United fail in surprise deadline day bid

Tottenham-Hotspur-v-West-Ham-United-2941345Deadline day was a largely uneventful 24 hours for fans hoping to witness the debut of a new arrival at Stoke City today, a match United MUST win.

The betting odds for this match suggest United will be too strong for The Potters but they’ll have to do it without a host of youngsters and also a surprise deadline day target.

David Moyes ruled out any new arrivals early in the day then the club spent the rest of deadline day shipping out youngsters to the four corners of the Football League in what looked the polar opposite of a spending spree.

Birmingham acquired Tom Thorpe, Tyler Blackett and Frederico Macheda while Wilfried Zaha (loan) and Fabio opted to team up with Ole Gunnar at Cardiff City, Larnell Cole and Ryan Tunnicliffe reacquainted themselves with favourite coach, Rene Muelensteen at Craven Cottage all suggesting there seems to have been mass exodus of unsettled fringe players looking to use the second half of the season as a shop-window in which to find themselves a new challenge beyond Manchester United.

Things, however, could have taken a whole different turn had Spurs accepted United’s offer for Andros Townsend, which included Nani going to White Hart Lane in a straight swap for the England winger.

Reports today suggest that United and Spurs had opened talks earlier in the week and Spurs chairman, Daniel Levy, seemed eager to complete the swap, before pulling the plug on any possible deal.

United’s wingers this season have been horrendously inadequate to United’s expectations – although, sadly, they’ve looked incredibly adequate in United’s dire and boring football – with Ashley Young, Antonio Valencia and Nani himself looking increasingly out of their depth at a club the size of United.

Nani, in particular, must feel his time at the club is up, for having impressed in pre-season and despite having been rewarded with a new five-year deal – five years! Let that sink in – the Portuguese has been at the margins of David Moyes’ squad, with injuries derailing his season.

Nani has made just five league starts this season and his only goal this season came in his only Champions League appearance, away at Leverkusen, arguably his and United’s standout performance this campaign.

Quite, however, why Moyes would have swapped Nani for Andros Townsend is anyone’s guess, given the Spurs winger has hardly set the world alight himself, scoring once in 10 Premier League starts and, crucially, registering a big, fat, zero in the assists column.

The Spurs winger burst onto the scene in October, when he netted on his debut for England, but has since largely regressed into his shell as a player and many have criticised his lack of imagination and the tendency to be too mono-dimensional for his own good and with Tim Sherwood replacing Andre Villas-Boas in the Spurs dugout, Townsend’s chances have been limited.

Given that Valencia and Young are about as predictable as the sun rising at dawn, United have probably dodged a bullet with Townsend and should, and hopefully would, look at much better wingers than Townsend in the summer.




  1. The irony is that we’ve now fewer midfield options than we had going into the transfer window 🙄

    Looks like we’re going to be seeing plenty of Giggs this spring!

  2. fucking charly adam diving and then knees cleverly in the head… where is the feking ref.

  3. Giggs, Ferdinand, Carrick, Vidic, Evra, Cleverley, Young, Valencia and MOYES , please abandon the ship.

    Although a bit unlucky again, just get the foock out of this team.

  4. Finally a numpty team like Stoke has figured out that we can’t cope with people running at us. Imagine what will happen when skillful players start dribbling through our midfield?

    • @Karl: cleverly and carrick are players that get kicked not players that kick others… we cant win vs physical teams.

      we need to be the ones injuring players. our team is full of injured players… when you are a mid table team you have to be more physical and that is where we are.

      watch the replay of adam vs cleverly… clevers wins the ball and what does adam do? gives him a knee across the eye for his trouble. we have to be the one putting the boot on people the ref is not going to help you boys you have to help yourselves. we have a midfield of victims. 🙄

      • @gator: what I’m refering to is whenever someone starts running at us with the ball at his feet, we seem incapable of dealing with it properly.
        Stoke actually looked like Barca against us.

      • @gator: You always have to be physical, it’s fooking English Premier League!!!

        Chelsea have Luiz and City have Toure and even Liverpool have Henderson. That’s why the first two are competing for trophies. Both physical and technical players.

        • @Warzycha: thats the point of my rant!!! our midfielders are victims not victimizers. we need players that will see charlie adam drag his knees across cleverlys face and remember it the next time the fooker has the ball and clatter him off the pitch…

          our two center backs were stretchered off by the half…
          WTF why cant we be the team that injures opposition players?

          instead we stay down on the pitch and look up at the ref looking for help…smh get up and make your own luck if the ref sends you off for giving as good as you are taking then its on him but laying there isn’t doing anything.

  5. Again Moyes’ idea of attacking tactic is to put more strikers on…in midfield 🙄

  6. Some pundits are suggesting that Moyes is having bad luck. Sorry, but I don’t buy into that. He’s creating his own luck by his PISS POOR team selections and his PISS POOR tactics. He’s had money and two transfer windows to sort out the main problem, he hasn’t. Utd are worse now then when he arrived, he’s failed and miserably. Now he needs to go the way of all failures. ENOUGH is ENOUGH, MOYES OUT and the sooner the better.

    • @red astair: How long can luck be accepted as the excuse? Do we want a bad luck manager in charge?

      I don’t think its luck. I think its simple logic that he lacks.

      • @Karl: Moyes isn’t a bad luck manager, when it comes to Utd he’s a loser. He should go, and make a mid table team very happy, instead of making a happy team mid table.

      • @Karl:
        If it’s bad luck, I must accept that somewhere there is a demolished hall of mirrors full of dead gypsies under the world’s largest ladder, with a horde of black cats perpetually circling. And I call this fanciful place, ‘Moyes Manor’

      • @Vivek: We won’t be so lucky against a team like City. The hole in midfield seems to be getting bigger. Our midfield is like the Ozone layer.

  7. Well i guess Mata wasnt the Holy Grail after all. What a surprise!!

    Moyes could play Ronaldo, Messi, the Real Ronaldo of his prime, the entire Brazilian team of the 70’s and Diego f*cking Maradona all in the same team and still manage to lose. Its just the way he sets up for a game, his total lack of a football brain. He has never known and will never know how to use flair players. He only knows one way to play football and that is to get the ball wide and cross and hope somebody gets their head in. What other explanation can be there for the United defence punting the ball forward at every opportunity on a gusty day against a limited Stoke side when we had Mata, Rooney and RVP on the pitch????

    The only players at United who suit his style of play are Valencia, Young, Welbeck Cleverly and the like coz they do what they are told – stick to your position, dont stray, dont think of a stepover or a trick, no passes forward…

    And for crying out loud Young should grow a pair and stop throwing himself to the ground at the slightest wisp of air. Its embarrassing to watch.

    • @Vivek: Ronaldo, Messi, the Real Ronaldo of his prime, the entire Brazilian team of the 70?s and Diego f*cking Maradona all in the same team !!!!!!!!!! LOL. That would be fun to watch.

    • @Vivek: And I have to disagree. He uses Adnan in a pretty good way. He makes the stepovers etc and the he is used again and scores.

      This squad needs massive improvement in CM. Carrick is dead. Carrick is dead for years now, but people sometimes need more proof than the obvious.

      • @Warzycha:
        I would have to disagree with you. If you watch Adnan play, since that night at Sunderland, he has progressively changed to a more conservative playing style. Contrast that to Ronaldo in his first year – he became progressively more flamboyant as the season progressed. Yes, that might mean taking risks and making yourself look like a fool at times, but I believe the great players have to think “out of the box” and take risks, that makes them special. Something tells me that Moyes does not encourage such play, he passes on his negativity and caution to the players.

        • @Vivek: Great players have learned from mistakes. It’s the only way to learn. Trial and error. For example, Nani was never given the chance to be that arrogant cunt who doesn’t stop dribbling. So, he never learned he can’t beat everyone. (although he did once, against Arsenal, LOL) . On the other hand Ronaldo was given this chance, he cut the bullshits and kept only the good parts of the tricks, he kept some of them in his game, not all of them and not all the time. He trained hard, built his physique and became a huge player. And although I hate his dives etc I have to accept he made HUGE steps.

          So, Januzaj is either not given chance or he is maturing much faster than other players. Maybe both of them. Time will tell, but till now I give Moyes Welbeck’s and Januzaj’s improvemnt.

      • @Warzycha:
        Its a thin line between “cutting the bullshit” as you put it and losing the edge altogether. Players like him need to retain the mindset to think of an audacious chip a’la Cantona or Cryuff turn in the box. If that gets stamped out of them at a young age, they will never reach the heights they were desited for.

    • @Vivek: The reason we play route one football is because there’s nobody in midfield that can link defence with attack.

      • @red astair:
        Then what was the whole point of going out and getting Mata? With a fraction of that we could have got, say it softly, Charlie Adam:)

        • @Vivek: Well, I don’t bemoan getting Mata, but he really isn’t going to turn defence into attack. When Utd find someone that can, Mata will be phenomenal.

  8. We can say thousands of words for Moyes. Fact is he has no chemistry with this squad. He is not respected. It’s obvious. The guys are playing like no champs. They ‘re playing like chickens.

    Giggs, Carrick, Ferdinand and Scholes should be last resort the last 3 years. Instead they started sooooo many games that other players (CM problem anyone??? chemistry between defenders anyone???) could not develop into world class.

    Anderson had no place in CM. And Young is no fucking left winger. Nani either. Fabio wasn’t given chances. Rooney never a CM or a winger (even in Ronaldo era he was sacrificed).

    So Fergie left a fucking team that was winning only with his way. I can’t understand how the chicky Moyes can win anything with a team built like this.

    Fooking hierarchy under Fergie was a problem. He had to! He had to start the big names, the ones who had the trophies. The older he was getting, the more stupid his choices became in terms of progress. We have to admit that no progression was made, just winning the EPL to top Liverpool.

    Once again. Giggs, Ferdinand, Carrick, Vidic, Evra, Clev, Young, Valencia and Moyes get out of this team.

  9. I fear Mata might turn out to be another Kagawa in the making. During the telecast, they showed a statistic of where Mata’s 43 touches in the 1st half occurred. Unsurprisingly, the bulk were either on the left wing or in our half – both places where he is totally ineffective.

    • @Vivek: this was my concern all along. Why I cannot understand why Kagawa is now all of a sudden a bad player.

  10. Another day,another record. For the very first time in the Premier League,Stoke City have beaten ManUtd.


  11. I said this ages ago. Moyes is simply incompetent and totally out of his depth. Kagawa is a world class player reduced to Championship quality. Next up is Mata. All you get from some clueless zealots is “well the gaffer has given him enough chances and he just isn’t good enough”. I said it ages ago,that Moyes cannot handle attacking players and is clueless in how to combine the modern day attacking team. I said it ages ago,no matter the unlimited funds availed to him and no matter how many world class players he gets,4th place would be a miraculous achievement. I said ages ago,there is always going to be a suicidal breed of hot headed fans that will dominate Old Trafford and internet forums everywhere who will continue to sing ” Glory glory Man Utd we support the Chosen One” even if there is nothing glorious on display and the so called Chosen One continues to decimate every inch,ounce and second gained in the club’s incredible history. Even tonight,you will see some people continue to sympathise. Let’s get one thing clear. This is going to be a tough,infinitely dark and absolutely horrendous journey and period in the club’s history. The most fatal mistake Ferguson has made that could take a great many years to repair. As long as Moyes remains we areNEVER going to go up or forward. We have entered the tunnel and the light is rapidly fading.


  12. Christ almighty, there’s yet another average side that we’re gonna have to add to the list of teams that we’ve made look like world beaters this season. Stoke. Fucking Stoke 🙄
    Can someone please tell me what the point was of buying Mata if we’re just going to forever persist with this get it out wide and put in crosses over and over again gameplan?
    Stoke are set up to deal with crosses and aerial balls in all day long, everybody knows that, and it was clear we were going to see nothing come from it within the first 30 minutes (the pissing rain and wind should have been a further indicator that playing it along the ground was the way to go 🙄 ).
    And yet we see no change, just another half of hoofing out of defence and mindless crossing and surprise surprise, they deal with them all day long, we create fuck all but for a few half chances and overall it’s another reasonably comfortable win for the opposition.
    I’ve said before, and I say again, I get the feeling that it’s not really going to matter who we sign in the summer, even if we brought in the likes of Kroos, Vidal and Gundogan, if we set up with such an ineffective gameplan and dinosaur tactics?
    What’s the point at the end of the day of having players like RVP, Rooney, Kagawa, Mata, Januzaj, Kroos, Gundogan, Vidal etc if your just going to play 4-4-2, and plough in crosses all day 👿

    • @tonymontanna4united: Read the comment below. Moyes has to prove you can’t win anything by playing 60’s english tactics and a classical static 4-4-2, double zonal marking. Players will learn a huge lesson this year. The master plan is to look shit without Fergie so we can have one more great united comeback the next season. People may say in summer 2014 that we ‘re lost case, but our hard work and champions’ tenacity will prove them wrong. You can come back and win a place for the Europa League, even after finishing just one point behind 7th place the year before the triumph.

  13. July 2014, Manchester United training camp, DAY 1.

    MOYES : OK guys! I’m so happy to see you again* or at least the proud and the brave ones. Those who didn’t abandon the ship in its abysmal moments. Point was proven last year. You can’t win anything unless you play modern football.
    You can’t even win Stoke! Remember?

    CLEVERLEY : Never have I ever questioned your’s or the team’s abilities coach, nor your sense of humour. Proud to be here as a captain.

    *wrinkles on his face suggesting smile and happiness

  14. Another day,another record.

    Peter Crouch’s first victory against United in his entire career.


  15. Wilfried Zaha. First in the Premier League this season. Two match winning assists. For Cardiff City.


    All hail “the Moyes haters”.

  16. Can anybody remember what Valter Di Salvo, Carlos Queiroz and Rene Meulensteen brought to this club? Each one of them did the job. How can Neville help a fckin mediocre manager?

    Di Salvo has a Ph.D. in Sports Science, and his thesis was entitled “Training of elite football players according to their positional roles”. While at Lazio, he also qualified as a professor of Theory and Methodology of Sport Training at Rome’s University Institute of Motor Science.

    Read this for Queiroz. We need a guy like him.

    “There was talk before Ronaldo arrived that Ronaldinho and Arjen Robben were sought after to come to Old Trafford. Although this didn’t happen, what these targets indicated was that the classic United style of play was about to change: favouring dribblers over crossers.”
    And we did have the coaches to do so. Now we go back to 90’s.

    Meulensteen : he just wanted out. Buy a new one.

    • @Warzycha: Now that is really a brilliant article. Puts a lot of things into perspective and shows just how important a manager “with vision” is. Also explains to me why I got upset with Fergie such a lot in his latter years.

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