United Roll Revs In 2nd Half To Start U.S. Tour With A Bang

Sure, it was only a preseason friendly, but I’m certain I’m not the only one who’s glad to see Manchester United back in action. And speaking of action, there was plenty of it to be had last night, as United opened their five-match U.S. tour with a 4-1 win over the New England Revolution at Gillette Stadium.

While tours like these are no doubt helpful for United off of the pitch in a business sense, it’s also quite helpful on the pitch as well.

It’s been a busy summer for United, with three new faces coming in (and perhaps another, but let’s not look too far ahead, shall we?). With the Community Shield against City only three weeks from Sunday and the Premier League season opener away to West Brom now less than a month away, it’s important for those new faces to get acclimated with their new teammates on and off of the pitch as quickly as possible.

With Phil Jones and David de Gea yet to join up with the squad after their participation in the U-21 Euros last month, the only signing to debut last night was Ashley Young. And from the looks of it, the former Aston Villa man is already fitting in very well, as he was very involved in the action before he was replaced by Gabriel Obertan in the 67th minute.

Young’s pace is one of the hallmarks of his game, and it was certainly on display on a regular basis. It appeared that the team made it a point to get him as involved as possible, which is a very positive sign for how well things are clicking thus far and how well they can with even more time together. It was a shame he wasn’t rewarded with at least one assist, but he played multiple threatening balls and caused a lot of problems for an outclassed but gritty Revolution defense. We were also able to see that versatility and interchangeability that he brings to the table, as he and Nani swapped flanks. Overall, it wasn’t a spectacular debut, but it was solid, and there was a lot to indicate that he’ll prove to be well worth the investment.

The preseason also offers up the opportunity for reserves and young players to make their mark and prove that they’re deserving of opportunities, and one especially took full advantage of his chance last night. Up to this point, Federico Macheda hasn’t been able to parlay a few clutch moments, unforgettable as they may be for the United faithful, into stamping down a regular place in the side, and this could be a make-or-break season for his United future. If last night is any indication, he’s well aware of that, as he produced two fine finishes for United’s second and third goals. There’s no question about whether or not the boy has talent, but whether or not he can produce on a consistent enough basis to make a real difference.

One area where United aren’t lacking for quality depth is up front, as last night showed, with Macheda’s brace and Michael Owen’s clinical finish for the opener early in the second half. He may be getting up in years, but there’s a good reason why United kept him on. It’s no stretch to say there are still few better natural finishers out there, and if he can overcome the injury issues that have blighted his first couple of seasons with United, he can still make a real difference, even as a super-sub.

There are still kinks to work out, quite naturally, since it was just the first preseason match. However, it’s always great to win and to put in a good performance at the same time, and United did that.

Of course, entertainment is a prime objective on these tours, and the second-half goal barrage those two kick-started really livened up the sizable crowd. United brought out the big guns, showed off some fancy moves, and earned a comfortable win in the end, which was expected. But to their credit, New England belied their current MLS standing and made a good account of themselves by sticking with one of the world’s best teams for as long as they did, which could serve as a confidence boost for the remainder of their season. So, all in all, it was a profitable night for everyone involved.

After culminating their stay in the Boston area with last night’s win, United are already off to their next tour destination, Seattle, where they’ll face Seattle Sounders FC next Wednesday night. The Sounders boast the highest attendance in MLS by a wide, wide margin, and they’re also one of the league’s top teams, currently second behind David Beckham’s Los Angeles Galaxy for the most points in the league.



  1. Gotta say I agree. In future we have to hope someone else knocks out Barcelona as with a combination of the squad we have and Ferguson’s inability to come up with tactics that give us at least a fighting chance, I cannot see us beating Barcelona anytime soon.

  2. I’ve got a feeling that Welbeck and Cleverley will unsettle Berbatov and Fletcher this season, giving them competition for places. I think, with this being Cleverley’s first season with us, he will be groomed in, but I think Welbeck will make it hard for Chicharito right from the start. Which is all good of course! 😀 Come on lads, I’m rooting for you big time this season.

    • Welbeck is making a major mistake by not going out on loan this upcoming season. Unless Berbatov or Chicha get injured, Welbeck is going to enjoy a few starts in the Carling cup or games right after CL games. He made great strides last season, and I think it was because he was playing week in and week out in the EPL.

  3. With Fletcher being out until late September with this virus, I can’t help but feel that his career may go to an end. It’s almost 6 months since this virus started, and although I know some illnesses can take a long time to get past, this is becoming frightening. This is not Fletcher being unable to train and come into his usual routine, this is his virus still having an effect on him. For all we know, Fletch may be out until Christmas, or even worse… 😐 But my point is, we go into the season with only Carrick, Anderson and Giggs as recognized central midfielders. Of course I’ve not forgotten Cleverley, but for all his reputation he’s yet to make his Manchester United debut, so it would be an awful lot to ask of him so early. If things stay as they are, we’ll have to get behind Carrick and Ando BIG TIME, or else we are screwed!

    • Fletcher played after his virus last season and is just getting back to full fitness (the fletcher-that-runs-for-90-minutes-every-game fitness).

      Don’t be worried for him. It’s less worse than Scholes’ mysterious eye problem.

      • That’s neither fact nor verified. According to the the link from the Daily Express, they claim Utd medics “fear” a recurrence… without supporting evidence. Then, they use a Fergie quote that was about keeping Fletch in the UK to work on his fitness… nothing about a recurrence of virus.

        Just another UK professional creative writer. I don’t buy a recurrence of the stomach flu…

      • Thanks for the link. This is all starting to smell a funny color now s far as Fletch goes. I just wish this football club wold cut the bull shit and be honest with its fans for once. What is the story with Fletcher please Manchester united?

  4. I watched the last Harry Potter movie yesterday, and I must say it’s probably one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Cried like a little baby when Snape said “Always” 😥

  5. @Rimmerstweets:

    Are those weird comments on archaic posts (see: Kredyt’s comment) for real? They seem fishy at best, virus-worthy scam artists at worst. I never saw such things until recently… and Kredyt (with the weird website) is not the first of weird back-to-the-past comments.

    • I think you’re probably right, not sure why the software hasn’t caught it but it’s been spammed and marked so hopefully that’s the last one.

      What about the 3 from suzal? I’m thinking they’re a bit suss too. What you think?

  6. All our strikers are screwed because little pea and Rooney are undroppable in Ferguson’s mind.

    And yes it is a scary thought that if we fail to land Sneijder, and I think it looks less likely by the day, then our central midfield options consist merely of Giggs, Carrick, Anderson and Cleverley.

    To be honest I have gone off Fletcher. Even before the virus he showed his limitations as a player and was part of a midfield that leaked goals in the first half of the season. He has been great for us in the past in the big Premiership games but for Europe we need a serious upgrade.

    For my money a defensive midfielder is a more pressing need than a Scholes replacement.

    • For me it’s not either or. We need both a defensive or box to box midfielder and an attacking midfielder. One is not good enough in my opinion, the center of midfield needs a total overhaul and 3 or 4 players sold.

  7. I’m really baffled by how the Bayern fans can act(not aimed at you Grog!). After signing Manuel Neuer, they’ve behaved very disrespectful to the lad. Instead of welcoming him, they’ve written banners with “You can catch as many balls as you’d like, but we’ll never accept you”, which is really un-supporter like if you ask me! 🙄 Oh, and guess what!! They’ve made a list for him, which he has to follow in every step for them NOT to hate him as much. Here it is:

    1. Neuer is never allowed to sing the song of the supporters.
    2. Neuer is never allowed to kneel in front of the fans and start the famous “Humba”-song.
    3. Neuer is not allowed to approach or be close to the “Südtribüne”, which is like the Bayern-fans’ Stretford End.
    4. Neuer is not allowed to throw his Bayern jersey to the crowds.
    5. Neuer can never, and I mean NEVER, kiss the Bayern emblem on the kit.

    Seriously, are real fans supposed to act like this?!

    • It’s called Rivalry. At least they are consistent.

      Also, Neuer knew about this issue when he signed, and chose Bayern over United (as far as I know).

      His problem. 😈 😈 😈

      • add to that he had a shocker against hamburg yesterday…bayern was pretty bad yesterday…except for maybe kroos

      • Neuer decided to sign for a club that had German support rather than sign for a club that had a manager who clearly didn’t support anything or anyone German. 😀

    • germans being unreasonable??? well i never heard of such a thing??? wait… 😆

    • It’s a small group of morons, or should I say Nazi’s who have this bug up their ass when it comes to Neuer for a game in the past when he celebrated a Schalke win over Bayern by imitating Oliver Kahn’s physical antics. Such a small thing blown way out of proportion by some true Neanderthals. Truthfully, if I were Neuer I would tell them all to blow me. Then again, we are dealing wit the firms and these are serious fucking whackos. Perhaps Neuer should just offer up clean sheets and give them all the up your salute after every one of the shutouts. 😀

      • Ariite, didn’t know that! 😆 Just read it somewhere, looked like it were made of the core fanbase of Bayern fans, but you know this better than me I’m sure! 😀 I wish Neuer good luck at Bayern, but hope he let’s in 6 goals again if they are to face us!

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