“Unhappy” Rooney edges closer to United exit

Manchester-United-v-Manchester-CityWayne Rooney is “unhappy” and “wants to leave” Manchester United, according to the latest development in one the summer’s longest and most controversial transfer sagas.

The obligatory Sky Sports sources have reported that the 27-year-old is “angry and confused” at the club’s approach and is looking to force his way out of Old Trafford, less than two weeks after David Moyes made clear that he had no intentions to part ways with the England international.

According to Sky Sports News: “Rooney believes he is at the peak of his career and has no intention of becoming a squad rotation player or by playing second fiddle to anyone at Old Trafford.

“He believes he has nothing left to prove after nine successful seasons – yet that is what is being suggested by reports in the media which have interpreted the club’s statement as meaning he’s currently on trial for the coming season.

“Since he’s returned from the pre-season tour due to injury, Rooney has been in touch with the club and spoken to David Moyes on the phone – he is angry and confused at the way he’s been treated.”

The news will come to little surprise to many Reds who have grown bored with Rooney’s petulance and his appalling lack of respect for the club, while Chelsea and Arsenal are undoubtedly monitoring the situation with great interest, after both London clubs have been linked with a possible bid for the United striker.

At this stage, Rooney’s departure seems inevitable but, considering new chief executive Ed Woodward’s claim that the club would not be afraid to run down a contract, United might look at cash in now, rather than lose Rooney for free in two years time.




  1. is it allowed with 250.000 euro weeks salary to be angry and unhappy ,maybe in england it is ,in our place they gonna bring you to a mental hospital

  2. Don’t let the door hit you on your fat arse on the way out Wayne, you greedy scouse c**t.
    This was never about wanting to be loved and appreciated, this was always about wanting more money from a new contract (again).
    If hed have put even 10% effort in, and maybe atleast tried to keep in shape, he might have got one too, so thank fuck for once this club seems to have shown a little sense on the matter.
    Wayne, being the dumb scouse twat that he is, probably thinking we’d be besides ourselves, offering the world to keep him with plan B being a move to the likes of Barca and Madrid if contract talks broke down.
    Because Wayne is the best player in the world you see, the 3rd best paid player in the world behind only ronaldo and messi, and he most definitely deserves that.
    His fitness is unquestionable, hes totally professional. He sure as hell doesn’t do stupid things like smoke or drink, and he usually performs to half his ability every now and then as long as you pay him what he wants and build the team totally around him.
    I mean who wouldn’t be going crazy for a player like that.
    Everyone must be working double time at Barca, putting aside nearly £100m for his fee and wages because hes that so good 😆 😆

  3. The real problem is that Rooney fears that he will be relegated to a squad role under Moyes just like he was under Ferguson the second we signed Van Persie. Personally I don’t think Moyes has the balls to drop Rooney and he is only posturing and Rooney will end up staying at the club because if Moyes finishes the summer without signing any big names and lets Rooney go the truth is we will be considerably weaker as a team while Chelsea and Manchester City have strengthened.

    It is a difficult situation that Ferguson left Moyes with.

    On the one hand it is true that if Rooney’s status is the squad is restored and he is played every game he will probably return to his best and provide a fair number of goals and assists.

    However if we keep Rooney and more or less guarantee him a starting berth we are going to impede the development of Hernandez and Welbeck and Kagaya and force us into a 4-4-2 which hasn’t been successful for us in recent years in Europe and has its limitations in the Premier League especially when you consider how weak we are in central midfield.

    But if we sell him without buying a replacement then truthfully we become overreliant on Van Persie as both Hernandez and Welbeck are too lightweight to lead the line and while Kagaya could well shine behind Van Persie he is still something of an unknown factor. Not to mention his most likely destination is Chelsea and I think Chelsea would run away with the title with a rejuvenated and hungry Rooney masterfully pampered by Mourinho and that really would be a blow to the nuts.

    Rooney is like a fading Hollywood starlet. He is no longer good enough to deserve an automatic starting place but as part of a roster of forwards is still a very good player to have and still capable of playing a starring role. Unfortunately he is incapable of making the attitude adjustment and ageing gracefully the way Scholes and Giggs were able to.

    I don’t seem him happily being second fiddle to Van Persie so unless Moyes plans to play a 4-4-2 and risk losing Hernandez who will surely tire of being cast as a super sub then we need to let Rooney go even if in the short term it will make our team weaker.

  4. For a manager, it is a sensible thing to place your last season’s top scorer as the 1st striker, and your 2nd best striker as the backup striker. So instead of trying to prove to everyone else he is better than RVP, why must Rooney behave so arrogantly?

    For me, no player is bigger than the club. If he wants to leave, let him be. We might not be as good a team without him, but it’s better than to have a player who disrespects the club playing for the club.

    and I think Kagawa will somehow perform better this season (provided he stays fit).

  5. I think it’s at the point of no return now.

    Lets look at the reasons why Rooney is no longer of value to United.

    !/. Playing with a detached mentality that obviously affected the way he performed. He has been the shadow of himself ever since he was sent to Oregon to, shall we say, rehab, from his injuries. Just not sharp nor fitting in with other players and seeming to be reluctant to put in the effort he once put forth.

    2/. Injuries, Injuries and yet more… Injuries! I have often wondered if they are feigned just so he can escape the spotlight while he is going through a bad patch of form. I’ll give him the benefit of doubt here but I’m not truly convinced.
    At any rate, a professional athlete of his standing would need to do much more to maintain his fitness level than he has displayed. He has been quoted as orally smirking at the notion of physical discipline as regards to his training techniques and that speaks volumes about his approach to the game.

    3/. Once bitten, twice shy!! Rooney and his leach, Stretford are well aware that for him to get back into our favor, he would have to have a monumental season of apoplectic proportions before a single one of us would let him back in our hearts.
    This is probably the key notion in his pea-brain right now and he is just dreading the day he has to walk out on the OT pitch. He knows he doesn’t have it left in him to pull it off and the humiliation would be far more than a knackered, bald, malcontent, out-of-shape scouser could handle. And in this respect, he is completely right.

    4/. RVP is a better player than Rooney. Rooney is now cover for our best player.
    If Welbeck of Hernandez were more consistent at popping them in, Rooney would not get a game. It’s a glitch in our game plan. Sell Rooney without cover and pay the price at the goal scoring end of the game.
    Don’t be surprised by the signing of a striker, because there is no appetite within the club or the fans, to hang on to him, his stupid salary and his lack of respect for this great club.

  6. Even if he goes why are we talking of valuations of just 25-30MM?? He has 2 years on his contract, is 27. We paid Persie 24 with 1 year on his contract and 29 years age. Even if we have to sell, shouldn’t we be looking at close 40 at least?

    • @godzilla: Suarez is a great striker but his relationship with Evra would be de-stablising to the squad.

      And you never know what else he will do. This is someone who has been sanctioned twice already in his career for biting. . .

      He also has no qualms about using his hands in the box if he thinks he’s gonna get away with it.

      He pushes opponents as well when awaiting free kicks.

      He is a serial cheat.

      He’s a quality player. But he is not a quality human being.

      So I would say no.

  7. Is this turning into the worst Summer ever?
    Obviously bar the weather 8)

  8. Plz plz plz don’t let rooney go plz?RVP is an injuries man?Rvp is 30?rooney is 27?man utd think very well

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