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  1. Redrich
    January 11, 2013

    I felt, coming into this season that Welbeck could rise up above the ranks of run-of-the-mill players. His progress, although not meteoric, was none the less progress, and if more of the same was to come, he would surely become a great forward.

    However, as said above, with the arrival of RVP his ops were always going to be far fewer, and with Hernandez regaining his Midas touch, Welbeck just could not get a look in.
    He didn’t help himself either by blowing what chances he got when he did play, and then, on top of that he’s been getting things muddled in outfield play.
    In a sense, he has regressed – and that’s unfortunate for him at United. A victim of circumstances? You bet. Unusual in this business? Haa!

    If he does go to Reading, his United career is over, we now know the odd man out, and welcome Mr. Robert Lewandowski.

  2. holmes
    January 11, 2013

    I have always felt that mediocre players like Welbeck don’t deserve to be playing for Manchester united, Only 22??? look at Neymar and ther younger strikers in the world of football that have a far better impact on the game compared to a player like Welbeck, Yes he is a england international that just goes to prove that england are not producing quality players anymore. Welbeck doesnt offer much to united in the form of attack, he rarely hits the target, he is not a realistic threat on goal like hernandez, RVP and Rooney.

  3. The_Philosopher
    January 11, 2013

    Welbeck has scored one goal all season? If thats true then you can’t complain about him being replaced by van Persie who has scored 20.

    As a striker your role in the team is to score goals. Very few strikers make it far without scoring goals.

    Chicharito scores goals. Chicha has scored 8 goals in the league. He is a successful striker. Even if he spends most of his season on the bench, when he is given a chance he scores.

    Evra has scored 4 goals in the prem, Evans has scored 3(these guys are defenders mind you), Cleverley, Kagawa and Rafael have all scored 2. But to be fair all these guys have played a truck load more games than Welbeck.

    Van Persie is United’s first choice striker, Rooney is second choice and Welbeck is third choice. Chicharito isn’t waiting in the line because he is the first choice super sub. Chicha is in a different category.

    The only dissapointing thing for me about losing Welbeck would be to release a home grown player. As a club that trys to recruit from its academy its hard to accept losing a loyal to manchester player like Welbeck.

    But there are a lot of fans who are loyal to manchester. That doesn’t mean that they get into the team does it?

    Welbeck would have improved for sure if he was allowed to play as many games as van Persie played. But would we be where we are on the log had he played all those games instead of van Persie. Danny is a victim of circumstance like Redrich says.

    I would prefer Lewandowski. He is better than Welbeck in my limited view.

  4. Warzycha
    January 11, 2013

    Our new away kit?

    About Danny now… How many 22 years old EPL players do you know who have scored just once against Chelsea? How many 22 years old EPL players do you know who have scored 5 goals for England… in just 14 games?

    This guy is THAT good! I love his attitude, he is not a foolish starlet, he is way better than many top players were at his age and he ‘s got that professional-smiling attitude that I like. He has his feet on the ground and that’s what counts. I mean, look at Balotelli. His technique is better than Danny’s, he is faster and looks sharper. But can he ever be better than what he is now?
    Well, Danny is going to be much better cause he is a serious professional and that’s what Scholes and Giggs are. That’s why they are MU legends , not just because they were big talents.

    • Moscow
      January 11, 2013

      @Warzycha: He scored 6 goals for us in 2012 8-O

      • Warzycha
        January 11, 2013


        You mean he doesn’t score many goals in the 2012-2013 season?
        Let’s take a look on his EPLeague stats.

        I will give you the average time he came in as a substitute :

        … which means that he comes in as a substitute on the 78th minute of the match.
        Average 12 minutes of playing time in each of the 8 matches… Which means that he played 96 minutes in 8 matches… What could he possibly produce? Well, he produced 1 assist in these 96 minutes, the one against Wigan (January). He played as RW.

        He also played the whole match against West Brom and the one against Wigan (September) . He also played 4 more matches in which he came off on 79,78,61,68. In these 6 matches, he produced 1 goal and two assists. All of his end products came when he played as a winger.

        So ,

        A. as a late sub, average 12 minutes playing time: 8 matches, 1 assist
        B. when starting the game : 6 matches, 1 goal, two assists


        Not bad, not good enough… cause you know, HE IS NOT A WINGER!!!
        431/669 > 2/3 A little bit more than 2 times out of three, he is played as a winger!!!

        Sources : 1. my point of view 2. http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/en/danny-welbeck/leistungsdaten/spieler_67063.html

      • Moscow
        January 11, 2013

        @Warzycha: Whichever way you dress it up he doesn’t score enough goals and if the rumours about Lewandowski are true then he will soon be moved on.

      • Warzycha
        January 11, 2013


        I didn’t dress anything up. It’s just facts. Stats and facts.

  5. Robbie
    January 11, 2013

    Danny really needs to sort out his shooting, his approach play isnt too bad but when he doesn’t actually give the impression that he is going to score when he does have the ball in box it really is useless.

    • Moscow
      January 11, 2013

      @Robbie: For a striker, ‘needs to improve shooting’ is quite a big problem.

  6. Opti
    January 11, 2013

    He just signed a new contract, so he won’t be sold.

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