What Will Sir Alex Do With Rodrigo Possebon?

As reported elsewhere, Manchester United have signed 19-year old Brazilian Rodrigo Possebon from Internacional. The management rate him highly (quotes from Brian McClair below):

“Rodrigo is a tall, elegant midfielder who fits into the idea of a modern footballer. He has very good ability and is a box-to-box player rather than your silky tricky midfielder. He’s very steady.

Our scout in Brazil John Calvert-Toulmin, who recommended our Brazilian full-back twins Fabio and Rafael Silva, spotted Rodrigo and we’ve been impressed.

His father is of Italian descent and so Rodrigo had an Italian passport. Because of that he is effectively European so all the paper work was sorted out easily.

Rodrigo also speaks very good English which has helped him. That makes a big difference.

He is young and has come a long way from his home to England but he has settled in very well. He’s very level headed and we are pleased to have him.”

In other words, the kid is good, and most importantly will find it easier to settle in Manchester than, let’s say, someone like Park or Dong (language makes a big, big difference).

The question is, in a midfield where Scholes, Hargreaves, Anderson and Carrick (and even Darren Fletcher) are ahead of him, what are the future prospects for Possebon?

Considering that this is a long-term acquisition, I think he’ll stay with us for the rest of the season (as opposed to being sent out on loan) and get integrated into the squad and our culture. Then, depending on how well he does (surely he’ll play pre-season), he could be sent out on loan to a Premier League side or if Possebon is really, really good, he could be elevated to the first team and Manchester United could end up selling Darren Fletcher / Michael Carrick.

Mind you, selling Carrick is highly unlikely given that Scholes is nearing retirement and Fletcher isn’t top-notch. Fletch’s future is more interesting but if O’Shea presence has given you any clue, as long as a squad player like Fletch is willing to stay, Fergie will keep them (Neville / Butt / Smith all left because they wanted to play more).

What do you guys think – is Possebon good enough to replace at least Darren Fletcher in the United squad next season?



  1. I haven’t heard anything about him before so we can’t pre-judge him yet. Hopefully he is another Anderson in the making- quick, good vision and have a decent strike rate (tho anderson hasn’t scored yet for us!).

    i even heard he has a squad number, number 37 i think , so there might be a small possibility he might come on, if we really need him.

    The important thing is, next season, he would have the Fabio-Rafael twins, Manucho and now Rodrigo. It should be a great year next year if we can add maybe 1 or 2 experience players.

  2. Well. I think you should change the title to “What would Queiroz do with Possebon?”
    And, can we have some lively discussions on kind of young players who are replacing the older ones. Our youth system doesnt seem to be working as great, and it would always be difficult to produce a team of world beaters from a 50 mile radius alone. What is the role of the youth system these days? Are they getting re-defined?

  3. 34, not 37

    And about our younger players – Welbeck, Simpson, Pique and Evans are four that have emerged with credit this season (here’s a video comp of Welbeck from the Riyadh friendly).

    Welbeck has excellent ball skills, and I’m pretty sure he’ll have a role to play in the future for United. The other three mentioned above are in the same bracket. The caveat here is that all four players (as well as Possebon) have to progress as expected.

  4. i would say he has a very good chance of edging out carrick or fletcher or both, we have only 3 cdm, yes carrick and scholes can play there but there not any good at, gibson will be looking at a promotion. my guess, we’re selling fletcher in the summer, and if we’re dearing, carrick to.

  5. Dan – do you think he has a chance of taking Carrick’s place in the team as soon as next season?

    If that’s what you mean, I think you’re way off. First of all, you know absolutely nothing about this new player, so I’d guess your hopes for him are more based on his nationality than on anything else. I know nothing of him either, but I do know that unproven players on 19 have to be exceptionally gifted if they are to edge out proven and experienced players like Carrick. There’s no way, we’ll sell Carrick now, and there’s no way that his role will be less important next season than it is now. He’s played more games than any other of our central midfielders, and his ability not to get injured is very important to us, especially with Hargreaves so fragile.

    And about this Possebon. Yes the coaching staff praises him for his talent, but there’s a long way from that and to edge out Carrick. I agree that Fletcher’s posistion is threatened, but as someone else noticed, I think we’ll keep Fletcher around for as long as he’ll put up with the lack of playing time.

    I’m looking forward to seing this Possebon, but I’ll have to see him make his way into the team before I make an evaluation, because how many players of this kind have come and gone in the big clubs over the years? Players who didn’t cut it after all. I surely hope he makes it to the big stage, but you never know.

  6. Consider the amount of young talent in the club these days – it’s quite remarkable.

    I still consider Ronaldo, Rooney and Tevez as quite young. Other than those guys we have: Anderson, Nani, Welbeck, Pique, Simpson, Evans, Gibson and Foster we “know” will make the team. Then there are these brazilian full-back twins, Possebon, Cathcart – maybe others?, who look promising.

    Did I forget anyone?

    We seem to be certain of a quality team for a long time to come.

  7. It depends how good the kid is. If he is really good. Fletcher might leave. Or have to learn how to be a good winger ala Becks.

  8. Possebon isn’t going to break into the first team this season and i genuinely think he wont next season aswel…hes not played in a competitive game in his career yet, but thats ok because hes only 19…anderson is in the same age group but he has played in competitive games before we signed him and the amount we paid for him showed that.

    Selling Fletcher?….this will only be done if fletcher himself wants to go, simple really.
    Selling Carrick? not going to happen, end of. most fans dont realise what he brings to us.

    In the summer we are likely to be open with the departures of the following…..Ricthie Jones(so ive heard is already on transfer list), Gibson, Fletcher (if he wants to), Saha (dependant on the progress of manucho and welbeck), and silvestre( good player but we simply cant trust his fitness)

    I think we’ll be going for a fringe left back, and maybe a right back in the summer.

  9. Cathcart is a great player, i’ve seen him live for the reserves a few times this season, he has dominated the defence. I look forward to seeing this new guy play, I haven’t yet seen him for the reserves and there aren’t many games left for the reserves now. Gibson has been very impressive in the reserves. But I went to watch Liverpool reserves the other day against Bolton and they were on another level. So we still have some way to go

  10. I think I remember reading somewhere sometime ago that Possebon (atleast I think it was possebon) will put his head through a brick wall for his team. Hes that kind of player. Brasil’s Keano!

  11. O’Shea is our backup leftback, Pique can play there and Rafael / Fabio (one of them) can play there too.

    No need to buy a left-back. If Brown leaves, then we’ll need a right-back, but that depends on how well Simpson and Rafael / Fabio (again, one of them) come along.

  12. I just saw the highlights of his game against city in the reserves.My first impression was he looks a bit like pato from milan.He played one really good crossfield ball,displayed good close control and he can run quite fast.He isnt too conditioned right now because he just joined and lacks match fitness but he did show glimpes of a brazilian touch.one thing is certain he is better than fletcher.

  13. He is already featuring in the reserves so quickly? send us a link or something Taehr…

  14. i saw some reports linking up possebon with us some months ago.
    what i recall is that he is a top quality player.i think we are
    seriously challenging the title of bercelona as no1 talent hunting

  15. Sorry guys I cant, I saw it on tv.Im sure something will turn up soon.Yea spitfire it was his debut,He was already at united but he was waiting for the move to be completed.

  16. I´m brazilian from Porto Alegre, sorry about my poor english.
    To let you know, Pato and Possebon woned togheter under 20´s Brazilian Championship for Internacional in 2006. Pato was the top goal scorer, Possebon was center midfilder and the capitan of the team. He never played for the senior squad for Internacional. I know, he is very god talent, the way he plays is like Scholes. I think for the future he desarve an oportunity.

  17. Thats amazing news.. especially seems Filipe seems to have seen Possebon alot.. I think we’ve unearthed another gem

  18. [Utsav]
    Easy tiger! Not so fast. Let’s give him some time, shall we? Robinho was billed the next Pele. It hasn’t quite worked out that way, has it?

  19. We all know Scholes is leaving soon and will be greatly missed hence the need to develope a player of his quality. Possebon could be the one.

    For sure we need a non seasoned great finisher like Torres(Of course we can’t have him) but I think we can find an already proven star. Yes Welbeck and Manucho are good and so is Fraizer Campbell but a proven star is what we need preferably to come on as a super-sub.

    Rumor has it the boss is after a Wigan Athletic dual, Valencia and Palacios and Sporting Lisborn dual Moutinho and Veloso. I think our midfield is packed maybe just Valencia for when Ronaldo needs a rest but not the centre of the park.

  20. replace carrick huh?

    huhu what a statement…do u have a clue how good he is…as far as i concern he is the midfield maestro of utd now…he is the reason why our midfield work so damn good..it not bcz of that ronaldo..it is carrick n offcourse scholes….look at the stats how many assist that he do….he is brilliant…maybe he is not in the same mold as lampard or gerrard yet but he isn’t far anyway….go carrick….n hell to those people who think he should leave….bozzzooooooo!!!!

  21. Watching him in action Possebon is a top notch player, he’s young and has a football head, although he may be young i feel i can progress so much more to be a good strong player for Man Utd. Scholes has 2 years left and then hargreaves and carrick will be the main two cms, anderson is and up and coming player too and i feel he plays very well as an attacking midfielder behind the likes of rooney or tevez. Possebon is a good aquisition and i feel he could easily slip in to the first team cm role along side carrick and hargreaves, with his potential 😛 🙂

  22. possebon looks like a good prospect for the future as do the da silva twins but as for selling fletch and carrick to make place i dont think it will ever happen i dont understand why people have a downer on carrick he is one of my favourite players at united he hasnt got the flare of anderson or the engine of hargreaves but the is probably the best visionary in midfield since scholesy and can pick a pinpoint pass from anwhere also very classly on the ball and fergie will always have hes lil scot sidekick who always seems willing when he comes on and scores some vital goals cant wait to see brazillian foursome of ando possebon and da silva x2 terrorizing the prem

  23. In my opinion carrick will see out the rest of his carrear at man utd, carrick is truly class midfielder who links the whole of the man utd team with his shear brilliance in being able to pass the ball, not only is scholes retiring soon, so is giggs, which means that fletcher will have a place on the right if they decide to rest nani and play ronaldo on the left, or simply rest ronaldo and let fletcher slot in. In my view the only player to go will be o’shea he simply adds just another no. to the man utd squad list. i also think many of you are forgetting that Sir Alex Ferguson has delcared that he will be retiring in 2-3 years, and with possebon being only 19 i think SAF is leaving a legacy behind him.

  24. The brazillian twins united have are looking very promising, rafael more than fabio at the mo but he has been given more of a chance, i think that frazier campbell should stay at man utd as he showed last season he is capable of scoring, and he needs to be given a chance in the prem with man utd. Also possebon is looking like a decent player and the future of man utd looks very bright. MUFC 4 LYF.

  25. from what ive seen of posseibon,he looks class.great balance and confidence.2 good feet aswell as what seems already to be good postional sense.similar to carrick but perhaps more thrust to his game.i wud certainly keep him in the squad and not loan him or the da silva twins who also look very promising.all in all pleased with the youth we have in the squad and we have the likes of wellbeck and evans to come.not to mention nani,anderson,campbell,rooney,ronaldo even tevez,foster.the future and present looks very healthy.

  26. Possebon has great potential to turn into a world class player, he can create chances out of nothing and is not scared to get stuck in!

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