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United still in the race for Lewandowski

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095297-robert-lewandowskiAs the dust began to momentarily settle after Monday night’s triumph, the thoughts of many Reds have turned to the transfer window. Yes, there are another four games to win to finish the season in style, and the thought of Robin Van Persie receiving a guard honour on Sunday is a very tantalising one, but winning the title doesn’t masquerade the fact that United need to strengthen.

One of the players to have been linked with United for the last couple of months, might have added an extra £5m to his price tag on Wednesday night. Robert Lewandowski’s performance against Real Madrid will go down in Champions League folklore, and could spark a bidding war between some of Europe’s top clubs.

United have been tracking the progress of the 24-year-old Pole for sometime now – with club’s scouts reportedly attending the clash on Wednesday – as some tout him as a potential replacement for Wayne Rooney, should the England striker be allowed to leave.

However, after poaching Mario Gotze from Dortmund, Bayern Munich were thought to have already agreed a deal with the Polish striker, whose contract with Dortmund expires in 2014.  According to today’s Telegraph, though, Lewandowski’s agreement with Bayern is simply a cunning strategy engineered by his agent to secure a better financial deal.

The broadsheet claims that: “Lewandowski’s agent has used his client’s virtuoso display in Dortmund’s magnificent 4-1 Champions League win over Real Madrid to try to flush out interested parties by claiming he has already reached an agreement with one club – thought to be Bayern – regarding personal terms.

“Although Dortmund have responded to the hype surrounding the 24-year-old by insisting they will keep him for the final year of his contract, even though they will lose him for nothing at the end of it, his agent, Maik Barthel, contradicted that by claiming he had persuaded them to let him leave at the end of the season.

“It is the perfect scenario for Barthel to exploit in terms of maximising Lewandowski’s earning potential, while Dortmund will be happy for a bidding war to take place if they are resigned to losing yet another of their star players.”

The Daily Star sings from the same hymn sheet, claiming that “Lewandowski is willing to snub Bayern Munich to land a dream move to Manchester United this summer,” and that Dortmund would rather sell him to another club than seeing him joining Mario Gotze at the Allianz Arena next season.

Transfer talk in April? Well, you know, the title race is done and dusted.

Dan (@MUFC_dan87)


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24 Responses to “United still in the race for Lewandowski”

  • If all our management team can see from that Borussia Dortmund team is Lewandowski with his glorious goal return, then they need not look further RVP, a striker who has scored 24 goals in 34 appearances in his first season without a pre-season for us. We also have Rooney, it’s a shame they forgot he was (and still is) England’s best striker, who has scored 34 goals in 2 of the past 4 seasons, compared with the likes of Messi and Ronaldo when he played as an out and out No 9 in 2009/10.

    Since all the powerful clubs (not necessarily big) clubs like Bayern, Man City, Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG and Juventus seem well stocked up in midfield options, wouldn’t it be the PERFECT time to make a move for Gundogan? Someone who would seamlessly slot in alongside Carrick in deeper midfield, allowing us to play 4-2-2, 4-2-2-2 and all the other double striker formations that we insist on? See what even just one top class midfielder does to the team? We might even have money left over to buy that competent left-footed winger!

    • The_Philosopher

      @Moscow: Ilkay Gundogan is definately the first pick from that Dortmund side.

      But, much like RVP’s situation at Arsenal, when someone like Lewandowski becoms available you have to have to buy him.

      We HAVE to buy Lewandowski. We just HAVE to. Ilkay Gundogan would round out the purchases for me this season.

      Buy Lewandowski and Gundogan and we’re done with the transfers this summer. We can make do with Nani, Giggs and RVP on the left flank for one more season.

      Off load, Young and a few others and we’re good to go. Treble’s-ville baby!

  • The_Philosopher

    You hit the mark Dan. We need to strengthen. City won the league last season and didn’t strengthen. (Unless if you consider Scott Sinclair strengthening:mrgreen:)

    Look where it got them?

    Complacency is a sure fire way of falling behind.

    I watched the Dortmund game against Real Madrid.

    Robert Lewandowski is an INTELLIGENT footballer with great movement. When taking shots he doesn’t just hit the ball he places it. He picks his spot perfectly and puts the ball away. He is a very confident striker. This guy is comparable to Robin van Persie I would say, except he is only 24. He is lethal.

    His first touch is superb and his finishing is clini-clini-clinical. Absolutely clinical. The hat trick he scored against Real confirmed for me his predatory skills. He’s ball control and passing are also very good. He is the finished article and we NEED him. We definitely need him regardless of our current striker line-up. He is too good to pass up. 30m pounds is a bargain for this guy.

    What I was impressed with the most by Lewandowski against Real was how composed he was and how intelligent his play was. He is a quality player.

    He is commited to leaving Dortmund come season’s end and surely with Mario Gotze already en route to Bayern, they would not want to let Munchen have two of their best players. You can’t sell your best players to your rivals and expect to compete so Dortmund will definitely welcome a bid from United.

    We HAVE to get him.

  • The_Philosopher

    On Borussia Dortmund:

    I loved Borussia Dortmund’s excellent passing game against Real Madrid. It was fresh, energetic, inventive and incisive. It’s not quite tiki-taka but it flows and it’s deadly. They pass and move as one. That whole team can pass and move from striker to defenders. Their build up play was so creative on Wednesday night that it made our build up play and passing by comparison look about as exciting as stale bread.

    On a couple occasions Real were passed right out of the contest. Rendering Real Madrid feckless is no small feat.

    Their passes were the type of passes that you feel SAF would denounce as childish or foolish or frivolous so creative were they. Back heels and cheeky touches all over the pitch. They pass into
    spaces in front of a team mate, behind a team mate or they pass intuitively into a space where their team mate is sent running into an advantageous position. They move like one man it was so cohesive. Their one touch play was sublime.

    23 year old Sven Bender, 22 year old Ilkay Gundogan and 20 year old Mario Gotze dominated Khadira, Alonso and Modric in the middle of the park on Wednesday. They owned the middle of the pitch.

    They showed a bit of immaturity to concede Real’s only goal of the night. In the midst of a penalty claim, that the ref correctly judged not to be a penalty, they lapsed in concentration as Real took them by surprise with a quickly taken free kick in the middle of the park and that led to Dortmund making the mistake of letting Higuain in behind their defence to setup Ronaldo for the goal just before the half time break.

    They showed great character to come out swinging in the second half.

    Dortmund’s attacking four moved about interchangeably.

    Marco Reus was superb. His pace and movement were excellent. He switched between left and right flanks so many times that it made me dizzy. He was all over the place causing havoc for Real’s defence. But the best part of his performance last night was his dribbling. He isn’t flashy like Nani or Ronaldo but he beats his man so effectively. He ghosted past so many opponents on Wednesday and just kept sticking in Real’s defensive craw. He is very good on the ball. I don’t know how much of a goal threat he is but he was a total nightmare for Real Madrid on Wednesday.

    Mario Gotze played behind Lewandowski because that’s where he is his best. Ilkay Gundogan swept the ball around effectively and linked up play magnificently. He is a very good player. and he is playing in a team passing system that seems poised to surpass that of Barcelona. He might not like it at United. Just like kagawa looks like a fish out of water here at times. Shinji is better than the antiquated passing regime employed at Manchester United.

    Jakub Blaszczykowski and Lukasz Piszczek have a great understanding and partnered brilliantly to shackle Ronaldo down Real’s left flank and they contributed manfully to the attacking play as well.

    And they defend as a unit as well. Their play is so INTELLIGENT. They shut Ronaldo down with some clinical double teaming.

    That squad is young and energetic and tactically disciplined. The average age of the team Klopp fielded on Wednesday night is 24.6 years. Lewandowski is 24, Gotze is 20, Gundogan is 22, Reus is 23, Jakub Blaszczykowski is 27, Lukasz Piszczek is also 27, Sven Bender is 23, Marcel Schmelzer is 25, Neven Subotic is 24, Roman Weidenfeller is 32 and Mats Hummels is 24. They espoused the German ethos of technical excellence. Jurgen Klopp runs a well oiled machine over there at Dortmund.

  • The_Philosopher

    On Jurgen Klopp:

    He is the next big thing. Forget Mourinho. Forget Guardiola. Forget Sir Alex Ferguson even. This guy is the business. Ok I’m just exaggerating for effect. You can never write Sir Alex off. But my goodness Jurgen Klopp has got his act together! If he wins the champion’s league this season and reclaims the German title next season after bleeding vital players year after year then I would say that he is ready to be United’s manager from next year onwards.

  • The_Philosopher

    On our antiquated passing system:

    It needs an overhaul!

    I say we need some new coaches at Old Trafford to overhaul our passing
    game. We need to introduce an entirely new and modern system. And we can do it with just two signings: Robert Lewandowski and Ilkay Gundogan. We already have RVP, Kagawa and Zaha. These 5 players can lead United’s evolution into a more modern passing game.

    We cannot allow ourselves to get left behind. Had Nani not been controversially red-carded against Madrid we would have beaten them, but just. On Wednesday night Dortmund made Real Madrid look like small boys when they put them to the sword. For long periods of the game Real were not able to even think about mounting an attack on Dortmund’s goal. Ronaldo was shackled so well that at times you even forget he was on the pitch. We were equal to Real. Dortmund were superior to Real. There is no ways we could even dream of scoring 4 goals against Real Madrid. Dortmund did it for fun. We’re being left behind.

    In addition to not being left behind we need to aim to be the absolute best. Our ambition for next season has to be the treble. It just has to be. We cannot content ourselves with just the domestic title, although that is a massive achievement in and of itself. How much longer can we stave off the challenge posed by the likes of Chelsea and City if we stagnate and don’t evolve our game?

    Ferguson claimed (after our defeat at the hands of Barca in the champion’s league final) that Barcelona can spend all day working with their youths as opposed to the limited time English teams are allowed to spend training under age players. I think that’s an easy out for Ferguson. Is he saying that thats the way it is and there’s nothign we can do about it? I think Ferguson is just stubborn and doesn’t want to change our style. I think his pride won’t let him try something new and risky.

    Can’t we buy one or two great passing players like Gundogan and start involving them in train session for the youth academy as well to get things started. Someone like Scholes working with the coaching staff should be leading that kind of evolution.

    Lewandowski, Zaha, Van Persie and Kagawa can all play that Dortmund style pass and move game. Imagine them as an attacking front four. RVP coming from the left Lewandowski leading the line with Kagawa behind him and Zaha manning the right flank.

    Buying Gundogan would be great as well. It would set the tone for our movement in the middle. All we need is those two, Lewandowski and Gundagan and we’re done. RVP, Giggs and Nani can handle left flank. Sell Ashley Young. Keep Valencia to compete with Zaha for the right wing.

    But we have to have more in our locker than those grinding 1-0 performances!

    • The_Philosopher

      @The_Philosopher: I just want to clarify. When I say new coaches I mean in the coaching staff.

      We need new coaches in the staff to serve under Sir Alex Ferguson. Coaches that can change our style of play under SAF’s supervision.

      Coaches that have the expertise to coach a passing type of game.

  • We don’t need him, just because someone is successful full doesn’t mean we have to buy them. All credit to them but next year we will need a winger and a midfielder far more than another striker. :-|

    • @Gaz: There is no reason, other than budgetary issues, that would prevent us from getting MF’s, Wingers and Lewandowski, is there. Well maybe so if you are a Rooney worshipper, which your name seems to suggest.

      Lewandowski is a great move for United, but a bad move for Rooney.

      Sorry mate, winning has more to do with success than appeasing an out of shape millionaire.

      • The_Philosopher

        @Redrich: So well said Red.

        Rooney has been a loyal servant for United for many years so he does deserve some respect.

        But if he isn’t the hottest striker available to the club we can’t show our loyalty to him be putting up with mediocre performances.

        Must we allow our club to stagnate just to accommodate one over paid player?

        I don’t now whats bigger right now. Rooney’s game? Or Rooney’s name?

        • @The_Philosopher: Phil. I think the expiration date on strikers is like that on a litre of milk. It’s a small window of happiness and then a sour taste in the mouth thereafter.
          When they’re hot, they’re hot and can carry a team to great heights. The thing is, is that their contribution is either phenomenal or negligible.

          Rooney’s move into the MF is a desperate attempt to make him seem less like a failure and more like a valuable asset. Playing him on the front line now is clearly a bad move. Showcasing a flawed diamond is a detriment to its apparant value.

          Many will think my view is harsh, but, in all honesty, I have loved Rooney’s contribution to the club. However, mate, it’s now time to move away from that loyalty and toward what is best for the club.

  • Here’s the thing. RVP came on board, scored a ton of goals and we won the title back.
    So who’s to say that signing goal scorers doesn’t bring titles. Not me, mateys, the bottom line for winning is scoring more than the other team. Not that it’s the only important factor, but it is the MOST important factor.

    Ferguson’s dance with CMer’s and Wingers is well documented and well criticized, but if the season, upcoming, is of any concern, then the signing of a goal scorer will always out-trump the esoteric idea of building a concentric MF, that has mutual skill sets and a big, bad share of the ball.

    Will the latter approach give the likes of Welbeck, Hernandez and Rooney more chances, you bet, but it’s extravagant and indirect.
    There is an economy to the game right now, especially in the PL, and there is no better penny pincher than Ferguson to stretch each, and every acquisition into the “difference”.

    What can United do to overtake the German teams and the likes of Citeh and Chelsea?… they have to beat them and beat them regularly.

    I would think with our status and our wealth (SIC), the idea would be to outdo all comers, but the reluctance to do so, is an obvious signal that the books will always need to be balanced and that an economy within the squad, is still what drives this club.

    • @Redrich: I think the reason we won the title was the return of the defense. Look at how we fared WITH RvP’s goals but a shoddy defense. Then compare that to after winter break, return of Vidic, and rate of shut-outs. Defense always wins championships…

      • @Opti: No, not really.
        When the defense didn’t show up at the beginning of the season, Van Persie saved our arse with his goal scoring glut. If it was not for that we would have been too far adrift to catch the pack. No matter how better the defense played.

  • Redrich, would you rather we sold Rooney, a proven world class striker, or 2 goals Welbeck?

    • @Moscow: I cannot compare one to the other.
      Rooney’s problems are his problems and Welbeck’s problems are Welbeck’s problems.
      From a purely logical position, selling Rooney now would make sense because he still has some value, but, of course, selling Rooney without a WC replacement, would be madness.

      • @Redrich: I am convinced that if we simply buy midfielders and play Rooney up front, we will see the best out of him. If he is not going to be played as a striker, then yes I would cash in on him right now because his value will depreciate as he struggles in midfield. Think back to what his price tag was at the end of the 09/10 season. That was Rooney the lone striker, worth at least £50 million. Now, Rooney the midfield pretender is worth probably £30 million max, and that is only because of his striker past.

        • @Moscow: I am unconvinced with your argument. Rooney has not played in MF for much of this season, nor the season last, nor the season before that. However his effectiveness as a player on the pitch has plummeted year by year.
          Rooney is not a MF’er, agreed, but he is no longer the juice that oils our machine. He has lost his aggressive nature which fueled his edge, and he has lost some pace and some vitalness in his skill-set.

          He is the same story as so many other washed up strikers. Torres, Carroll, Owens, for example. He WAS IN THE GAME, but now, HE CANT FIND WHAT GOT HIM THERE TO BEGIN WITH.

          What you suggest is exactly what I oppose. Re-kindle the idea that we buy players just to make Rooney’s life a lot easier.
          No way Jose, United have spent the last 8 years making him the focal point of their attack, and by most accounts, United’s focus has out eye-balled his by a long shot.

          Bottom line for me is how he can respond to the criticism he’s getting now. Will he go to work and make himself a better player, or will sulk like a baby and demand respect from the club.

          United’s agenda is to improve it’s Roster, and I think Rooney’s is to maintain a status quo.

        • The_Philosopher

          @Moscow: Very true. If we had some quality supply coming up to Rooney at the front instead of him having to drop deep to create plays he would definitely score goals.

          So its fair to say that our strikers would do better if they had a world class midfield feeding them some world class deliveries.

          We need to fix the hole in midfield. But we also NEED Robert Lewandowski!

        • The_Philosopher

          @Moscow: I like what you’re saying about Rooney Redrich.

          And I agree. I also think Rooney is over paid and under delivering. I don’t like our over reliance on him like he is the only player in the world who can make United tick.

          Surely United was great before Rooney came along. And surely United will still be great after his time as well.

          He holds too much weight at United. Which means he has to play every game. And he is being paid too much money to be allowed to sit on the bench, whether he is form or not in form.

          I like Wayne Rooney a lot. And I would keep him if he would accept lower wages.

          When it comes to money United is a very conservative club. We don’t spend silly money on wages like City and Chelsea do. And we definitely don’t spend the crazy money they spend on transfers. So for Rooney to be paid so much and not be delivering as much as his pay grade suggests is uncomfortable for me.

          He is not bigger than the club.

    • The_Philosopher

      @Moscow: I would rather sell Welbeck and buy Lewandowski and a proper left winger.

      But Ferguson loves Welbeck. He is a product of the academy and he was born in Manchester. Ferguson could never turn his back on someone like that so now we the club and supporters must struggle because the academy managed to produce someone who is semi-decent.

  • Mmmm We have been linked in The Times to Ilkay Gundogan and Robert Lewandowski. If we bring these 2 in, sell Anderson and potentially cash in in Welbeck then I would be satisfied.
    Nani and Scholes will defiantly leave in the summer, Zaha is a bit of a punt, but he has ability.
    I would like Rooney to stay because he has quality. It makes me laugh how many focus on his salary, who cares?! He brings in revenue with shirt sales ect, not as if any on here are season ticket holders..
    He gets pulled from pillar to post, he has scored 16 goals in 31 games. Welbeck has scored 2 in 39, ladies and gentleman of the jury I rest my case.

    • @Stephen: But Welbeck goals count for 15 a piece. Oh wait, that’s not true?!?! :oops: :oops:

      :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • @Stephen: Only that Rooney has been shit since his pockets have overflowed.
      It’s a stretch, I admit, but the guts have been removed from his game and that was what he was always about.
      If Rooney performed like he used to, no one would care about his salary, but it’s pertinent when we get measured performances interspersed by lapses of concentration.
      Rooney does need to stand up to the critics and earn his paycheck.

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