United’s youngster “could be the next Ronaldo”

wilfried-zaha-manchester-united_3004830Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has stated that Wiflried Zaha has the potential to be as good as Cristiano Ronaldo, quite a comparison considering that the former Palace man had never started a Premier League match for Manchester United, since arriving at Old Trafford last summer.

The 21-year-old joined Cardiff on loan on deadline day and made his debut for the Bluebirds on Saturday, coming off the bench against Norwich to deliver an assist as Soslkjaer’s men came from behind to win 2-1, gifting Ole his first win in the Premier League since his arrival in South Wales.

Having seen a host of phenomenal players during his spell at Old Trafford, Solskjaer was happy to compare Zaha’s potential to that of a young Ronaldo.

“He is one of the best I have seen with the ball,” said Solskjaer.

“He has quick feet and is brave like Cristiano and wants to go forward.

“But he has got to make a ­decision about how good does he want to be and how much does he love this game. He can grow up to become a proper player like Ronaldo if he wants.

“I have never seen anyone work as hard as Ronaldo. Before training, after training, he was an exceptionally dedicated man and proved to everyone what ­dedication gets you,” continued the Cardiff manager.

“I am not afraid of using Sir Alex Ferguson or Cristiano as an example when I have to because to get the best out of your talent you need to be dedicated.”

While it’s pleasing and encouraging to see Zaha playing well, Solskjaer’s focus on the youngster’s need to be dedicated is not casual either, given that Zaha is widely thought to have been marginalised at Old Trafford because of a poor attitude in training, one that could change in Wales.

“It’s a desire and attitude from within. It’s what you’ve got in your heart and Cristiano’s always had it.”

“Everyone needs to be loved. It’s like with your kids. You love them but you also have to tell them straight. It’s the same with players,” said Ole.

“He came on and made an impact, he lifted everyone and just wants to play football.

“That’s something he will get loads of here. I’m really looking forward to working with him.”

He could be the next Ronaldo, let’s just hope he doesn’t turn into another Nani.




  1. This is the same Zaha, Moyes will not even look at. Created 2 asists in his first game and someone is telling me that Moyes is a manager.

  2. Won’t matter how good he is, he won’t play for United.

    All reports were he was going to hand in a transfer request if he wasn’t loaned. His relation with Moyes is ruined.

    Fortunately, United don’t need a pacy, strong, creative force in the center of the park.

    I wish Zaha all the best, and that means wishing him away from the disaster that is Moyes’ United. He deserves better than being crippled by some primitive mouthbreather that like some evil merlin can turn the best footballers into cutouts. Truly Zaha, I very much look forward to seeing you play well, and help a team that will use your tremendous talent, nearly as much as I looked forward to you playing for United. Best of luck.

      • @The_Philosopher:


        The only reason Zaha is not playing because he’s not willing to play long balls and crosses.

        Hopefully, when he comes back from loan, he’ll find a new manager at OT, willing to utilize his wonderful talent.

        • @MoyesOut: It is criminal how David Moyes has misused and abused so much talent.

          Wilfred Zaha, Robin van Persie, Juan Mata (already), Shinji Kagawa, Adnan Januzaj etc .. .

          I competent manager could have won the league with this much talent at his disposal.

          David Moyes is a nightmare.

          And Manchester United want to give him more time???


        • @MoyesOut: And United want to give him another season after this???

          Talk about living life with blinkers on. 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯

        • @MoyesOut: The problem with getting rid of Moyes is who do you replace him with.

          Carlos Queiroz anybody?

          Sign Queiroz on a 2 year deal so that we can replace him with Ole once he’s learned the prem a little bit.

        • Carlos Queiroz? The same man who finished fourth in the Spanish league with a team containing Zidane, Figo, Ronaldo and David Beckham? Great coach but, much like Meleunsteen, poor manager.

    • @Ben: Who knows my man, maybe next season he’ll be coming back to Old Trafford alongside Ole 😉 😉 😉 One can hope right? 😆

  3. Zaha, great potential talent, probably lacking in confidence but with OGS singing his praises like this, he’ll soon get it back. That’s the difference between a good manager and a shite one, the good one reconizes talent and brings them on in the best way, a shite manager ignores them. Just makes me wonder, WTF would have happened to Ronaldo if he had played under Moyes. With every week that passes I’m becoming more and more convinced that Moyes is a closet Liverpool fan.

    • @red astair: Even when Moyes was talking about Zaha’s loan he was saying lets see what he can do. If he can prove himself we’ll see what he can do.

      Moyes is living on cloud coo-coo-land.

      • @The_Philosopher: In your eagerness to blame Moyes for everything, you seem to totally forget the well documented off-field issues Zaha has had. Given that, I don’t blame Moyes for sending him on loan. Hopefully he’ll grow up a bit in the process, start realising his not inconsiderable potential and return to United a more mature person ready to accept responsibility.

      • @The_Philosopher: No, Moyes is living in the 80s. Maggie Thatcher is still the PM for him, Cold War is not over, Michel Platini is playing for Juve and long balls are still acceptable football philosophy.

        I don’t think our team is strong enough to win the league this year, as City really invested massively and there was always going to be a little bit of commotion after Fergie left. But top 3 and comfortable CL qualification-absolutely.

        Instead of that, we’re 7 points off the 4th spot because our manager wants Juan Mata and Sninji Kagawa to play rugby.

  4. @ Moyes Out – Yes it was reported, including some photographic proof, of young Wilfried out at late night parties smoking and drinking. There was also a reported bust up with a team mate on England U21 duty. There was one other rather scurrilous rumour which is not worth repeating. Unfortunately the young man comes with some baggage and, like you I’m sure, I hope he knuckles down with OGS and becomes the great player his latent talent indicates he may become.

    • This is rubbish. Nothing but a complete professional at Palace. The U21 incident you mention was Zaha putting his face in the way of one of Ravel Morrison’s (a genuine problem child) fists – hardly Wilf’s fault! By all accounts Zaha’s preseason was spot on with United and yet he didn’t get a sniff even though the start they had was their worst ever in the Prem. I hope he does return to SE25 so that his talents can once again be appreciated by club, manager, and fans.

  5. @ThePhilosopher,

    Simeone, Heynckess, Van Gaal on a shirt-term deal to stop the rot, then Ole, Giggs or Gary Neville.

    @Julian-ok, but that happens to every footballer. Fergie didn’t send Rooney on loan when that happened.

  6. I don’t know if this is just nasty rumors circulating or not but several weeks ago I was reading on a few different sites that Zaha was in Moyes’ doghouse because he had supposedly gotten into a sexual relationship with Moyes daughter. Now this could be bullshit but I find it hard to understand that for half a season you would not give this kid even a sniff in a game. Seems to me that something personal was going on between the two. WHO KNOWS??? 🙄

    • @Grognard: Yeah sounds personal to me.

      I don’t doubt that if Moyes were sacked tomorrow (Oh yes please for pity sake) that a new manager would bring Zaha back from loan and play him the first game on the calendar.

      Oh and by the way. Even If those rumours about Moyes’ daughter are true I would much rather lose Moyes than Zaha.

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