Will United turn to Everton?

Everton-Ribeiro-Cruzeiro-Foto-LeonardiLANCEPress_LANIMA20130713_0088_26Manchester United could soon turn to Everton. But before the conspiracy theorists get carried away, United aren’t planning to hire yet more members of David Moyes’ former staff at Goodison Park, nor are they planning to swap Adnan Januzaj for Leon Osman.

Instead, United are said to be considering a January move for Brazilian striker Everton Ribeiro, whose name alone is granted to generate widespread irony given the circumstances that have surrounded Moyes and United since the Scotsman replaced Sir Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford.

The 24-year-old has impressed in his first season for Cruzeiro, scoring five times and assisting eight goals and has publicly spoken of dreaming to move to Manchester United in an interview with a Brazilian TV, which has today been reported by some newspapers on British shores.

“I will continue doing my job here at Cruzeiro but plan on getting to a big club, it’s a dream I’ve had since I was young, I’ve always liked Manchester United,” the Cruzeiro striker told Brazilian Sportv.

Having scored 43 times throughout various spells with Corinthians, Sao Caetano and Coritiba, the former Brazil U20 international was one of Cruzeiro’s best players as they secured the league title this season and his performances have attracted interest from a host of European clubs, including Liverpool, with Brendan Rodgers seemingly not worried by the Brazilian’s name.

With the Brazilian season coming to an end, Cruzeiro could be willing to part ways with their man for a fee believed to be around £6.7m, even though Ribeiro is yet to formally ask for a transfer.

“I haven’t talked with my agent yet,” continued Ribeiro. “I asked him to talk only with Cruzeiro and let me focus here as I still have one more game to play and I want to end this league well.”

However, talented though Ribeiro might be, there are a couple of factors to consider. First and foremost, if United are willing to spend in January, the striking department is the last Moyes should invest in, with bigger and more serious problems in other areas to the pitch waiting to be addressed.

Secondly, with the exception of Rafael, United have an astonishing poor record with Brazilian players, whether signed from Brazil – Kleberson – or from other European clubs – Anderson – and spending around £7m on a largely unproven player could represent a huge gamble, one that United can’t afford in their position.

Ribeiro might well turn out to be a quality player, but just imagine the fans’ reaction were Moyes to sign a player called Everton. Perish the thought.




  1. Just what we need another striker, David I would sugguest looking at the midfield first.

  2. If DM cant look beyond his former club then I’d be happy with Barkley and Jagielka – the latter a stop gap for the next few seasons to help us past the Ferdinand/Vidic era! We don’t need Baines and we don’t need Ribeiro either, seeing we have four front line strikers already.

  3. He might be the new Pele or he might turn out to be the new Kleberson or even Anderson, but the point is Utd are pretty much OK for attacking talent, however good or bad he is. If there is money to spend in January it must be used on a decent midfielder, that’s if there is any money. Or, perhaps better still, the money could be spent on employing someone with a good footballing brain with a sound knowledge of tactics and man management to advise David Moyes so that he can utilize the existing talent Utd have, and get us playing decent football again.

  4. This guy is not even a regular in the international set up, so if utd do make a move for him,how do they intend getting around the work permit issue? .The other problem is, so I gather,he’s not wholly owned by cruzeiro, so third party ownership just brings a raft of problems, bit like the carlos tevez case.I know utd could plead exceptional circumstances regarding a work permit,but is he worth all the hassle?.I don’t know never seen him play. What worries me with this is that the window is open for a relatively short period, so do utd want to spend a lot of this precious time overcoming a lot of legal red tape?.whatever his merits, just hope moyes has done his homework on this one. If, as expected, kagawa departs in january, apart from aworld class defensive midfielder,a playmaker who can play either through the middle or on the flanks is gonna be needed.what I’ve read, he can play all them roles,so for such a relatively cheap price, moyes might think he’s worth a punt.just hope to god, moyes and wooden top don’t make the same mistakes as last time. If it does, they’ll both be picking up there p45s come the end of the season.

    • I’m sure these words will come back to haunt me once Ribeiro has made his debut for Barcelona or Real Madrid, but I don’t think we need to splash £7m on a Brazilian that might be good. No thanks, not when our midfield is at the state it’s at.

  5. Utd turning into Everton talk is just ridiculous,if Utd go to Everton again it’ll be for Baines which i don’t have a issue with he’s a quality back.I’m also going to stick up for Fellaini,some fans are picking him apart again after Saturday he really didn’t do much wrong in that role.Since joining he’s had two bad games yet as with Moyes the fans who didn’t want him or Moyes in the first place are going to pick him apart.Although it was a disjointed performance against Cardiff i felt Utd were always in command it was two defensive errors by Evans who let Campbell get the wrong side and wtf Smalling is doing diving in instead of jockeying the winger into the corner in the 93rd minute is beyond me,that’s just fullback 101.
    Are we really questioning if it’s worth signing a promising player for less than 7mill when it seems nowadays an ave player is costing 30mill.It is so inconsequential hardly worth talking about and will have absolutely no effect on who Utd sign to sort out the midfield.

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