United on a high – and on a revenge mission

The calm after the storm has made for an enjoyable week for many Reds left taunting their blue counterparts thanks to Robin van Persie’s late defected winner at The Etihad last Sunday afternoon.

This weekend sees Sunderland – a team deep in trouble with a manager under pressure – travel to Old Trafford to take on a United whose manager will be desperately hoping his troops do not suffer from a Derby Day hangover.

United have been made 5/1 ON favourites to beat Sunderland on Saturday and Betegy.com make them their ‘Recommended Bet’ of the weekend.

Betegy go a step further than just predicting United will win. They forecast a scoreline of 3-1 to United has a 33% chance of coming in, so with odds around 9/1 you’re getting value for money.

The last time Sunderland left Old Trafford with all three points United went on to win the European Cup and Manchester City went on to win the league. That was 1968, the defeat to Sunderland on the final day of the season literally cost United the title just a few days before their epic 3-3 semi-final draw with Real Madrid.

A word of caution though, United haven’t had it all their own way at Old Trafford since then with Sunderland getting draws in 9 out of 25 fixtures at Old Trafford in all competitions since.

Current form suggests Sunderland are there for the taking with just 1 win in 10 before their midweek victory at home to Reading on Tuesday. United have failed to put more than 2 past Sunderland since 2002 whereas in the years running up to that the floodgates regularly opened allowing United to hits 3’s, 4’s a 5’s with ease.

I’m sure it’s still fresh in the minds of both players, management, staff and fans alike that Sunderland laughably mocked United’s dramatic last minute loss of the title last season after United had beaten Sunderland to become Champions only to watch on as City stole the show.

United don’t forget these things. Saturday is the first time we’ve have had a chance to serve vengeance and I expect it’ll be a dish served colder than the freezing temperatures on offer in Manchester lately.

As far as scoreline goes I’m happy to predict this is where United put their foot on the gas and use the belief gleaned from Sunday to bulldozer their way through the Xmas period. I think Sir Alex saw the light last weekend and there’s no turning back, that isn’t to say we won’t see the reappearance of Scholes or Giggs this weekend but when faced with a must win game – and have some unfinished business to attend to – I think Sir Alex begin to settle on a far more settled and trusted XI – I think he’ll see this game as one of those.

We’re due a big win against these and it’s been a while since the Old Trafford faithful witnessed a pummelling, for that reason I’m personally all over 4-0 with a brace for van Persie plus one each for Rooney and Welbeck.

Without any team news it’s difficult to predict a team but who do you think will get the nod if fit and what kind of result are you expecting?

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  1. I agree… this will be a massacre!!! I’d say 5-1, to keep in line with expected defensive behavior on United’s part.

    Let’s see the lineup before guessing scorers… never know with Fergie 😀

    PS: Before games, I try to do a little pre-gaming in FIFA13 with United vs. upcoming opponent. I play the night before the specific game over and over for an hour or two. It’s fun.
    Every time I pre-game: United win
    These are the games I did not pre-game: Everton, Tottenham, Norwich, last two Champions League games, both Carling cup games. Hmmmm…. did I just jinx it? I’ll be playing tomorrow night, trust me!!!

  2. I want us to keep the pressure on City with a win on Saturday.

    With every game that we win we heap massive pressure on City because they have to now chase the title.

    All we have to do is win our games.

    Every week that we keep that 6 points over their heads will sap them of their belief.

    The longer we stay ahead the more City will start to doubt themselves.

    They think they are champions. Vincent Kompany was trying his hand at being mentally tough when responding to Patrice Evra calling their derby defeat a psychological blow:

    ” ‘I don’t know anything about psychological blows,’ he said. ‘Losing on Sunday changes nothing. We lost and we move on to the next game.”

    Haha. They got their tails whipped and it changes nothing. Really?

    I wonder if he felt the same before the game. “Lets play to lose guys because a defeat would change nothing”


  3. Hope you are right Opti!

    I’m flying up for the game tomorrow night and I simply can’t wait. Its been just over 2 years since i’ve stepped foot in the theatre again and I am soooo looking forward to the game. Before the Shitty game I said to myself that if we won that game it would set us up nicely for the game against Sunderland.

    The players should be full of confidence and fresh after not having to play a game for a week. I really really hope we put them to the sword on Saturday because they certainly deserve a hiding especially after what happened at the last game of last season. That will stick in my mind forever.

    Lets hope SAF goes full strength for the game as we don’t have another game for 7/8 days. He said that we would never ever lose a league title on goal difference again and i reckon this weekends fixture is the perfect time to go all out by improving a goal difference significantly. Shitty have a tough task against Newcastle so I am hoping they get a really tough game and come away with a draw if not worse. Lets not get ahead of ourselves here though as Newcastle are by no means in any good form right now! hahaha

    We can’t afford to underestimate Sunderland or any team in the league for that matter. We just need to field our strongest team possible and get the job done. The more games we win the more pressure we heap on Shitty. Lets hope we can keep our current winning run going and be top of the league by at least 6 points come the new year.

    I know Vidic is due back but do you think SAF will play him considering that our defence last week was pretty solid? I guess we will have to wait and see. I am hoping Kagawa is back and gets a game!

    Here’s to us slaughtering Sunderland on Saturday!!


    • @Racs: newcastle is an easy game for city somehow. cant believe the scores they’ve had there in recent times!

      cant wait for our game to start though. heres hoping a rooney hattrick. he’s due one for quite some time…

  4. Sunderland ARE due a hiding on Saturday!

    And a 3-0 victory would be the perfect tonic. It would put Sunderland in their place. And it would pile the pressure on City. And it would help our goal difference situation.

    I will be impressed if Ferguson plays Cleverley and Carrick in midfield again. They would be my first choice pairing.

    I’m expecting Giggs or Scholes or Fletcher to make an appearance, however.

    Every time Giggs plays I feel like United is doing him a favour by giving him a game. But he isn’t doing United any favours by adding value to our performance.

    Scholes and Fletcher still add some value.

    A Cleverley/Scholes partnership would also be ok. Defensively it would be a sacrifice because Cleverley doesn’t have Carrick’s defence brain and Scholes offers zero defensively.

    Going forward, however, they would offer a lot and it could be a high scoring game with them in the middle.

    Cleverley and Fletcher would be a solid combo as well. I would accept such a line up.

    Giggs and anyone would be awful.

    Evans is out I believe and Smalling is still not in top form yet.

    So Vidic and Ferdinand could possibly start together for the first time in a long time. That might compensate for a Scholes-Cleverley midfield

    Jones might get a game at right back. Although Rafael wouldn’t like that.

    De Gea needs to continue in goal. Lindegaard has nothing on him.

    Evra will probably start. Buttner is still trying to prove himself in the second tier games (Capital One, in consequential champ league games)

    Young should play again. He needs to build his form back up.

    Valencia should play if his hip isn’t bothering him too much, otherwise he should probably rest.

    That would mean Welbeck might get a start.

    van Persie and Rooney are too hot to drop right now so they will start upfront I believe.

    I hope van Persie is in the mood on Saturday. Would love to see another hat-trick out of him.

    It would be nice for Rooney to keep his goal tally ticking over as well.

    Sunderland must be roundly beaten. Ferguson’s rotation policy might cost us in terms of form but a victory should be achievable.

    A draw would be irritating (not disasterous) because this is our que to turn the screw in the league.

    A defeat is unthinkable and WOULD be disasterous.

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