United in Gundogan bid?

GundoganAccording to German newspaper Bild, Manchester United have made an offer for Borussia Dortmund midfielder Ilkay Gundogan.

Gundogan, whose contract expires at the end of next season, has long been on the Reds’ radar and is widely considered to be one of the best midfielders in Europe, the sort of player United have been crying out for for the past five-six seasons.

Having lost Robert Lewandowski for free to Bayern Munich less than six months after selling Mario Gotze to their hated rivals, Dortmund are determined to hold on to their midfielder and have opened talks with the 23-year-old, hoping he’ll sign a new deal and remain at the Westfalenstadion, rather than becoming the latest illustrious name on the departure list.

According to Bild (the link, unfortunately, is in German) should Gundogan refuse to extend his deal, Dortmund would be prepared to sell this summer to avoid losing the player for free, which has put United and Real Madrid on alert and both clubs have also tabled offers for the midfielder – both offers are, apparently, offers made to the player, rather than to the club.

“I will soon make a decision that will be well considered,” said Gundogan “It’s still really open.”


The Spanish club involvement doesn’t bode well for the prospect of seeing Gundogan wearing Red next season, as earlier this week Karim Benzema had emerged as a possible replacement for Robert Lewandowski, which could tempt Dortmund into a deal, not to mention that Madrid’s future looks a lot more successful than United’s at the moment.




  1. i really dnt knw wat a f**k is going on in man u. y ask over 20 players and you cant even buy one. moyes get out of the transfer market you are just there to increase prices for clubs coz you go for what other clubs wants to increase the price just sit and enjoy others beating you fooool

  2. As far as I’m concerned, moyes and his so called “scouts” can go to as many games around Europe as they want.The bottom line is, will any of these players who we’re supposed to be after, gundogan, vidal, pogba….etc, want to join utd inoour present situation. The answer is no.Seems even some of our own “star”will wait till the season ends before deciding whether to jump ship or not, depending on our league position, so why does moyes think any of these players mentioned would be any different?.There’s just so much negativity around utd at the moment, to bring anyone in at all would be a major coup.Chelski have already shown, with the signing of nemanja matic, that quality midfielders ARE available in january. Just a matter of putting your money where your mouth is.something we’re always seem reluctant to do.They say a leopard can’t change its spots, where moyes is concerned, I think saying is warranted. Like throughout his managerial career, moyes does nothing until the last day of the window, when the panic sets in.If we actually do any business, you can guarantee “dithering”dave will be true to form.

      • @Opti:Big difference between wegners footballing philosophy and pedigree compared to that of David moyes. Living in London also would have something to do with it. For all the criticism of wegner, he’s a proven winner, moyes isn’t, just a fact.

        • @THE RED BARON: Wenger is a great manager, but 8 years without a trophy is rivaling Moyes’ 11 years. Same deal with Liverpool: how can they attract anyone worth their salt when they haven’t been relevant since maybe 2005/06?

          Ozil would have come to United if we had paid whatever Arsenal paid…

        • @THE RED BARON: None of that applies to the career of a decent footballer. Potential for trophies at United has a historic proof, so has the cheap-shit trading tactics and the rep for not paying top-dollar in wages.
          Players/Agents and CFO’s are wary of United because we won’t SHOW THEM THE MONEY.
          Business is the name of the modern game – we want it all our way – the word on the street for MUFC is NO!!

  3. Opti, Wenger offers an almost guarantee of top four football and Champions League knock out stages football. Also when Real Madrid decided to show Ozil the door very few clubs were willing to pay the asking price of £40M.

    A top European footballer isn’t going to be interested in Manchester United under Moyes. Our best approach would be to target hungry youngsters who worry they wouldn’t get games at bigger clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern and so on. Or more cynically players who can double their salaries if they come and play for us i.e. players at the less financially well off leagues such as Portugal and Italy

    • @colver:
      I agree about the young players. I think it starts having a very poor effect on the team to keep going into player sweepstakes and losing out. If you want to win the next big player lottery, go all in, period. Real Madrid do it, and they get their players. For the record, I think Real Madrid’s transfer policy is a huge waste, but being in the position of turning over all that unused top talent vs. never having top players come in, I could got for a little bit more of the ‘bury them in piles of cash until they give you what you want approach’. Really, I’d like to see a bit of both. I’d like to see us get a huge name now and again, and a lot of excellent young players. A little bit of garaunteed genius, a lot of potential. As it is, I have absolutely no idea how to describe our transfer policy, except maybe speculating as to whether there is a mad libs for buying players.

  4. If Nani survives this window, I will have no faith at all in the United talent trust! As useless as he’s been to us, and I would imagine that he still has some kind of sexy value to some of you, he is the one of the reasons that United cannot move on from it’s past to whatever lies in our future. Him, and a dozen other has-been’s.

  5. I’m wondering why Ian and his bookies are not offering generous odds on United NOT scoring a single player this window.
    Perhaps the odds are so long that not a single soul will bet a penny, or perhaps, Ian is a little gun-shy after his summer’s window’s predictions??
    What you say, mate?

  6. United appear hamstrung by the fact that there are doubts about Moyes and his coaching “entourage”, made worse, of course, to the poor showing in the first part of the season. Unless the Glazers are prepared to splash cash to entice top quality players it seems very unlikely that such players will want to come to United. What bright future can Moyes articulate to any top player? He will need to pay over the odds to attract the top quality.

    That’s why the previous window’s botch up was so costly. At that stage United still had an attractiveness in the wake of previous success. It was a window of opportunity to bolster the new regime with top quality – one that may now have closed until Moyes can show that he can be a successful manager. Whenever that might be.

    The best case scenario may well be that Moyes, whilst trying to hang on to the quality he already has, lowers his sights and concentrates on emerging talent as he did at Everton, in an attempt to build his own team. If so it could be a long drawn out affair with no guarantee of success at the end of it.

  7. Why did Ozil move to Arsenal?

    1. Real Madrid were determined to sell Ozil to make room for Bale. Some reports from both Sky and The Guardian,claim Real offered Ozil to both Manchester clubs,two weeks before the window closed,before dialogue was opened with Arsenal. Both clubs are said to have declined.

    2. He was unwanted at Real Madrid

    3. Arsene Wenger is a highly technical coach well respected in football.

    4. Arsene Wenger has actually won trophies before. FA Cup,PL titles,League Cup,I think.

    5. Arsene Wenger has traditionally been working with a similar budget,of his own choosing apparently,as Moyes at Everton. He has rarely paid more than £18m for a single player throughout his career. That in my opinion,makes him one of the very best managers and coaches in the history of European club football when you take into account his achievements. Including narrowly losing a CL final with a squad worth less than half of Ronaldo’s last transfer.

  8. I think over the years I have come to appreciate the value of a good manager in achieving success. I have watched some managers being appointed and given a blank cheque and make the team worse off or simply be underwhelming. I have also seen some managers receive very little financial backing at their clubs and achieving miracles. Managers like Joan Gaspart was spending insane amounts at Barca for players like Marc Overmars and he won nothing and was fired. Pep Guardiola came in and sold nearly all his predecessor’s superstars,replacing them in house with fringe players(Iniesta),B-team players(Busquets) and other teams’ reserve players (Pique). I thought, “end of a very short era”. How wrong I was. You look at the kind of budget Arsene Wenger has worked with throughout most of his career. He came from France and completely changed the way English football worked. I still maintain that he still is the PL’s greatest innovator in all it’s history. He prioritized technical development and innovation over paying over the odds for supreme talent. He recruited “rejects” like Fabregas,Henry,Viera and total unknowns like Hleb,Edu,Flamini,Walcott,Wilshere. I think when you get past the “rival” BS,it becomes easier to acknowledge just how good Wenger has been. A similar manager is Jurgen Klopp. Well he has relatively less experience but has a similar philosophy. Recruiting players like Kagawa from the Japanese Second Division. He has been working on humble budgets and has seen his best players sold every season. Antonio Conte is another staunch technocrat who “steals” on the market,assembling a perfect team for his purposes. We all know Pogba’s story,but very few appreciate how much of a risk it was getting Pirlo. He was considered a has-been but Conte cleverly tweaked his role. He plays with no DM,with Pirlo the deepest midfielder but in a regista or enganche playmaking role. The players in front of him press hard to actually protect him and create space and time for him to pass effectively. Without that technical innovation,Pirlo would be useless. He can’t play without space and doesn’t have the physical attributes to fight pressure on the ball. So Vidal,Marchisio and more recently Pogba,do that for him. It’s a very subtle trick that has prolonged a 35 year old’s superstar career. I don’t give credit to Pirlo,but his innovative coach Antonio Conte. More at home,the easiest and saddest illustration of just how a coach’s innovation is critical, for me is Kagawa. At Dortmund he rarely made more than two touches at a time. He is naturally a “weaver”. A player who relies on evasive movements to get past players as opposed to the Januzaj,Messi types that relish the chance to take on players head on. That’s why he struggles outwide. He is used to playing the kind of game where he receives the ball in good attacking space and with a turn or swivel he beats his marker and immediately releases the ball to an attacker or advanced wide player. That pretty much sums up his game. When you dump him out wide, he has to try and cut inside and because of the considerable distances between attackers in the United set up,he is easily overcrowded and out muscled and loses the ball or has to turn back and pass back. But the reason you see a change in his performance when he goes central,is his attributes are easily utilised. If you care to observe,look at every time he changes position to play through the middle,he starts passing quick and on instinct,rarely making two touches before passing. It takes a very simple tweak for Kagawa’s performance to become useful for United.

    The exact same tweak will push Januzaj’s game to heights we never imagined. He is another player who is being limited by technicalities. AJ’s talent is so huge,he still makes things happen with such mediocre tactics and strategies. Playing him on the touchline severely limits his ability to be effective where it matters most. Goal face. We need a manager that doesn’t just believe solutions come from the transfer market. Let us the fans believe that. In real life,the transfer market is a bigger risk than available resources. A good manager know show to make the best of what is available to him. We need to see that before jumping into the market for solutions.

    • @Jay Wire: You are brilliant!!!

      I wish I could kiss you.

      We have excellent players but Moyes doesn’t know how to get the best out of them. This same bunch of players won the league at a trot last season.

      I could have told you for free that Kagawa’s best position is behind the striker. Moyes is only figuring that out now during the second half of the Swansea game.

      This is exactly why Moyes is just the wrong man for the job.

      David Moyes hasn’t got a clue.

      And I don’t want to sit around waiting for him to get a clue.

      Moyes out!!!

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