. Why can’t we call back Nick Powell from his loan spell at Wigan. He has been scoring week in week out for them. Definitely should be worth a shot considering we have recalled Lingard, Petrucci, Macheda and most of the loanees. Hopefully he doesn’t go the Cleverly way who was also on form for Wigan during his loan spell.

  5. @Will G
    Playing Fellaini behind Rooney upftont is kind of why the Scot needs to be relieved of his duties. This philosphy of his is why creative players will not thrive under his management either.

    If playing wide with excessive crosses does not work, perhaps he should try a different tactic (it’s not like we don’t have players capable of other tactics)?

    Moyes is a bit one-dimensional because in my opinion you just don’t play a wide crossing game when your only receiver is one of the shortest strikers in the world…with a head injury!

  6. Please god no, do no start playing Fellani off of the striker! I’m struggling with this long ball shite anyway without having to watch more of it. Signing Fellani was a huge mistake because he is exactly what we don’t need but I can understand why Moyes got him – to appease the fans IMO who were clamouring for a ‘midfield’ signing.

    I agree that we need two creative midfielders but I would also throw a holding midfielder in there as well because Carrick has been bobbins this season and isn’t getting any younger, its good to see Fletch back but I think it would be foolhardy to rely on his fitness – its looking like another Hargreaves scenario.

    I think we desperately need a left winger too and would quite happily see the back of Nani and Young (did we only sign him so the scousers couldn’t?) now, Valencia hasn’t been playing the best but at least he offers some defensive help.

    LB is a must if Paddy is leaving in the summer, Buttner (another very odd signing) and Fabio aren’t up to it but I would keep Fabio and push him further up the pitch and to cover RB instead of Jones and Smalling. I would love to see Luke Shaw come to the club but he will cost big money so I expect we will eventually sign Coeantrao, maybe on loan but with a view to a permanent deal.

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