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Meet The Team:

Dan: @mufc_dan87

Name: Dan Cancian
Location: London, UK. Relocated down south a while ago.
Age: 26
First MUFC memory: Steve Bruce winning the game (and, in fact, the title) against Sheffield Wednesday in 1993.
First game at OT: United-City 5-0, 10th November 1994. Dad took me to see Cantona and Hughes tear the bitters apart one day after my 7th birthday.
Favourite current player: Ryan Giggs
Favourite ex-player: Eric Cantona. (Just edges out Roy Keane and Paul Scholes).
Favourite all time player: Eric Cantona.
Favourite game attended: Juventus-United 2-3, 1999 Champions League semifinal,second leg. (I’ll never thank my dad enough for taking me to that game).
Lowest moment: Missing out on the title in 1995 against West Ham, losing the FA Cup final against Arsenal in 2005. (Even more painful because i was there).
Why do I support MUFC? It’s all I’ve ever known. My granddad used to go regularly to games until the 80s so as a kid I grew up listening to his stories and i remember being absolutely consumed by everything United. When my family moved back to England i remember thinking only one thing “I’ll get to watch United every week”, which I’ve done ever since as I’m a season ticket holder. United have tested my heart (more than once, Barcelona ’99 being the obvious choice), my faith (again more than once, although i guess the dry spell around 2005 stands out), my social life (every saturday) but I never experienced as big a buzz as when I watch them. To put it simply, I couldn’t imagine my life without MUFC.
What do you like to write about: Any MUFC topic, from a recap of the games, to fans and their stories. I’m really interested in the Academy as well, and i feel that tomorrow’s generations aren’t getting the attention they deserve.