United have bid accepted for Mata

1169445-21050957-640-360After watching last night’s torture unfolding – and for those who didn’t, just to clarify, it was pure and uninterrupted torture – it can be hard to find any reasons at all to be cheerful this morning, with United dumped out of another competition and increasingly look like a mid-table side – one incapable of taking penalties, at that.

However, there might be a ray of light finally about to shine on David Moyes’ squad as Chelsea have reportedly accepted United’s £37m for Juan Mata, meaning that the Spaniard could be on his way to Old Trafford soon.

Having first been linked with the Spaniard two days ago, United yesterday submitted an offer, thought to be in the region of £35m-£40m, via a third-party – Ed Woodward being Ed Woodward things could not be approached normally and safely when it comes to signing players.

Mata did not attend training yesterday and, according to reports on the Daily Telegraph, he has already accepted personal terms with United and will have a medical today, after Jose Mourinho sanctioned the move.

Given the way United have operated in the transfer window in recent years, however, one would be forgiven for keeping the champagne on ice until Mata actually runs out at Old Trafford wearing a red shirt but, surely, even United can’t bottle this transfer, can they?



  1. With the signing of Mata, we can switch to a 3241 formation featuring Evans, Vidic, Smalling in the 3, Jones/Fletcher, Carrick in the 2 , Januzaj, Kagawa, Mata, Rooney in the 4 n RVP. This would solve our problem with Evra n Rafael’s recklessness. It would also utilise our richness of attacking talent in the most effective way.

  2. I have to see Mata in a red shirt before I believe it.

    Looks like Moyes could have a brief moment of respite.

    I’m not a fan of David Moyes however.

    And while the prospect of RVP, Rooney, Mata and Januzaj playing together is mouth watering, I can’t shake the feeling that it could be so much better under a different manager.

    • @The_Philosopher: We know you’re not a fan (yawn!) – neither is anyone else particularly – but the reality is we sink or swim with Moyes. If the Mata move is finalised then it should be a big boost for the club never mind the team. It demonstrates a statement of intent by the club – particularly that they intend backing Moyes in his overhauling of the squad. Having Rooney and RVP back and perhaps one other signing this January – who knows, then we have to go hell for leather to capture 4th spot at least. It can be done and its the only thing we can cling to by way of optimism for the rest of the season. I presume Mata is cup tied for the ECL? I can never understand that rule given that players can only switch clubs in the official window.

    • @adie: More likely the end of Shinji. It might also be a bit of forward thinking in case Rooney leaves.

      • @Julian: I think Kagawa will stay, Young will go to a mid table club ( this shouldn’t come back and haunt us ) and we shall switch to a narrow 4-4-2 or 4-2-4. Valencia will be kept as he doesn’t complain about playing time. Nani will also suck up to Moyes and Jones will be the new John O’Shea. Problem Solved.

  3. Unfortunately,as long as it makes sense we can be sure it won’t happen. I’ll be surprised if Ashley Young is the one to lose out. Regardless,up to the point that Mata is officially registered as a Manchester United player by the FA,he is not a Manchester United player. That’s how bad things are. However,if it turns out to be a true story,this really could prove fatal for Moyes. I have a collective zero faith in Moyes’ leadership and players like Mata definitely deserve better tutelage. The thing is,of Mata does not turn the season around,Moyes is hopefully in trouble. There exists the perfect opportunity to rid ourselves of players like Ashley Young and do away with the self destructing four four two that Moyes is determined to uphold. If Mata is played on the wing like Kagawa,Moyes should not just be fired,he ought to be imprisoned for commercial sabotage. We lack creativity in the squad and on the bench. Moyes if not careful,can fall spectacularly by this signing. If he fails to get the team playing better,he will be swiftly running out of excuses. If these reports are to be believed,we have spent £40m on one player in January and I can’t see how the Glazer card can still be played. If I had £40-45m,I would be looking at tempting Juventus for Vidal or Marchisio.They are already out of the CL and Pjanic would be a good idea too. Obviously,if things keep getting worse,the Glazers will continue to be placed in front of a firing squad,yet,once again they have released enough funds which have been appropriated in the least critical areas. Now we wait and see

    • @Jay Wire: It’s all so bloody negative! It’s like saying “let’s hope Mata doesn’t turn our season around so that Moyes is in even bigger trouble”. Look this was always going to be a terribly difficult task, succeeding to the biggest and most demanding job in football, no matter who was given the job. All of us have speculated on why they chose Moyes and most of the speculation has been of the highly cynical, conspiratorial, kind. The biggest issue and the one that was and still is his biggest handicap is the lack of “track record of success at the highest level” – the hitherto pre-requisite for anyone wanting to succeed Fergie when he retired. And yet in 1988/89 many people couldn’t wait to get rid of Fergie who did have a track record. The team was languishing and there was a great deal of criticism about the way Fergie was handling things, his team selections and his tactics. Nobody would have been surprised one bit had he been sacked prior to that fateful Robins goal against Forest in January 1990. I am not saying the two situations are the same, Fergie’s early years and Moyes now, but I am saying lets cut this guy some slack. We may be mystified by some of his decisions and the way he goes about things, just like we were back in 1988/1989, and we may rightly be unhappy about the results but the current situation is complex and by no means straightforward. The issue of team personnel is not one that has suddenly arisen since July, it goes back a few years before then – almost an accident waiting to happen. There has been serious underinvestment in the team and we have gradually become uncompetitive in terms of top honours, certainly in Europe and then gradually domestically too. The league win last season was almost an aberration powered mainly by the will and cajoling personality of one man, the exploits of RVP and the underperformance at crucial times until it was too late of major rivals. Moyes now has to deal with this situation, at the same time find his feet in filling what are the biggest shoes. It’s asking a lot, I know, from fans who are almost drunk on years of success, but let’s be a bit patient and see what emerges. We, as long standing fans, really have no other choice.

      • @Julian: All so negative?

        Yes you’re right Julian, David Moyes is the most positive thing thats ever happened to this club!

        What Jay is saying is that now Moyes had better pull it together. There is a reasonable amount of doubt as to whether he can do that even with Mata.

        But if he doesn’t then he can’t hide behind the fact that he has not been financially backed.

        It is highly possible that a man of Moyes’ dubious powers can still fail to get this team (plus Juan Mata) playing well because of his demonstrated inability to come up with a coherent strategy.

        Succeeding Ferguson was never going be a walk in the park for anyone but my goodness you can’t tell me that the catastrophe currently on display was inevitable regardless of who succeeded Sir Alex.

        Moyes has shown a special ability to just not get things right at United so far. Better managers would have done better facing the same seemingly insurmountable odds.

        Yes it would have been tough for anyone. But we shouldn’t let an inexperienced (at least at this level) manager keep his job just because its a tough job and we should cut him some slack. If the man is not up to it that doesn’t mean that we must just accept that thats the way it’s gonna be from now on.

        I’m all for giving a good manager time. Klopp, Mourinho etc etc.

        If they were in this position I could wait.

        I doubt though that they would ever find themselves in this position.

        Because they would not have made the same mistakes Moyes has.

        Problem with David Moyes is that we will invest money and buy players. But never really be challenging for titles because of his limited ability.

        I don’t see Moyes improving.

        In fact I’m convinced that if you were to give David Moyes today’s Man City squad they would lose their current momentum in a matter of weeks.

        They would be playing the same pedestrian stuff we’re playing right now by the end of the season.

        I’m not prepared to accept this is as good as it gets for us. Just like a lot of people aren’t prepared to accept that Antonia Valencia is the best Manchester united can do on the right wing.

        David Moyes IS the problem.

        • @The_Philosopher: You may well be right but have you ever thought for a moment that you could be wrong too?! All I am saying, in the interests of sanity preservation, let’s just reserve judgement, at least until the end of the season – perhaps even until halfway through the next. The guy isn’t going anywhere despite your unheeded crusade to have him summarily dismissed. We can speculate, but we don’t know, how Klopp or others would have been faring after just 6 months. Its not a given that everything would have been hunky dory under someone else just as it certainly wasn’t in Fergie’s time. Make that the first three years at least (not 6 months) in the case of the latter.You know no more than I do how this is going to turn out. It doesn’t look good admittedly. I just leave you with this question. Never mind us armchair critics, who profess to be all knowing, how come, almost to a man, all the people supposedly in the know, those close to the game who air their views on TV and in the press, not only think Moyes is a very good manager but someone who is admirably suited to this particular job/challenge? Do we know something they don’t? 😉

  4. I’m not buying into this “he’s not what we need” view many fans are having.
    Yes we are obviously still lacking a top class CM, and desperately need one brought in asap, but if there’s one area where we have run our terrible MF close, and look as desperate, lacking and out of ideas it’s some creativity in the final third, especially some technically brilliant, positive footballers who might go some way to seeing us play some decent fluid football and move away from our dinosaur tactics of 4-4-2, staying out wide and putting in crosses.
    Someone like Mata, who can play anywhere in the front 4 positions, is easily capable of scoring well into double figures and notching up 20+ assists, and is imo a world class player, and a fantastic acquisition as far as I’m concerned.
    My only concern lies with Moyes and how he’s going to use him.
    In many ways I think how he deals with Mata will define his future as manager here.
    If he can’t motivate a side with attacking talents like Januzaj, Rooney, RVP and Mata to atleast put a run together and challenge for fourth, then he really doesn’t deserve another season to show he can do better.
    Surely your not just going to pigeon hole Mata out wide, with little to no licence to come inside and add some fluidity and movement to our attack because he wants us sticking to a rigid system and putting in crosses for the strikers?
    I hope not anyway.

    • @tonymontanna4united: “Surely your not just going to pigeon hole Mata out wide, with little to no licence to come inside and add some fluidity and movement to our attack because he wants us sticking to a rigid system and putting in crosses for the strikers?”
      — I am not sure that is a question as much as what I expect from Moyes 😆 😆 … only partly kidding. I HOPE and PRAY that Moyes grabs his balls and squashes our rigid 442 in favor of something fluid

      • @Opti: I’d really like to give Moyes the benefit of the doubt at this moment, and presume that he wouldn’t be as bloody stupid as to fork out the best part of £40m, and then shoe horn him out wide as a winger and tell him to put in as many crosses as he can, when he’s got a genuine world class player who could easily turn our season around and bring some excitement and excellent attacking displays to boot if he’s given a free reign to do as he pleases.
        I really hope I’m not giving Moyes too much credit there Opti, I really do.

  5. I think 37 million for Mata is totally fine. It is only 10 million more than Fellaini but the gulf in quality is enormous and well worth 15-20 million. So decent deal for United and for Chelsea.


  6. Mata is quality. With his perfectly weighted passes, his skills on the ball and shooting ability.

    But what about Kagawa?
    And what’s going on with Carrick and co? We keep the midfield as it is and inforce the area where we are strong?
    And how does he fit in a 442? Are we changing into a 4231 or a 433? A narrow 422? ARE WE PLAYING FOOTBALLERS OUT OF THEIR POSITION AGAIN?

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