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United handed potential home tie in the fourth round

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1Forget about away days to lower league sides or glamorous ties against the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool or City. Should United beat West Ham in the replay next week, they’ll be playing at home against Fulham or Blackpool in the fourth round of the FA Cup.

The Tangerines and the Cottagers face a replay of their own after a 1-1 draw in London yesterday, but Sir Alex Ferguson will fancy his side to reach the fifth round of the competition for the first time since 2011.

United have faced Fulham 10 times in the FA Cup, with the most recent meeting being a 4-0 away at Craven Cottage in the quarter-finals four years ago, while to find trace of the only defeat we have to dig back to the same stage of the competition in 1907-08 when United lost 2-1 to the Londoners in their first meeting in the FA Cup.

By contrast, United and Blackpool have only met each other once in football’s oldest tournament, with United triumphing 4-2 in the 1947-48 final.

The result of the draw will no doubt please the Glazers, who get to activate the automatic cup scheme, with money for the West Ham AND the potential fourth round tie likely to be withdrawn from season ticket holders’accounts as soon as possible.

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  • The_Philosopher

    In other news:

    Frank Lampard won’t be getting another contract at Chelsea which means he’ll be a free agent come the summer.

    I say lets sign him fast! Pay him the 150k per week wages he gets at Chelsea and give him a two year contract.

    His impact on our midfield will be the same as signing van Persie. He is that good.

    And in other news;Luis Suarez handled the ball to score his latest goal that controvertially gave Liverpool the win. Didn’t I say Suarez is a ‘serial cheat?’

  • Totally agree, Suarez is a horrible rodent face racist cheat. All the recent interviews he has stated that his conscious is clear with regards to Evra. He genuinely believes he ahs done noting wrong, he dives, cheats constantly, make me proud to have a class act like RvP instead of that git.

  • I have a feeling that the 2 goals let in at West Ham has rankled some feathers. Vidic for one, has acknowledged that those Joe Cole crosses were not defended well enough. Well no duh!, but who was to blame?
    So I went back and looked at the goals to see if there is a simple solution for Ferguson and his coaches to put their finger on.

    First of all, they were not the direct result of set pieces and so you cannot simply blame poor discipline.
    You also cannot blame De Gea for either. Even though he was rooted to the spot on both, he stood no chance of making a save.

    On goal 1, Vidic did not react to the cross at all and Evans, who was actually covering Collins quite well, but for some reason pushed him off for a deeper position and left him totally on his own for the unchallenged header.
    On goal 2, Evans was not in a position to challenge the cross, but Vidic was in no-mans-land and when he saw the danger he was too late to do anything about it. His positioning was wrong for the situation and we paid the price.

    On each occasion, though, neither defender reacted to the ball. Instead they were marshaling irrelevant factors that had no part in the goals they allowed. They simply played like unseasoned rookies that couldn’t use their intuition to make the play.

    To me it’s a disturbing revelation to find out that it’s possible that we have a robotic center to our back line. One that cannot read an attack nor react to one that threatens their goal.
    You might excuse the likes of Evans, who in my mind, still has not arrived properly on the big stage, but Vidic has the years of experience at the very top and proper defending should be second nature and something he would do in his sleep.
    Neither can be happy with their efforts, and not for the first time this season. What we are lacking is EXPERIENCED basic defending. Evans apparently is not there yet and Vidic has forgotten what he knows.
    They know it, so go do something about it!!

    • @Redrich: I agree. But the good point here is that Vidic has come out and accepted the facts and I hope that his experience will help him to get to the required level faster.

    • @Redrich: I agree with your analysis in general terms Philosopher, but would also add that we were completely outnumbered in the height /physicality department as a result of our lightweight midfield (Scholes, Rafael, Cleverly etc). West Ham had 3 or 4 big guys up quickly for most balls into the box (esp set pieces) knowing that there was only Evans and Vidic potentially capable of competing aerially. I can understand why this causes confusion/indecision and leave opposition players poorly marked. As we all know, other than, seemingly, the man picking the team, this weakness in our defensive midfield play has been manifest throughout the last couple of campaigns and contributes significantly to our goals conceded column. It is exacerbated when our only disciplined holding midfielder – Carrick – is absent, as he was at the weekend.

      • @ForeverRed: Sorry – meant Redrich not Philosopher!

      • @ForeverRed: I would agree that the MF doesn’t help to our defensive woes. They provide little cover especially when an opposition breaks on us.
        However in the West Ham game the 2 goals were the result of balls being hit into the area where you expect your central defenders to defend it. It was clear, on both occasions, that our CD’s did not anticipate nor react well to Joe Cole’s crosses.

        Whether you believe it or not, the fact that we are letting in all these goals is the result of a poor, inexperienced back line (including DDG).
        They are not just out of sync they are defending poorly, individually, and until they improve (individually) it will continue to be a problem for us.

  • Good to see there is no La Liga bias in the FIFA team of the year! Pique, who had an awful season, Marcelo better than Lahm and Ashley Cole!?

    RvP for me has been the buy and bargain of the season. So far he’s scored City Away (scored the winner) Arsenal Home (scored the first) Chelsea Away (took us 2-0 up) and the Dippers Away (scored the winner). That’s 12 must win Premier points he’s helped us secure in four huge games.

    We should sign Begovic, he is an ideal keeper for us 25 excellent Premier League record. De Gea is the long term, but I fear he United are going to be too big for him and Premier too physical.

    Also intersting that the clamour by many for us to sign Sahin, he has been a total flop at Liverpool, sometimes Fergie DOES know better!

    • @Stephen: Who the fook is Asmir Begovic? Last year, you would ridicule anyone who linked him with us. Asmir is having a good season, but we should not blind ourselves that he is at Stoke… who are far below Atletico Madrid’s standard with NO european experience.

      Asmir ‘flavor-of-the-month’ Begovic is no replacement for De Gea. Stop kidding yourselves… :roll: :roll:

      • @Opti: Kidding myself? What has De Gea done to reassure you that he is United quality? What the numerous errors, the lack of presence in the penalty area, he can’t speak the language,
        Oh yes he is young and Spanish…. The abuse that Foster took for less mistakes compared to De Gea is laughable.
        Begovic was very good last season, Chelsea tried to sign him and been immense this, yes he is better than little boys lost I am afraid :roll: :roll:

  • I know this is not a Barca blog, but I can’t get past this FIFA Gala horse-s**t.
    1) Only Madrid+Barca+Falcao in best starting XI for 2012?!? Are you kidding me?? Did anyone watch the Champions League final? It was Chelsea against Bayern Munich. It’s surely the sway of Media and the blockbuster TV deals for Madrid and Barca that completely bias this selection.

    2) Messi winning 4th Ballon d’Or. Yes, he is world-class, but not he is not the world best for 4 consecutive years. In 2010, Sneijder won The Treble with Inter (knocking out Barca) and got to World Cup Final… where was Messi? Oh yeah, he won the d’Or :roll: In 2011, Ronaldo outscored Messi (and set a couple records in La Liga), but Messi won Champions League and League Title [Ronaldo won Copa del Ray]… Messi won d’Or :roll: . In 2012, Ronaldo wins league title, Drogba wins Champions League/FA Cup, now Messi outscores Ronaldo, but still Messi wins d’Or :roll: .

    It seems pretty simple to me: whatever Messi wins or doesn’t win, he gets the d’Or . They define “World’s Best” by whatever Messi does, regardless of competition. That’s the sign of a huuuuge bias within FIFA.

    Jump 20 years into future. Assuming Messi does not win a World Cup, is he greater than Maradona, Pele, Fat Ronaldo, Zidane??? History will tell, but I don’t think so… Messi is the greatest Media-promoted Footballer, however, without the exclusive focus of Media (i.e. exclusive TV deals) on Barca/Madrid, Messi would not have won 4 d’Ors… That is, under a fair (i.e. Premier League-type) TV deals, Barca/Madrid would not be able to dominate La Liga nor the headlines for so long. I mean, how hard is it to compete in a league when your competitors beg you to take their stars for pennies to keep said clubs alive (Sevilla, Malaga, Villareal, Valencia, Atletico Madrid are all struggling financially).


    • @Opti: Maybe the 86 goals in calender year may have swayed them, a record :-? :-?

      • @Stephen: Ronaldo scored 67 goals the season of 2011/12… no one made a big deal about that. Gerd Muller did not win European Footballer Award in 1972 when he scored 85 goals.

        But that’s what I am saying: if Messi scored ONE wonder-goal next season, they will award him d’Or again, and claim that this wonder-goal is the reason. It doesn’t matter what he does… they will find a reason to applaud his talents with a d’Or. Perhaps, to inflate the quality of La Liga and hide its awful financial problems under the rug… or perhaps because Marcela and Alves really are worlds best LB and RB for 2012. I don’t know, but Messi should not be on his 4th d’Or…

        Think about the players who came before him but did not muster more than 3:
        Cruyff, Platini, Van Basten, Fat Ronaldo, Beckenbauer, Zidane, Maradona… etc…

        Is Messi THAT good or are the uneven TV deals for Barca/Madrid killing competition (i.e. every year it is Ronaldo or Messi… such narrow competition has never happened before).

        • @Opti: Matey I agree Messi is a media darling and Ronaldo doesn’t do himself any favours with is posing, bling ect.
          I agree La Liga is a farce of a league, it made Scotland look open. Barca and Real are light years ahead of the others, all be it the other side in Madrid are doing well so far.
          Messi broke a World record, I know you hate Barca but I am afraid Meesi is special.

        • @Opti: Stephen, I think Messi is amazing and I admire Barca (and hate Madrid more, per-se); but I don’t understand why Messi is lifted to the top of Football history WITHOUT a major trophy for Argentina… The FIFA XI bothers me more than Messi’s 4th d’Or, but I think these two issues are intertwined with Barca/Madrid financial dominance of La Liga.

          Also, Messi is playing on the best team in History of Football. Remove Messi and Barca would still win the same and Iniesta/Xavi would be sharing the personal spoils, I think. That’s why I don’t consider Messi’s efforts as Herculean as, say, Maradona in 1986 or with Napoli, or Sneijder’s Treble year and Holland, or Pirlo leading Italy to final and Juve to undefeated season.

          Messi is consistently in the top 3 every year, but there are players who lift their team beyond their limits (Sneijder, Pirlo, RvP with Arsenal+United). In fact, it would be sensible to consider Iniesta/Xavi as better than Messi because they perform and deliver with Spain.

          I don’t hate Messi, but something is not right about Messi’s obscene success… it’s stunting football to have such narrow view that Madrid+Barca are the best XI in a year when neither made the Champions League final…


    • @Opti: Sneijder or Xavi should have won it in 2010. Iniesta should have won it in either 2011 or 2012. People are jealous of Ronaldo because he has the looks, he is arrogant (rightly so in my opinion) and bangs a lot of hot women. He also said aloud what I just wrote and people over the world were seething :lol:

      They will continue to vote for Messi like love-struck puppies so there isn’t much we can do. The best player in the world is RVP for me, because he is covering for United’s frankly dreadful midfield. People were saying he’d block the progress of Welbeck when we signed him. Where are they now?

  • Begovic is probably the best keeper in League right now.He is even better than Hart.De Gea seems to be fan favorite but frankly speaking ,he seems more Championship quality than Premier League in most of the games.

    He is young is not a proper excuse for Goalkeeping position and considering he was brought to replace VDS in the first team directly.

    • @Owen: Agreed he seems to get a pass for some reason. He was brought in too early and clearly has not adaped to the league. He my well do, but at the moment he is a liability.

    • @Owen: “right now” being a key word. He plays for Stoke in 1 competition: Premier League with tactics that emphasize defending.

      De Gea played for Atletico Madrid and performed in League + Europa League. De Gea is playing more than Begovic and on a team with an attacking focus and a rotating defense.

      Give me De Gea over Mr “Right-now” Begovic.

  • The_Philosopher

    @Opti: I can’t speak for 2009, 2010 or 2011.

    But in 2012 there was no one better than Messi.

    The stats proved it. His total goals and his goals per game ratio and his conversion rate(goals per shot taken) were all off the charts.

    2012 was Messi’s year end of.

    • @The_Philosopher: What stats? Goal-scoring + Assisting stats? Since when are goal-scoring stats the main metric in determining World’s Best Footballer? So a goalkeeper, defender, or midfielder will never become world’s best player?

      Ask Messi and I bet you will say the Treble year was his year. Also, if it was Messi’s best year, it was Barca’s worst in quite a while… is that how we determine “Best”?

      • @Opti: It is lazy to always choose Messi, but he is that good.
        I dislike Barca and especially Real a hell of a lot, Spanish football is lauded as being this great entity, bit it really is only 2 clubs.
        Ryan Giggs has never played in a World Cup, does this mean he isn’t a great player.
        I will say Messi did miss a penalty against Chelsea which would have seen them through to the final.
        All in all he broke records and he deserves the plaudits for it, but if he wins again next season I think we will all be fed up!
        Also he needs to get a new tailor, Mark – Francis from made in Chelsea would be envious of that one.

      • @Opti: world’s best player is an individual award and rightly been conferred to Messi (by the way I dont like him but cannot argue with the award). He was the best player in the world last year really. 91 goals + 27 assists. cannot argue against that… no other player is even close to Messi right now and it includes CR7.

        And I dont think it is necessary that world’s best player should be playing for the best team/ or most successful one. You can have a hugely successful team with lot of good players but none of them really worlds best (like our team of 99 or chelsea team this year). Ballon d’or should be about the absolute best player (not the team) and its a sad fact Messi is the absolute best on earth (maybe of all time). He is only 25 years old and already Barca’s all time top scorer!!! Its mind boggling what his stats would look like when he finally hangs his boots…

      • The_Philosopher

        @Opti: When has a goalkeeper EVER won the Ballon D’Or ?

        • @The_Philosopher: Lev Yashin 1963 (GK). Fabio Cannavaro 2006 (CB).

          Best player, in my opinion, is not equal to highest scorer or most assist. Messi is special, but not good enough to carry world’s finest football engine to major trophy last season, so how good is he? Who assisted his 91 goals? God? :lol:

          This is an eternal discussion, I’m afraid. Once I get to Manchester (when my wages can actually pay for such a trip), I will gladly discuss this over dinner/drinks/dessert in Manchester :)

  • Apropos Barca, let me also throw into the ring:
    HOW THE HECK IS GUARDIOLA VOTED 3rd BEST COACH OF YEAR? He was a coach from January-May 2012 and won Copa Del Rey with Barca.

    Jurgen Klopp (domestic double, but August-Decemeber Champion League success from group of Death), Di Matteo (beat Barca, won UCL + FA Cup), Mancini (Premier League) are FAR better candidates.

    FIFA are a joke… a big joke to anyone outside La Liga/Spain.

    • The_Philosopher

      @Opti: I also didn’t like the choice for goal of the year.

      Stoch? Who on earth is that?!?

      Why wasn’t Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s bicycle kick goal against England considered?

      FIFA is very biased I think.

  • L.O.L. Bradford.

  • Guardiola’s name has surfaced again, with his stated desire to get back into managing by August.
    I guess Munich and Chelsea are the hot contenders for his services, but you just have to think that he would love the challenge of following in SAF’s footsteps and tweaking our club into a world-beater again.

    The job at Chelsea is just fraught with peril – one false move and your out, and him having to field the side that Abramovich selects just doesn’t seem like his style.
    Munich has a fine pedigree and are managed at the top level, very well. They attract good players and it wouldn’t take too much for him to make them perennial contenders for the CL title. It’s just that German football is so regimented and the Bundesliga is, by and large, a dull league.
    His flair for passionate and innovative play would seem better served elsewhere.

    So if his preference would be with United, the big question is, will Ferguson step down a tad early to accommodate the fact that Pep is available NOW?

    To me it would be criminal to have SAF manage until they roll him out in a wheelchair and let the likes of Guardiola go make a rival CL contender into another Barca.
    Ferguson has always preached the United anthem – “no one is bigger than the club”, and so for the sake of 1 or 2 more seasons, he should take one the team and step aside for a new generation.

    Please Sir Alex, save us from David Moyes.

    • The_Philosopher

      @Redrich: You make some interesting points.

      Ferguson can’t go on forever. And as you say stepping down this summer for Ferguson would mean sacrificing one or two more seasons. Its hard to image Sir Alex managing beyond the 2014/2015 season.

      But I think I would prefer Ferguson to give us those seasons (2013/2014 and 2014/2015) and then we find a manager thereafter. Guardiola managed Barcelona successfully but he did it with the best squad in the world which he inherited and didn’t necessarily develop himself. I am not totally convinced by Guardiola although I do like him as an option.

      Why is Ferguson the best manager that ever lived? Beside genius I believe that his WILL to win and his DETERMINATION are second to none. He instills that same irresistable WILL and DETERMINATION in his players. And thats the difference between him and all the other managers in the world.

      Pep Guardiola would be a great manager. United and Barca are similar in their endeavour to develop players and build their club from the academy upwards. So Guardiola would fit in from that perspective.

      But would he be able to respond and react like Ferguson does when we’re down?

      At half time when the lads are playing rubbish, will Guardiola have the mettle to set then right?

      When we lose a game under Guardiola can we expect the same immediate response we get from Ferguson? It is a rare thing indeed for Manchester United to lose two games in a row.

      City threaten to be the next football dynasty in England, will Guardiola see them vanquished like Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea before them?

      Give Ferguson five more healthy years and I would rest assured that the challenge from City would be dealt with.

      Does Guardiola have that fight in him? Does he have that discontent with anything other than success?

      Technically Guardiola passes. But is he big enough as a personality to lead our club?

      Jose Mourinho is the only other manager that I know of who has the same WILL and DETERMINATION and DRIVE that Ferguson has. He is the only manager I have heard of who tears into his players when they’re not producing the goods.

      Trouble with Mourinho is that he is a bit of a loose canon.

      Moyes is a hard worker. And I am a big believer in the idea that hard work is the great equaliser.

      If Guardiola can man manage like Ferguson and Mourinho I would say yes to his appointment.

      Right now though, I think I would rather teach Mourinho to work a pipeline(instead of a chequebook) than teach Guardiola to ignite a fire in his belly.

  • Why wasn’t Suarez’ goal against Mansfield reviewed by the FA and then him being charged with “bringing the game into disrepute”.
    He clearly cheated in the most heinous way, denying the minnows a replay and a huge influx of capital.
    The rules of the game clearly states that the deliberate use of the hands is a cardable offense and so that, along with bad tackling, should be reviewed and appropriate punishment handed down.

    In fact la rata should be suspended for the game with United, or at least made to play with both hands tethered to his waist. :)

  • Why are we being linked with Cashley? Not sure about others, but i would hate to see him at United

    • The_Philosopher

      @godzilla: Ashley Cole is a quality player. And he’s only 32.

      I would welcome him with open arms.

      I just don’t know if he can share the same changing room as Ferdinand after the race row between him and Rio.

      I wouldn’t want to upset the morale of the team just so we can have him however.

      • @The_Philosopher: Ashley Cole is a tool mate, which is why I can understand when they say Fergie might sign Frank Lampard. Fergie likes to have couple of senior pros as leaders in the squad to keep the team as a whole in check and also for role models for the younger lads. Currently its more Giggs, Scholes, Rio, Vidic, and Nev(before he retired) and most of them are nearing the end and Lampard can be a good choice in terms of transition and taking over this role. And when under pressure like we saw last weekend with Giggs, they usually deliver and this recruitment will continue the tradition

        • The_Philosopher

          @RMJ: I totally agree with you. Lampard would be an excellent signing for us.

          He would bring years of experience and world class talent.

          He is also the consummate professional so as you say he would be a great influence to the younger players.

          He is definately the apple of Ferguson’s transfer eye right now.

  • L.O.L. Swansea

  • Is anyone else wondering if Benitez purposefully is NOT rotating his squad… They are playing full strength in every game, every competition (incl. CC, WCC), with no rotation besides Lampard, Marin, Ba subs.

    Come March/April Chelsea will feel it…

  • Why get Lampard (free transfer + 150K/week) when we can get far superior Sneijder for 8 million + 150K/week… he won’t hold back Pogba or Bebe now :lol:

    • @Opti: I don’t think Lampard will make anywhere close to £150k. Plus you could get him on a 1 or maybe 2 year contract as opposed to Snijder, who will want longer.
      I’m not sure about this either, but it would seem like a short term fix only to spell Carrick and Cleverly.

  • Lots of buzz about Zaha now and by the looks of things this could actually happen.
    Talk is that we we’ll loan him back until the end of this season, but couldn’t we use a winger right now? Valencia has not been good so far and Young is as Young does. Nani is either injured or in the dog-house and please no, not Welbeck out wide.
    So in many ways it makes sense.

    Anyone watched him a lot – What you think??

    • The_Philosopher

      @Redrich: I haven’t seen Zaha play but I would like to see him.

      I hear a lot of good things about him. So hopefully he will be good for us.

      I agree that he might add a little spice to our wing play. It would be nice to have him around just relieve Valencia of the pressure of playing every game.

      Plus he might add some much needed energy and pace down the right.

      But we still need a left footed winger as well.

      Zoran Tosic was the last player we signed with a left foot but he didn’t work out so well.

    • @Redrich: What is the need to waste such an amount on an unproven player when you can probably get Bale with the cash generated from sell of Nani and Zaha’s one?

  • I think its fair to say that this year, Messi was more than a few levels above everyone else, whether Ronaldo won la liga wasnt even an issue for voters and why should it have been, when someone is asked who the best player in the world is they should consider trophies won but ultimately it comes down to the individual, Torres won more than Ronaldo last year, so did Ramos, Alonso etc…and they werent considered at all. Watching Messi’s goals this year is almost like watching some players career highlights. Most of his goals he makes all by himself, without Xavi and Iniesta(a myth really that his success is due to them). Ronaldo is definitely not the best player in the world, I would say barring his goals there are more skilled players than him even.

    Good to see Anderson and Nani back in action, especially Anderson for me, Id go as far as saying that Id like t see both feature in our plans for the Madrid game over the two legs. Our squad now is really shaping up well and if we get get Wazza into some decent form we should knock Real out the cup!

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