United miss out on yet another top target

Guardiola with Thiago embraceThe news all Manchester United fans have been fearfully expecting over the last few days has finally been confirmed.

Bayern Munich have completed the signing of Barcelona ace Thiago Alcantara.

[Report from Metro]

The Red Devils were keen to land the midfielder, but failed to agree a price with the Spanish giants, who confirmed a fee of £21.6m has now been agreed with the European champions.

‘FC Barcelona and FC Bayern Munich have reached an agreement over the transfer of the player Thiago Alcantara to the German club for a total of 25 million (euros),’ read a Barca statement.

‘This agreement also includes holding a friendly match between the two teams, which will be played in the next four years.’

Bayern chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge hailed the new arrival, saying: ‘We are delighted that we have succeeded with this great transfer.

‘Thiago has only just been elected the best player of the U21 European Championship.’

The news will come as a blow to United boss David Moyes, who still insists his transfer dealings are progressing at a satisfactory pace.

‘There are people we are actively chasing and we are happy with the way things are going,’ said the Scot.

Who will United miss out on next?



  1. 1st choices – tall and strong dms



    2nd choices – tall and strong cms


    3rd choices – shorties but still good midfielders, even for Premier League

    risky or below mediocre transfers


    How difficult is it for MU to buy – attract one of the above?

    With all these players in the market… WHO CARES? Really… who the fuck cares? We can buy another midfielder, possibly more capable of playing in the EPL. The case here is; are we really capable of and intersted in buying one of the above?

    • @Warzycha:
      Still, can’t believe that we left Pogba go. He is pure quality. Technical player, strong, with a shot on his feet and very tall.

      • @Warzycha: Thiago voted player of the U21 tournament, Pogba voted player of the U20 tournament. Could have been our fucking midfield for the next ten years! 🙁

  2. Another example of a top player supposedly not choosing to come to United, although Moyes denies that he ever said that Utd were interested in Thiago. I don’t know what’s worse – Utd NOT being interested in an outstanding young player at a relatively cheap price or Utd being interested then Bayern & Pep click their fingers and Thiago’s head is immediately turned. Did Utd even make an official offer for Thiago?
    Utd are the self-styled biggest football club on Earth. Why, then, do we keep missing out on top players? Yesterday we lost to a cobbled-together team from the Thai League. Yes, it was the first friendly of the season and Utd weren’t at full strength but with players like Anderson, Wellbeck, Nani, Young and Cleverley there are too many weaknesses in the squad.
    Things are lookiing good for the future but Utd keep shooting themselves in the foot – Pogba has just won the player of the tournament in the UEFA U20 championship. He wasn’t given a chance to play despite Utd having such a mediocre midfield. Is it any surprise that he left?
    Utd’s management need to have a good look at themselves and admit that Utd’s name is no longer the great attraction that they think it is. The blinkered Utd supporters will say that we won the league last year, we’re fine, but our midfield isn’t even as good as that of a few years ago – let alone the top European clubs of today.
    If we need to improve the team, Utd must identify suitable players early and get in there with an offer that the player and his current team can’t refuse. It’s no use saying that there’s no value in the market when we are being left behind.
    United ’till I die but let’s be realistic – WE NEED SOME WORLD CLASS MIDFIELDERS.

  3. The only surprise in Thiago joining Bayern is the number of Reds that consider it a surprise. Wake up and smell the coffee, lads – we don’t have the same pulling power of Barcelona/Real Madrid or, in this case, Bayern Munich nor the financial capability to compete with PSG, Monaco, City and Chelsea. But don’t worry, criticising the Glazers is the exercise of an idiot.

  4. Any proof United were chasing him ? Or was it, as it often is , a figment of your imagination ?

  5. It is no surprise really. We may as well concentrate on the Premiership because we simply do not have the midfield capable of competing in Europe and once Carrick starts to show his age we are really screwed.

    Something is fishy (as usual) about the Thiago deal. Did we even make a bid? How did we fail to agree a price when the player was on sale? It makes no sense to haggle because the longer negotiations extend the more likely someone else moves in.

    I am resigned to the fact our midfield is always going to be crap and especially so when Carrick starts to get too old.

  6. i hope some journalists ask them what do they think about the fans dissapointment not to sign alcantara

    • @toshe: I already know what his answer would be: “Who says we were ever after him? I never said that. We’re working hard behind the scenes to bring in the best possible players to Manchester United. There might be one or two new faces but on the whole I’m happy with the squad I’ve got.”

      • @The Truth: as a fan i am very dissapointed ,and as i see i am not alone,…if they care about the fans i dont know,but we should let them know somehow
        i am interested did we even make en offer for him,and did he snub us or was bayern the only club with an offer,no paper is writing about this

  7. If you never state who you try to sign, the public will never know how often you fail at signing someone, so your stock price will not fluctuate too much…. #conspiracyTooMuch?

    • @Opti: Now your getting it. The wheelings and dealings, with that much money at stake will always have an element of clandestine shenanigans about it. It’s the nature of high stakes trading.
      As much as you and I dislike it because of a passion for the truth, the transfer market becomes a bit of a poker game for those involved. United’s biggest handicap is that we are run by the Glazer’s and their intentions have been plain to see for quite a few years now. Not only do other clubs not worry about our financial heft, but players and agents know that their financial paths will probably not be able to cross ours.
      The idea that players want to play in warmer climes is of minimal impact. Citeh and Chelsea have managed to sign many A-List players (from Spain as well) but there is little appetite from the United board to put the money where their mouth is. Until such a time, the mythology of us being a good team will be tempered by our occasional successes and the devotion that we all have toward the club. If we continue on this course, the successes will become fewer and farther between and the devotion will turn into something similar to what we’ve read here for the last few weeks.

  8. And if anyone is still confused about the Rooney situation, let the light shine through.

    We need him if we need him, but he’s going nowhere soon. His contract will run down if necessary and Jose, keep your hands off!

    In other words, FUCK YOU WAZZA, said out loud, for all to hear, unless you’re fucking deaf.

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