United scrape Europa League plans

Manchester-United-v-Real-Sociedad-2485304Manchester United might reconsider their plans of charging Champions League prices for Europa League tickets next season, after almost three quarters of the fans surveyed by the Manchester United Supporters Trust insisted they were ready to discontinue their season tickets, if the club didn’t change its ticketing policy.

With United set to miss out on a Champions League spot for the first time in 19 seasons, rumours emerged last week that the club was to charge the same amount for Europa League tickets as for they have for a Champions League tickets and that tickets for Europe’s second competition will also be included in the Automatic Cup Scheme.

However, after the 73.5% of 800 surveyed fans revealed that they would be prepared to give up their season tickets if the club decided to charge Champions League rates for Europa League games in the Automatic Cup Scheme, United might be forced to change their stance, particularly that another 17.2% said the ticketing policy might negatively affect their decision over whether renewing their season ticket or not.

The Independent today reports that United are considering scrapping Europa League tickets from the Automatic Cup Scheme and will make them available for a lower price, much as they did two seasons ago when United faced Ajax and Athletic Bilbao, after entering the competition via the Champions League.

Despite the defiant talk of a top-four finish still being possible, United will be lucky to qualify for the Europa League at all and can thank City for beating Sunderland on Sunday, thus leaving an extra Europa League spot available.

A large number of Reds do not see the Europa League as a tournament worth bothering with, given that it could scupper plans of an immediate return to top four, as United will be forced to start their season in July and play on Thursdays if they qualify, but the Champions League’s poorer sister will guarantee a place in the Champions League play-off to its winner from next season.

It might turn out to be United’s best option to return into European football’s elite.


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