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Meet The Team:

Ian @Red_Rants

Name: Ian.
Location: Manchester, UK.
Age: 38
Writes: Opinions.
Favourite Current Player: James Wilson
Favourite Ex-Player: Bryan Robson and Roy Keane
Favourite All-Time Player: Zinedine Zidane
Favourite Game Attended: 1984 OT v Barcelona 3-0 (3-2 agg)
Lowest Moment: Missing the Nou Camp 1999.

What do you like to write about:Anything United.
Dan: @mufc_dan87

Name: Dan Cancian
Location: London, UK. Relocated down south a while ago.
Age: 26
First MUFC memory: Steve Bruce winning the game (and, in fact, the title) against Sheffield Wednesday in 1993.
First game at OT: United-City 5-0, 10th November 1994. Dad took me to see Cantona and Hughes tear the bitters apart one day after my 7th birthday.
Favourite current player: Ryan Giggs
Favourite ex-player: Eric Cantona. (Just edges out Roy Keane and Paul Scholes).
Favourite all time player: Eric Cantona.
Favourite game attended: Juventus-United 2-3, 1999 Champions League semifinal,second leg. (I’ll never thank my dad enough for taking me to that game).
Lowest moment: Missing out on the title in 1995 against West Ham, losing the FA Cup final against Arsenal in 2005. (Even more painful because i was there).
Why do I support MUFC? It’s all I’ve ever known. My granddad used to go regularly to games until the 80s so as a kid I grew up listening to his stories and i remember being absolutely consumed by everything United. When my family moved back to England i remember thinking only one thing “I’ll get to watch United every week”, which I’ve done ever since as I’m a season ticket holder. United have tested my heart (more than once, Barcelona ’99 being the obvious choice), my faith (again more than once, although i guess the dry spell around 2005 stands out), my social life (every saturday) but I never experienced as big a buzz as when I watch them. To put it simply, I couldn’t imagine my life without MUFC.
What do you like to write about: Any MUFC topic, from a recap of the games, to fans and their stories. I’m really interested in the Academy as well, and i feel that tomorrow’s generations aren’t getting the attention they deserve.


Ross Baxter (@Ross_Baxter19)
Name- Ross
Age- 15
Favourite Current player- Robin Van Persie.
Favourite United Legend- Eric Cantona
Favourite Moment- Doing the treble in 2008.
Best Game I’ve been to- Arsenal 2-8 United.
Favourite All Time Player- Ronaldinho
First United Game- Exeter vs Man United. FA CUP 2005. We won 2-0.
Lowest moment- Losing title in Last minute, Aguero. 2011-12.
What I Write About- My thoughts and opinions as well as game reviews and a look back at some of the clubs legends.
Why I Support MUFC- My great father got me into Football at a young age and then he showed me United. I Fell in love with Manchester United and I haven’t looked back since. Cheers Dad.


Joe Schurhammer @RangeRooney

Name: Joe Schurhammer (@RangeRooney)
Location: La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA
Age: 31
Why do you support MUFC: I started with Manchester United because I like Sir Alex Ferguson and what he stands for. A manager who stays with one team for many years, and is devoted most of his life to the club. A manager who seems to place an importance on creating your own youth talent, rather then chasing the next big thing like Chelsea or Manchester City do now, or some of the big Italian teams did when I first got into football. I support United because of the history this great club has had, with Matt Busby, Duncan Edwards, Sir Bobby Charlton, Sir Alex Ferguson, and Eric Cantona. They haven’t always been a great club, but they’ve always had great supporters.
Your first MUFC memory: I really got into watching football (soccer for us backward Americans) in the middle of the 1997/1998 season. The first club football game that I watched was in the FA Cup, between Manchester United and Barnsley. This was after they had drawn the first meeting and were now playing the replay away. I really wasn’t a fan of any team at this point, but I started watching the game with United down 2-0. With a soft spot for the underdog, I found myself cheering for United as Sheringham clawed back a goal just after halftime. While United lost the game 3-2, I admired that United never quit and fought until the final whistle, something which you don’t always see in a lot of American sports.
Your first game at Old Trafford: I’m sad to say that I’ve nev made a journey to the Theater of Dreams. I’m planning a trip for the fall of 2012 to go to a couple games. I have attended 3 United games during their summer tours of the US, including the game in DC between United and Barcalona in the summer of 2011
Your favorite MUFC game: My favorite Manchester United game may seem like a meaningless friendly, but it was the friendly between Manchester United and Barcalona. It is one of only 3 United games I’ve gotten to attend, and I went with a couple of friends and we were seated by a group of 6 drunken Brits who almost picked a fist fight with an idiot who decided to wear a Liverpool jersey to the game. It may seem weird, but it was the most fun I’ve ever had watching any United game.
Favorite current Manchester United player: We’ll,I have to say that my current favorite player is Tom Cleverley, with Wayne Rooney and Nemanja Vidic. I’m a big fan of Cleverley for the work and effort he has put into the club. Some players would have complained or given up by how long it took him to get a regular first team slot. But Tom never did that. He did everything the club has asked of him, and put in the hard work needed that now puts him on the cusp of becoming a regular starter for United and a callup for England.
All-time favorite MUFC player: Eric Cantona. How can you not like a player who will kick an opposing fan?
All-time favorite player: Probably still Eric Cantona
What do you like to write about: I like to write review of games, with an interest in the tactics and formations used by both sides in the game. I also like to write about the changes and shifts that happen over time that cause the team to change their formations, tactics and strategies. I’m a fairly serious fan of the Reserve and the Academy team, and I like to talk about up and coming players in the clubs youth system or even elsewhere that the club might be looking to acquire. I will even write the occasional article on the problems and joys of following United while living in a smallish city in the United States, and the lengths people will go to support the club.


Pranav Arya @pranav_manc

Name: Pranav Arya
Location: New Delhi, India
Age: 17
Favourite Current Player: First Team: Paul Scholes and Tom Cleverley, Reserves: Sam Johnstone, U-18s: Jack Barmby
Favourite Ex-Player: Roy Keane, Cristiano Ronaldo
Favourite All-Time Player: Paul Scholes, Miroslav Klose, Iker Casillas
Lowest Moment: Probably Edwin Van Der Sar retiring. Either that, or Keano leaving.
What do you like to write about : The Reserves, transfer talk, player performances, and anything else I can think of!

Why do you support MUFC: Well, I started watching football when I was 8, and the first game I saw was the 0-0 draw against Arsenal at OT. I didn’t like Arsenal at all and only knew two other teams at the time(Us and Newcastle). I started watching all United and Newcastle matches that season and really loved the way we played our football. That’s when I started supporting this great club.

Your favorite MUFC game?: Moscow 2008. Definitely.

Ollie Phelan

Name: Ollie Phelan
Location: Salford
Why do you support mufc?: I’ve had united ingrained into me from an early age. My dad is a fanatic and, living in Salford, it’s hard to avoid the Reds, even if I tried! The adrenaline and passion of winning and the graciousness we show when we lose make me constantly proud and elated to be a United fan.
First united memory: I don’t remember much from before I was 10, but in 2004, I remember Wolves beating us 1-0, with Kenny Miller getting the only goal. On a more positive note, my first ever match was the FA Cup final against Millwall in Cardiff, when Ruud scored twice to secure us the Cup, in May 2004.
First Game at OT: Exeter City in the FA Cup in 2005. I remember going to the game feeling sorry for the Exeter fans who were obviously going to leave OT disappointed. In the end, it was the other way round.
Favourite MUFC Game: The 4-3 against City stands out, just for sheer drama, tension and then THAT Owen goal.
Lowest Moment: Turning over from United winning at Sunderland, to immediately see Aguero win the league for City.
Current favourite MUFC player: I have always had a love/hate relationship with Park, and I love Michael Carrick but Valencia takes the biscuit. He’s a tank.
Favourite Ex-MUFC player: Cristiano Ronaldo. I was privileged to see him every week at OT. What a player.
All time favourite MUFC player: It’s got to be Paul Scholes. He’s the model professional, world class talent, and was born in Hope Hospital, down the road from me. One surreal experience was when, two years ago, I was busy doing a practical in a Chemistry class, when I looked up and saw that the ginger magician himself had just walked into the room! Suffice to say, no other chemistry class has come close to rival that excitement.
All time favourite player: I like Kaka, and was in awe of him when he tore us apart at OT for Milan back in 2007. However, he has faded a lot recently so Andres Iniesta ranks above him in my eyes. Like Scholes, he is precociously talented and down to earth at the same time. In his holidays, he still goes back to his home village to play cards with the locals. If only he’d been born in Salford.
What do you like to write about?: I like to comment and give my opinion on recent United news and issues

Jamie Tarrant @JamieTarrant

Name: Jamie Tarrant
Location: London, UK
Age: 22

First MUFC memory: At the age of 6, seeing United beat Everton with Roy Keane and Ryan Giggs scoring. Then treated to a goal fest a few days later; winning 6-0 at Bolton.
First game at OT: September, 1996 versus Nottingham Forest. Cantona scored twice!
Favourite current player: Paul Scholes. Genius. Robin van Persie vastly becoming more and more of a favourite for me though. Since he’s joined, the way he’s been with the fans and how he acts at the club shows he’s really enjoying it. Jonny ‘Evansbauer’ Evans and Rafael are players I also admire.
Favourite ex-player: Ruud van Nistelrooy
Favourite all time player: Ruud van Nistelrooy (I worshipped the man!)
Favourite MUFC game: I have a few. 1999 Champions League final obviously stands out. The 4-3 win over Madrid at Old Trafford in 2003 was one of the best games I’ve ever watched. The 4-1 win over Blackburn at Old Trafford in 2007 when it looked like we’d blown our chances of winning the league after three years without the league trophy in our cabinet gave me a lot of satisfaction. The 1-0 win over Barcelona in 2008, the atmosphere was sensational. But the stand out for me is Moscow 2008. Incredible day and night.
Your favourite MUFC goal: So, so many, I’ll opt for Scholes versus Panathinaikos. Controlled, nonchalant brilliance from United followed by that delicate chip. Beautiful.
Lowest moment: I could easily say the 6-1 defeat to City. Sitting in the East Stand watching the fourth, fifth and sixth go in within a matter of minutes destroyed me inside. Felt helpless watching. But I’m not going for that, the lowest moment for me hasn’t happened yet. That’ll be when Sir Alex decides to call it a day. Nothing would come close to that for me.
Why do I support MUFC?: My great grandma forced me. She’s German and has since passed away but the passion she had for United was incredible. Watching United against Bayern Munich (she’s from Munich) in the 1999 Champions League final was amazing for me. Screaming at the TV in German coming in towards stoppage time and then she leaps off her seat twice in a matter of minutes in her 80’s to celebrate wildly. I thank her for making me a United fan, there’s never been a dull moment! My Dad supports Liverpool, my uncle Chelsea and my grandparents a selection of Tottenham, Nottingham Forest and Everton. My younger brother, with the help of me supports United too.
What do you like to write about: The first team. Tactics, players, previews, match reports. The lot!