United Lock Horns with Liverpool in FA Cup Clash

There really isn’t much that needs to be said here. Manchester United v. Liverpool, the FA Cup, Anfield.

Manchester United: De Gea; Rafael, Smalling, Evans, Evra; Scholes, Carrick, Giggs; Valencia, Welbeck, Park.

Subs: Lindegaard, Fabio, Ferdinand, M Keane, Pogba, Berbatov, Hernandez

Liverpool: Reina; Kelly, Agger, Skrtel, Enrique; Carragher, Maxi, Gerrard, Henderson, Downing; Carroll

Subs: Doni, Johnson, Coates, Kuyt, Adam, Shelvey, Bellamy

No Rooney or Nani today, so there’s a lot of responsibility on Welbeck, Valencia, and Giggs to create, create, create.

De Gea gets the start in goal today, and this is as much a test for him as he’ll get this season. Pass it and he strengthens his hopes for regaining his starting slot soon, fail it, and well…



  1. Valencia is our only threat. I think we’re playing for a replay. Loads of possession but no incision.

  2. De Gea – COST US GOAL AGAIN πŸ™„ , found in No Mans land, sad sad sad. Lats hope he keeps us in it for rest of game to give him some confidence. I see at set pieces they are crowding round De Gea the Pool players.

  3. Fuck off Welbeck, when you’re a lone fucking striker, and you get a one on one, you tuck it away. Do you know how? BY SHOOTING πŸ™„

  4. Well it says it all really. Welbeck is not a lone striker. His strength is link up play. We should have brought Berbatov on much sooner and tried to win the game rather than hold out for the draw and give Liverpool a chance to sneak in a late goal.

    • @colver:

      We brought on Hernandez to exactly that and Welbeck to play the Rooney role but as soon as we took out Scholes the game shifted and it ended up costing us.

  5. Oh dear. Well Liverpool can enjoy being a cup team. Lets get back to the business of winning the league something they will never do

  6. Well you have got to say that Fergie fooked up again – scholesy was controlling that MF supremely. When he came off Lpool took control of that MF. And I’m sorry Eddie but Welbeck was shite in this game – and if he has a decent 1st touch I am a dutchman. I blame Fergie AGAIN because we were well controlling the game until Fergie no brainer yet again disturbs our rhythm of play taking Scholesy off.

    • @Craig Mc: I said last week after Welbeck’s performance against Arsenal that he would cost us against better teams, and boy has he proved me right.

    • @Craig Mc: He had a bad day, honestly doesn’t seem to have the temperament as a one-man strikeforce. Drifted too much, and didn’t see him at all when Liverpool put three defenders on him. Dissapointed about his finish just before their goal, didn’t know what the fuck that was all about! But blaming this on Welbz when Liverpool totally dominated us after their subs doesn’t really make sense, Carrick had a real off day in the second half and besides Scholes no-one really took the game by its throat. We totally lost it when the Ginger Prince went off, and no wonder.

      • @RedDevilEddy: Fergie – substitution fooker upper of todays game, obviously doesn’t agree with you – he just said post game that Welbeck had good chances and didn’t take them AGAIN! He made excuses that he is a young lad so that is expected – so that begs the question then, why not play Berba in this game who isn’t a young lad, is better technically and can hold the ball up???

      • @RedDevilEddy: Carrick had an off 2nd half mate because Giggsy was shite in MF after scholesy majestic performance in MF was mysteriously taken off by you know fookin who. So Carrick left too often to do all leg work in MF and that while carrying an injury as Fergie said he had pre game. I am pissed because it has cost me a fortune today having to pay for all my ‘I’m pissed off language post game’ as the missis takes 10 pence for every cuss for her swear box, and it always raises in height post United games like todays πŸ‘Ώ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜† . Women they rob us blind fellas! πŸ™„ πŸ™„

  7. Out of the cup. Out of the champions league. Out of the beer cup. F*ck. What was Fergie thinking taking Scholsie off. That turned the game for them. SAF’s lost it. We wont win the league. Shitty will.

  8. What a poor performance, cowardice combined with ineptitude and shit tactics. We have lost to a mediocre Liverpool side who gave us 60-70% possession and we wasted every single minute of it.

    I am sick and tired of watching this dross. Thumbs up to Fergie for getting us a reliable No 1, this is bound to avoid the Howard-Carroll alternating bullshit πŸ™„

    A special thanks to Evra πŸ™„ πŸ™„ πŸ™„

  9. Can anybody please explain to me how their match winning goal wasn’t offside? Both Carroll and Kuyt were 4 yards off when Reina kicked the ball, so… Yeah, blind linesman or have I misunderstood the offside rule?

  10. Give the ball away Giggsy – he continually concedes possession more than any other United player. Giggsy should have come off and NOT scholesy and definately not Park both of whom were playing fantastic. I am so disappointed with Fergie or coaching staff decision making – fookin bad decision yet again! Our lads played there heart out only for decision making from bench to COST US again. I am weary with the way we go about making our subs! Sorry really down, because I don’t think we deserved to get beat in this one!

  11. On a positive note it was a pure delight to see Paul Scholes in this game, what he showed us today is what football is all about. Marvellous.

  12. The sub team have got to start TAKING SOME RESPONSIBILITY for their shocking decision making – their decision making puts us in trouble in games time and time again. And the Fergie decision of playing De Gea in this game – well he asked for everything he got, and the way De Gea fumbled and dithered he is like fookin jelly on a plate when under the simplest of balls in which should be meat and drink for GK’s. To make the decision to play him in this game – which is a boiling cauldron – as his 1st game back when he had no reserve game or any games for a bit was an AMATEUR and fookin ridiculous decision. I truly believe the lads didn’t deserve to lose that game, but Fergie/coaching decision making made sure they did!

    • @Craig Mc
      i truely cant understand ‘fans’ like you,fergie is utd,none of our success would have happened without fergie and on you come thinking you know better. Utd arent destined to win every game and the first sign of a wobble and you slam fergie and the team. Your a joker. Nobodys perfect,people get things wrong sometimes! Yeah losing is disappointing bt have some fookin perspective you jockey.

      • @This is the one: Who are you eh? On this board people are allowed to voice their opinions and say when they think Fergie has made errors in games that cost us, and he did cost us yesterday. You are just a typical PARTY LINER it seems, who gets in line like rota behind the party line –

        nobody is allowed to criticise – well news mate – on here there are a
        lot more than me who think Fergie himself cocks it up sometimes, and even Fergie himself says its down to him sometimes – so why shouldn’t we be allowed to voice our opinions. I get to most of all the home games – have never been anything but a die hard red – get to as many away games as I can get tics for, and am a Salford Red from birth – so don’t you come to me with your thought police-ism and try and tell me what I should think. I have my own thoughts – which you will NEVER control and make me the robot you would like all United fans to be! – Jeez, nobody knows you on this board and so I wont respect your opinions until I do – as I know most on here and them I respect!

        • @ Craig Mc Take it easy mate. The fact that this anonymous fella starts by saying ‘Fergie is United’ makes dignifying his chants with a response futile. For all we know This is the one is one of the Fergies background staff who are failing to tell the emperor that he is not clothed. Fergie is NOT UNITED and is dispensable like everone else. United do not deserve the humilitation we have had to endure this season. Even arsenal with their worst start are still in FA & Champs league. We must stand United against making SAF an idol.

  13. Very funny on ITV. Fergie gives his excuses about us being the better team and us being unlucky. They then go to Roy Keane who disputes that saying we had a lot of possession but didn’t give the Liverpool keeper much to do either.

    Afraid this time I’m siding with Keane. With no Nani and no Rooney we did not really pose any threat.

    Scholes bossed the midfield and the worrying thing is that he is the only midfielder we have capable of doing that. We need desperately to find a replacement for Scholes for next season because we have no-one in our squad capable of controlling a big game the way Scholes can.

    We definitely need to get revenge in the League. I’m sick of Dalgish matching us or bettering us in the head to head games.

    Not really any excuse but when you consider we were missing our three best players (Nani, Rooney, Vidic) all this game really indicates is we need to improve our quality in depth

    • @colver: Liverpool didn’t create too much either mind you. I felt we were the better team until Scholes went off, then somehow they created 5 chances in the last 10 minutes or so. Before that we owned them like a cat in a pastery shop, just unlucky to face a Liverpool team double or triple-marking Welbz and Valencia.

  14. Oh gosh.here we go again.Fine performance in the first half and thanks really to pools approach which gave us possession.A lot been said above about ginger prince but we all know giggs & scholes will never last the distance @ that tempo which is why the fans DEMAND a lasting solution to our midfield woes.Fergie is pappering the cracks but we need quality full stop.Carrick’s no show in big games again apparent tired of writing about this.Any forward pass he tried to make was in vain including lame pass that get Rafael a red card.Giggs in central mid is a joke and sadly united continue to slide when Rooney is unavailable.I thought Liverpool,are really poor without Suarez looks like united are poorer.

  15. Eddy.

    It clearly wasn’t offside. Even our players didn’t appeal. It wasn’t even a close call. We lost because we deserved to lose. Thanx mainly to the timely tactical blunder Ferguson and his incompetent team made. Also thanx to De Gea’s nervous system and Welbeck’s infuriating performance. Special mention to Ryan Giggs who was the worst player on the pitch for me today and Park who wasn’t far behind. I can’t say I have no words, because I have plenty, but I’m taking a deep breath first, so I can calm down.

  16. Wayne Rooney was badly missed..An idiot wrote last day we should give 5 games run to a line-up without Rooney.. 😯

    • @Owen: Yeah, WAYNE was the player we missed… Sure wasn’t Nani or Young, no width on the left whatsoever and with Jose Enrique much more solid than Kelly on the right we could have punished them to greater effect there.

    • @RedDevilEddy: Good point. How did they miss THAT!!!

      On the ref as a whole:
      Thought he was really poor. Multiple times Liverpool players slid in haphazardly but were not even booked. Maxi Rodriquez’ tackle on Giggs alone was 1.5 yellow cards!!!

      Offside call was odd because:
      1) No one complained
      2) No one mentioned it on BBC, except for one Tweet by some fan
      3) Fergie didn’t mention it after game.

  17. What the hell does Berba have to do to get a GAME even when Rooney is injured. Is Welbeck better than Berba technically and at holding the ball up when he is lone front player – not in my opinion he isn’t. πŸ™„

    • @Craig Mc:

      Sign for another club. Seriously I am big fan of Dimitar Berbatov but I am frustrated with the lack of chances he gets even when getting into a good goal scoring form. Even though most feel that he cant play against big teams and doesn’t put in a good performance , well he isn’t given many chances when playing against the big team. He isn’t really an impact player like Hernandez who can come from the bench and score.

      • @Rahul: I know Berba loves Man Utd very much, but the way Fergie treats him he should get his pride back and tell Fergie he is off – same with Hernandez – that lad saved us with essential goals time and time again last season – but this season not a sniff – Hernandez wont get and keep his form unless he is played. Wazza has been off form for how long now and yet he gets in regardless! That’s because he is one who would be off if he was benched for any length of time – he isn’t that loyal to the club!

        • @Craig Mc:

          A replacement for Rooney is required. Not only will that provide important cover for him when he is injured or out of form but also it will lead to him fighting for his position in the squad rather than merely getting in sometimes just because of his name.

  18. Liverpool scored two goals. One off a corner where De Gea was lost in no-man’s land. The other was typical liverpool shite from the school yard — long ball, header, run-on. Utter tosh to lose to this pathetic Liverpool team. Seeing 35 million pound striker Carroll parade around like a fooking duck out of his pond and then still losing to this trash-team, infuriates me beyond imaginable.

    Jaywire: mostly agree but modified your statement a little bit.

    “We lost mainly because the timely tactical blunder Ferguson and his incompetent team made. Also thanx to De Gea’s nervous system and Welbeck’s infuriating performance. Special mention to Ryan Giggs who was the worst player on the pitch for me today and Park who wasn’t far behind. I can’t say I have no words, because I have plenty, but I’m taking a deep breath first, so I can calm down.”

    I don’t think we deserved to lose anymore than 40% possession liverpool. We were wasteful in possession and anonymous up front. Poor tactics, but we should still have won.

  19. The sub team is not working why can’t we throw in the kids so we know wat we have for the future.no point keeping them on the bench now when our prospects of silverware now hang on citeh’s benevolence.

  20. Because it is early in the morning and I am stilly full of fury:

    De Gea: 5 — while not entirely at fault for loss, was poor all around. No confidence, but could be rusty too.

    Evra: 6 — started out well, but was poorly positioned for the 2nd goal. Having a poor Giggs/Park on his flank surely didn’t help either.

    Rafael: 7 — thought he well and had a good assist. Our best RB in my opinion.

    Evans: 6.5 — was anonymous and not at his best. Looked poor on corner.

    Smallings: 6 — what’s up with the falling over (last two games). Should do better on high balls given his height.

    Scholes: 8 — excellent passing and control for 60-odd minutes. Too bad he is 37 and needs to be subbed.

    Giggs: 3 — shocker! Looked nonchalant and lost possession constantly. Frustrating to watch. Should have been subbed with Scholes at least.

    Park: 5 — improved after his goal, but was abysmal before that. He fall over more than anyone.. this is United, not Park on Ice.

    Vally: 7 — beastly in first 45 but then disappeared in 2nd half (fatigue, marked out). He was our only outlet in this game. Seems to be hitting form.

    Carrick: 6.5 — not awful but misplaced a couple more passes than normal. Kept our defense safe and broke up a lot of play. Not sure why he insisted on playing so many short high balls and headed too much. Keep it on the ground, Mike!

    Welbeck: 4 — worst game in a while. Poor first touch, poor positioning, poor finishing. Not single-striker material and fluffed two decent chances (One on Skrtel+Reina and when Reina was off his line).

    Chicharito: N/A — positive change and managed to get behind Liverpool defense at least once. Should have been on at half-time for Giggs to push for win.
    Berbatov: N/A — didn’t actually see him on the field due to crappy ESPN footage. Should have come on around min 75 at the latest.


    Fergie: 4 — team should have done more with 60% possession in 1st half. Fergie was poor for not modifying tactics in 2nd half (since we werent creating any chances). Should have subbed Giggs early and getting Berba on in 91st minute was a joke. Pretty Wenger-esque performance from our Gaffer.

    • @Opti: I agree with Giggs, Valencia and Welbeck, especially Danny who for me doesn’t look like a lone-striker material just yet. Still not mature enough to be patient when alone up front and drifted out wide at times, plus he missed some chances and looked hesitant when he actually got the ball. It’s all about experience really, he’s still raw material and hasn’t done to well when alone up front. Maybe he would have done better had Giggsy’s passing not been so poor, there were many misunderstanding between those two and when your two “front-men”(Giggs was the only one helping out Danny centrally today) have such a bad connection most things will turn out shite. Giggsy did badly, Danny could have done much better, which is why it’s hard for me to single one of them out. Giggsy made some clever passes which Danny didn’t seem to get, making a run in the other direction, while some of his own flicks seemed to “advanced” for Giggs, with our Welshman deciding to meet instead of run in behind. Poor connection, poor game, a contributing factor as to why we didn’t create too many chances yet still dominated them. Midfield of Scholes and Carrick did well, Valencia and Rafael did excellent, even Smalling and Evans looked in control up until the last 10, 15 minutes. But our attack was basically non existant, much because of those two.

      Rooney is the only striker in this team who has proved he can do well as a lone front man, whenever Berba, Chicha or Welbz has done it our attack has faded and we seem to suffer. Berba doesn’t have the pace to stretch opponents as a lone front man, Chicha doesn’t have the touch or control, and Welbeck doens’t have the patience or temperament to be out of a game for 30 minutes and then just pop up with a deadly finish.

      • @RedDevilEddy: Do you think that if Cleverly had played in Giggs’ role, Welbeck would have improved greatly today [due to their deeper understanding]? I personally don’t think so, exactly because his drifting is Welbeck’s own doing.

        • @Opti: I actually do. At least those two has a connection, much like Rooney and Giggs. It seems like they can find eachother even with the lights off, and don’t need time to look around. I remember Danny saying after his goal against Spurs, which came from a Cleverley cross, that those two have played with eachother since they were kids and have this “connection”. We’ve seen time and time again how that has worked for Rooney, as I wrote in my article about Wazza Giggsy’s been one of the most consistent suppliers to Rooney despite those two not playing together so often. It’s no guarantee, of course, but sometimes in football you get these players who automatically know everything about eachother without even having to think. Yorke-Cole, Xavi-Messi, Rooney-Ronaldo… I think the word is Perfect Harmony, and Giggs-Welbeck defo doesn’t have that. Didn’t work at Anfield in October, and not today either, and it’s so obvious it’s annoying to watch. πŸ™

      • @RedDevilEddy: Berba sure as fook has the ability to stop the ball dead with his technical ability and hold it up until other of our players get forward to join him – Welbeck doesn’t have either of those abilities, and the ball kept invariably getting back to Lpool.

  21. Well now we’ve been knocked out of three cups I bloody well hope we take the Europa cup seriously and try and restore some pride.

    You can rely on Liverpool to play negative tactics. But it doesn’t mean we have to fall into their trap every single time.

    When we greet them at Old Trafford I want us to go with a 4-4-2 and give them a good beating.

  22. In one respect I would much rather we lost this game than getting a replay, the last thing we need now is a Liverpool double-header tossed in between Chelsea and our Premier League game against them. With out injury record this season, who know what could have happend?! Those three within a week could kill us, and if we weren’t to win then losing would, in fairness, be the best result if you look at the run in as a whole. I would love for us to have a cup run but I’ll always favour the Premier League, besides the Scousers would have a fresh Suarez back for the replay and it could get ugly… Bring on the Premier League game I say!

    Oh, and Evans and Smalling impressed again. They seem to have a real good connection, I still think Evans should bulk up a little more because he’ll have to handle players like Carroll A LOT in the Premier League, and despite not doing too badly today it was his duel with Carroll that won them the flick on for Kuyt’s goal. They kept him quiet for most of the game, and did well to take out Gerrard and Downing whenever they got inside, so fair play to them. We really need Vida back in the team for some consistency and Murder-esque defending, but they’ve performed admireably against Arsenal and Liverpool. Unfortunately one split-second is enough to punish you at this level, like Robin’s shot going through Evans’ legs and today him losing the header against Carroll, and as soon as he’s gotten that consistency in his play I think he’ll be alright.

  23. Injury make unbalance attack, We cannot play 433 since team does not has specialized midfielders. when we use one top striker, we need 1-2 central midfielder push onto box area supporting striker. Liverpool has easy time because United lack of number of attacker.

    Overall good game, Giggs know how top lay as a secondary striker but he is bit old. Actually Liverpool exactly played like today’s United team for season long. Defensive mistake is predictable blunder, as I told before, we won’t win Cup this season. defense is the very key for cup run.

    No need to flame player, Fergie try to buy Rooney’s equivalent but fail. With Welbeck, we could try to convery system in next season perhaps.

    Funnily, I want Liverpool win some cup this season. It may enable Dalglish keep the job. πŸ˜‰

  24. Screw calming down. The problem I see in football is the cliches. Especially the ones made by the thoroughly clueless Sky Sports commentary teams. In this case, it’s about “controlling the midfield” or “bossing the midfield”. Whilst Carrick had a bad second half, it’s not that “we only have Paul Scholes who can control the midfield”. That’s illogical. Paul Scholes can’t do what he does without Carrick. It’s about functions. Scholes was playmaking, Carrick was supporting. Before Scholes returned, it was Carrick’s performances that kept us afloat.

    This brings me to my next issue, i.e the Chronicles of the Useless Bench. I don’t know if there are still some people who need convincing that our technical dept is (I’m not exaggerating here) simply the very worst in European football. I wasn’t necessarily watching the game with completely clueless people,but they’re very far from knowledgeable in terms of football, particularly technical stuff. You know those guys who just watch the game on a Saturday,because it’s a time filler till evening activities. But all of them gasped loudly as Paul Scholes was taken off. “Ah it’s over.” some declared immediately. How clueless is our bench really? Scholes for Chicharito. I know there are a lot of Ferguson apologists, but no one can pretend this wasn’t an extraordinary blunder.

    Let’s see. Sir Ryan had a seamlessly poor performance from the first whistle, right to his illogically timed substitution. The poverty of his passing was of a high quality. Sir Ryan at his sloppy worst. Paul Scholes was doing a Paul Scholes from the first whistle to his illogical substitution. So the logical thing according to the Useless Bench, is to take Paul Scholes off, replace him with….Hold on. Why the heck would they take Scholes off in the first place? Okay, so they do that, and replace him with….wait for it, Javier “Completely useless outside the box” Hernandez. But that’s not all.

    We take off the team’s best passer,replace him with one of our worst. This isn’t even before Liverpool had brought on their best passer, Charlie Adam, it’s after. But they weren’t done yet. They decided it was also a genius move to have Sir Ryan take Scholes’ place. So we not only now had 2 of our weakest passers in the game, but we had one of them taking the role of our best passer. Great. Also now facing Liverpool’s best passer. We were in control Einsteins and thanks to your complete incompetence, we lost. Congratulations

    • @Jay wire: JayWire:

      If you had a half-time/commentary show, I would (pay to) watch it. Whatever you do in your daily life, STOP! You’re wasting your talent on meaningless things… :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

      PSST: I am not kidding πŸ˜‰

  25. We’re leading the injury chart by 2 over Arsenal. We have 11 players injured, Arsenal have 9. Aston Villa has 7 in third place.

    Our Best Injured X1:
    ——–Lindegaard* ——–
    Subs: Anderson, Bebe
    * – not injured, but no-one to play in their spot for a 442.


    source: epl PhysioRoom

  26. Team need player who can slot in Rooney’s role, secondary striker or Attacking midfielder. That is lost connection point today. Surprised at Liverpool tactic as they sit back at their home turf.
    Changing formation is always difficult thing. Team suffer too many injury thank to Arsenal’s desperate tackling tactic.

  27. I don’t want to blame De Gea for the first goal, to be fair Liverpool applied American Football-tactics on him by blocking him with Skrtel and Carrol(BEASTS), and sucking in our defenders. No, the blame goes to whoever let Agger get a free header. I mean, what the fuck? I stressed after the Arsenal game that we’ve let in too many set plays this season, and what happens? We let in a corner. It’s kids play! Mark your man, try to keep him behind you, and even if he gets the upper hand on you never give up and let him have a free header. It’s madness! City, Blackburn, Newcastle, Stoke, Basel and now Liverpool have all scored goals from a set play this season, 5 of them corners. I’ve read in Scholesy’s and Nev’s biographies that United never really practice set plays, which they absolutely should. We currently don’t have a free kick taker, nor a corner taker who can punish others. Becks used to practice this 2 hours a day, asking reserve-teamers to be his practice partners! Ronaldo has now created his own technique and is one of the deadliest free kick-takers in the world, and with players such as Vidic, Smalling and Rio in the team we definately should get more goals from corners. It’s an interesting fact that United have scored only 5 goals from set plays this season, Young getting the assist on 4 of them and Welbz the 5th with a flick-on at Anfield. According to Opta we are the team who get the most corners in the Premier League, yet we’ve only scored one. ONE!

    And believe me, set plays are vital. Had it not been for them teams like Stoke would have been long gone. Larsson has himself scored 4 free kicks this season, each one more vital than the other. Just look at the treble season, how many times did a free kick or a corner save our sorry asses? Twice vs Bayern in the final, Keane to start the comeback at Juventus, Becks in the first game at home to Wimbledon, and it was following a clever set-play that we got the equaliser in the stunning 2-1 FA Cup comeback against Liverpool in January. It’s annoying as shit, the fact that our seasons seems to be going down the toilet because of set-plays really puts my knickers in a twist. Goals we’ve conceded following free-kick/corners this season:

    1-1 Stoke
    1-1 Liverpool
    3-2 matchwinning goal against Blackburn
    3-3 Basel, the goal that made it 2-1 to them
    3-0 Newcastle, all three
    6-1 City, the 4-1 goal that started the slaughter
    and now today, first the corner, the second a long kick forward by Reina which isn’t dealt with by our defenders, much like Newcastle’s first again us during their 3-0 win. I mean, wtf? This isn’t United calibre, this is madness! πŸ™„

    • @RedDevilEddy: I agree our set-plays are very frustrating. When we get a corner or a free-kick or even a penalty 😯 these days I feel quite confident that we will blow it.

      Gibson took great corners mind πŸ™‚

    • @RedDevilEddy: I am afraid mate De Gea may have the ability but he hasn’t got it mentally which is whats important at United. He either for me goes out on loan to another English club or we have to bring in another. I hate blaming players but we need to be honest, he has been a disaster this season.

  28. “Scholes 8- excellent passing and control for 60 odd minutes. Too bad he is 37 and needs to be subbed.”

    Agree. Except last statement. First off, it was clearly a tactical substitution. The usual tactic of trying to steal it at the end by adding numbers to attack. Everytime we play 1 striker, we always introduce the other forward late in the second half if we haven’t got a goal. Secondly, Sir Ryan is older. Third, Scholes was still looking fit. We were actually on the ascendancy when we took him off.

    “Park 5-He fell over more than anyone… this is United not Park on Ice”

    Exactly. I laughed at that really and that’s a great achievement because I was absolutely furious at his constant slipping and inexplicable falling. I almost punched someone at one point. Watch him even as he is about to receive the ball. He’s already doing the slip-fall routine. Can anyone explain this to me because I’m totally confounded.

    Agree with the ratings, except I’d have given Sir Ryan a minus 3 for being a total liability.

    • @Jay wire: Can’t give him a -3 three due to effect of precedents. πŸ˜€ Unless, we change ratings to be -infinity to +infinity and give them 0 at minute 0.

      If rating is postive, it means he made us better. Otherwise, negative rating. ❓

  29. DDG currently viewed as a weak point from opposition team, No need to discuss about it is his blunder or not. It is up to DDG fighting against this notion.
    Smalling played very well. Dirk Kyut destroyed him before, It seems like Kyut feel very confident against United young center-half which is understandable.
    Giggs asked way too big job for this match as he has no more fine leg. Welbeck is fine, he has no support. Andy Carrol suffer same stuff week and week out at Liverpool, Park was rusty, don’t know why someone bashing goal scorer.

    Team is out of shape, injury hamper usual game plan so move on.
    Liverpool is famous game raiser, Watch they get beating from lesser team next week.

  30. If I was Berba and Fergie wanted me on the pitch in injury time when the player I was subbing wasn’t even injured – I would tell Fergie to SHOVE IT, and I seriously mean that – DISGUSTING treatment of Berba! You should be ashamed of yourself Sir Fergie πŸ‘Ώ .

    You lot can say what you like about Nani – but that lad against Le Arse was our MAIN OUTLET for nearly every ball, although Vally did his share – but Nani at least took ball out of defence time after time – he just needs to get back his better decision making, but then again not many of our players were in the box for him to find at times also. πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†
    Come on NANI! oH AND ALL YOU CALLING FOR rOONEY TO BE IN TEAM TODAY – how so, because Wazza’s passing not been much better than Giggsy’s lately. Wazza is needed though because he takes away defenders and MF players who would otherwise be free.

  31. In other news: Man Utd’s Mame Biram Diouf signs for Hannover 96 for about 1.5 million.

    We bought him for 3.5 million… loss of 2 million, which is 10 weeks of Rooney’s salary. 😳 😳

  32. Today’s defeat shows that we dont have the bench strength that we used to have and with injuries to some of our key players others are either not able to create the chances or not able to defend or sometimes both.

    We are too dependent on a couple of players like Rooney , Nani , Valencia for our attack. Occasionally some of the fringe players can put in a shift but they aren’t replacements for them.

    I was extremely disappointed with David De Gea’s performance today and probably he wont get a game now for a while. Lindergaard doesn’t look that shaky even though some may feel he hasn’t been tested. It might be a good tactic to send De Gea on loan back to spain but I guess the non physical side of Spain wouldn’t help him much.

  33. I heard the fee we paid for Diouf was closer to Β£5 million.

    Still you win some we lose some. Hernandez was a bargain and is worth considerably more than the sum we paid for him.

    There is nothing we can really do. We will muddle through as we always do. Cleverley coming back will be a lift. Rooney will provide more support to Welbeck and also present a goal threat in his own right. Young will offer a lot more offensively compared to Park.
    And I will be glad to see Lindegaard back between the sticks.

    I say we give De Gea a nice run in the Europa cup (assuming we get past Ajax-which is unlikely if we keep up our dismal cup form)
    He is better suited to European football and it will help him get his confidence together.

    I’ve also heard a rumour that De Gea’s vision is messed up and he is thinking about getting some eye surgery at some point. Apparentely (surprise surprise) we missed it in the medical. But it could explain why he flaps so much

  34. “I don’t know how we lost it.”

    Sir Alex Ferguson

    I have no comment about that.

  35. I’m not trying to defend the goal we conceded today, it was kindergarden defending, but I seriously think the offside rule should be changed a bit. I mean, in modern football keepers can kick the ball 100 metres up the pitch, imagine what it’ll be like in 10 years. People like Reina, Neuer, even De Gea at times seem like they could score from their own 18-yard box if they tried! We’ve seen Howard score from his own box this season, and I remember Reina getting two assists in one week back in 2009. No offside straight from a goalkick is a serious disadvantage, we got punished for it today. Yes, it was kids-stuff defending by Evra and the others but I think it can become a growing concern. This is the second time this season we’ve conceded from Goalie-Flick-Shot, happend against Newcastle as well, so we at least have a disadvantage with it and I want the rules to help us! πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

  36. Kyut keep out smart Our CB season in season out. So annoying, Our CB start studying how to handle big lumps at practice. Fail to defend Route one football is our biggest concern right now.

  37. Honestly, we MUST win the league after this (relatively) abysmal and injury ravaged season…

    LUHGPO = Love United, Hate Glazers, Phelan Out

    • @Opti: Sorry mate I am not having a dig, but why do people keep blaming Phelan when we loose? People keep saying he is clueless ect, but are you on the training ground everyday seeing what he does which is so poor? Are you in the dug out hearing what he says which is so useless? When we went 10000 games without conceding a goal was that down to him? Or winning the league last season against all the odds? Or was loosing to City at home his fault?
      The manager is the one who calls the shots, CQ gets a lot of credit, but in his first spell fans were moaning about the boring football we played like his inept Portuguese side who were awful. He also pushed Fergie into signing Manucho, Anderson and Bebe…..
      Yes Phelan has the charisma of a sloth and is hardly glamorous, but we really don’t know what he contributes good or bad.

      • @Stephen: I think Jaywire hits the nail on the head when it comes to our technical demise over the last couple years. From player epitaphs, we know Fergie is not in charge of training session (coaching), so Phelan must be the one who runs practice and therefore is to blame when:
        1) We cannot score on (or even properly deliver) corner kicks
        2) We concede many goals on set pieces
        3) We have become 1D (after Ronaldo left) in that we always go out wide… when they block our wingers, we are stuck
        4) Players get injured at record rates

        Is Phelan the only reason why United have become “boring”? No, Fergie has his part too (team selection, transfers, tactics)! But is he an integral part of our training session, so he deserves blame, whether or not we are physically observing “behind the scenes” at United.

        • @Opti:
          ) We cannot score on (or even properly deliver) corner kicks = Is that really the fault of an assistant Manager, really?
          2) We concede many goals on set pieces = This is down this season by a new keeper, De Gea has for me been a disaster. Loosing EVDS who was so authoritative is hardly Phelan’s fault.
          3) We have become 1D (after Ronaldo left) in that we always go out wide… when they block our wingers, we are stuck = Really? We relied too much on Ronaldo, again hardly the number two’s fault. The manager sets his team up not the assisatnt.
          4) Players get injured at record rates = What?! That is Phelan’s fault!? Give me a break bro?! Surely you can’t blame him for the teams injuries?!?!?!?
          Again I am not saying he is brilliant, but aren’t people clutching at straws? Does Mourinho, Pep and Wenger let their number 2 make decisions???? We know the answer is no….

        • @Stephen: but Pep. Mourinho etc are part of training sessions. Fergie is not [this was said by Pique recently]

  38. Football yesterday made me sick.
    Evra gets racially abused by a Liverpool player who is subsequently found guilty by a independent panel and 40,000 supporters barrack him for 90 minutes. The Liverpool manager sees nothing wrong with this…. What is happening in football, is no one to blame anymore? Don’t we want to in society want to stamp this out? If I were a black player and I get racially abused would I report this, considering what Evra and Anton Ferdinand have been trough? Tribalism is one thing which is infantile and pathetic, I am ashamed to be associated with football today and ashamed to be an Englishman as long as John Terry captains my Country.
    Liverpool and Chelsea have conducted themselves awfully through both incidents, both managers should hang their heads in shame. I am appalled by their ignorant attitudes and blind stupid loyalty to their players, I thought we have moved on in this Country but I am wrong, we are no better than the 1970’s.
    Sorry to go on about this but I have to get it off my chest, I am so annoyed by this I wish football had more dignity.

    • @Stephen: completely agree (except, I am danish and same issues arise vis-a-vis turkish/arab Danes playing in Danish leagues).

      I honestly think it is down to a lack of “colored” (excuse my generalization for non-white) managers. Does AVB or Daglish understand what it means to be a minority? I don’t think so…

  39. JayWire, at least now we won’t have squad rotation, so you should be a little bit happier. Play the kids in the Europa League, and have a consistent first XI to make a final push for the Premier League.

    First XI:

    Rafael Rio Smalling Evra
    Valencia Carrick Cleverley Nani
    Rooney Welbeck/Berbatov

    What do you think?

    • @Moscow is my heaven: Berba —> Chicharito. I don’t think that Berba will play much outside of Europa League (with Keane and Pogba)

      Probably better in long run, since Chicharito is destined for first team, while Berba has one foot out of the door! πŸ™

      • @Opti: Totally agree, he has had plenty of chances and the “artist” has more than often let the side down…………

  40. Craig mc, so you think berba should tell fergie to “shove it” if asked to go on? Well im sure if this is what u think then you must condone tevez and his action. No player should ever refuse to go on and nobody should ever use the phrase “shove off”!!

    • @This is the one: Again spot on well said, these idiots are paid between Β£150k and Β£200k a week.
      If I where Fergie and I wanted the lazy Bulgarian to clean my car,
      I would ask him to add extra wax.
      “Shove off” fuck me to get paid that for 3 minutes work!? The World has gone mad…..

      • @Stephen: That’s exactly why Berba should get some pride back and SHOVE OFF – or MOVE ON – call it what the fook you want – I don’t care! He comes on very infrequently, scores hat tricks and is left out for lesser goalscorers – what does that tell you – the lad needs to go, and preferably somewhere in PL where he can give Fergie a taste of his talent again when he faces our lads! I hate disrespect, and I won’t respect a disrespector – you know that Stephen mi man! SOZ!

    • @This is the one: Whats Tevez got to do with the disrespect being shown to Berba? And when did you get CANONIZED as the guardian angel of Sir Fergie. Listen mate if I knew you at all I might be inclined to listen to your opinion – as I don’t know you – I’m indifferent to anything you think you can assume about my take on all things United. I know Fergie is United, I value all he has done, but he is not the POPE and not infallible – he gets it wrong and he did yesterday, and sorry but I believe he does treat some of his players disrespectfully, and Berba is one of them. That is my opinion though and if you think otherwise thats your preogative and your right. But then unlike you, I am not telling you what you should think and say though – am I? Please do stick around though, because your thoughts – even if I don’t see things the same as you – will be valued by the administrators here and others here who may be so likeminded πŸ™‚

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