United “too far behind”

Chelsea-v-Manchester-United-Premier-League-3039327Things at United aren’t good these days, but at least the Old Trafford dressing room seems to be a very democratic place, given that no sooner had David Moyes said that he believed United could still win the title than Nemanja Vidic admitted having a complete different opinion on the subject.

Yesterday’s defeat at Stamford Bridge saw United’s gap from league leaders Arsenal widen to 14 points, with even fourth place looming increasingly distant, as Spurs and Liverpool are six points clear of United.

Despite the numbers, Moyes insisted his focus remained to win the title, but Nemanja Vidic has different ideas and conceded that United’s title defence it’s all but over.

“We are too far behind and we have now to focus on the top three or four,” said Vidic in an interview with Sky Sports.

“We have to be positive,[yesterday] we didn’t play a bad game. They had three shots and scored three goals and that’s the difference in the game, we have been punished for every mistake we made.

“It’s not going to be easy, we have to now fight to achieve the Champions League. We have to stay positive and stick together and work hard. With a bit of luck hopefully we can achieve that.”

Vidic’s view might be entirely different from Moyes’, but the United captain refused to blame his manager for the shockingly poor season United are enduring.

“We cannot always speak about managers, the players are tired of speaking about that because the manager is trying to do the best he can. Tactically we did well today,” said Vidic.

The United captain will miss the next three games after Phil Dowd showed him a straight red for clattering Eden Hazard, a challenge many deemed to be worthy only of a yellow and Vidic himself was left disappointed by the sending off.

“My feeling is that it was very harsh because I went for the ball. Hazard we know is a sharp player and he just pushed the ball,” explained the United captain.

“In my opinion it was not a red card I was disappointed with that decision at the time.”

Disappointment, now that’s a feeling we’ve got use to this season.



  1. Arsene Wenger – Beautiful

    Jose Mourinho – Intelligent mind.

    Sir Alex Ferguson – Legendary mind.

    David Moyes – Never mind!

  2. What a fraud Moyes n his useless Everton coaching staff r proving to be. United fans think they r right in supporting him, reality will sink in once their team finishes 6th as I expect them to.

    • @dru: I was not fooled by Moyes for too long.

      I could smell his inadequacy in pre-season.

  3. Liverpool and Totenham have now become our direct rivals.

    We gonna have to scrap with them for 4th place.

    City, Chelsea and Arsenal should have the top 3 places wrapped up.

    Can you believe that? City, Arsenal and Chelsea are now our betters.

    In 6 short months we have gone from the kings of England to barely making the grade for nobility.

    I hate how people cover for Moyes. The manager is doing his best says the captain.

    Why do people act like organisations don’t rise or fall based on the quality of leadership.

    You can assemble the best orchestra in the world but if the conductor sucks they’re not going to play very well.

    The lead duck in a flying V is the most critical one. The lead dog pulling a snow sled is the most critical one.

    Sales teams have team leaders. I could go on and on about the importance of leadership.

    If a company CEO sucks that company is going to see a drop in share price and lose market share.

    If an army commander sucks he will lose more troops in battle than an adept general would under similar circumstances.

    If a football manager sucks you can see the difference in 6 short months.

    We see the difference a leader makes on the pitch. Someone one like Vincent Kompany or better yet Yaya Toure is crucial to Manchester City’s success because of their influence.

    But Moyes gets off scot free like his attitudes and skills and vision and energy and knowledge don’t impact the mood and mentallity and atmosphere of the whole club.

    He is the leader. He sets the tone for everything that happens at the club.

    A really good leader can make all the difference.

    And we saw that with Sir Alex Ferguson.

    David Moyes is not a really good leader in footballing terms.

    • @The_Philosopher: the only thing I disagree with you is that we’re gonna have to scrap for 4th place. That is – this season especially – wishful thinking. Our position is 6 – 8. Yes, I said it. 6 if we’re lucky. 8 at current rate.

      If other teams lose a few games and we win all our matches, then we can still fight it out for 4th. Problem is, I don’t see that happening as we still lose matches on a fairly consistent basis. Nothing that has transpired thus far suggests the opposite.

      For starters, I highly doubt we will finish above Everton. I guess that is the new measuring stick. If (I mean when) Everton finish above us, I wonder if Fergie & co will admit they made a mistake.

      I don’t want to heap misery, but I seriously doubt that we will finish in the top4 next season either. It will be termed as rebuilding. Maybe in 3-4 seasons. That in itself is not too nad. The problem is that we will need to witness spineless, boring football for the next 5 years.

  4. We are currently sitting a position where beating Sunderland on Wednesday and going through is going to be a mission.

    We are playing a cup final against Sunderland?

    And if through valiant effort, and the favour of luck, we get through we will be up against Man City (who are definitely going through thanks to the near impossible scenario of them surrendering a 6 goal lead) where we face certain defeat.

    I wish there was a way to play against City more often so that we can stop fooling ourselves about what kind of a manager we have.

    Although to be fair, all that games against City prove is how far we are as a club and how inadequate our players are.

    But Ferguson could stand toe to toe with City with this same band of United players.

    Games against City show us in 3D high definition clarity the difference between Sir Alex (a real elite manager) and David Moyes (an average manager).

    • Games against City also show that when you spend money you get quality, when you’ve owners who only care about their wallet, rather than the football club they own, you’re stuck with the dross we have to deal with. Obviously I’m not advocating nor wishing to see United bankrolled by some rich Arab, but had we not had £600m syphoned out of the club, things would be a lot better these days.

      • @Dan: I would like to see us bankrolled by some rich arab. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

        In fact, we are en route to the perfect opportunity to do that. Endear yourself with the fans by rescuing the club from certain disaster. The perfect ego-stroking hobby with the most famous sport brand in the world.

  5. It doesn’t take a genius to see how Moyes’ tactics frustrate these players. Watching United now is almost painful. the most painful is that only Moyes cannot see the problem with his tactics. I mean, use what works! As Einstein said, Insanity is dong same thing thing over and over and expecting different results.

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