Van Gaal takes the fun away from fans

Manchester-United-v-PSV-EindhovenLouis Van Gaal’s football is so boring that is enough to make people cry, according to former Dutch legend Willem van Hanegem.

Van Hanegem, who reached the 1974 World Cup final with Holland and enjoyed an illustrious career with Feyenoord, is the latest former footballer to launch a scathing attack against Van Gaal and his brand of football, which has already been severely criticised by Paul Scholes, Roy Keane and Gary Neville.

“PSV definitely got a good result against Manchester United [ they drew 0-0 last week] although we do not have to exaggerate,” van Hanegem told Dutch newspaper AD.

“Saturday [against Leicester] I again looked at Manchester and I see that team play and [they make] tears shoot from my eyes.

“If you can spend £300m, then you do not buy such a bunch of cake bakers.”

Among the Premier League top five, nobody has scored less than United so far this season and the former Feyenoord man suggested the numbers spoke volume for the football Van Gaal has tried to impose on his side.

“Van Gaal is a good trainer when his team get results because then everything is accepted,” said van Hanegem.

“Look at Holland in the World Cup.

“Perhaps it [his football] does not matter to others, as long as it yields points. I do not think so. I am a lover [of football]. Van Gaal takes the fun away from the people.”

The former Holland international went on to add he was baffled by the lack of creativity in the United squad, particularly after Van Gaal did not replace Angel Di Maria.

“It strikes me that he has almost no creative players in his squad,” he said.

“Di Maria is such a person, but he was not entirely to his liking in Manchester.

“Some players need to show their football with instincts that you should not take away.

“Di Maria is now doing it again excellent at Paris Saint-Germain.”



  1. Van Gaal takes the fun out of football – I think we have now got to the point where that goes without saying, unfortunately.

  2. You are a terrible coach when you are not far from moyes’ total points after spending 300m.

  3. I think the next month is critical. If we get knocked out of the Champions League or lose ground in the title race (despite a very easy Xmas run in) or there are no signs at all of us creating more chances and scoring more goals we’d do best to start talking to Ancelotti or Guardiola.

    LVG has brought some much needed professionalism and organization after the shambles of the Moyes regime and our defence is vastly improved (although flattered by the overall defensive approach of the team) and we’ve actually signed some pretty useful players. But to actually win something we need a more expansive playing style and some star quality and LVG has shown throughout most of his career that he is too scared to let players express themselves and cannot manage flair players and will always play it safe.

    Ancelotti would be my personal pick. Pep has no Premier League experience and he’s had it easy managing the best players in the world at Barcelona and Bayern Munich and he is also a bit too dogmatic about the way he wants to play. Ancelotti has the best CV in the business and is pragmatic enough to be able to put the finishing touches in place and popular enough to attract the star quality we need to kick on and actually win something.

  4. LVG ruins my weekends. and what “results” is he getting, exactly, to justify his dreadful style? draw, after draw, after draw? 3rd in the league and about to not make the knock out stage of the CL?

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